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What do you value? 2015 LifeCenter Northwest Annual Report

Collaboration. A sense of leadership. I like to know when someone’s going to be there for the long haul. A spirit of service. Data-driven decisions. Common sense. A focus on outcomes. Friendly competition. It all comes back to process, and just a recurring focus on questioning the why and the how of what we do. Commitment to families. Strategic thinking. Small changes that over time add up to a big difference. Better integration. Customized solutions. Transparency. Taking the time to analyze and think beyond the current situation. Reliability. Honoring sacrifices. Outcomes. Remembering the mission. Peer learning. Honesty. Celebration. Creating more consistent practices and policies. Being there sooner and being there more often. Courageous leadership. Community-mindedness. An approach that takes into account the changing healthcare landscape. Efficiencies. A commitment not just to saving lives but to improving transplant outcomes. Providing aftercare support for the families of our generous donors. When two partners understand and value each other’s goals, it’s amazing what they can do together. Piloting new technologies. Systematic changes. Trust. You’ve got a much stronger relationship when you know someone’s going to be there tomorrow and the day after that. Relationships. Solid, incremental progress. Inspired training. Being attentive to the unique needs of our community. Improving morale. Bettering the community as a whole. More opportunities for CEUs. It was powerful to hear from both recipients and donor families. Forming a relationship with the patient and understanding their last wishes. Connection. Teamwork. Removing roadblocks. Trust. Celebrating life. Service. Being a part of something that helps us to live out our mission.

2015 LifeCenter Northwest Annual Report