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B B Q ’s B F F s Invite these popular new friends to your next barbeque! They’re naturals, and they get along with everybody!

Award-Winning All Spice Cafe Gourmet Fiery Foods … All Spice and All Flavor The hottest new all-natural gourmet products coming to East Coast retailers! JD Cowles’ and John Lesko’s wildly popular All Spice Cafe line of gourmet fiery foods is spreading like wildfire across the U.S. and Canada! Their all-natural gourmet hot sauces – including their flavorful Caribbean Spice Sauce, Cayenne Habanero Sauces, Chipotle Garlic Sauce and Jolokia Ghost Pepper Sauce – were born of the Buffalo Wing aficionados’ love for the most famous of fiery foods and offer varying degrees of gourmet heat. They have won numerous awards, including The Hot Pepper Challenge, Fiery Foods Awards and Scovies, and have now added seasonings, tapenades, jams and their hot, new Chili, Habanero, and Jolokia Candied Popcorn varieties to the menu!

All Natural, Low Sodium Crazy Steve’s Pickles & Salsas … Condiments on a Mission There have been many great moments in pickle history, from 2,030 B.C., when cucumbers native to India were brought to the Tigris Valley, preserved and eaten as pickles, and reportedly contributed to a portion of Cleopatra’s beauty … to July 17, 2009, when a guy known as “Crazy Steve” was blessed with a great abundance of cucumbers in his rural New Jersey garden and started concocting some of the greatest pickle recipes known to man. He continued with some crazy-delicious salsa recipes, created the Pickles Against World Hunger charitable organization, and now, we are making these off-the-hook-delectable condiments available to all East Coast retailers! For more condiment chronicles, as well as some really inspiring serious accounts of heroic acts, pick up a jar of Crazy Steve’s and read the label, or visit or


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