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Of all the symptoms that a woman encounters during that time of life known as menopause, dealing with hot flushes during menopause seems to be among the most annoying and dreaded. Luckily for most women, there are a variety of menopause hot flushes remedies ranging from medical treatment with drugs to natural remedies and lifestyle changes that are very easy on the budget. These flushes occur during menopause, and are triggered by the changes going on with a woman's body thermostat known as the hypothalamus. Estrogen levels are the chief trigger for menopause flushes and if a woman smokes, is physically inactive, is overweight or of AfricanAmerican ethnicity, she is more susceptible to this symptom. A few basic remedies

One of the easiest remedy is a dietary change to increase the consumption of foods containing soy such as miso, soybeans and soy milk to help reduce the feelings of heat and distress. Consumption of spicy foods along with caffeine and alcohol can also trigger hot flushes, so these should be minimized or totally avoided during menopause. Another of the menopause hot flushes remedies that has proven quite effective is the herb black cohosh, usually drunk as a hot tea. Taking supplements containing natural progesterone or applying creams containing natural progesterone to the skin are also beneficial remedies for solving this problem. Women who pursue moderate daily exercise such as swimming or walking find these activities to be very good menopause hot flushes remedies. For women whose symptoms are severe enough to interfere with their daily life or cause depression, an evaluation with a physician is recommended. A doctor can advise whether or not hormone thereapy replacement (HRT) is advised to provide relief, although there are several side effects which should be thoroughly explained about this sort of treatment. Some women also benefit by being on prescription medication to relieve depression. Another easy to follow of the menopause hot flushes remedies is to keep room temperatures cooler than normal and to wear natural fabrics that allow the skin to breathe such as cotton and silk-cotton blends. Women who suffer from hot flushes should also keep a portable personal fan handy and drink cool beverages or apply cool cloths to forehead and neck.

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==== ==== For Natural Relief From Hot Flushes Check This Out Now 0 ==== ====

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