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“Xploring” Ways To Rekindle Romance special to Life After 50 by k.renee, owner and founder of

as we celebrate romance and the release of the long-anticipated film “50 shades of grey,” this month is the perfect time to reignite your love life


ove it or hate it – it’s Valentine’s Day again. Personally, I choose to love Valentine’s Day and I’ll tell you why: Just as Halloween gives us an excuse to dress up like fantasy characters, Valentine’s Day gives us the chance to express our romantic desires. And when it comes to those desires, there’s good news for those of us who are over 50. According to many doctors, aside from those suffering with illness or disease, we can enjoy a healthy sexual life well into our later years. However, in order to continue having a fulfilling intimate life, we need to do so by adjusting to some of the new realities of our changing bodies and biology. As my partner said to me recently: “We have eyeglasses and lube everywhere!” I laughed at how true that is. Our new reality is manifested by what is stashed in our bathroom and bedroom drawers.

Our BOdies Change But Our Feelings dOn’t

Can you remember the feeling of being totally in love with your partner? Giggling like teenagers?

Not able to keep your hands off of each other? In today’s world, many men and women are still vibrant, vital and sexually active well into their later years. As we age, we mature sexually, which can lead to a sex life that is as enjoyable as it was when we were younger, and sometimes, more so. As we get older, we tend to take more time, to slow down, and to “make love” versus acting on immediate urges. We have an increased ability to communicate our needs, have a greater willingness to experiment with variety, and can be more technically proficient as lovers.

especially if you work out together. Find something new to do together: bike riding, a Zumba class, swimming, hiking, golf or tennis. You can hire a personal trainer to come to your home or work with a trainer at your local gym. You should also regularly check in with your doctor to monitor your blood pressure, diabetes, alcohol use and prescription medications for potential issues that may cause a loss of libido. Once you start moving, lose a few pounds and get in better shape, you will feel sexier, and with that will come the return of a much stronger libido.

the triCk is tO keep MOving

it’s as MuCh in the Mind as it is in the BOdy

A vibrant sex life may require taking the initiative for the needed changes in your lifestyle – both physically and mentally. One of the greatest things you can do to improve your sexual health is to get up off the couch, get moving and keep moving. Couples who are in physically good shape as a result of a proper diet and exercise regimen report having the strongest sexual desire and greatest interest in exploring new ideas in the bedroom. Regular exercise can improve your love life,

No matter what your age, if you are healthy, you are not too old for sex. Both men and women must get over any feelings of being “too old” for a healthy and fun sex life. Whether you are an empty-nester or a grandparent, take advantage of this time in your life. In fact, this may be the most rewarding and liberating time of your relationship in years, now that the kids are gone and no contraception is needed. Many of my empty-nester friends say that,

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