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Escapism And Ignorance Unused Gym Membership Syndrome I must say I'm enjoying life a lot more than I did 10 years ago, and one of the chief reasons for that is the positive improvements I've made in my health and fitness. I won't go into the gruesome details, but sufficient to say that the work I've done to be healthy, fit and vibrant has been a great deal more than valuable, and that it's also made positivity and joy a whole lot simpler and produced great results in other areas of my life. During this I've also learnt a lot regarding the function of the mind in the quest for health. Sadly, for a lot of people, self-sabotage is a common companion! Most of us know someone who has obtained a gym membership, visited twice and somehow "forgotten" for the rest of the year. "I'm too busy", some of them say, but not too busy to go to the pub, spend the afternoon window-shopping, or fill their daily TV quota. As a way of life (perhaps as a species?!) we're conditioned to use excuses when we notice a gap between a stated intention and what we in point of fact do, and we act as if on some level this works fantastically well for us. But how would it be if all our cultural conditioning told us to say rather "Oh dear, I don't seem to be visiting the gym. There seems to be a conflict between my conscious and unconscious mind! I'd better get it fixed!"? A bit like "Oh look, we've run out of milk. I'll just go to the store and get some", rather than the elaborate and unproductive socio-linguistic averting ritual that is the trend. I have to tell you that I am frequently going to the gym and I am free from any form of guilt. That's not to say that there aren't any areas in my life where I'm making excuses and receiving bad outcomes (I wish!) But several years ago I decided that health was vital, and I looked for and discovered tools that would get over my tendency to opt out of my own wellbeing.

Luckily this isn't something that requires "determination" (which is in reality rare, and very hard to develop) - modern Life Coaching technology bypasses the necessity to grit your teeth and sweat blood to accomplish goals :) Obviously Unused Gym Membership Syndrome isn't the only health concern where the unconscious mind gets in our way. How many overweight people feel - rightly - that they're missing out on a lot? How many people who smoke would love to be liberated from the financial and self-esteem burdens their habit brings them? (Not to mention all that boring health stuff they talk about on the packets, of course.) How many people would like to live in a universe where real food tasted as nice as Maccas, and was just as handy? Many people do in reality inhabit that universe. However you could just say that health, fitness, energy and enthusiasm for life are "things that other people have". But you can make a better choice.

Escapism And Ignorance Unused Gym Membership Syndrome