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Social Impact 2019–2020


GLG is the world’s knowledge marketplace. We connect decision makers who want the advantage of powerful insight to people with first-hand experience, so they can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity. Our network is the largest in the world, and we recruit thousands of new experts every month. GLG Social Impact brings the power of our knowledge marketplace to organizations working to solve society’s most urgent challenges. Our Fellowship provides many of the world’s most impactful social innovators with free access to our platform.

We bring the power of insight to every great professional decision.

IMPACT ON THE SOCIAL COVER: GLG 2019–2020 Fellow Organization Frontline

GLG Fellow Organization Bridges to Prosperity



6 Our Responsibility as the World’s Knowledge Marketplace A Letter from Our CEO

8 Green Energy Should Be Affordable and Accessible Community Solar Is Leading the Way

10 Revolutionizing Mobile Banking for Farmers in West Africa A New Approach to Financial Inclusion

12 Impact Spotlight: Disaster Relief

GLG is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities. It is the policy of GLG to carry out its activities in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts, conserves natural resources, and provides for the effective stewardship of the environment. Learn more at glg.it/environmental-policy SOCIAL IMPACT 2019–2020



Matching Talent with Opportunity and Bringing Diversity to Tech A Nonprofit Steps Up to Train for the Future

Previous Fellows: A Look Back at Our Community



GLG and Our Clients: Partners at the Leading Edge of Social Innovation

The GLG Partners Program: Expanding Our Impact



Announcing Our New Class of Fellows: Nine Social Innovators from Around the World

The Last Word: The Future of GLG Social Impact — A Smarter World Works Better

20 Current Fellows: How the 2018–2020 Class is Using GLG


Our Responsibility as the World’s Knowledge Marketplace At GLG, we believe that our knowledge marketplace can create great outcomes not only for our clients, but also for our experts, our employees, the communities where we live, and society as a whole. We have unique assets — and a unique responsibility to maximize our impact. That’s why we’re proud to put GLG to work, free of charge, for organizations serving vulnerable populations and tackling tough challenges all over the world. And it’s why we’ve continued to grow our Social Impact initiatives substantially, increasing our investment every year.


We’ve seen first-hand how our impact is multiplied by the outstanding social entrepreneurs we support. Our GLG Social Impact Fellows are creating real change. Among the many examples included here are Fellows helping farmers in West Africa out of poverty through financial innovation, training low-income New Yorkers to secure high-paying tech jobs, and expanding access to solar energy for American families. We are honored to share these stories.

Paul Todd with Austin GLGers, July 2018

In these pages, you’ll find the work of our current Fellowship class, updates on Fellows from previous years, and a look at how multiple Fellows are tackling the increasingly urgent challenge of disaster relief. You’ll also read about the latest expansion of our work: the GLG Social Impact Partners Program, which empowers each of our 2,000+ employees around the world to give a nonprofit of their choice free access to GLG. Finally, we’re privileged to introduce the nine new Fellows joining us this year, growing our community of social entrepreneurs to 54.

I’m proud of all of our Fellows and our other Social Impact clients and partners. I’m grateful to my GLG colleagues around the world who support them every day. And I’m excited to share the work we do together in these pages.



Green Energy Should Be Affordable and Accessible Community Solar Is Leading the Way

Steph Speirs was working on renewable energy in rural Pakistan and India when she realized that many of the roadblocks she was encountering also existed back home in the United States. And she became obsessed with the idea of doing something about it. Many Americans want to use solar power, but up to 80% are still unable to access it — because they lack roof access, have homes in areas with insufficient sun exposure, or live in low-to-middle income households. Steph co-founded Solstice in 2015 to solve this problem. Solstice’s mission is to make solar power more scalable and inclusive by making it more affordable and accessible. The organization has embraced the innovative concept of community solar — a way to harness solar energy without putting panels on individual homes. Instead, individuals enroll in shared “solar gardens,” reserving a portion of panels for their own use, without any upfront cost. As the gardens produce energy for the local utility, these customers see savings applied to their energy bill.

U.S. community solar capacity has more than quadrupled since 2016. Since 2015, Solstice has worked on dozens of solar projects serving more than 16,000 households, and has expanded from Massachusetts into New York and California. The organization has embraced a two-tiered approach to growth: it is both a software platform, helping solar companies acquire and manage customers for solar gardens; and an advocacy organization, working to educate and grow the network of solar customers in lowincome neighborhoods. Working with GLG and its experts has helped Solstice better understand the energy landscape of each new community through access to data and insights on local policy and regulatory environments. For example, as Solstice worked on its customer recruitment strategy, GLG connected Steph and her team to experts with experience framing the issue of climate change and the benefits of renewable energy in underserved populations. Solstice has also turned to GLG for insight into the competitive solar landscape — connecting with experts on the implementation of a strategic sales model, professionalizing a fundraising operation, and best practices in channel marketing. On these and other topics, access to GLG’s knowledge marketplace has helped Steph’s team build a sustainable model so they can continue delivering solar to a wide range of communities. Forty-two states have begun community solar programs, and solar power is now as cheap as fossil fuels in thirty countries. Around the world, the solar industry has grown exponentially, and momentum towards renewable energy solutions is accelerating. Steph and her team have played an active role in this progress, and as the solar marketplace grows, Solstice will continue their crucial work making the switch to clean energy accessible for everyone.


Solstice Co-Founder & CEO Steph Speirs Issue Area Solar Energy Access Impact Location United States


myAgro Founder & CEO Anushka Ratnayake Issue Area Rural Agribusiness Financing Impact Location Mali, Senegal, Tanzania SOCIAL IMPACT 2019–2020 SOCIAL IMPACT 2019

Revolutionizing Mobile Banking for Farmers in West Africa A New Approach to Financial Inclusion

Anushka Ratnayake had been working in Africa for three years, talking to farmers about their financial needs, when she realized that international development organizations were missing an important issue. Hundreds of farmers across West Africa kept saying the same thing to her: what they needed was not a loan, but a safe and convenient way to set aside money for the future. Farmers “have a cash flow problem,” Anushka explains. After the harvest, they have a surplus — but banks are often far away and charge high enrollment fees. “That means money stays at home.” But holding large amounts of cash can be dangerous, and the money is more likely to be spent quickly, leaving little cushion for the rest of the year. To help address this issue, Anushka launched myAgro in 2011. myAgro’s technology, modeled after pre-paid phone cards, creates an easy-to-use payment platform that allows farmers to lock away money when they have more of it. Starting just after harvest, farmers use myAgro’s platform to make small payments whenever they have cash available. Over the six months between harvest and the next planting season, farmers amass enough small payments to purchase seeds, fertilizer, and other farming tools, with the ultimate goal of increasing their yields and moving them out of poverty. Eight years since inception, the organization has grown from a 240-farmer trial program in Mali to a robust organization that will serve 120,000 farmers in three African countries in 2020.

Farmers who use myAgro see a 50% to 100% increase in their harvest. When Anushka applied to the GLG Fellowship in 2017, myAgro’s network was rapidly growing. As they scaled and diversified their offerings, Anushka and her team relied on GLG’s knowledge marketplace to address the range of unique challenges that can arise working in remote parts of Africa. GLG’s experts have helped myAgro understand everything from how to forecast and model fertilizer pricing to how to ensure myAgro’s work is represented in agricultural policy debates in local governments. And as farmers contend with an increasingly unpredictable climate, GLG has helped myAgro effectively partner with an insurance company to assess climate insurance policies in a complicated market. As the organization’s impact has continued to expand, GLG has also paired individuals from myAgro’s leadership team with experts to help them understand management best practices and decision-making strategies. Anushka believes access to GLG has helped everyone learn “how to work better, make better decisions, and hold each other accountable so that we enter this next phase of growth with a really strong team.” Throughout their work with GLG and beyond, myAgro’s core purpose has remained the same: to serve farmers, first and foremost. As they continue to pioneer innovative approaches to financial inclusion, Anushka and her team are on course to meet their ambitious goal of serving one million farmers by 2025.


Impact Spotlight: Disaster Relief

Three hundred and fifteen natural disaster events were recorded in 2018 alone — impacting more than 68 million people and causing roughly $132 billion in economic losses around the world. GLG has long supported organizations working at the forefront of disaster relief. After Hurricane Katrina, GLG worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, providing a range of key insights to support rebuilding efforts in New Orleans. A longstanding partnership with Spirit of America provides GLG experts to advise on humanitarian relief efforts around the world. Two GLG Social Impact Fellows — Team Rubicon and SBP — are at the leading edge of global disaster relief efforts. In the past several years, with free access to the world’s largest network of experts and support from GLG’s employees, both Team Rubicon and SBP have deployed hundreds of thousands of volunteers, contributed millions of dollars in aid and labor, and responded rapidly to communities in need.

Team Rubicon (TR) pairs the strengths and skill sets of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy response teams in the aftermath of natural disasters. Team Rubicon is quickly becoming one of the most impactful resources in the nonprofit disaster relief space. Since 2010, TR has had a significant impact on some of the hardest-hit areas around the world, including Haiti, Puerto Rico, Houston, and California.

SBP ensures that communities impacted by disasters

in 2018...

in 2018...

4,795 volunteers deployed

16,458 volunteers served

90 disaster relief operations launched

234 homes rebuilt for families

$7.9 million of volunteer labor hours served

have the resources to prepare and recover in the most prompt, efficient, and predictable way possible. By increasing resilience before disasters occur and streamlining the post-disaster recovery process, SBP helps fortify people against unnecessary stress and trauma.

$5.6 million of volunteer labor hours served

Deadliest Disasters of 2018 EARTHQUAKES


45% of deaths

24% of deaths 127 events Floods have affected more people than any other disaster in the 21st century.


WILDFIRES 10 events


GLG Fellow Organization Team Rubicon

Hurricane Harvey: GLG and Its Fellows Respond GLG has more than 700 employees in Austin, Texas — so when Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas coast in 2017, the GLG community leapt into action. The Category 4 storm impacted roughly 13 million people, dumping more than 27 trillion gallons of rain and leaving behind 13 million cubic yards of debris. As the storm swept through the region, both Team Rubicon and SBP played crucial response roles on the ground, helping with search-and-rescue operations and supporting uprooted families. After the storm,

large numbers of GLGers traveled by bus from Austin to Houston to pitch in alongside these GLG Fellows. Together, the teams helped rebuild homes to get impacted Texans back on their feet. Both Team Rubicon and SBP have remained active in the Houston metro area since the storm, working together on recovery and rebuilding efforts and training local communities in disaster preparedness.

Post-Harvey impact data as of October 2019 Team Rubicon •  1,975 volunteers served 42,578 hours •  70 homes rebuilt •  $2.33 million of volunteer labor hours served SBP •  2,631 volunteers served 56,688 hours •  181 homes rebuilt •  $3.11 million granted to 7 nonprofits in the region 13


Matching Talent with Opportunity and Bringing Diversity to Tech A Nonprofit Steps Up to Train for the Future While serving in Iraq as a captain in the U.S. Army, Jukay Hsu noticed something: often, the biggest difference between officers like him and the soldiers in their platoons was that the officers had gone to college. Frustrated that a person’s lack of access to higher education could be such an impediment to career opportunity, Jukay returned home determined to do something about it. Jukay was raised in Queens, New York, the most diverse county in America. In 2011, the tech-sector explosion was everywhere — but the jobs it created were often out of reach for job seekers from low-income backgrounds who lacked adequate training or professional support. To solve this problem, Jukay launched Pursuit — originally called “Coalition for Queens” — to empower the next generation of tech leaders. Pursuit has launched more than 500 fellows into tech industry careers through a four-year intensive program that teaches coding and other IT skills, places fellows in jobs, and provides three years of post-placement professional support. More than half of Pursuit fellows are on public assistance, and the program places a strong emphasis on filling its classes with underrepresented groups, including women, immigrants, and people without traditional four-year college degrees.

On average, Pursuit graduates’ annual salaries grow from $18,000 to over $85,000. Jukay and his team started with an initial pilot of just 26 fellows from Queens. But as the program grew larger and spread throughout New York, they turned to GLG to grow their impact. First, they wanted to learn how to rebrand and expand. Through surveys and phone calls with experts in nonprofit naming and logo design, Coalition for Queens became Pursuit. Next, they turned to GLG’s experts to understand best practices for career coaching — especially within the IT space — and to identify the right metrics for success. “Pursuit is not just about training and getting a job,” says Jukay. “We care about the long-term. We want our fellows to thrive and make a permanent, lasting change in their career and life trajectory.” Working together with GLG, Pursuit has developed innovative metrics to track what makes people successful tech sector employees, going beyond traditional hiring benchmarks (like a college GPA) to better serve underrepresented populations. GLG has also helped Jukay and his team gain insights into how to develop a sales team in the nonprofit sector and build out their corporate partnership opportunities as the organization moves towards achieving a fully sustainable business model. As the Pursuit team continues to grow, expanding its pool of fellows through initiatives like Level Up — which partners with tech companies to train highachieving service-sector workers in engineering and software development — Jukay is continuing to push for a diverse tech community with opportunities available to all.


Pursuit Co-Founder & CEO Jukay Hsu Issue Area Tech Training and Employment Impact Location United States



GLG and Our Clients: Partners at the Leading Edge of Social Innovation JEN FIELD Director of Social Impact, GLG From our earliest days and very first projects, GLG has delivered expert insight to organizations creating positive change — from supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after Hurricane Katrina to partnering with Spirit of America’s humanitarian relief efforts around the world. In addition to our Fellows and nonprofits nominated by our employees, we have supported close to 100 innovative organizations across the social sector, including grantmaking foundations, nonprofit advisory firms, impact funds, and more. And over the last few years — as the private sector more broadly has embraced the concepts of shared value and corporate social responsibility — we’ve worked with many GLG clients who are building their own initiatives in social impact and sustainability. To support these clients, we’ve recruited experts in impact investing, ESG (environmental, social, and governance) investing, impact measurement, and other related topics. We are proud of GLG’s contributions to new social impact models, and we will continue leveraging our platform to help all our clients tackle the world’s most pressing problems.

Some of Our Client Work Social Finance

The Bridgespan Group

GLG Social Impact partners with Social Finance, a nonprofit pioneering the Pay for Success model of financing social programs. Their innovative financing strategies for social progress include social impact bonds, outcomes rate cards, and career impact bonds. The Social Finance team relies on GLG’s platform to engage experts on a range of complex topics, such as shared risk contracts with Medicaid Care organizations, juvenile justice systems for tribal youth, and recidivism reduction.

GLG Social Impact has worked closely with The Bridgespan Group (TBG), the leading advisor to nonprofits and NGOs, philanthropists, and investors, since 2013. TBG consultants have turned to GLG to expand their networks across sectors to understand and evaluate topics as diverse as Free Trade Agreements in India, income share agreements in the U.S., and tertiary education for refugees. GLG has also sourced experts for in-person deep dives, such as a foundation retreat focused on challenges faced by pre-teen girls.

Select GLG experts include:

Select GLG experts include:

•  Former Chief Deputy Warden, California Correctional Center

•  Executive, Girls Who Code

•  Former Manager, Federal Bureau of Prisons •  Advisor, National Institute of Corrections


•  President, Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development •  Program Officer, Social Innovation Fund at Corporation for National and Community Service

GLG is a 21st–century information portal that puts the expertise of the world — renowned experts — at your disposal. GLG has been more than a partner; they have been a guiding light and an invaluable resource. Jim Hake, CEO Spirit of America


Announcing Our New Class of Fellows: Nine Social Innovators from Around the World RACHEL WALD Director of Social Impact Programs, GLG Our clients and Fellows continue to leverage GLG’s network in new and exciting ways, and we are honored to be a part of the massive impact that these organizations have on the lives of millions of people around the world. The nine Fellows we welcome this year are creating change across five continents. They are building footbridges that bring rural communities out of isolation, fighting malnutrition in Guatemala, expanding literacy in India, supporting journalism around the world, and much more.









Bridges to Prosperity

The Common Market

Dost Education


Avery Bang President and CEO

Tatiana Garcia-Granados Co-Founder and COO

Sneha Sheth Co-Founder and CEO

Trang Tran Founder and CEO

Issue Area: Rural Connectivity and Infrastructure Impact Location: Rwanda, Uganda, Bolivia

Issue Area: Food Security and Agriculture Impact Location: United States

Issue Area: Education Technology Impact Location: India

Issue Area: Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability Impact Location: Vietnam

Bridges to Prosperity builds footbridges around the world that connect isolated communities to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity.

The Common Market is a regional distributor connecting American communities with food from sustainable family farms.

Dost Education creates short, accessible, mobile content to empower parents at any literacy level to promote early childhood development in India.

Fargreen works with a network of Vietnamese farmers to divert rice crop waste to grow and sell premium edible mushrooms and other crops.












Fathers’ Uplift

Global Press


Semilla Nueva


Charles Daniels Co-Founder and CEO

Cristi Hegranes Publisher and CEO

Carolyn Edelstein Executive Director

Curt Bowen Executive Director

Giffin Daughtridge Co-Founder and CEO

Issue Area: Family Absenteeism and Mental Health Impact Location: United States

Issue Area: Supporting Local Journalism Impact Location: Global

Issue Area: Healthcare Impact Location: United States

Issue Area: Malnutrition Impact Location: Guatemala

Issue Area: Healthcare Impact Location: United States

Fathers’ Uplift helps fathers overcome emotional barriers that may prevent them from remaining engaged in their children’s lives.

Global Press trains and employs women in developing media markets to be ethical investigative journalists.

OpenBiome expands safe access to fecal microbiota transplants and catalyzes research into the human microbiome.

Semilla Nueva collaborates with communities, NGOs, and governmental agencies to develop and expand the use of biofortified corn to fight malnutrition and poverty in Guatemala.

UrSure makes patientfriendly diagnostic tests that measure and improve adherence to medications.


Current Fellows: How the 2018–2020 Class is Using GLG

Braven Aimée Eubanks Davis Issue Area: Economic Mobility and Career Readiness

Impact Location: United States

Braven works to close the education-to-employment gap that many low-income and firstgeneration college students experience. Partnering with universities to embed career education into the undergraduate curriculum, Braven provides students with opportunities to build the skills, experience, and networks that smooth the transition from college to strong first jobs. GLG x Braven: Braven used GLG experts to identify which industries offer the most job opportunities and career-advancement pathways for new college graduates, including deep dives into the legal, criminal justice, science, engineering, and technology sectors. As they have expanded their impact, Braven has also paired with experts in corporate partnership structure and pricing. GLG connected them with a former Chief External Relations Officer, a VP of Development, and other experts whose insights helped Braven expand their services across the Bay Area, Newark, and Chicago.

Drive Change Jordyn Lexton Issue Area: Criminal Justice and Job Training

Impact Location: United States

Drive Change runs a paid fellowship designed to help formerly incarcerated young people learn the necessary tools to succeed in the food service industry. Fellows practice their skills on the Drive Change food truck, providing healthy meals to food-insecure communities. After the fellowship, trainees are placed in jobs at food businesses that are committed to supportive and equitable workplace cultures. GLG x Drive Change: As Drive Change built out their approach to training and strategy, they turned to GLG for large-scale insights to validate hypotheses. For example, when the team needed proof that consumers care about how restaurants treat their employees, a GLG survey of 500 New Yorkers bore out Drive Change’s hypothesis that consumers value ethical practices. Drive Change is leveraging these and other insights to create improved working conditions at the restaurants where their fellows work.

EarthEnable Gayatri Datar Issue Area: Residential Sanitation

Impact Location: Rwanda, Uganda

EarthEnable develops affordable and sanitary earthen floors for homes in Rwanda and Uganda. Their washable flooring protects more than 15,000 people from common health issues caused by dirt floors, such as infectious disease and respiratory conditions and is 75% cheaper than concrete alternatives. GLG x EarthEnable: A GLG expert with more than 30 years of experience in the polymers and coatings industry gave EarthEnable a better understanding of how to optimize the materials that make up their earthen floors. Phone consultations and in-person engagements with the expert prepared EarthEnable both to adjust the varnish formulation to achieve stronger, safer floors and to implement manufacturing changes at scale.


Foster America Sherry Lachman Issue Area: Child Welfare System Reform

Impact Location: United States

Foster America creates a pipeline of leaders and innovators to transform the child welfare system. Their fellowship recruits and supports professionals with skills in data, technology, marketing design, strategy, and finance to lead reform projects that create impactful change in child welfare. GLG x Foster America: GLG experts skilled in organizational growth and HR best practices have helped Foster America nearly double the size of its team while maintaining stable operations. Foster America also connected with GLG survey design experts to develop surveys of their fellows and agency partners. These surveys are now a part of the toolkit they use to assess organizational performance and the impact of their fellows program.

Noora Health Shahed Alam Issue Area: Healthcare Skills Training

Impact Location: India, Bangladesh

Noora Health turns hospital hallways and waiting rooms into classrooms, training hospital patients and their family caregivers in high-impact, life-saving skills. Noora Health’s training enables family members to provide quality care in the hospital and at home, reducing preventable complications and improving the health outcomes of post-procedure and post-diagnosis patients. GLG x Noora Health: Noora Health has used GLG to access a huge range of expert insights to help reach as many patients as possible in a resource-constrained environment. For example, when Noora wanted to understand the most effective ways to communicate with patients after they leave the hospital, GLG connected them with technology strategists from mobile and social media companies. Their insights saved Noora Health the time and cost of developing a new software program to keep in touch with patients — instead, the team was able to integrate existing technology into their practice.

Simprints Toby Norman Issue Area: Biometric Identification

Impact Location: South Asia, sub-Saharan Africa

Simprints builds biometric identity software and hardware to help create a unique record of the roughly one billion people worldwide who lack a formal identification. The affordable, secure, and rugged Simprints fingerprint scanner enables researchers, NGOs, and governments to work in even the world’s toughest conditions. GLG x Simprints: GLG experts are leading ongoing, semi-monthly coaching engagements for the Simprints leadership team, focusing on crucial people-based skills and subjects, including executive presence, time management, and the development of outcome-based KPIs. These engagements have deepened the team’s management capabilities and accelerated organizational growth as Simprints expands into new countries.


Current Fellows

StrongMinds Sean Mayberry Issue Area: Women’s Mental Health

Impact Location: Uganda, Zambia

StrongMinds is scaling a cost-effective therapeutic model to address depression in Africa. The organization provides mental health services to impoverished women whose depression prevents them from leading healthy, productive, and fulfilling lives. GLG x Braven: GLG supported StrongMinds as they expanded their program into Zambia following five years of successful operation in Uganda. GLG experts from Zambian educational coalitions, local newspapers, and NGOs shared their research to help prepare StrongMinds for a successful expansion. Powered by these insights, StrongMinds is on track to treat 1,200 women during their first year working in Zambia — and they’re now launching a formal partnership program with the nation’s Ministry of Health.

Thorn Julie Cordua Issue Area: Eliminating Online Child Sexual Exploitation

Impact Location: Global

Thorn develops proprietary technology that helps tech companies and law enforcement agencies combat the proliferation of child sexual abuse material on social platforms and other digital media. GLG x Thorn: Thorn has connected with many different GLG experts to help crack the tough strategic, technical, and regulatory challenges of their mission to enhance the safety of children online. For example, soon after becoming a Fellow, Thorn wanted to size the market of user-generated content on the Internet — a challenging goal given how difficult it is to track such content. GLG connected them with experts including CTOs and the former Global Head of Creator Development & Management at a large tech company. These insights helped Thorn further develop initiatives to deter abusers who are active on hosting platforms.

The Trevor Project Amit Paley Issue Area: LGBTQ Youth Suicide Prevention

Impact Location: United States

The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ youth under 25, creating safe, accepting, and inclusive environments over the phone, online, and through text. GLG x The Trevor Project: The Trevor Project wanted to learn how to leverage machine learning and natural language processing to better support at-risk LGBTQ youth. GLG arranged phone consultations with data scientists, who provided insights on how to implement a centralized analytics platform that assesses the language users post on TrevorSpace, the world’s largest safe-space social networking site. As a result, The Trevor Project was able to improve their ability to collect, track, and analyze these posts, helping them deliver context-specific responses and services to reach even more LGBTQ youth more effectively.


GLG is leveraging the greatest asset there is — human talent — to help organizations like ours succeed. With GLG, we’ve explored new revenue streams, devised systems infrastructure, and planned for our growth. Our partnership is hugely valuable. GLG Fellow Zack Rosenburg SBP




Previous Fellows: A Look Back at Our Community

2017-2019 Class Frontline Josh MacAlister Issue Area: Child Welfare and Social Work Impact Location: United Kingdom myAgro Anushka Ratnayake Issue Area: Rural Agribusiness Financing Impact Location: Mali, Senegal, Tanzania Pursuit Jukay Hsu Issue Area: Tech Training and Employment Impact Location: United States Solstice Steph Speirs Issue Area: Solar Energy Access Impact Location: United States SIRUM Kiah Williams Issue Area: Healthcare Access Impact Location: United States Yimishiji Matilda Ho Issue Area: Food and Agriculture Impact Location: China

2016-2018 Class Bayes Impact Eric Liu Issue Area: Public Service Impact Location: Global D-Rev Krista Donaldson Issue Area: Healthcare Impact Location: Global Drinkwell Minhaj Chowdhury Issue Area: Water Access Impact Location: Bangladesh, India


Global Health Corps Barbara Bush Issue Area: Global Health Impact Location: Global Team Rubicon Jake Wood Issue Area: Disaster Relief Impact Location: Global WAVE Misan Rewane Issue Area: Education and Employment Impact Location: Nigeria

2015-2017 Class Aunt Bertha Erine Gray Issue Area: Human Services Access Impact Location: United States BlocPower Donnel Baird Issue Area: Environmental Sustainability Impact Location: United States Compass Working Capital Sherry Riva Issue Area: Financial Literacy Impact Location: United States The Future Project Kanya Balakrishna Issue Area: Education Impact Location: United States Golden Palm Investments Sangu Delle Issue Area: Social Enterprise Impact Location: Africa The Lowline Dan Barasch Issue Area: Environmental Sustainability Impact Location: United States

Nest Rebecca van Bergen Issue Area: Handworker Economy Impact Location: Global

City Health Works Manmeet Kaur Issue Area: Community Health Impact Location: United States

Open Medicine Project Mohammed Dalwai Issue Area: Healthcare Technology Impact Location: South Africa

CREA Leticia M. Jáuregui Issue Area: Women’s Businesses Impact Location: Mexico

Possible Mark Arnoldy Issue Area: Healthcare Impact Location: Nepal

East Bali Cashews Aaron Fishman Issue Area: Agriculture Impact Location: Indonesia

Sanergy David Auerbach Issue Area: Sanitation Impact Location: Kenya

Nuru International Jake Harriman Issue Area: Poverty Alleviation Impact Location: Kenya, Ethiopia

Sustainable Health Enterprises Elizabeth Scharpf Issue Area: Women’s Health Impact Location: Rwanda

The Resolution Project Oliver Libby Issue Area: Social Venture Fellowship Impact Location: United States

TreeHouse Jason Ballard Issue Area: Environmental Sustainability Impact Area: United States

Samasource Leila Janah Issue Area: Tech Training and Employment Impact Location: Kenya, Uganda, India

2014-2015 Class

SBP Zack Rosenburg Issue Area: Disaster Relief Impact Location: Global

Agora Partnerships Ben Powell Issue Area: Entrepreneurship Impact Location: Global

Spark+Mettle Eugenie Teasley Issue Area: Youth Empowerment Impact Location: United Kingdom

All Star Code Christina Lewis Halpern Issue Area: Tech Training and Employment Impact Location: United States

Venture for America Andrew Yang Issue Area: Entrepreneurship Impact Location: United States

Catchafire Rachael Chong Issue Area: Skills-based Volunteer Matching Impact Location: United States


The GLG Partners Program is a powerful way to feel like you’re making a very direct — and immediate — impact. GLGer Morgan Franklin Client Solutions, Austin


The GLG Partners Program: Expanding Our Impact

The Partners Program expands GLG’s impact by empowering our employees. Every GLGer is now able to give the power of our knowledge marketplace to the causes and organizations they care about by nominating a nonprofit for free access to a GLG project. It’s an innovative spin on a traditional employee match, with GLG donating in-kind services to match employees’ efforts in scoping and running projects that drive social progress.

How an Austin GLGer Helped a Nonprofit Find Success Imagine a job that encourages you not only to look for problems in the world, but to actively play a role in solving them. That’s just one of the things that drew Texas-based Brooke Currie to join GLG after graduating from college. In February 2019, GLG’s Social Impact initiative rolled out the Partners Program — which enables every GLGer, regardless of role, tenure, or geography, to connect nonprofits of their choice with pro bono expert consultations. For Brooke, that meant helping women who are trying to advance their careers. “As a young woman in the corporate world, it seemed like a good way to give back,” she said. So she connected with Mia Johns, the executive director of the Austin chapter of Dress for Success. Launched in 2003, the central Texas affiliate of the national nonprofit empowers women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and development tools that help women thrive in work and in life.

Any one of the issues facing Dress for Success would have taken time and money to address — “and most of the time, nonprofits don’t have the staff or the funding to do that,” Mia pointed out. But thanks to GLG’s extensive database of industry-specific experts, Brooke had the answers at her fingertips. “The most challenging part for me — which I enjoyed — was figuring out who were the right experts to help,” said Brooke. “The options are kind of limitless.” Within weeks, Dress for Success was connected to three professionals. “The consultants I worked with were stellar,” Mia said. “I felt so privileged to talk to them. They were sincere and all very helpful.” The entire experience was “eye-opening” for Brooke as well. “It’s really rewarding to think creatively to help networks problem-solve,” she said, “I think it’s great that GLG offers this unique opportunity.” A version of this article previously appeared on NationSwell.com

When Brooke reached out to offer GLG’s services, Mia’s response was an enthusiastic yes. Over several phone calls and emails, Brooke narrowed in on three areas where GLG could help Dress for Success: creating updated promotional materials with a clearer sense of the services offered, fine-tuning a communications strategy to reach their network of 300 volunteers, and helping clients continue to improve their skills in pursuit of more lucrative jobs. 27

The Last Word: The Future of GLG Social Impact — A Smarter World Works Better RICHARD SOCARIDES Chief Communications Officer, GLG GLG was founded more than 20 years ago on the belief that a smarter world works better — and we have never stopped exploring new ways to apply our knowledge marketplace to society’s toughest challenges. When we launched our Social Impact Fellowship to deliver the power of GLG to social entrepreneurs and their teams for free, we couldn’t have imagined the extraordinary response. The breadth of issues our Fellows address, and the scale of their collective impact, increases dramatically with each new class. This year, we innovated again, launching our Social Impact Partners Program to empower every GLGer to contribute our company’s resources and our experts’ insights to causes they care about. I’m honored to lead the team that is driving these efforts. Through all our Social Impact initiatives, we have supported a huge range of changemakers by providing what only GLG can: powerful insights from the world’s largest network of experts and unmatched service from our global team of passionate employees. What does a smarter world look like? It looks like a chemicals expert whose knowledge helps create safer homes for families in Rwanda, like data scientists whose insights help identify gay kids in distress, like hundreds of consumers whose survey responses help support young people starting careers after incarceration. Those aren’t theoretical examples — they’re just a few from last year.

When knowledge doesn’t go to waste, the world works better. And we’re not done breaking new ground. Together with our Fellows, clients, and partners, we look forward to continuing to grow our impact even more in the years ahead. The world’s challenges are tough, and the private sector is stepping up to play a role in solving them. Companies are increasingly judged by their willingness to help make a difference. We’re proud to play a leadership role, contributing our unique resources and expertise to help drive change. In these pages, we’ve shared inspiring examples of what GLG can do. With 54 Fellows and hundreds of Social Impact clients and partners — supported by thousands of GLGers and experts — we’re just getting started. Thank you for being a part of our efforts.


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When you have a question about a certain subject, or about a particular strategy, you can spend time as well as personal and social capital tracking down the right high-level person who has thought about this issue for the last 20 years‌ Or you can use GLG. GLG Fellow Kiah Williams SIRUM



GLG is the world’s knowledge marketplace. We connect decision makers who want the advantage of powerful insight to people with first-hand experience, so they can act with the confidence that comes from true clarity. Our network is the largest in the world, and we recruit thousands of new experts every month.


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GLG Social Impact 2019-2020  

GLG Social Impact brings the power of our knowledge marketplace to organizations working to solve society's most urgent challenges. Our Fell...

GLG Social Impact 2019-2020  

GLG Social Impact brings the power of our knowledge marketplace to organizations working to solve society's most urgent challenges. Our Fell...

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