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HEALTH So we have had a tough year all round. Some more than others, and those of you who have been concentrating on your levels of fitness will know how difficult it can be to keep the momentum going.

Bring on the New You



o what do we need to consider when we embark on the rest of the year ahead? The first thing we can do to get us on the right track is a basic all over check up with our GP. This will outline any deficiencies in Vitamins or Minerals (including all important Iron). 12 ways to maintain good fitness and health, with remarkable results:

1. BREATHE: Breathing can reduce stress and counteract possible high confrontation. We all heard the saying "take a deep breath and count to ten" when in stressful situations. Dr. Robert Epstein, instructor at the Rady School of Management at the University of California San Diego, explains: "As your rage swells, exhale fully and then, just as you're at the end of your exhale, blow hard. This expels the remaining air that's trapped in your lungs and counteracts the dangerous tendency to breathe shallowly when you feel threatened. Shallow breathing circulates toxins in your bloodstream and makes you panicky."

2. WATER: Research by AXA PPP Healthcare shows that 25% of children don't drink enough water, which can result in a 10% drop in performance. So it must begin with education. Teach your kids and yourself that foods such as lettuce and cucumbers contain high percentages of water and are rehydrating. Also remember that just because it's cold outside, does not mean you do not need to drink water. Central heating and open fires dry out the air in a room, so it's just as important to drink the standard 8 glasses per day to remain hydrated.

3. STRESS: US research shows that exercise fools your body into thinking you are escaping the source of stress, making you feel better immediately. Plus your circulation improves, and damaging stress hormones are flushed

26 - June/July 2010

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