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Gift n. a natural endowment, aptitude, faculty, or talent Talent n. a particular and uncommon aptitude for some special work or activity

This book will help you understand all the things that make you special and unique. Throughout these pages we’ll use the terms gifts and talents interchangeably. Learning about your gifts and talents is important because knowing them is one of the keys to discovering your purpose in life. When you know your strengths and what makes you feel creative, capable, and joyful, developing your unique abilities so you can use them to the fullest becomes less of a challenge. The end result is a happier and more productive life.

aking the most of this book To make the most of this book you’ll want to pay close attention to four things: ■

First, every chapter contains two profile stories about famous people (one from the entertainment industry and one from an academic field). Each profile will be followed by questions for you to answer. The purpose of these profiles is to help you see how other people discovered their natural abilities and how they handled life’s difficulties and obstacles in their quest for self-discovery.

Second, this book contains many self-discovery questions. Take time to answer them. Sometimes you may have trouble coming up with a response—probably because you’ve never thought about that particular question before. One of the objectives of this book is to help you learn how to ask tough questions and find the answers within you. We hope to stimulate your thinking in new directions. If you get stuck on a question, try discussing it with a friend or parent or with a group of students at school.

Gifts and Talents for Teenagers  

\It’s important for middle and high school students to recognize their gifts and talents. By following the strategies in Gifts and Talents f...