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Talents for Teens Ch 01


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what are gifts and talents?


disease and heads up a consortium of Chinese and American organizations to help address the crisis of HIV/AIDS in China. David’s gifts and talents were only a part of his success. He had to be willing to work long and hard to overcome the obstacles placed in his path and to receive the education and develop the necessary skills to conduct research. David trusted his own instincts when it came to the way HIV works and was willing to devote himself to his passion. In the end, he has prolonged the lives of many and will ultimately be instrumental in finding a cure to end AIDS. Academy of Achievement: David Ho. Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Research Labs: David D. Ho, M.D. Brief Biography.

Profile Clues to Use How did David Ho develop his abilities?

What are some obstacles he had to overcome?

How do you see yourself as similar or dissimilar to him?

Gifts and Talents for Teenagers  

\It’s important for middle and high school students to recognize their gifts and talents. By following the strategies in Gifts and Talents f...