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The Concept Of Family Family is available in a number of flavours: our parents, our children, siblings, and the wider world of cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents and grandchildren. As it’s our parents, children and sometimes siblings that normally provide the greatest opportunities for an increase in our Happiness levels, I hope you will forgive me if I focus on these. Some people have very deep feelings regarding their parents, either positive or bad, which is hardly startling, because the majority of us spent so many years our formative years - hanging round with them. Not only that, but parents are often more than cheerful to try to have some bearing on our lives, for better or worse, after we leave the nest. Sometimes we also continue to try to have some bearing on them, taking on the parent role in the process - a potential minefield! The solution to a joyful parent-child relationship is simple: A readiness to completely accept another person’s world, and to do so with love. Parents and children may share a home, but they do not always live on the same planet. The question is, are you willing? I ask because you’re perhaps keen to fly to a far-off country where the people have a unique language, diverse clothes, diverse food, possibly a unique religion. You may be eager - enthusiastic even - to courteously join in their customs and traditions. You might be enthusiastic to read up and do your research to take advantage from your trip. You do this because, perhaps, you want - and expect the best from the experience. But are you prepared to make the unsafe journey to the tribe that lives in another world across the breakfast table? Or does that place appear to be like a merciless desert, inhabited only by perilous savages, a place so unwelcoming that you’re sure that no guide book could have been written about it?

As that can truly be the trip of a lifetime. Now, while it’s conventional to enhance our relationships with others by listing the challenges that need to be resolved, I’m a tad of a rebel, so I ask coaching clients to start by listing the strengths of their relationships. And because we’ve built up an understanding of that solid foundation in advance, when the time arrives to consider possible challenges we have a whole ton of goodwill to build on - if we prefer to. There was a time some years ago when, as it occurred, mothering turned out to be my coaching “flavour of the month”. Of course, I’m no mother, but I had a very vital role - making sure those clients gave themselves sufficient credit for how well they were doing the #1 most vital job in the world. Curiously, seeing the good parent in themselves made it a lot simpler to appreciate what amazing kids they had, and looking at their wonderful kids assisted them confess that, somewhere along the line, they’d been amazing mothers J Live the difference Life Coaching is based in Melbourne which offers transformational one-on-one coaching both face-to-face and on the phone. People come from all walks of life and live in and around Melbourne, interstate and overseas. Visit for more information on Life Coach .

The Concept Of Family  

I ask because you’re perhaps keen to fly to a far-off country where the people have a unique language, diverse clothes, diverse food, possib...