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— Now in its sixth year, See is well and truly established on the festival calendar as the south coast’s one-stop event for all things documentary. We are delighted with this year’s line up which includes films and film-makers at the peak of their creativity - ‘Donor Unknown’ by Jerry Rothwell and Hilary Durman, ‘Enemies of the People’ by Rob Lemkin and Thet Sambath, and ‘On the Streets’ by Penny Woolcock are just three of the countless films on offer. See is the home of young film-makers, and also those breaking new ground in their craft. We hope you enjoy the four days in Brighton as much as we will, and that you grab the opportunity to speak to the directors and producers on hand at the various Q+A’s being held over the weekend, as well as the seminars and debates that make SEE one of the most exciting weekends in the world of documentary. Enjoy! David Notman-Watt (Festival Founder and MD of back2back productions ltd)

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Thank You Thanks to all the helping hands that were involved in making SEE 2011 happen. With special thanks to Olive Edwards, Michael Dawson and Lauren Simpson.

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Opening Night –Thurs 24th

Director: Jerry Rothwell Duration: 78 mins plus Q&A Thursday / Duke of York’s Picturehouse / 7.00 pm

BAFTA presents a screening of Donor Unknown followed by a Q&A in association with Screen South

— Duke of York’s Picturehouse Brighton, BN1 4NA Tickets: £8/7 Concessions Box Office: 0871 902 5728

4 See Festival 2011

Donor Unknown follows the story of JoEllen Marsh as she goes in search of the sperm donor father she only knows as Donor 150. JoEllen, 20, grew up in Pennsylvania with two mothers and a burning curiosity about her anonymous donor. When she discovers an online registry which connects donor-conceived children, JoEllen manages to track down a series of half siblings from the same donor, spread across the US. Then she hears from Jeffrey Harrison, living in a broken-down RV with four dogs and a pigeon in a Venice Beach car park. In the 1980s, Jeffrey supplemented his meagre income by becoming a sperm donor at California Cryobank. His number was Donor 150. Officially selected by the International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) and Sheffield Doc/Fest, this funny, moving and surprising film is a uniquely 21st century story which raises intriguing questions about identity, family, fatherhood - and the strange power of genetic connections. Producer Al Morrow will be attending the screening, and BAFTA nominated Director Jerry Rothwell and BAFTA winning Producer Hilary Durman will join us for the post screening Q&A.

A Wild Hide Director: Natalia Whiteside Duration: 24 mins Sunday / Komedia / 10.00 am / Free Screening

Boat Dreams

A Wild Hide is a character portrait with an underlying environmental theme. It is a story about a Brighton-based artist who is a secret rebel: in his spare time he commandeers small pockets of land for building dens in, illegally. The dens are beautiful; they are inspired by Nature and created out of natural and recycled materials. The film takes us deep into the English countryside and below the surface of accepted mainstream society.

Beating The Bomb Screening followed by CND Q&A Directors: Wolfgang Matt & Meera Patel Duration: 71 mins plus Q&A Saturday / Komedia / 5.45 pm Beating the Bomb covers 50 years of the Peace Movement in Britain against the historical and political backdrop of the atomic age. Now called ‘nuclear deterrent’, nuclear weapons have shaped the power structures that rose out of the rubble of WWII and underpin them to this day. The film charts the efforts of individuals and organizations to rid Britain of its nuclear weapons system from past to present. It also frames the nuclear weapons issue within the wider context of global justice.

Director: Sasha Andrews Duration: 8 mins Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 10.00 am A cautionary tale of three characters whose do-it-yourself projects have got out of hand. Unable to afford a fully functioning boat, each has bought a landlocked craft in varying degrees of dilapidation. We watch as they work on their ultimate escape project. Will they break out of the boat graveyard or remain on land, their vessels an alternative shed - a place for dreaming with no destination necessary?

The Bristol Bike Project Director: Alistair Oldham Duration: 18 mins Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 1.30 pm Over 400 people are registered as asylum seekers in the English city of Bristol. The £25 they receive per week from the British Government only just covers basic foods, but taking public transport is out of the question and they have no choice but to go everywhere on foot. Until, that is, a project initiated by locals to provide them with old and abandoned bicycles found in the city. Those who cannot legally work are offered the opportunity to spend their time constructively repairing bicycles and to possess their own bike. This film maps the journeys of two asylum seekers who came to the Bristol Bike Project and now work on, and ride, their own bikes, and draws together different threads of cycling, recycling and political asylum.

Buriganga Director: Michelle Coomber Duration: 12 mins Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 5.30 pm An intimate portrayal of four lives that coalesce around the Buriganga river in Dhaka, Bangladesh, featuring night-time fire breathers, an ancient floating hotel and a beautiful political exile. The film captures the rhythms of this incredible waterway.

Destino: A Contemporary Dance Story Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Caswell Coggins Duration: 55 mins plus Q&A Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 11.50 am Destino: A Contemporary Dance Story celebrates the potency of the arts to bring people together across generations and across ethnic divides; a power to challenge fate, to change lives. Filmed on location in London and Addis Ababa, the film traces the build-up to the performances in both cities of Destino, an unforgettable collaboration between Dance United and Sadler’s Wells in March 2009, and features new works by Russell Maliphant and Hofesh Shechter. Staged as a tribute to their extraordinary journey from the streets of Addis Ababa to that iconic stage, Destino starred Junaid Jemal Sendi and Addisu Demissie in a production that was hailed by the press as perhaps the most ambitious community dance project ever staged. The film weaves together sequences of preparation, rehearsal and performance and juxtaposes them with fascinating insights into the nature and power of contemporary dance.

The Elephant Without a Tail Director: Gary McQuiggin Duration: 7 mins Saturday / Komedia / 5.45 pm The film reflects on the shifting nature of the urban landscape of a working class area in South London currently being redeveloped and gentrified. The film is without narration or indeed any traditional documentary forms of engagement with the people and the lives that it portrays. The various manifestations of utopian prospects on the landscape are portrayed by depicting the area’s architecture and through a processed found soundtrack.

Enemies of the People Directors: Rob Lemkin & Thet Sambath Duration: 95 mins Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 7.45 pm The Khmer Rouge ran what is regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most brutal regimes. Yet the Killing Fields of Cambodia remain unexplained…until now. In Enemies of the People, the men and women who perpetrated the massacres break a 30-year silence to give testimony never before heard or seen. Sambath is on a personal quest: he lost his own family in the Killing Fields. The film is his journey to discover not how but why they died. In doing so, he hears and understands for the first time the real story of his country’s tragedy.

Exit to the Beach Director: Saul Abraham Duration: 37 mins Sunday / Komedia / 10.00 am / Free Screening Brighton is a city that is, to a degree, built upon a reputation substantiated by façades. For the majority of people who do not permanently reside here, it is largely observed as a place of escape. Whether this means a weekend soaked in alcohol, a short break during the summer or, more poignantly, a place to search for a new existence in a new environment, it is easy to get ‘lost’.

See Festival 2011 7

Director: Rachel Close Duration: 32 mins Sunday / Komedia / 10.00 am / Free Screening

Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Piers Sanderson Duration: 72 mins plus Q&A Saturday / Komedia / 7.45 pm

Heal Our Women

Documentary about a troubled community in western Cape Town called Lavender Hill. An intimate portrayal of a local charity set up to help women and children in the community, seen through the eyes of the charity workers and the women they are helping. Philiza Abazafi Bethu (Heal Our Women) is a non profit organisation set up to help survivors of gender based violence as well as refugee women, and HIV patients.

High on Hope

Using archive, interview, animation and actual footage of the warehouse parties, High On Hope tells the story of the last British youth movement to threaten the establishment - Acid House. An incredible journey by a group of friends from small gatherings to warehouses filled with 10,000 people is only part of the story. As they dance in cavernous northern mills left derelict after the Thatcher years, we see a generation lost amidst greed and recession, fighting for their own happiness, strongly connecting with where we are today. A 10-year labour of love for director Piers Sanderson, this film has been made in the same way as the parties themselves were put together – with passion, innovation and a collective approach.

8 See Festival 2011

Khul’ Director: Lucy Bennett Duration: 24 mins Sunday / Komedia / 12.00 pm This poignant and moving film examines how the ancient Egyptian divorce law of khul’ is helping women in modern day Cairo to escape from abusive marriages. 47% of married women in Egypt are affected by domestic violence but whilst khul’ is a crucial law, it can come at a high price. Following the stories of three women, the film explores how khul’ has both helped and hindered them and asks what more now needs to be done.

My Kidnapper Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Mark Henderson Duration: 83 mins plus Q&A Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 3.15 pm

Miracle in West Brom

Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Billy Dosanjh Duration: 23 mins plus Q&A Friday / The Old Courtroom / 5pm / Free Screening My Kidnapper is an emotional journey into a kidnapping, told from all sides. This deeply personal, authored documentary follows Mark and three of his fellow hostages as they return to the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia, the place where they lived out their worst nightmares. As they travel deeper into the jungle, they discover the truth behind what happened to them, come to understand how they all dealt with the ordeal and finally confront two of their kidnappers. This is a film about my parents. My mother, a housewife for 30 years, and my father, owner of a car salvage yard. After recent events I was led deeper into their marriage than I’ve ever been before. For the first time I’ve asked questions, hoping to make peace with their history.

See Festival 2011 9

No Easy Time Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Will Woodward Duration: 29 mins plus Q&A Friday / The Old Courtroom / 5.00 pm / Free Screening

The New Kings of Nigeria Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Elizabeth Stopford Duration: 74 mins plus Q&A Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 1.20 pm Jaja of Opobo was a 19th century slave who rose up to become a legendary king, before being kidnapped by the British. 140 years later Jaja’s great-grandson, and heir to the throne, returns to Lagos - and becomes the voice of Big Brother Nigeria. But on the set of The Apprentice, Walter is faced with a dilemma: are the values of ruthless materialism - being a ‘king of bling’ - really what he, or his country, wants to embrace? Walter realises that being a king is not something you are born into, it is something you do - and discovers the vision of his great grandfather, KIng Jaja of Opobo.

10 See Festival 2011

Deep in the heart of the Devon countryside lies a unique therapeutic prison unit where the prisoners run the therapy sessions themselves. This film follows three inmates on the unit, Tim, Karl and Matt, as they struggle to change their patterns of violence and drug addiction while looking down the barrel of release into the outside world. Winner of the Student Award at The Sheffield International Festival in 2010

On the Streets Screening followed by Editor’s Q&A Director: Penny Woolcock Duration: 89 mins plus Q&A Saturday / Komedia / 12.00 pm All of us who live in cities walk past homeless people every day. We see them sleeping in doorways, begging in front of torn paper cups with little handwritten notices, selling the Big Issue, pushing old shopping trolleys full of plastic bags or shuffling around dirtier, shabbier and with a bit more luggage than most people. “Luggaged up” they call it on the streets. Film maker Penny Woolcock spent eight months in that parallel world, befriending people and finding out where they eat, sleep and socialise. “Food is the least of our problems,” says Derek and over the months making her film Woolcock realised that the very real problems of homeless people have very little to do with the lack of a roof over their heads or a bed to sleep in. Their problems come from their past lives and are less easy to remedy. Despite the efforts of different charities to move people into homes, the street is often where they feel safe and know best.

Opening Night: Thursday 24th February Komedia

The Old Courtroom



Screening of Donor Unknown followed by a Q&A session with Jerry Rothwell (Director) and Hilary Durman (Producer).

School of Doc 12pm

11.30 am / Free Event Page 22

Full event details on page 4 1pm

The Engine Room Pitch Workshop 24th & 25th February / Cost: £65 Booking essential, email Floury Crum: for details.

2-day project development and pitching workshop for documentary filmmakers and factual cross-platform creatives seeking UK and international commissions. This exceptional networking opportunity is led by international pitch trainer Christina Burnett of Wide Eye Pictures.

University Docs Showcase 1.00 pm / Free Event



4pm Page 22



Saturday night drinks at Riki Tiks


Join your fellow delegates for a drink and a mingle at Riki Tiks. See ticket holders are entitled to Happy Hour drinks all day until 9pm. The official See Festival party will be taking place in the bar from 7pm Saturday night so come and join us.


Kim Longinotto Masterclass 6.45 pm / Page 22

Pink Saris 8.00 pm


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The Old Courtroom


The Old Courtroom


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Short films:

Outside The Court

10.00 am / Free Event

10.00 am

With Short: Boat Dreams 10.00 am

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Exit to the Beach / Page 7 Heal Our Women / Page 8 A Wild Hide / Page 5 10.00 am / Free Event

On The Streets

Spreading the love…

12.00 pm

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Documentary & Development


11am Pages 15 & 5

Destino 11.50 pm


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Chris Atkins Masterclass 2.15 pm / Page 23

Shelter in Place With Short: The Bristol Bike Project 1.30 pm Pages 17 & 6

Florencia Di Concilio Masterclass 2.00 pm

15.45 pm

1.20 pm Page 10

Shed Your Tears and Walk Away With Short: Windows 3.30 pm Pages 17 & 19

My Kidnapper 3.15 pm 4pm

Christopher Hird Masterclass 4.00 pm / Page 23

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Starsuckers Beating the Bomb


3pm Page 23

Don’t Shoot I’m a Filmmaker

New Kings of Nigeria

When China Met Africa

5.30 pm


With Short: The Elephant Without a Tail 5.45 pm

With Short: Buriganga 5.30 pm

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Enemies of the People


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High On Hope With Short: Small Protests 7.45 pm

Out of the Ashes

With Short: Skateistan 7.45 pm

8.15 pm

9pm Pages 8 & 18

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Going It Alone Funding, Distribution and Exhibition for Independent Documentary Filmmakers Speakers: Sarah Mosses

Do you want to make a name for yourself in feature documentary? This is your opportunity to hear from the professionals and understand how to build your name and get your work distributed and released.

Producer, Good Screenings

Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation Chris Harris Head of programming for independent

University Centre Hastings Lecture Theatre Saturday February 19th | 12 – 3pm

Picture House Cinemas Cinema Chain

Anna Godas

This event is free of charge but booking is essential

CEO of leading distributors Dogwoof

David Bond

Director of feature documentary Erasing David and co-producer at Green Lions Ltd

Tel: 01424 428590



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Outside the Court Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Marc Isaacs Duration: 60 mins plus Q&A Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 10.00 am They arrive, they smoke, they wait: armed robbers seeking redemption, life-long thieves, addicts, witnesses and anxious relatives. Hard exteriors hide soft centres, old lives exist in young bodies - ordinary people awaiting judgement on an unlovely stretch of pavement outside a London magistrates’ court. Whilst waiting for their cases to be heard they reveal their lives, the w of the human soul are laid bare. Tense and intimate conversations with the filmmaker illuminate stories that the magistrates hear daily. A French alcoholic expresses intense remorse at having taken two kitchen knives on to the streets to attack a security guard. An addicted man, banned from seeing his

only son, hopes for a jail sentence and a chance to dry out. Afraid of losing their children to prison, suited fathers attend to offer them emotional support. Filmmaker, Marc Isaacs, spent six months outside Highbury Magistrates Court and, in doing so, demonstrates how the eye of the camera has the ability to delve much deeper into character and motivation than the eye of the law. Consequently, the more we get to know the characters in this film, the harder it is to make easy judgements. Whilst the court must judge, the filmmaker need not.

Out of the Ashes Directors: Tim Albone & Lucy Martens Duration: 86 mins Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 8.15 pm Against a backdrop of war and poverty, Out of the Ashes traces the extraordinary journey of a team of young Afghan men as they chase a seemingly impossible dream, shedding new light on a nation beyond that of burqas, bombs, drugs and devastation. This documentary follows the Afghan cricket team in their quest against the odds to qualify for the 2011 World Cup. It follows the squad over two years as they go from playing in their shalwar-kameezes on rubble pitches to battling their way around the globe and up the international league tables.

Pink Saris Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director Kim Longinotto Duration: 96 mins plus Q&A Friday / The Old Courtroom / 8.00 pm

“A girl’s life is cruel...A woman’s life is very cruel,” notes Sampat Pal, the complex protagonist at the centre of Kim Longinotto’s latest foray into the lives of extraordinary women. Sampat Pal should know – like many others she was married as a young girl into a family which beat her often. But unusually, she fought back, leaving her in-laws and eventually becoming famous as a champion for beleaguered women throughout Uttar Pradesh, many of whom find their way to her door. Rekha, a 14 year old Untouchable, is 3 months pregnant and homeless – unable to marry her unborn child’s father because

of her low caste. Fifteen year old Renu’s husband from an arranged marriage has abandoned her and she’s threatening to throw herself under a train. Both young women, frightened and desperate, reach out for their only hope - Sampat Pal. Pink Saris is an unflinching and often amusing look at these unlikely political activists and their charismatic leader. In extraordinary scenes, we watch her launch herself into the centre of family dramas, convinced her mediation is the best path for these vulnerable girls. Her partner Babuji, who has watched Sampat Pal change over the years, is less certain... Synopsis by Carol Nahra

16 See Festival 2011

Shelter in Place Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Zed Nelson Duration: 48 mins plus Q&A Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 1.30 pm It is the vast sprawling complexes of oil refineries and petro-chemical plants that help make the Texan economy one of the biggest in the world. But does the wealth come at too high a price for the local community? Texan industries are legally permitted to release millions of tons of toxic pollutants into the air each year, plus thousands of tons more in “accidental” or “unscheduled” releases. When these incidents happen, local residents are told to stay in their homes and tape up their windows and doors. This procedure is called “shelter in place”.

Shed Your Tears and Walk Away Director: Jez Lewis Duration: 88 mins Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 3.30 pm A real life drama about why, in the beautiful and quirky rural town of Hebden Bridge, filmmaker, Jez Lewis’ childhood friends are killing themselves. Beginning with a personal quest for understanding, the film moves into a year-long drama of human tragedy and redemption as principal

character Cass comes to terms with his own mortality and attempts to lift himself out of his cycle of self-destruction. This core narrative carves an upward arc through an intimate study of a place often described as paradise, but which harbours an undertow of lethal hedonism and disillusionment.

See Festival 2011 17

Director: Orlando Von Einsiedel Duration: 10 mins Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 7.45 pm

Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Director: Chris Atkins Duration: 109 mins plus Q&A Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 5.30 pm

Skateistan - To Live and Skate Kabul

A film about the lives of two young skateboarders from Afghanistan. The Skateistan project is Afghanistan’s - and the world’s - first co-educational skateboarding school. The school engages growing numbers of urban and internally displaced youth through skateboarding and provides them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education and personal empowerment. Skateistan represents an oasis where children can be children and where they can build the kinds of cross-cultural/class relationships that Afghanistan needs for future stability. A touching ray of light from a country that is only ever in the news for all the wrong reasons.

Small Protests Director: Zillah Bowes Duration: 10 mins Saturday / Komedia / 7.45 pm With nothing but a toothbrush in his back pocket, nineteen year old Rabbit decides to change the world one protest at a time. Together with his friends, he squats in the empty home of a local politician during the British MPs’ expenses scandal.

18 See Festival 2011


Starsuckers is a darkly humorous and shocking exposé of the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it. Directed by Chris Atkins, BAFTA nominated for Taking Liberties, Starsuckers exploded into the news in October when it emerged that the team had been selling fake celebrity stories to all the British tabloids. This became a news sensation in its own right, and was followed by the darker revelation that Atkins had secretly filmed four journalists for three Sunday tabloids trying to buy medical records. The filmmakers also stung Max Clifford, who the film shows boasting about his clients on undercover camera. When Clifford found out, he hired the infamous law firm Carter Ruck and threatened to injunct the film which would have prevented its release. The film ends with a damning critique of Bob Geldof’s Live Aid and the star-studded Live 8 concerts in 2005.

When China Met Africa Screening followed by Director’s Q&A Directors: Marc Francis & Nick Francis Duration: 75 mins plus Q&A Sunday / The Old Courtroom / 5.30 pm After decades of Western aid, Africa remains the poorest continent in the world, with many countries desperate to pull themselves out of poverty and into the 21st century. Zambia’s Trade Minister recognises that China is keen to provide the development fast-track that Zambia so desperately wants to be on, and is travelling to China to hustle for new investment. Award winning filmmakers Marc and Nick Francis (Black Gold) again take us to the grassroots of globalisation by alternating between observing the diplomacy and rhetoric of government visits, with life in the Chinese-Zambian projects already underway, where language and cultural barriers abound. From the major road project, where funding is threatened due to the spreading global financial crisis, to Liu Changming’s farm, where he keeps a close but disdainful eye on his African workers, it is up to the viewer to decide if China is indeed the close friend, reliable partner and good brother of Africa that it claims to be. Synopsis by Carol Nahra

Windows Director: Ruth Cook Duration: 4 mins Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 3.30 pm An opening into the lives of five homeless East Londoners that offers new understandings of the way we perceive street life. A collaborative project produced by homeless participants.

See Festival 2011 19

University Docs Showcase FREE EVENT Friday / Komedia / 1.00 pm Part 1

Get it Out of Your Head

Malo’s Mother and I

Director: Matthew MacNeill Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton Get It Out of Your Head follows The Vinyls as they struggle to get together the preparations for their last gig of 2010.

Director: Kerensa Bushell Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton Malo’s Mother and I is a touching and personal documentary which gives a rare opportunity to see into the day of a young student mother trying to balance the responsibilities of motherhood and student life whilst still trying to find time for herself.

Meeting House Lane Director: Skye McCann Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton Brighton’s South Lanes attract many visitors. Living above a shop in Meeting House Lane, I’m somewhat of a secret neighbour. Follow me as I delve into the history of The Lanes, look behind the shop façades and enter the world that continues in Meeting House Lane past opening hours.

Liam Sparkes Director: Ben Taylor Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton An artistic documentary about Liam Sparkes, a well respected tattooist. Liam originally started tattooing on his own body, and then friends but was quickly recognised and instantly sought after by others.

New Members Welcome Directors: Jackson Ducasse, James Scott, Michael Botwright, and Oscar Gordon Lyons Duration: 12 mins / Sussex University Twenty years on from its heyday, the Brighton Trades and Labour Club is no longer in the shape it once was. The deadly combination of the smoking ban, falling supermarket alcohol prices and the death of local industry have hit club accounts hard. Have the club’s members lost faith in this once proud institution? And will the club go down without a fight?

Facing Faith

Leave only Footprints

Director: Daisy Whicheloe Duration: 25 mins / Sussex University Facing Faith follows MC Tempo, a Brightonbased Christian rapper who before he found God, was a lost soul treading a dark path. Working as an Evangelist for Brighton’s City Mission, he raps on street corners, at school assemblies, and even in night clubs to spread his faith. However, MC Tempo’s Christian beliefs are extreme. The documentary explores 21st century Evangelism in Brighton, statistically ‘the UK’s most Godless city.’

Director: Ian Coulson Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton This film explores the myth and controversy that is urban exploration. Urban explorers are a community of photographers and filmmakers who explore and document abandoned buildings and places in the hope of capturing the beauty of desolation contained therein.

Part 2

Home Director: Christopher Baron Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton Home is a short film that offers a fleeting glimpse into Brighton’s famed homeless underbelly.

Evacuation Director: Rosie Roylance-White Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton During The Second World War governments responded with mass evacuations of children from major urban centres. Many of these children were sent out into the countryside but a less documented destination had children removed from their families and sent out of harm’s way to the other side of the world. My Nana was one such child.


360 Seconds

Director: Agnes Strikaite Duration: 25 mins / Sussex University Four years ago in a small village in Lithuania, Stase found a newborn stork after he was thrown from the nest. Now Dina is the pride of local inhabitants and Stase says that she can’t imagine them being separated. However, local authorities have suggested she take the stork far away from the village so that he could live in the wild. The story reveals the incredible bond between a bird and a woman, as well as the beauty and hardships of rural life.

Director: Hannah Jennings Duration: 6 mins / University of Brighton The film reveals the reactions of five students to being filmed in a confined space for 360 seconds. Participants were asked to sit in front of the camera, not leave the shot, and to say or do what they felt. The situation provoked reactions of confession, nervous talking, humour and sheer awkwardness.

See Festival 2011 21


School of Doc We can film anything Hosted by Fiona Adams Friday / Komedia / 11.30 am This year Shoot It For Yourself Productions is showcasing the very latest films produced by young people in the South East. A wide range of young people, ages 10 –18, from schools including Downs Juniors, Balfour Juniors and Varndene College, will be invited to present, discuss and screen their latest work. This will be the session for fresh ideas from the brightest, youngest talent in town.


University Docs Showcase Hosted by Lizzie Thynne & Monika Lind Friday / Komedia / 1.00 pm Brighton and Sussex Universities are pleased to present a showcase of provocative, entertaining and engaging documentary work by students. After the screenings, there will be a Q&A session with the filmmakers as well as feedback from established filmmakers.


MusicDOC11 Music documentary, history and practice Panel: Dunstan Bruce (Dandyfilms), Jon Spira (Anyone Can Play Guitar) and Jon Stewart (BIMM). Saturday / Komedia / 10.00 am This panel brings together documentary makers, historians and musicians to explore, and enjoy the current explosion in music documentary making. The films discussed look at music as a performance, as a scene and as an industry and together they help us define Rockumentary as a form.

Crowd Funding Charlie Philips (Doc/Fest), Gregory Vincent (Sponsume), Michael Troughton (WeFund), Lauren Simpson (Just Do It Producer), and filmmaker Bronwen Parker-Rhodes Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 10.00 am Crowd Funding is all about raising finance for your films from your community, online and offline. In this session, Sheffield Doc/Fest presents an introduction to crowd funding, talking to the crowd funders themselves, as well as filmmakers who have first hand experience in this area of DIY funding.

Kim Longinotto Masterclass Cutting your teeth in the industry Friday / The Old Courtroom / 6.45 pm NFTS graduates interview Kim Longinotto on her early day experiences of getting into the industry including the highs and lows of a notoriously difficult industry to crack.

22 See Festival 2011

Spreading the love…

Exploring new ways to think about distribution Saturday / The Old Courtroom / 12.00 pm This session will focus on alternative distribution, looking at the many possibilities for filmmakers to get their work seen and create real impact. What (free) tools are available for you to use? What partners should you be seeking to support your project, and what can you offer them? Sarah Mosses will discuss the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation’s Good Pitch event as an introduction to audience engagement and how to set realistic campaign goals and measures for tracking success.

Documentary & Development An insight into the partnership Panel: Lucy Bennett, Nick Francis, Kat Mansoor and academics Tessa Lewin, Andrea Cornwall and Kate Hawkins. Sunday / Komedia / 12.00 pm

Filmmakers reflect on their experiences of working in collaboration with development organisations. They will discuss their material and talk about the process of partnership, ethics and the overlaps between Development and the Arts.

Florencia Di Concilio Masterclass

Chris Atkins Masterclass

Speaking out Saturday / Komedia / 2.15 pm Documentary filmmaker Chris Atkins’ polemic Taking Liberties (2007) detailed with sharp wit the Blair government’s attack on civil liberties and was nominated for a BAFTA. Chris went on to direct Starsuckers (2009), an exposé of celebrity culture and those that profit from it. Hitting the headlines once again his hoax urban fox hunting film, posted online last summer, caused a furore in the national press. This session is about the “do’s and don’ts” when taking on the powers that be!

Don’t Shoot I’m a Filmmaker

Saturday / Komedia / 3.45 pm For many filmmakers some stories are too dangerous to even consider, but there are a few who will take a risk to ensure we get to see the truth. This panel will look at different ways filmmakers approach, and cover, stories in the most difficult regions and circumstances in the world.

Composing music for film Hosted by Marc Francis Sunday / Komedia / 2.00 pm Acclaimed film composer Florencia Di Concilio has worked with a variety of award winning directors and has scored over 20 feature films and documentaries for ARTE, BBC, HBO and the Sundance Channel. In this session, Florencia will share anecdotes, show scenes from her films, and discuss various aspects of film composition, including the director/composer relationship and how to interpret what they want, the use of orchestration, placing music in film and knowing when not to use music at all.

Christopher Hird Masterclass

Why documentaries matter Sunday / Komedia / 4.00 pm Christopher established Dartmouth Films in 2008 with an express interest in eschewing TV production models and working on films that make a difference. Talking about his experience as a producer and the routes he has taken, he will discuss some of the successes and failures of projects past and present; why he’s inspired by new and emerging directors; and why you should always listen to the producer.

See Festival 2011 23

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See 2011 - The Brighton Documentary Film Festival  

With masterclasses, debates, screenings and Q&As, See is well and truly established on the festival calendar as the south coast’s one-stop e...

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