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I have always believed that to ever want to succeed in life, all you can do is to work on yourself more. To me it's a lot like understanding the importance of personal development. Everyday I am a student. Constantly learning, improving and always yearning for growth - whether personally, spiritually or in business. So what does this have to do with network marketing, you ask? Everything! It's what makes the top earners in the industry be where they are today. Anyone has the ability to achieve success in network marketing. And by you reading this, I know you have what it takes! What that means is your commitment and persistence and you acquiring the right tools. So what are the tools and personal skills to make one's goals and dreams a reality? The personal skills necessary include people skills, time management, goal setting, positive attitude and the practice of being a student of success. All of which are really the heart of a decent network marketing company. The most profound thing I learned from an mlm coach was that 'People drastically overestimate what they can accomplish in 90 days but drastically underestimate what they can accomplish in 5 years.' That's when I understood that the path to success, something we all strive for, doesn't happen over night, in a week, a month or in one year! Jim Rohn told it like this, 'You can have EVERYTHING you want in any six year period, IF you commit to a plan of personal development.' It's the discipline to give up one hour of the idiot box and reading timeless inspirational books from great leaders and teachers of our time. Such include Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Wallace D. Wattles, Robert Kyosaki, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Robert G. Allen and Les Brown just to name a few. A characteristic that you will notice that of top earners is that they will spend much more time and money improving on themselves than the average person. For example one top earner spent $70 on Brian Tracy's 'The Psychology of Selling' audio tapes and listened to them as he drove. Results showed that he had increased his income by $70,000 that year - a return of 1,000 times - by

putting Tracy's ideas to work. As you develop a daily habit of reading and listening to mind-expanding ideas from successful people, you will never fail to learn a new thought, strategy or technique. You will also find it a great joy, as it does for me, to squeeze in moments to read a few pages of a book a day or 20mins of good audio. To help you on creating your Personal Development Plan, here are practical steps for you to get started today. 1. Read at least 10 pages every day of a personal development book. 2. Listen to at least 20 minutes a day to a personal development audio. 3. Attend a personal growth live seminar and professional courses at least quarterly. Consider this to be just as vital to your success as the air you breathe. It will start to pay off as you watch the change that start to come over time and you begin to notice certain things, and feel subtle hunches that point you in the right direction. The reason for this is because your subconscious mind is working over time sending signals to your conscious mind in helping you reach your goal. So let me ask you. Where would you be three to four years from now if you DIDN'T commit to these habits? It's true. We are where we are right now because of the choices we have made over the last few years. Just doing small simple things everyday through reading and learning - you're already separating yourself from the masses. Quote from Brian Tracy: 'The more you do of what you're doing, the more you'll get of what you're getting.' This is the stuff that makes champions and the reason why only a small percentage of the population ever BECOME successful. While others flounder around, searching for some external factor to change in their lives, I remember this one quote that I've taken on as an affirmation, 'Your level of income will never rise above the level of your personal development.'

MJ Sarenas is an internet network marketer in Australia and is passionate about sharing personal development and wealth principles. Download free e-book, Think And Grow Rich at ==> [] Or sign up for the free MLM profits newsletter at ==> []

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==== ==== Learn How To Be A Life Coach and Specialize in NLP, Anti-aging, Wellness and Business Development. No Experience Needed! ==== ====

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