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pop material. The album started out as a slow seller but gradually climbed in popularity. Her next album did even better and cracked the American Latin billboard charts. Then, Gloria Estefan, a Cuban-American musician, offered to help translate her music into English. This crossover into the English-speaking world launched Shakira into superstardom. In order to maintain control over her work, Shakira learned English. She now speaks five different languages: Italian, Spanish, English, Arabic, and Portuguese. At the age of 26, Shakira became the youngest person ever to be appointed a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. As a UNICEF ambassador, Shakira travels to see first hand the struggle of millions of children in developing countries. “She uses her popularity and her personal interest in children’s issues to support UNICEF’s mission to ensure every child survives and thrives through adolescence” ( Shakira could have left her career in the hands of those in the music industry but chose instead to go with her instincts, drawing inspiration from her rich cultural background. She had to overcome her family’s lack of resources, initial disappointments, and pressure to be like every other female pop singer. What a great decision that has turned out to be. Sources: 8 Notes: Shakira biography. Press Releases: Singer and songwriter Shakira appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, VH1 Artists A–Z Biography: Shakira,

Profile Clues to Use How did Shakira develop her abilities?

Gifts and Talents for Teenagers  

\It’s important for middle and high school students to recognize their gifts and talents. By following the strategies in Gifts and Talents f...