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Sinai 150th Anniversary Celebrations Come to a Close S

inai Hospital capped off the yearlong celebration of its 150th anniversary by partnering with the Park Heights community to build a playground for our neighborhood kids. Two hundred volunteers with our community partners Park Heights Renaissance and Neighborhoods United, and Sinai Hospital employees came together on Sunday, Oct. 30, to build a play area. The undertaking only took six hours.

Ribbon cutting at the new play area.

Under the direction of KaBOOM!, a national nonprofit organization that works with communities to bring active play into children’s lives, a coalition from the Park Heights community met with playground experts — the

The play area nears completion.

neighborhood kids themselves — to design their dream play area. “There haven’t been a lot of resources available to this community; it has been a community in transition, and we want this (playground) to be a visible sign that this neighborhood is changing,” says Amy Perry, president of Sinai Hospital and executive vice president of LifeBridge Health. This new playground will provide more than 600 children with a place to truly be kids. To see a slideshow of the build, go to As we commemorated our hospital, honoring its rich history and recognizing the accomplishments that have marked its first 15 decades, our celebrations would not have been complete without hosting a medical symposium. With medical education a cornerstone in Sinai’s history and an integral part of our mission as a teaching hospital, Jerome Reichmister, M.D., chief of orthopedics at Sinai Hospital, spearheaded the opportunity for medical experts, students and community members to come together to discuss current and future medical topics. continued on page 9

Coming Soon: Safety Culture Survey! LifeBridge Health leadership and clinical staff who provide hands-on patient care are being asked to complete the Safety Culture survey between Jan. 16 and Feb 16. (Ambulatory practices are exempt.) Your feedback and suggestions are essential in helping LifeBridge Health fulfill its mission of maintaining and improving the health of all our patients in a safe environment. Issue Highlights Page 2 & 3 Presidents’ Messages

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A Message from

Neil Meltzer LifeBridge Health President and CEO

The holiday season is upon us, a time when our thoughts turn toward our loved ones and goodwill toward mankind. Every day we come to work at LifeBridge Health, we have the opportunity to do good by bettering peoples’ lives. When we make sure our patients’ rooms are clean, their food is warm, and we are working to better their health, we create a culture of compassion. Even the smallest gesture, like walking a visitor to the cafeteria, can feel meaningful.

One of our goals, as an organization, is to ensure that we have engaged employees who want to foster a culture of caring and compassion for our patients and for each other. That’s why we recently asked employees to participate in the Pulse Check survey to find out what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement. I’m pleased to share that more than 60 percent of employees completed the survey and shared their insights and feedback. The experts from Integrated Healthcare Strategies, who administered the survey, are now reviewing the results and will work with our leaders to identify trends and opportunities for our organization. Thank you for taking the time to participate and help us continue to make LifeBridge Health a great place to work. Another goal is to care for our neighbors in the community during the holidays and throughout the year. We do this in a variety of ways, such as the playground we worked with community volunteers to build near the Sinai Hospital and Levindale campuses, Community Service Corps activities and volunteer opportunities, the work of our Population Health department and our community initiatives. We’re also caring for our neighbors by bringing more services into the communities we serve because, by expanding our offerings and reach, we can do more good by helping more people. Two recent examples of this are the SurgiCenter of Baltimore at 23 Crossroads Drive in Owings Mills and Ellicott City Ambulatory Surgery Center at 2850 N. Ridge Road. We acquired a majority interest in both centers, and we’ll continue to look for opportunities to expand our health care footprint in our communities. As we celebrate the year that is coming to a close and prepare for the year to come, we can all take pride in how we’ve strengthened our organization and reached into new parts of our communities to give people new hope for the new year. In this season of thankfulness, I am most grateful for and inspired by the work you do each day and your commitment to helping others. I wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday season.

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From the desk of

Amy Perry

Sinai Hospital President

As we wind down Sinai Hospital’s 150th anniversary year, our guiding purpose of Caring for our Communities Together is in the forefront of my mind. On Oct. 30, more than 200 volunteers from our community partnerships — Park Heights Renaissance and Neighborhoods United — and Sinai Hospital employees came together to build a playground in six hours! The enthusiasm and dedication of those present was united in the vision that the new play area be a visible sign that the Park Heights community is transforming.

From its inception, Sinai Hospital has strived to be a dynamic and game-changing team player within our community and among our neighborhood partners. The playground build is another stepping-stone in our journey to continue impacting and rejuvenating our locality. For many years, Sinai has offered a variety of community initiatives and programs to men, women and their families. The M. Peter Moser Community Initiatives fund nonmedical programs designed to improve the social well-being of our neighbors. Two examples are our Diabetes Medical Home Extender Program, which is designed to educate and empower high-risk diabetics whose poor health stems from impoverished circumstances, and the Kujichagulia Youth Center, which provides youth development and violence prevention services to residents in our area ages 19 to 24 years. Sinai Hospital’s continued commitment to maintaining and improving the health and well-being of all people in our neighborhood extends also to the Community Service Corps (CSC). The CSC promotes civic and community engagement activities for Sinai Hospital and LifeBridge Health employees to participate as volunteers. Past initiatives include partnering with the Parks and People Foundation for a Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and with the Jewish Volunteer Connection for Mitzvah Day. New volunteer opportunities will be published in an upcoming AllUsers. For more details on how to get involved, contact Richard Skelton at Lastly, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and dedication over this past year, and I wish all of you a healthy and peaceful holiday. Happy Holidays,

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From the desk of

Brian White

Last month, the presidential election was decided, and now as our country goes through this time of transition, it’s important for all of us to remain focused on Northwest Hospital’s long-term goals and the strategies we’ve devised for achieving them.

Northwest Hospital and Levindale President

At a retreat in the spring, I challenged Northwest’s administrative, medical and clinical leadership to think about our Quest to Be the Best pledge and how it relates to the future of health care and Northwest Hospital. We discussed ways to encourage medical innovation and strategies for implementing patient-focused initiatives that create long-term stability. I heard many excellent ideas about maintaining and exceeding our standards of consistently high-quality, compassionate and responsible patient care. We solicited ideas and suggestions on topics such as organizational culture, increasing employee engagement and advancing population health to improve the lives of members of our community. We asked for your help and input, and your feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Together, we’ve been developing actionable items to grow and strengthen our future. This year we are on course for another successful year and, in fact, are well positioned to achieve our board-approved goals. With the awareness that health care continues to evolve and transform, Northwest Hospital is prepared and ready to continue on our upward trend. For 2017, we will remain focused on our Quest to Be the Best foundation of providing the highest caliber of care in a friendly environment unlike anywhere else. As we move forward, let’s keep the positive momentum going. Your commitment and dedication to Northwest Hospital is valued, and I know that if every one of us shows up daily wanting to make our organization better, we can and will achieve great things.

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From the desk of

Leslie Simmons R.N., F.A.C.H.E.

On Nov. 10, we had the honor of hosting more than 75 veterans at Carroll Hospice’s annual Veterans Day Breakfast in the Shauck Auditorium. It is a privilege to recognize our local veterans’ service to our country and to show our appreciation for the freedoms they have helped to ensure.

One of the freedoms I am grateful for is the right to elect government officials. It is something I hope we never take for granted. No matter the outcome of any election, I am confident in our organization’s commitment to caring for our communities and providing the right care at the right time in the right setting.

Carroll Hospital President

To ensure this, in 2013 Carroll Hospital created Vision 2020, our seven-year strategy to develop a new model of care — one that focuses on not only caring for those who are sick, but also helping community members get healthy and stay healthy. Since becoming part of LifeBridge Health, we have revisited and updated this strategic plan with expanded financial, human and medical resources in mind. Identified priorities from the 2015 community health needs assessment (CHNA) also informed our plans for growing services and facilities, just as the 2012 CHNA helped us shape the original Vision 2020. For example, we know that our population is aging, so we continue to look at ways we can improve services and care for older adults in the community. To review the plan visit Our dedication to our communities has been a hallmark of our hospital from the beginning, and will continue to be our focus moving forward. To follow Leslie Simmons on Facebook, visit


EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION Sinai Hospital SuperStar:

Colby Miller

Colby Miller is a manager in the clinical pharmacy services department at Sinai Hospital. Described by her coworkers as a “ball of fire,” Colby is constantly looking for new ways to improve and expand what Diane Johnson, Colby Miller and Amy Perry her team does for patient safety. Her innovative ideas and winning personality inspire her coworkers. Always a professional, when Colby makes a promise, she keeps it. She consistently demonstrates teamwork and she sets the bar high for everyone on her team. A detailed and comprehensive collaborator, Colby’s coworkers say she is approachable, dependable and flexible. Colby’s chief concern is patient safety, and she advocates daily by facilitating new initiatives and sharing her clinical expertise and knowledge.

Carroll Hospital SuperStar:

Patricia Ruther

For nurse health navigator Patricia (Trish) Ruther, R.N., caring for patients is not just a job; her interest in her patients’ wellbeing truly comes from the heart. A prime example was her extraordinary care of a patient in need of services at Access Carroll, which has earned her the special honor of SuperStar of the Month. When a patient was referred to Access Carroll for services, Trish went above and beyond to provide the patient, who needed addiction and medical services, with the necessary care. Trish partnered with a peer support specialist and traveled to the patient’s home to help the patient get necessary resources and treatment. The patient was extremely receptive to the help provided, and remained compliant with the treatment plan, which included medical and social support.

Patricia Ruther

“Trish is an outstanding associate who is truly focused on the well-being of her patients. She consistently thinks outside the box to find ways to get patients what they need to improve their health, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure they receive the highest quality care,” said Tammy Black, executive director of Access Carroll.

Levindale SuperStar: Northwest Hospital SuperStar:

Shalena Reeves

Northwest Hospital is proud to announce that its SuperStar recognition for this month has been awarded to Shalena Reeves. Shalena, a nursing technician on the geriatric-respiratory unit, is also the hospital’s 2016 Nursing Technician of the Year. Shalena was nominated by the GRCU nursing team. Her coworkers say that Shalena Susan Jalbert and Shalena Reeves treats all of her patients like they’re members of her family, and that she goes above and beyond to make sure all of her patients’ needs are met. Shalena takes the time to really get to know her patients, and performs all of her duties with kindness and professionalism. Congratulations, Shalena, on both awards; you really deserve them.

Ralph Santos

Ryan Lillis, human resources manager at Levindale, had the honor of presenting Ralph Santos with his SuperStar award for this month. Ralph was nominated because of the overwhelming positive feedback that leadership received from Levindale residents and patients. They shared that they attribute Ryan Lillis and Ralph Santos their swift recovery to Ralph’s kind and helpful demeanor and the standards of excellence he holds himself to. Ralph’s coworkers say he takes his time working with patients and that he goes out of his way to make them feel respected and comfortable. His upbeat and positive attitude is contagious, and all agree that Ralph is truly a great asset to the outpatient therapy department and Levindale.


TEAM LIFEBRIDGE LifeBridge Health:


Carroll Medical Group

Rehabilitation Services Department

As a primary care office located in Hampstead, our eight providers and 20 support staff are privileged to meet the needs of patients of all ages. We are happy that, for more than 27 years, multiple generations of families have entrusted their care to us. Carroll Medical Group is large enough that our patients can easily find a provider whose personality fits well with theirs, but small enough to have a warm, family-oriented atmosphere in which patients feel welcome as soon as they come in the door. Overall, our practice prides itself on the quality of care given to our patients by our enthusiastic and compassionate providers and staff.

At Levindale, our rehabilitation team of physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists and technicians provides rehabilitation services to patients in our long-term care units, subacute units, CARF-certified high intensity care and behavioral health units, as well as outpatient clinics. Our team strives to provide an atmosphere of respect, dignity and compassion to help our patients relearn necessary skills and abilities after a lingering illness or a disabling accident. Our main goal is to get them back home to their families, and to be as independent as possible. Pam Hawkins, manager of rehabilitation services, says, “We feel like a family, all focused on a shared vision of getting our patients better.”

LifeBridge Health:

Practice Dynamics Inc. Practice Dynamics Inc. (PDI), a subsidiary of LifeBridge Health, is the medical billing company for professional services delivered by over 600 employed physicians, nonphysician practitioners and health care practices. PDI has been in business since 1996 and has grown to 130 employees, who provide all aspects of coding, claims processing, a customer service call center, patient and insurance collections and A/R management, insurance and patient payment posting, and staff training and development. In 2015, PDI’s hard-working and dedicated staff processed more than 1 million claims, with a cash flow exceeding $140 million. PDI is very proud to be a part of the growing LifeBridge Health family.

LifeBridge Health:

Telecom Department

LifeBridge Health’s telecom department provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone calling LifeBridge Health. The department is a 24/7 operation with 15 operators and two team leaders. Telecom department operators answer more than 82,000 calls per month. With a combined total of 300 years of customer service experience, the telecom department provides phone support for staff, physicians, patients and the general community. These busy operators field requests for patient information, on-call schedules, directions to the campus and more. If the team doesn’t know the answer to the question, they know someone who does! “We’re the first impression of the organization for some of our customers,” says Wendy Toussaint, the department’s supervisor. “We show respect to everyone we come in contact with. They can hear the smile in our voice.” To read more about our featured teams, visit



Antibiotic Stewardship:

A New Challenge for Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities


he Joint Commission recently announced a challenging new standard for hospitals and nursing care facilities that addresses antimicrobial stewardship. It becomes effective Jan. 1. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has identified that 20 to 50 percent of all antibiotics prescribed in U.S. acute care hospitals are either unnecessary or inappropriate, which leads to antibiotic resistance. The CDC has also stated: “Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications in nursing homes. Up to 70 percent of long-term care facilities’ residents receive an antibiotic every year.” Everyone has a role to play in using antibiotics appropriately. Below are some questions and answers highlighting the work that is underway to address this public health concern. What is the state of Maryland doing to prevent antibiotic resistance? The State Health Department is sponsoring the Maryland Campaign for Appropriate Antibiotic Use (CAAUSE). CAAUSE is a three-year commitment consisting of three phases of implementation, which include attending meetings, implementing facility-specific interventions, collecting antibiotic use data for measuring success, and, most importantly, decreasing the rates of drug resistance in Maryland health care facilities. All LifeBridge Health facilities have committed to take part in this collaboration. What resources are available to LifeBridge Health clinicians to help them appropriately prescribe antibiotics? LifeBridge Health publishes resources and prescribing tools to assist our clinicians in the appropriate ordering of antibiotics. John Cmar, M.D., and Jean Lee, Pharm.D., lead the antimicrobial stewardship committee. The goal of this committee is to ensure that LifeBridge Health is ahead of the curve in the safe and effective use of antibiotics. What can LifeBridge Health employees do to help combat antibiotic resistance and antibiotic overuse? • Do not ask for antibiotics for viral illnesses such as colds or flu. Antibiotics do not work against these infections and will affect the normal bacteria in your body, allowing them to get used to the presence of antibiotics in your system. • If prescribed an antibiotic, take it as directed and finish the entire course.

• Limit the use of antimicrobial products in your home, such as hand soaps and dish soaps. Limiting antimicrobial products at home can keep your own healthy bacteria in good balance. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently published a recommendation that makers of consumer cleaning products stop adding specific antimicrobial ingredients to these products. • Roll up your sleeve and get your annual influenza vaccination. If you are immune to a disease, you can’t get it! • Remember, the most effective way to prevent any infection is excellent hand hygiene!

Nursing Recognition Program Coming to Northwest Hospital and Levindale

Patti Mowery, Sharon Hendricks, Pat Johnson, Sue Jalbert, Deb Kording, Michele Stiller, Muna Jeter, Gloria Gontrum, Contstance Ojeah-Williams. Not pictured Nikki Jovel, Lisa Batchelor-Edwards, Jennifer Harris, Karen Lally, Tracie Oden


orthwest Hospital and Levindale are moving forward with plans to implement the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses early next year. Nurses at both facilities will be honored for the skillful, compassionate and comforting care they provide to their patients daily. Since 2009, Carroll Hospital has given the DAISY Award to their nurses, and now nurses at Northwest Hospital and Levindale can be nominated by patients, families and colleagues. The winners will be chosen by a committee at each facility. Given quarterly, the award will be presented in front of the winning nurse’s colleagues, physicians, patients and family members. Each honoree will receive a certificate and DAISY pin to commend him or her for being an Extraordinary Nurse along with a beautiful sculpture called “A Healer’s Touch,” hand-carved by artists of the Shona tribe in Africa. Chief Nursing Officer Sue Jalbert says, “Northwest Hospital and Levindale are proud to begin participating in the DAISY Award program so we can acknowledge our Extraordinary Nurses who touch patients’ lives every day. The DAISY Award is an outward recognition of our sincere appreciation of their caring and dedication.” Visit Foundation.aspx to nominate an Extraordinary Nurse at Northwest Hospital or Levindale.


A Revolution in Pain Relief

Regenerative Medicine Heals Instead of Masking Symptoms


hether you suffer from acute injuries or chronic pain, LifeBridge Health’s Center for Pain Treatment and Regenerative Medicine can help. The center features a wide array of pain management and regenerative medicine procedures, including: platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP), adult stem cell therapy, prolotherapy and pulsed radio frequency neuromodulation (PRF). “Regenerative medicine is a truly cutting-edge area in the treatment of chronic musculoskeletal problems because it stimulates and accelerates the body’s natural ability to heal,” says Edward Soriano, D.O., a board-certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and pain management. Our body’s first response to injury is to increase blood flow to the area. Platelets secrete growth factors and attract stem cells to the injured area. With both PRP and stem cell therapy, a sample of the patient’s blood is processed to concentrate the platelets or stem cells. The concentrate is then injected at the point of injury, promoting the healing process. “PRP and other treatments allow physicians to naturally treat and heal painful conditions rather than masking the symptoms,” says Nicky Lacerda, M.D., who is boardcertified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and an interventional pain management specialist. “They help us to provide nonsurgical, long-term solutions rather than short term ‘Band-Aids.’” “These minimally invasive procedures relieve pain without the risks of surgery, general anesthesia, hospital stays or prolonged recovery periods,” adds Scott Brown, M.D., chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Sinai Hospital. If you’d like to learn more about PRP, adult stem cell therapy, prolotherapy and pulsed radio frequency neuromodulation (PRF), visit or call 410-601-WELL (9355).

Staff in the OR showcase the new space.

Northwest Hospital Completes Upgrades to Operating Rooms


orthwest Hospital recently celebrated the finalization of a three-year operating room renovation project, including upgrades to the hospital’s SurgiCenter. The OR renovations, which began in the summer of 2013, involved expanding the square footage of five operating rooms within the main operating room suite and installing state-of-the-art equipment — including an integration system intended to help improve minimally invasive procedures by offering more imaging capabilities — in each room. A new HVAC system also was installed at the main suite. “We have more flexibility now because the room sizes are so much larger. Each room can handle an array of procedures, so we’re not limited by the size or the shape or the contents of the rooms,” says Sepi Gharanfoli, assistant vice president of clinical programs and performance, and director of surgical and pulmonary services at Northwest Hospital. “We have more standardization between rooms.” The renovations were part of Northwest Hospital’s “Quest to Be the Best,” a patient-driven endeavor to enhance and expand the hospital’s delivery of health care. “The capital improvements team’s leadership throughout the project was amazing. This project stayed on track, mostly on time and within budget. That, as well as the team’s successful collaboration with the surgical services department, is something to be recognized,” says Kelly Corbi, chief operating officer of Northwest Hospital. “Sepi and her entire leadership team did an outstanding job maneuvering, communicating and managing all the changes.” To read more, visit


Enhancing Your Palate New food offerings will make LifeBridge Health’s cafeterias your go-to place for a great meal


ive-spiced flank steak, spaghetti squash, sriracha crab cakes, turkey tortellini with sweet potato and cranberries. These are just some of the tasty dishes coming to LifeBridge Health’s cafeterias when Metz Culinary Management comes on board as our new food service provider in January.

Stay tuned for news on an upcoming survey that will be given to all LifeBridge Health staff, asking for their opinions on what they’d like to see on the menus in their facilities. Metz joined Carroll Hospital in September and has already heard many positive reviews from employees and patients. Metz will debut at Sinai and Northwest hospitals and at Levindale in mid-January and will provide food services in the cafeterias and for patients and Levindale residents. Bon Appétit!

Freshness and expansive food offerings are what employees can expect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

WHY I GIVE Hundreds of employees across LifeBridge Health generously support our programs and initiatives. In this column, we'll highlight some of our generous donors to find out why they give to LifeBridge Health. Name – Connie Gibbons James Chambers and Bruce Rubino

“Our dishes are made fresh continuously,” says Bruce Rubino, director of food and nutrition services and general manager for Metz Culinary Management. “It’s fresh foods, being prepared to order with many order options.” Free-range pork, antibiotic-free chicken and local produce, when possible, are also essential to the Metz culinary process. Among some of the changes you’ll find is a new Bravo station where food services employees will prepare made-to-order foods based on the daily menu. Menu options include fajitas, signature wrap combinations, nachos, salads, a wok bar with Asian-inspired foods, quesadillas, and a variety of pasta selections. Other enhancements will include a salad bar with fresh fruits and vegetables, a gluten-free zone and, personal flat-bread pizzas, an employee favorite. For breakfast there will be freshly baked bagels, scones and pastries. “Metz provides great service based on a hospitality focus and culture that has been instituted in their restaurants and other service lines,” says James Chambers, assistant vice president of environmental and nutritional services at LifeBridge Health. “They are bringing that hospitality focus to our hospital setting, which is really what differentiates them from others.”

Title – Application Specialist III; R.N. - Information Services at Northwest Hospital Years of Service – 35 Where she calls home – Sykesville, Md. Why she gives – In the years I have been employed with this organization, I have been given many opportunities to learn and grow professionally. I have functioned in various roles, furthered my education, and I am now working toward my Master of Science degree in Nursing Informatics. I have also formed lasting friendships that have supported me through rough patches in my life. These things would not be possible without my LifeBridge Health family. I feel that giving back to others is an important way to serve our community. How she got involved – I volunteered with the information services department to serve dinners at My Sister’s Place Women’s Center, I’ve taught CPR classes and I’ve made blankets for Project Linus. If she had one wish – It would be that Type 1 diabetes would be cured. My great grandniece was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years and she is now 6. I marvel at how quickly she learns about carbohydrates, insulin pumps, glucose monitors, needles, and how to manage sugar highs and lows. Her sugars change rapidly, and she has had to learn about the early symptoms of hypoglycemia. This disease has greatly affected her family’s lifestyle. I wish for a cure for her so she can live a more carefree childhood.

DECEMBER 2016 continued from page 1

Employee Holiday Schedules

John Cmar, M.D., director of the division of infectious diseases at Sinai, and Michael Tangrea, Ph.D., scientific director of the hospital’s BioIncubator, were keynote speakers. Earlier in the year, we kicked off our anniversary with some fun festivities. Neil Meltzer greets symposium guests Sinai employees were invited to purchase their meals at the discounted price of $1.50, enjoy a piece of anniversary cake for desert and top it off with a Baltimore favorite — snowballs. After creating a commemorative Sinai 150th website — — we uploaded a video timeline, vintage newsreels and historic photos. We invited employees to enter our trivia contest, and Shamira Kelch, a patient registrar in the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics, won the grand prize of a $150 Visa gift card. A permanent remembrance of the 150th anniversary — a timeline of events in Sinai Hospital’s history — will be installed in the front hallway of the hospital so generations to come can see Sinai’s amazing history for themselves. Details for the date of installation will be announced in a future AllUsers.

Join Us For Our Employee Holiday Celebrations! Sinai Employee Holiday Party Tuesday, Dec. 13 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Greenspring Café and Café Shalom Meal tickets and badges are required at Sinai Hospital. Please see your manager for your ticket. Café Shalom will be open for lunch. A kosher buffet will be available in the Greenspring Café for the night shift.

Levindale Employee Holiday Party Wednesday, Dec. 21 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. to midnight Schwaber Multipurpose Room

Northwest Hospital Employee Holiday Party Wednesday, Dec. 14 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. to midnight Community Education Center

Carroll Hospital Holiday Dinner Thursday, Dec. 15 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Overlook Café Shamira Kelch, trivia winner

Friday, Dec. 16 1 to 2:30 a.m. Overlook Café

*A fee of $5 will be charged to people not wearing Sinai employees enjoy some special treats including cake and snowballs - to celebrate the hospital's 150th anniversary.

hospital badges (e.g., visitors and guests)



Northwest Partners With Jaquis Elected to New Position Congratulations to William Magnet School Jaquis, M.D., who was

Northwest Hospital has partnered with two Baltimore County public schools — the Northwest Academy of Health Sciences (formerly Old Court Middle School) and Randallstown High School — to increase health science programming for the students. The goal of the program is to develop the health care workforce of the future, right here in our neighborhoods. Brian White, president of Northwest Hospital, recently visited the students and their parents to welcome them to the program and introduce them to Northwest Hospital.

Sinai Announces Hero Award Recipient Congratulations to Shari Lewis, R.N., who is being recognized as Sinai Hospital’s recipient of the Josie King “Hero” Award for October. Shari, who works in the emergency room, prevented a patient from receiving the wrong medication.

recently elected vice president of the Board of Directors of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Dr. Jaquis is chief of emergency services at LifeBridge Health and chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Sinai Hospital.

Carroll Hosts Total Health Expo Carroll Hospital’s 7th annual Total Health Expo over Halloween weekend was a monster hit, with lots of folks coming out for health screenings, cooking demonstrations, fitness activities and, of course, some family Halloween fun!

State Troopers train Sinai ER Nurses ER-7 nurses at Sinai Hospital always stay on top of their jobs, including on the helipad. State troopers came to Sinai in October to train team members in assisting the off-loading of helicopter-transported patients.

Disney Visits Sinai Sinai’s Manager of the Year

Congratulations to David Madden, manager of respiratory care at Sinai Hospital, who was recently named Patient Care Manager of the Year. David is the first recipient of this new honor, which recognizes leaders whose departments are performing well in key quality measures. David is seen here with Chief Nursing Officer Diane Johnson (left) and Director of Patient Care Services Diane Bongiovanni.

Thanks to Mickey and Minnie for stopping by the Herman & Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital. Their recent visit brought smiles to the faces of patients, families and staff. Mickey and Minnie were in town to perform with Disney on Ice.




Levindale’s Service Awards Recipient Congratulations to Lestine Simpkins, who was recognized for her many years of service and dedication during Levindale’s annual Service Awards ceremony. An employee for 30 years in the environmental services department, Lestine is pictured with Idriz Limaj, Levindale’s chief operating officer, Post-Acute Services.

Taube Receives Award Congratulations to Dr. Oscar Taube, who recently received the 2016 Maryland Leadership Award from the Maryland chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (MD AAP). Dr. Taube (seen here with Dr. Maria Brown, MD AAP secretary/ treasurer) received this recognition for his work to help chronically ill young adults transition from their pediatrician’s care to an adult primary care provider. Dr. Taube is the coordinator of adolescent medicine at the Herman & Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai.

PDA Hosts Breast Cancer Day Party The employees at CHG and Legacy PDI observed Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a dress-up party. There were prizes for the “best dressed” winners from both organizations.

Corbi Presents at Lean Conference Northwest Hospital Chief Operating Officer Kelly Corbi recently spoke at the Mid-Atlantic Lean Conference, sharing Northwest’s proactive approach to process improvement and innovation — all focused on providing the highest quality care to patients and their families.

Northwest Hosts Operational Excellence Fair Northwest Hospital is on a “Quest to Be the Best,” and employees are leading the way! At the recent Operational Excellence fair, teams shared what they are doing to make improvements in their areas. They developed these innovations through a process known as “Lean,” a systematic and collaborative approach to improving performance.

Northwest Volunteer Awards Brian White, president of Northwest Hospital, was present to congratulate the hospital’s many volunteers at the recent Volunteer Awards Breakfast Ceremony. Held at the end of October, the volunteers received awards for their hours and years of service and were recognized for their invaluable contributions within the hospital.

First Lady of Maryland Visits Sinai First Lady of Maryland Yumi Hogan visited the Herman & Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital at Sinai to show her support for the hospital’s smallest patients and their families. She did arts & crafts with them and also took time to talk with Neil Meltzer, president of LifeBridge Health, Dr. Aziza Shad, chair, Herman & Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital, and director, Division of Pediatric Hematology Oncology, and other employees.

Carroll Honors Veterans On Nov. 11, associates, volunteers and community members gathered in the hospital’s flag court for a special Veterans Day flag ceremony. Led by Barbara Gunther, Carroll Hospital Auxiliary president, the ceremony included guest speakers, prayers and the presentation of the United States and Maryland flags by McDaniel College Army ROTC cadets.


Ranked as a Top 100 Health Club

Purchase a Sinai U.S. News & World Report



$75 “LB Bucks”

In recognition of our recent accomplishment, the Sinai Auxiliary will be selling jackets for $15 on Dec. 6 and 7 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Employee Booth.

and a pick of

Bonus Perks worth $99

for a committed membership.



WEEK 1: Dec. 6 – 12

WEEK 2: Dec. 13 – 19

30% OFF all Handbags 25% OFF all Fragrance, bottled and sets 25% OFF all Holiday Candy 20% O  FF Entire Store - Excluding

50% OFF 30% OFF 25% OFF 25% OFF

balloons, books, candy, flowers, magazines, and plants

Holiday Greeting Cards all Handbags Jewelry Winter-wear - Scarves

and cold weather accessories

25% OFF Baby Department 20% OFF Plush

WEEK 3: Dec. 20 – 26 25% OFF Bar-ware 30% OFF Jewelry 25% OFF all Fragrance, bottled 30% OFF Handbags and sets 30% O  FF Winter-wear - Scarves and cold weather accessories 25% OFF Plush



EVERYTHING MUST GO! Sinai’s Auxiliary has scheduled a $6 sale for Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Zamoiski Auditorium. For last-minute shoppers, a jewelry sale will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 21 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Employee Booth.

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Bridge December 2016  
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