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Farewell Obstacles Ever ran into an obstacle? Ever not enjoyed it? The finest part of counseling people through life coaching is witnessing the obstacles vanish in thin air, several times, obstacles that had bothered somebody's life for quite a long period of time, say decades together. Which at times makes people ask: how was it that it seemed such a problem?? Well I suppose it's all a question of perception! Perception's a hilarious old thing we may "understand" that there's another way to view things, and we may even "understand" that that would get us better outcomes in life, but come what may belief often prefers to remain just the same as it's ever been. Many people know someone who feels undervalued at work and views that as an obstacle that they just can't overcome - after all, if "they" can't see how good I am, there's no chance I'll be able to rise to my "rightful" place, is there? It can sound like rock-solid reality! And yet it's just perception. What if "they" in fact think I'm brilliant at my job and are going to promote me the instant someone else moves on? What if they're correct and that, actually, I'm not living up to my ability to be the great worker that they need me to be? What if the only thing that's stopping them is my tiresome sufferer mentality? What if the person who's actually undervaluing me is ‌ me? This does not only relate to work, of course. Are there any hikers out there? Hiking is a superb opportunity to experience the beauty and grandeur of this planet we live on, and to go out of our "comfort" (inertia?) zone and grow - becoming fitter, healthier, more strong-minded, more alert, and perhaps even intelligent!

Not everyone feels the same way about this, of course. A normal hiking menu is expected also to include blisters, rain, heat, cold, heavy backpacks, uncomfortable nights in a tent, as well as mountains that take a lot of effort to climb up, and streams that are cold and deep and for some reason don't seem to have a bridge constructed over them even though you really need to get to the other side. And it's definitely one option to look at all this as being firmly in the "don't even want to think about going there" category. Because it's certainly not all "amusing". Now, if you've come across the life coaching scene in the Sound of Music, you may remember that just when Maria is in a completely stuck space, uncertain of her life direction, the Mother Superior (head nun) unexpectedly bursts into song: "Climb every mountain, ford every stream!" I don't know if she was a hiker, but it's a fantastic metaphor! Yes, life provides its challenges and obstacles. Yes, they will be things that you might not pick out for yourself. But how much more manageable they can be, fun even, if we look at them like a hike! Life may not always be a walk in the park, but it can always be a hike in the mountains.

Farewell Obstacles