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Stem Cells saved my life. They could save your baby’s life too.



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Thank you Stem Cells.

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LifeCell International Private Limited, No. 26, Vandalur, Kelambakkam Main Road Keelakottaiyur, Chennai - 48. Tamilnadu, India Toll-Free 1800-103-5353 | Helpline 09677112233 | SMS ‘BABYCORD’ to 534556 | w w

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now the Umbilical Cord can save

your baby even after bir th We all wish a healthy and happy future for our children. As responsible parents, all our efforts are directed towards their health, wellness, happiness and whatever good we can do for them.

Now you can gift your child a lifetime of good health for the future by preserving their umbilical cord blood & cord tissue stem cells at the time of birth. This is a unique and precious investment that only you can gift your child.

You now hold the opportunity to provide your child the birthright of life.

your baby comes with its own

natural power to cure diseases The amazing potential of stem cells Stem Cells are the basic building blocks of the body which have the potential to develop into many different The power of the umbilical cord

cell types. Serving as a repair system for the body,

The umbilical cord connecting the baby with the mother

they can divide unlimitedly to replenish other cells and give

supports and nourishes the baby for 9 months in

rise to number of tissues that constitute different organs.

the womb. This cord is cut at the time of delivery and discarded as waste after the baby is born.

The importance of umbilical cord blood & cord tissue Umbilical cord blood is the remaining blood from your baby's

Breakthrough medical research has now shown that

umbilical cord and placenta after birth. The cord tissue

the umbilical cord blood & cord tissue are one of the richest

is the tissue constituting the umbilical cord after

sources of stem cells, which have a high potential

removal of the cord blood. The umbilical cord blood

to treat over 75 serious ailments and many more critical

and cord tissue are loaded with stem cells which

ailments in the future through stem cell therapy.

can be used with greater eff iciency because they are the original cells and retrieving them is non-invasive.

Most importantly, cord blood stem cells of your baby, apart from being a perfect match for your child, also carry the

Umbilical cord blood & cord tissue stem cells can be

potential of 25% match for an existing or future sibling,

easily collected, processed and stored for future use

thus protecting the entire family from future ailments.

through the innovative concept of stem cell banking.

Preserving your baby's cord blood & cord tissue stem cells is a health security blanket for your child and immediate family members too.

ailments that can be treated

using Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells Research has found that the Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells, preserved at the time of birth, have the potential to treat over 75 life threating ailments. Cord Blood stem cells applications i) Acute Leukemias a) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) b) Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) c) Acute Biophonetic Leukemia d) Acute Undifferentiated Leukemiaii) Chronic ii)Leukemias a) Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) b) Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) c) Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) iii) Myelodysplastic Syndromes a) Refractory Anemia (RA) b) Refractory Anemia with Ringed Sideroblasts (RARS) c) Refractory Anemia with Excess Blasts (RAEB) d) Refractory Anemia with Excess Blasts in Transformation (RAEB-T) e) Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia (CMML) f) Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia (myelofibrosis) iv) Marrow Failure a) Aplastic Anemia (Severe) b) Fanconi Anemia c) Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) d) Pure Red Cell Aplasia v) Myeloproliferative Disorders a) Acute Myelofibrosis b) Polycythemia Vera c) Essential Thrombocythemia vi) Lymphoproliferative Disorders a) Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma b) Hodgkin's Lymphoma vii) Phagocyte Disorders a) Chediak-Higashi Syndrome b) Chronic Granulomatous Disease c) Neutrophil Actin Deficiency d) Reticular Dysgenesis

viii) Other Inherited Disorders a) Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome b) Cartilage- Hair Hypoplasia c) Ganzmann Thrombasthenia d) Osteoporosis e) Adrenoleucodystrophy f) Beta Thalassemia disorder ix) Inherited Platelet Abnormalities a) Amegakaryocytosis/Congenital Thrombocytopenia x) Inherited Metabolic Disorders a) Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) b) Hurler's Syndrome (MPS-IH) c) Scheie Syndrome (MPS-IS) d) Hunter's Syndrome (MPS-II) e) Sanfilippo Syndrome (MPS-III) f) Morquio Syndrome (MPS-IV) g) Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome (MPSVI) h) Sly Syndrome, Beta-Glucuronidase Deficiency (MPS-VII) i) Adrenoleukodystrophy j) Mucolipidosis II (I-cell Disease) k) Krabbe Disease l) Gaucher's Disease m) Niemann-Pick Disease n) Wolman Disease o) Metachromatic Leukodystrophy xi) Histiocytic Disorders a) Familial Erythrophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis b) Histiocytosis-X c) Hemophagocytosis xii) Inherited Erythrocyte Abnormalities a) Beta Thalassemia Major b) Sickle Cell Disease

xiii) Inherited Immune System Disorders a) Ataxia Telangiectasia b) Kostmann Syndrome c) Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency d) DiGeorge Syndrome e) Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome f) Omenn's Syndrome g) Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) h) SCID with Adenosine Deaminase Deficiency i) Absence of T&B Cells, Normal B Cell SCID j) Absence of T Cells, Normal B Cell SCID k) Common Variable Immunodeficiency l) Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome m) X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disorder xiv) Plasma Cell Disorder a) Multiple Myeloma b) Plasma Cell Leukemia c) Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia d) Amyloidosis xv) Other Malignancies a) Ewing Sarcoma b) Neuroblastoma c) Renal Cell Carcinoma d) Retinoblastoma

References National Marrow Donor Program Accessed 11.08.2003. Cord Blood and our Tomorrow, Larry Lasky, MD, AABB News March April 2001, American Association of Blood Banks.

the Value of

Cord Tissue Exciting new research on a new type of stem cell called

better than similar mesenchymal stem cells from bone

‘mesenchymal stem cell’ has now enhanced the scope of

mar row. These umbilical cord tissue s tem cells

diseases that can potentially be treated with stem cell

have been shown to multiply rapidly and differentiate


into many other types of stem cells such as neural, cardiac, bone, fat, car tilage and possibly others.

Mesenchymal stem cells are now at the forefront of cellular therapy especially for a variety of lifestyle diseases with

Hence preserving the cord tissue stem cells along with

over 100 clinical trials under way to evaluate their safety

cord blood stem cells offer a complete cover for the

and eff icacy. In fact, some trials evaluating the utility

child from a wide range of blood related and tissue

of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells are now in late

degenerative ailments.

phase III clinical trials and with the FDA according ‘fast-track’ approval status for the same, the benef its of this therapy should soon reach out to everyone.

Mesenchymal stem cells : Potential therapeutic applications a) Cardiac Arrhythmia

It has now been found that these remarkable mesenchymal

b) Crohn's Disease

stem cells are also found in the connective tissue of the

c) Graft vs Host Disease

umbilical cord. These stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue

d) Osteoarthritis

can be easily collected, processed and cryo-preserved for

e) Critical Limb Ischemia

potential cellular therapies that may emerge in the future.

f) Multiple Sclerosis

These umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells are a perfect

g) Diabetes (Type 1)

match for your baby and being fetal in nature appear to be

h) Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

the Value of Cord Blood

Stem Cells over Bone Marrow Until now bone marrow transplants were the standard

be treated, may be within the family using cord blood

recommended medical procedure for treatment of

with lesser chances of the recipient getting GVHD.

various life threatening ailments. With the emergence of cord blood stem cell banking, it has been proven

c) Rich source of Stem Cells: Cord blood is found to

beyond dispute that cord blood stem cells are the preferred

contain 10 times more stem cells than an equally sized

source of stem cells today for reasons stated below.

portion of bone marrow.

Advantages of Cord Blood over Bone Marrow:

d) Regenerative Source: Since cord blood stem cells

a) Graft vs. host disease: GVHD is a serious, life-threatening immune response to blood transplants, which can be fatal for up to 40% of patients who contract GVHD. Since cord blood is more primitive and therefore more 'forgiving', the cells found in cord blood that make up the recipient's new immune system are less likely to attack the recipient's body. This means a lower incidence of GVHD for cord blood transplants.

b) HLA Matching: For a successful transplant, there is a list of criteria that has to be matched. Since the cord blood stem cells are younger, the HLA matching does not have to be perfect. This means that a broader range of recipients can

are younger, they have better proliferative properties that is, they are able to regenerate more and faster than bone marrow stem cells.

e) Availability: It is found that 75% of people requiring stem cells do not have a matching relative and 70% of them are unable to find a matching donor. Cord blood is a readily available source of stem cells since the stored cord blood is available at notice to be used for a transplant, especially in the case of private cord blood banking.

f) Pain: Bone marrow harvesting is an invasive and painful procedure while Cord blood extraction is quick, painless and harmless to both mother and baby.

the Value of Cord Tissues

Stem Cells over Bone Marrow Scientif ic research with stem cells now provides clinicians

purif ied mesenchymal precursor cells and thereby make

a potential stem cell therapeutic option in the form

available these valuable stem cells for therapeutic use more

of mesenchymal stem cells.

than once.

Advantages of Cord Tissue over Bone Marrow:

d) Approaching regulatory approval: Mesenchymal stem

a) High Potential: Cord tissue is a rich source of

cells are now being used in over 100 clinical trials,

Mesenchymal precursor cells capable of giving rise to

including two phase III clinical trials, both of which have

fat, cartilage, bone and skeletal muscle cells and thus

been fast-tracked by the FDA for commercialization.

may potentially be used for regenerative stem cell therapy in several disorders. The number of mesenchymal cells found within the mononucleated cell population is higher than bone marrow.

b) Proliferative proper ties: Mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord tissue

are more proliferative;

hence larger numbers can be obtained on expansion from small initial numbers.

c) Multiple Dosages: Laboratory techniques are now well developed, that allow obtaining unlimited numbers of

e) Ease in administration: Unlike other cell therapies these cells are administered through a standard IV line like many of the other drugs that are given to patients.

f) Safety: These stem cells are well tolerated, with no patient mortality, no toxicity or any adverse side effects reported, thus providing for large-scale clinical use.

g) Pain: Bone marrow harvesting is an invasive and painful procedure while Cord tissue extraction is quick, painless and harmless to both mother and baby.

thank you Stem Cells

I’m here because of you I was at the peak of my career when my body started sending quivering signals. I felt washed out and tired. Thought the distressing signs were an overlap of stress. Thanks to my exciting work schedule, ignoring them was a costly affair. Amidst work and travel to India I underwent a routine blood test and to my apathy, I was advised a blood transfusion. I stopped travelling and on my return to Canada, life gives me a cold wind blow.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - a rare incurable

It’s like being reborn from the inside out. It's a big

form of blood cancer.

cleaning from the middle of your mar row and

I refused to embrace distress, decided to f ight the dreaded

spreading out. It is not only about curing the body

disease for my life with simple rules as my companions to

of the disease, but also about identifying and healing the

combat cancer.

entire person, as cancer drastically affects one’s psychology.

The disease hijacked my life for long enough and then I

Today I’m back in my career as exciting and blissful

decided to take matters into my own hands. I embraced stem cell transplant as an ultimate treatment option. Today I proudly stand as the true testimony of how stem cell therapy could be a boon to someone who has lost all hopes of recovery. I am ecstatic about the new lease of life.

as before. I owe this to stem cells which made this happen and gave me a chance for a second life.

Thank you stem cells I am here only because of you.

I had my stem cell transplant done in January 2010

Lisa Ray Actor & s tem cell benef iciar y

and it’s really been a kind of rebirth.

source: ht tp://w w, ht tp://w w, ht tp://w w th


Stem Cell Banking

Once the sample reaches the lab, an array of tests are


conducted on the maternal blood, cord blood & cord tissue. Depending on the outcome of the tests

Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord

the sample may be quarantined or rejected. After testing,

immediately after the baby's birth and is drawn into

the cord blood & cord tissue are taken into a state-of-art

the blood collection bag that comes in the kit.

clean room w herein sk illed technicians process

The mother's blood will also be collected during this time

the samples using utmost care adhering to international

to be tested for certain infectious diseases as required

quality standards such as those prescribed by the AABB

by regulations. The baby's cord blood and mother's blood

(American Association of Blood Banks) and CAP (College of

are then labeled and packaged in the kit box provided. Once the umbilical cord blood is collected a


specified length of 10 to 25 cms of the umbilical cord is cut and collected in the cord tissue collection containers.

In brief the stem cells from cord blood are harvested using a either vaginal or cesarean section deliveries and the entire process takes less than 10 minutes after the baby is born.

Your obstetrician/gynaecologist or the hospital paramedical

red cell depletion method aided by a chemical called SAMPLE COLLECTED IN BLOOD BAG

"Hespan" which helps to remove most of the red blood cells. The cord tissue is washed, minced, put into tissue culture for

staff can perform the collection. In case you require assistance

Upon completion of collection, the cord blood & cord tissue

in the collection process you would have to inform us in

samples are packed in the collection kit box as per the

advance well before the expected date of delivery to enable

instruction provided and safely dispatched through

Once the stem cells are extracted a cryoprotectant

us to depute a paramedic staff for the collection. This collection

designated special courier service to LifeCell Laboratory.

(DMSO) is added to the prior to freezing. Freezing is

process is simple, safe, painless and harmless to both the

Sufficient care is taken to ensure that the sample

child and the mother. This procedure can be performed with

reaches the lab well ahead of the stipulated time.

extracting a pure mesenchymal stem cell population.

accomplished using a "controlled-rate freezer", which gradually freezes the cord blood over a period of approximately one hour.

Stem Cell Banking Retrieval Storage

If the stored cord blood stem cells are required for transplant, the client can retrieve the sample by submitting

LifeCell uses special, compartmentalized cryo-bags to store

a retrieval request from the transplant physician.

your baby's precious cord blood stem cells. The bag includes

Necessary HLA typing test is done for the recipient

a 20ml & 5ml portion, and three segments for testing.

for ensuring a perfect match. The cells are then transported

The cord tissue stem cells are stored in 5ml cryo-vials, which has an integrated segment for testing. The stem cell bags

in a special container called "Dry Shipper" for shipping


the frozen sample to the stem cell transplant center. The dry

and vials are overwrapped for added protection to avoid

It is believed that stem cells can be successfully stored

cross-contamination. Then the bags and vials are housed in

for decades together in a cr yo-preser ved form.

protective cassettes and boxes and placed in liquid nitrogen

A recent study of cord blood at Indiana University

storage vessels for cryogenic preservation at minus 196째C.

demonstrated its viability after 15 years of cryogenic

Thawing of the sample is performed under strict guidelines to

storage. Moreover our technology partners Cryo-cell

ensure the highest viability of stem cells recovery after the thaw.

shipper is f illed with liquid nitrogen to maintain the cord blood stem cells at less than minus 150째C during transport.

Our storage conditions are closely monitored for

Inter na tional have s tored cord blood cells for

security and temperature. The facility is equipped with a

over 18 years. Until the child attains the legal age,

You are not required to pay for the stem cells while

6000 Litre tank for maintaining continuous supply of liquid

the parents, as the child's guardians have control over

retrieving the stored sample since it belongs to your baby.

nitrogen, and also has automatic kick-in of diesel

the stem cells. Upon attaining the legal age the child

generators in case of power failure.

will possess the rights to his/her stem cells.

However you would be required to bear the cost of shipping, DRY SHIPPER USED FOR TRANSPORTING STEM CELLS

handling and service charges.

protect baby!

protect mom!

Welcome to motherhood.

that menstrual blood, is a rich source of self-renewing stem

By becoming a mother you now need to take care of

cells that have a high potential to treat ailments in the future.

your baby and your entire family. Hence your health is

The menstrual blood stem cells can easily be collected and

equally important as your children's.

harvested in an affordable, painless and non-invasive procedure at the convenience of your home. Thus, for the

Until now, all you could do is to take preventive steps to

f irst time ever, women who want to invest in their future

stay healthy for the future. But what can you do to

health can now preserve their menstrual blood stem cells

secure your future health against disorders and medical

while they are in optimal health to secure their future health.

problems that may arise later? Exclusive Service for Mother & Baby Periods – Your Monthly Blessing

For mothers-to-be LifeCell presents an exclusive service

LifeCell brings you LifeCell Femme – a revolutionary service

‘PROTECT BABY! PROTECT MOM!' which gives you the

in technological partnership with Cryo-Cell International,

opportunity to secure your baby's health and yours too.

USA which provides women with a unique opportunity to

This service is a combination of umbilical cord stem cell

collect and preserve vital stem cells from her menstrual blood.

banking and menstrual blood stem cell banking and is available at a very special package price.

Until now, menstrual blood has been discarded as unsanitary waste. However, exciting new research shows

More information on LifeCell Femme Menstrual Blood Stem Cell banking is available on

lue Va ed d ad vice ser

new born

genetic testing Every parent expects their child to be best at everything.

Take control of your baby’s health

It is imperative that your children should be in best of

New Born Genetic Testing is a simple non-invasive

health to nurture your dreams and succeed in their life.

procedure for identifying indications for more than

While most babies look normal at birth, progressively

100 genetic metabolic disorders. The testing procedure

there could be certain impairments with the child

is absolutely painless, simple and safe for the newborn

thereby limiting the child’s normal grow th or behavior.

since it needs only the urine sample of the newborn

Such conditions are often caused by Genetic Metabolic

and is done wi t hin t he f ir s t week of bir t h.

Disorders. Progressively as the child grows such disorders gain permanence and it may be too late for restoring normalcy.

is diagnosed with a birth defect or genetic disorder with the prevalence of 1 in 1000 [Source: Indian Journal of Human Genetics 6(1), 89-91]. Many such disorders be

baby's future health and is the f irst and only company of fer ing non-invasive new bor n genetic tes ting.

According to WHO 1 in every 25 baby born in India


LifeCell brings you this revolutionary service for your





identif ied



LifeCell Services LifeCell offers several distinct options for preservation

Protect Baby, Protect Mom

of Umbilical Cord Blood & Tissue stem cells. Protect Baby, Protect Mom is an exclusive service from BabyCord

LifeCell which allows expectant mothers to have the chance to bank their child’s umbilical cord and their

LifeCell BabyCord is a basic service where only the

very own menstrual blood stem cells once the mother

Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells are preserved after

starts menstruating. The expansion of the cells at

collection, processing and cryo-freezing.

the time of transplant would also be done at no

BabyCord Duo 50M BabyCord Duo 50M is a complete stem cell service offering

additional cost. This service is a combination of BabyCord Duo 50M & LifeCell Femme menstrual blood banking service.

for a newborn as stem cells from both the umbilical cord tissue and the umbilical cord blood are preserved. The umbilical cord tissue is preserved after sterilization and a portion of the tissue is also expanded to isolate the mesenchymal stem cells prior to preservation. This enables quality assessment of the stored cells and also saves a valuable 6 weeks for retrieval of the stored cells. The stored cells are however only an interim product and would require further expansion at the time of transplant.

Every parent has the responsibility of providing good health for their baby. One of the ways could be to store cord blood cells for any future use for the baby or the family. Dr. Kamini A Rao, Past President of FOGSI, Gynaecologist, Bangalore

Factors on deciding the right par tner to

Payment plans and options Plan Name & Description

secure your child's future BabyCord

A) ANNUAL STORAGE PLAN Enrollment Fee Processing Fee First year storage Fee Total Initial payment Annual storage fee (20 years) B) 21 YEAR STORAGE PLAN Enrollment, processing and storage fee for 21 years (No Annual Storage Fee)

BabyCord Duo 50M

Protect Baby Protect Mom




29,000 2,000 36,000 2,000

39,500 2,500 47,000 2,500

58,000 4,000 67,000 4,000













D) 12 EMI - Enrollment, processing and storage fee for 21 years (No Annual Storage Fee) E) 6 EMI - Enrollment, processing and storage fee for 21 years (No Annual Storage Fee)

to evaluate various aspects and credentials of the partner to preserve your stem cells with the best in the industry. LifeCell, as an industry leader, presents you a host of reasons through best of technology, quality, accreditations and service, to be your partner in securing your future. India’s largest and most innovative stem cell bank Over 30,000 parents have trusted LifeCell to secure the future health of their children at LifeCell's storage facility in Chennai. Today LifeCell has presence in over 70 cities and towns in India and abroad, with a wide variety of stem cell research, banking and therapy solutions. Round-the-clock service LifeCell offers round-the-clock service for serving customers for enrolment, collection, logistics, processing and storage. The laboratory is operational 24x7 to ensure stem cells are harvested immediately upon receipt.

C) 24 EMI* - Enrollment, processing and storage fee for 21 years (No Annual Storage Fee)

Choosing the right partner to secure your baby's future is a lifetime decision. You need


Technology Leadership LifeCell was established in technological collaboration with Cryo-Cell International, USA which is the world’s f irst private stem cell bank and with over 18 years of operating experience and also the innovator of menstrual blood stem cell banking. AABB Accredited

Value Added Service

Optional service which can be combined with any of the above services

New Born Genetic Testing


Understanding your lifestyle and busy schedule we have made the payment process simple, effortless and hassle-free. You can choose from any of the below options to enroll and remit your payments.

LifeCell was the f irst company in the country to have its facilities and processes accredited by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) which sets standards for stem cell banking. USFDA Registered LifeCell is the only Indian stem cell bank to be registered with the United States Food and Drug Authority, which exhibits its confidence in meeting or exceeding the most stringent regulatory

Enroll Online:

Visit our website and enroll online using your Credit Card

standards and also allows for samples being accepted by transplant physicians and hospitals in the US.

Cheque / DD payment:

Enroll through cheque payment through our representative

CAP Accredited

ECS payment:

Use our hassle-free ECS (Electronic Clearing Facility) to make payments directly from your bank.

The successful accreditation by College of American Pathologists validates the highest standards of excellence in quality testing standards followed by LifeCell, which is critical to patient care, safety and maintaining service standards.


awards and recognitions caring for your child


Today Recognition

Among the 10 Medical Miracles that have occurred over the past 33 years in India, LifeCell was recognized at the 9th position by India Today for bringing the revolutionary concept of Stem Cell Banking

LifeCell Cares Program

to India under the headline ‘Future Perfect’.

`5,00,000 LifeCell Cares Program*

`10,00,000 LifeCell Payment Guarantee*

LifeCell shall reimbur se an

LifeCell shall pay the client an

If the child’s cryo-preserved stem

amount of up to `5,00,000 to

amount of `10,00,000 if the child’s

cells are retreived for a stem cell

cover treatment expenses if your

cryo-preserved stem cells fails

transplant, LifeCell undertakes to

its PR campaign initiatives and was honoured as “Winner” in the “Product

child’s cryo-preserved stem cells

to engraft when the s tem

bear all costs per taining to

Brand Development Campaign of the Year” under the “General Consumer

are used within the immediate

cells are used in autologous

transportation of the stem cells

Awards Category”. This is an award for LifeCell Brand in the Global

fa m i l y f o r b o n e m a r r o w

hema topoietic

to the designated destination

platform strengthening the brand’s recognition in International forum.

reconstitution in a myeloablative

transplant using recongnised

transplant procedure.

medical procedure.

s tem

ce ll

Free worldwide shipment

Asia-Pacif ic PR Award

LifeCell bagged the “Asia-Pacific PR Awards 2009” at Hongkong for

anywhere in the world.

Stevie Distinguished Honoree Global Award

LifeCell’s strategic communications campaign won “Stevie Distinguished Honoree” medal in the Communications and PR Campaign - Marketing and Consumer Services category by the International Business Awards.

*terms & conditions apply

The LifeCell brand campaign was awarded honouree status after two rounds of judging by global professionals. The award was conferred India Today - 33rd Anniversary Issue - 29th Dec 2008

for LifeCell’s campaign to overcome Indian cultural taboos and build the LifeCell brand.

10 simple steps to secure your

baby's health for lifetime

Securing your baby's future for life takes just 10 simple steps. All you need to do is contact LifeCell and we will guide you through these steps at your convenience. 1. Contact LifeCell: Once your pregnancy is conf irmed all you need to do is contact LifeCell immediately and register

6. Inform your Doctor: Inform your doctor well in advance about your decision to preserve your baby's cord blood

your details. LifeCell can be reached 24x7 through Toll Free, Helpline, SMS, e-mail and website registration.

stem cell and take their consent to collect the cord blood at the time of delivery. In case your hospital / doctor is unable

LifeCell contact points are provided at the end of this brochure.

to perform the collection please inform us at least a week in advance to enable us to depute our paramedic staff to perform the collection.

2. Ask for a presentation: You can ask for a presentation and upon registering your interest, our customer suppor t executive will get in touch with you and provide you all the required details on the concept,

7. Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Collection: Please inform LifeCell through Toll Free, Helpline or local representative

the process for enrolment, services and pricing options. You can also insist on a visit of our relationship executive

while you move towards the hospital for the delivery. provide them the complete details - Name, CRM No.,

to your residence to provide you the necessary information in person and provide all suppor tive materials.

Contact No., Hospital and Doctor details. The executive will ensure that the paramedic staff reaches on time in case you have asked for the paramedic service earlier. They will guide you through the collection, packing and

3.Sign up for the service: Once you decide to preserve your baby's cord blood stem cells, you will be provided

dispatch process in case the hospital is performing the collection.

with an enrollment form and client agreement for enrolling for the service. You would be required to f ill in these documents and make necessary payment based on the pricing plan chosen by you. The pricing options

8. Documentation and dispatch: Fill in all the documents of the kit box and ensure all relevant information is provided.

are listed in a separate section in this brochure or you can procure the details from our website. You will

Please re-pack the kit box as instructed and ensure that the frozen gel packs are put back in the kit box while

receive an off icial conf irmation of the enrollment once the payment and these forms reach our laboratory.

sending the collected sample to LifeCell laboratory. Please call LifeCell’s courier service or the Helpline service to pick-up the collected sample.

4. Enroll online instantaneously: For subscribing the service you can enroll online instantaneously using your credit card, without going through the process of manual enrollment or cheque payments. You can log on

9. Testing, Processing and Storage: On receipt of the sample at the laboratory, the sample once found fit for processing

to our website and enroll online and in case of any assistance our

is then subject to series of tests and subsequently processed for harvesting stem cells. The extracted stem cells of the

tele-calling executive will guide you through the process of online enrollment, which is simple, safe and fast.

baby are preserved cryogenically at minus 196°C in a high security environment, controlled secluded area for potential medical use in the future.

5. Get prepared and await the delivery date: Upon completion of enrollment you will be provided with a cord blood & cord tissue collection kit, which contains a set of materials required for collection of

10. Preservation confirmation: You will receive the preservation cer tificate from our laboratory confirming the storage

cord blood & cord tissue. The kit will also have usage guidelines to ensure successful collection of the sample.

of the stem cells with a detailed lab repor t for your records. Preserve this cer tificate safely and please ensure to quote

Please check the kit contents and read through the instructions thoroughly. You need to ensure that you carry the

your CRM No. in all your future communication and updates.

kit box, frozen gel packs and all related documents to the hospital/nursing home while moving to the hospital for delivery. On reaching the hospital, place the gel packs in the deep freezer immediately till the time of collection.

Stem Cell Success Story Umbilical cord stem cell banking is an essential aspect for every child since every parent holds the

The first successful cord blood stem cell transplant was

responsibility of securing their child's health for the future. I have benef itted by getting myself

performed in 1988 in Paris, France. To date, more than 14,000

completely cured by this revolutionary concept of umbilical cord blood stem cell

cord blood stem cell transplants have been performed

banking and I insist that every parent should consider in the future interest of

worldwide. Stem cell therapy using umbilical cord blood has

their child.

gained significant importance. It has been proved that stem

Mr.Vigneshwaran, Cord Blood stem cell transplant benef iciary

cell therapy is probably the only treatment available for diseases like leukemia (blood cancer), thalassemia, cerebral palsy, juvenile diabetes etc., and with advancing research and clinical trials conducted worldwide the proof of treating more diseases using cord blood stem cells is increasing every day.

Cord blood from LifeCell saves sibling We at LifeCell take pride in being a part of the surviving story of Thamirabharani, the eight-year old girl who fought her way for life through stem cell therapy. It gives us extreme satisfaction and delight for securing and saving the life of Thamirabharani by preserving her brother's umbilical cord blood stem cells with us, a crucial decision their parents took, which had ultimately saved her life.

Times of India 7.3.2009 Times of India 17.09.09

We thank you for your interest in LifeCell BabyCord. We wish your baby a long and healthy future ahead.

Baby Cord Brochure  

Baby Cord Brochure