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February 2010

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Fashion Tips from Hollywood! For both boys and girls!

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My hearts will go on!


6 Drama

Yound ‘house slaves’ in China

8 Body Burn Calories, Not Fossil Fuels

10 A Better You this Valentine Suggestions for singles from psychologist Yi-Jun Cheung

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Sneak Peak at ‘Remember Me’



4 My hearts will go on!


While the weather is not so promising, these heart-shaped wonders will ensure you have the most romantic day of the year

4 Fashion Tips from Hollywood!


Basha Liu catches up with Hollywood stylist Matty Beautiful to get tips on decking up for V - day

5 Valentine’s Day is equal to violence day in India


5 Electronic Items this Month


Here’s a look at why Valentine’s Day is viewed as a threat to the Indian society

Keep abreast with the latest developments in the world of science and technology through our special segment




6 Young “house slaves” in China

“Damn the soaring house price!” a hit TV drama in China cries it out for the stressful young generation


8 Burn Calories, Not Fossil Fuels

We all know a greener lifestyle benefits future generations, but what’s in it for us? Let a better body and a longer life be your motivation



10 A Better You this Valentine

Love Troubles? Yi-Jun Cheung, renowned pyschologist from China, gives tips for singles on Valentine’s Day


full circle 11 Poisoned Pens

Poisoned Pens: Literary Invective from Amis to Zola is an alternative read for those trying to escape the influence of Valentine’s Day

11 Wibi Soerjadi’s heartening notes

Gain an insight into the heartening story of Dutch pianist Wibi Soerjadi who performs in Holland this Valentine’s

11 Sneak Peek at ‘Remember Me’

For all you Robert Pattinson fans, here’s a preview of his latest flick ‘Remember me’

11 Sneak Peek at ‘Valentine’s Day’

Prepare for a romantic feast as an all-star cast enthralls you in ‘Valentine’s Day’


Fashion Tips from Hollywood! For both boys and girls! Basha catches up with Hollywood stylist Matty Beautiful to get tips for V-day....... 1. Do you love Valentine’s Day? Why?

and smell amazing. The key to a successful date is the fragrance.

I think Valentines Day is a wonderful reminder to be thankful for the person you’re with. It’s nice to take time out for you and loved ones.

4. Is there any rules guys should remember to avoid being a style killer?

2. How do you usually spend it? I’m a little too focused on my career for a relationship, however i think it’s a great time for friends to get together. In my most successful relationship, our first date started at a Chinese food restaurant on Valentines Day.

3. Do you have any fashion tips for boys for this special day? Make sure you shower, shave, and MOISTURIZE! You want to look clean, have smooth skin,

Never EVER wear something someone else picked out for you, whether it be a ex girlfriend, mother, or personal shopper. If you have a funky style, go with it! Your style is a direct reflection of your personality.

5. How about girls? Tips for them on dressing? Always show a little boobs or a little leg. Also, don’t cater to him and his needs. Don’t act too forward or TOO interested. They’ll find it overwhelming, and unattractive.

6. On make up? Match it to your style! Flawless skin (of course), long lashes, and large smoky eyes ALWAYS do the trick. Save the glitter and bright colors for the club with your girlfriends! Also, don’t go crazy with lip gloss or lipstick. If you think you want a kiss, image what he’s thinking when you lean in with huge red hazard lips.

7. On hair? Men love long, luscious, locks that they can run their fingers through. Leave it down, but don’t be scared to play with it, and expose your neck. Men LOVE to see your neck. It reminds them of kissing it.

My hearts will go on! Oh yes, everything has to be heart-shaped on Valentine’s Day. While the weather is not so promising, these hearts will ensure you the most romantic day of the year.

A heart shaped cactus is sweet. A heart shaped cactus without any spine is even sweeter! An Ideal alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day, and it lives longer!

Express your loved one with a hearty breakfast lunch or teatime snack. This heart shaped ring is for both eggs and pancakes. With a wooden handle you will be completely on the safe side and be sure of a perfect result every time. For your special day break, give it a go to the Lovers’ Island off Croatian coast. Being the most perfect heart-shaped island in the world, this uninhabited islet would be perfect for lovers who really do want to spend time alone.


These “lovely” melons took the Japanese couple Mr and Mrs Kimura three years to get the perfect shape. Only 20 of the special melons were shipped to buyers and their rarity is reflected in the price: 15,750 yen each - that works out to £109 per melon!

Electronic Items this month

Fed up with carrying you laptop around? With the innovative pocket-size projector, you will be browsing the web on any nearby surface. The Light Touch was developed by Light Blue Optics. It supports multiple functions, transforming any surface into a 10-inch interactive interface. The device allows its users to consummate via Wi-Fi over social networking sites. It can also store 2GB data in its flash memory. With a full charge, you can show off to your friends for up to two hours continuously. (

Twitter has launched a new feature called Local Trends. While the old Trends give us paramount topics on a globe scale, Local Trends expose those topics that being talked about on a state or city level. Users can now discover the hot events that only happen in their own world and those only matter to the individuals. Seven countries and 15 cities are now available, and here are a lot more to come.

Apple family has a new born – yet bigger – baby, the iPad. It looks like an oversized iPhone and everything can be done by swiping and poking the large screen. It attempts to do everything that your laptop can and it seems can do whatever your smartphone does. Priced from $499, iPad would be a shiny new toy for people who adore a stylish notebook with not much heavy uses.

Stylish and unique is exactly what we want for Valentine’s Day. Available in 13 snazzy colours, this beautiful cane umbrella will get you noticed in any crowd and makes the perfect fashion accessory, fit to adorn any notable wardrobe.

Dump your big and bulky scanner and try this new toy. Apparent has announced a new ultra-portable, automatic, and USB powered document scanner nicknamed Doxie. The mini scanner features a multi-tap heart patterned button that allows you to control the functions with different pushes. It is compatible with Mac or Windows operating systems for scanning documents, pictures, business cards and receipts. Doxie supports various webbased applications, such as Google Docs, Evernote, Scribd, Backpack and Flickr

Valentine’s Day is equal to violence day in India Valentine’s Day is viewed as a threat to the Indian society. The shops have broken glasses everywhere, greeting cards burned and roses crushed; these are the aftermath of Valentines Day in Mumbai. The right wing activists rigorously oppose Valentines Day. The right wing plays a vital role in the politics of Maharashtra, the state in western India where they dominate. The activists believe that celebrating Valentines Day is an insult to the Hindu culture. In the Hindu culture love towards the partner is not expressed openly in public. Hence

expressing love in public on Valentine’s Day is considered as a threat to the culture and therefore to stop the celebrations the party activist resort to violence. Rohan Deshpande, an activist says, “ I am a strict Hindu activist; I feel that celebration of Valentine’s Day is imitating the western culture of open expression of love. This is not our culture. Today our young generation wants to do everything that the western people do. They don’t adopt the commitment of the western people towards work, their punctuality; they just want to adopt the dark side of the western culture that is not accept

able over here. We have to resort to violence if our orders are not followed. On the other hand the young generation in India wants to try out new things and they want to enjoy the freedom of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Aditya Ranade a college student is angry, “ If I want to tell my girlfriend that I love her and give her a flower, I find there is nothing wrong in it. I feel that these political parties just want to make an issue out of everything. If we celebrate Valentine’s Day that doesn’t mean we have forgotten our culture and our roots. I feel all this violence is unnecessary”. Most of the time it is the shop owners who have to pay the price of all the violence. The shops that consist of greeting cards and gifts

for Valentines Day are often the targets. Rajesh Potdar, a shop owner, “Last year I had some greeting cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day. I had to bear a heavy loss. Hence this year I don’t have any Valentine’s Day accessories in my shop. I think that this is a better way out. I don’t want to bear loss once again.” Many Islamist associations in India also oppose Valentine’s Day. This ban is to resist the western influence on the Indian society. But if one observes carefully usually it is the Hindu activists and the Islamic activists, which are always in a bitter battle and are always in disagreement. But on Valentine’s Day both of the religious groups agree on one issue that Valentine’s Day is a threat to the Indian society and they work together. Valentine’s Day may not bring the couples in love together in India.




“House Slaves” in China By Shan Long


hen I wake up every day, I have to check the monthly bills: 6000 RMB for paying bank loans, 2500 RMB of daily consumption, 1500 RMB for paying education expenditure for my kid, social-relations costs 600 RMB, commuting fee of 580 RMB, common charge of 300 RMB. Thus, I have to earn 400 RMB every day. Otherwise I would be driven out of the city.” This is an actor’s line from the current hit TV drama, Dwelling Narrowness in China. However, it vividly depicts a picture of the living condition of Chinese people nowadays.

Dwelling Narrowness 6

tells a story of two sisters the hottest topics among the Chinese? What is who want to live at ease actually the condition for in the big city, but what they are facing is the ex- Chinese young generation who want to buy a tremely expensive housing price and a variety of house? other issues. With many Sitactors’ ting lines “Damn the soaring house in are reprice!” a hit TV drama in front shipped of again China cries it out for the stressful young generation. the and telagain evision, Fei Fei Lv, a girl by different kinds of forums and websites in from Changchun, Jilin as well as a typical member China, the drama caught of China’s post-1980s more and more peogeneration, will always ple’s eyeball as its story develops. The success of watch Dwelling Narrowness with her husband, the TV series is not an Ming Li, together after accident. It is more than just a soap opera since it having dinner. “What this TV series attracts me triggers some reflection of the society of the audi- so much is that it exactly express what my husence. People may ask: band and I feel now, beWhy it becomes one of

cause we are also struggling for our house,” Fei speaks with a bitter smile, “Life in big cities in modern China is so tough.” The young couple got married right after they graduated from universities. They call themselves “house slaves”, because they are now renting house to live and meanwhile, they try to deposit money as much as possible. Disappointedly, the reality is cruel since the amount of money that they already saved for a long time just meets the down payment of their new house. After marriage, their parents gave them a sum of money as a Chinese

China. As you can imagine, things can be even much crueler than that in those best prosperous cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai. According to Beijing Municipal Statistics Bureau, the average annual income of Beijing in 2008 was 44,715 RMB, while urban apartments were selling at an average price of 15,581 RMB per square meter. In addition, a report, released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in November 2009, indicated that the house prices will still rise in 2010.

pictures from Dwelling Narrowness

tradition. However, they didn’t splash out on a honey moon trip with this money, but put it into bank. “We have 30,000RMB deposit money at that time, still far from enough to afford the down payment,” Fei explains. “Therefore, we decided to rent a small house with a comparatively low renting price, just 500 RMB a month.” However, being graduates who just finish their study in university, Ming Li and Fei Fei Lv are ordinary wage earners whose monthly salary is around 4000RMB altogether. Obviously, it is impossible to save much money only by renting a cheap house. They cut their spending

from every aspects of life, just like the characters in

Dwelling Narrowness. “We surely can’t ask more money from our parents, they have already spent most of their money to bring us up,” says Ming Li. This happened in an ordinary family of Changchun, a secondary city of

“Horribly expensive,” Fei shouts with shock on her face after hearing this information. “My Chinese friend once told me that there are primarily three reasons for Chinese to save money: first, to buy a house; second, to pay for their children’s education, and third, to prepare for the life after they retired,” says Joshua Holmes, an undergraduate student in Cardiff, “What surprised me more is that buying a house is becoming incredibly difficult even for those who are consid-

ered as the middle-class in China. It’s quite a different condition in UK.” In addition to the high purchase cost of house, the young couple has to pay other large sums of money. “We still have to live in poverty and keep saving money since we can’t afford the decoration fee for our house after a down payment,” says Ming Li. “What’s more, our parents all want us to have a baby before our 30s, which is another great pressure for us due to the high expense for raising a child.” “We are now struggling for our house, and we are going to struggle for our child. I don’t know when we can actually enjoy our own life. It’s just like an endless road,” says Fei desperately. Yes, till when can those poor young “house slaves” get rid of the life that only struggling for a house? Till when can they live for themselves? Maybe the answer is in the lyrics of the opening song of Dwelling Narrowness. “…I still linger in this dream, awaiting my future. I see a window glimmering with light. I can’t help peeking. Who might it be? So perfect, I will chase him down, with no mind to exhaustion.” 7


Burn Calories,


Not Fossil Fuels We all know a greener lifestyle benefits future generations, but what’s in it for us? Let a better body and a longer life be your motivation. by Caitlin Ritchie


ood news for those of us who favour instant gratification. The belief that the advantages of fighting global warming are many years off has been kicked to the kerb. Adopting more eco-friendly habits can give us healthier and more attractive bodies within weeks. A new study by The Lancet, a weekly medical journal, revealed that there are many health benefits in our lifetimes resulting from citizens combating climate change. Here is a look at three key hot topic methods to improve personal health while giving the Earth a little tender love and care at the same time. One Small Step for the Planet Celebrities like Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt love their hybrid cars. But don’t be discouraged if a hybrid is going to have to stay on your wish list for a few more years while the economy works out its kinks. Study results show that improved transport technologies such as hybrid cars will make only minor dents in the problems associated with our transport crazed culture. The major public health benefits will depend on reducing motor vehicle use and doing more walking and cycling. Transport accounts for almost a quarter of emissions worldwide. Paul Pearson, a professor of paleoclimatology at Cardiff University, says, “It started with the industrial revolution and right now the CO2 levels are increasing faster than at any point in time.” A major deterrent for pedestrians is the weather. The idea of walking or cycling to work or the shop in the rain or bitter cold of winter is not very inviting. It is possible, however, with the right mindset. “In the summer most people like the exercise because the sunshine is out and the warm weather is coming,” observes personal trainer Spiro Micallef. “People physically and mentally want to be out more in the summer. The motivation is mental in the winter.”

Top Benefits for You:

• Walking one mile can burn at least 100 calories. Increasing to two miles a day, three times a week can help you lose one pound every three weeks. • Regular exercise makes you more flexible and improves coordination, which results in fewer

injuries and healthier muscles. • Walking and cycling are low impact activities. This means your joints are less stressed.

When an Apple a Day Won’t Do

Most health-conscious consumers worry about how the food they eat affects their own body and health, but many do not realize the global effects of their food choices. Making, producing and then transporting food accounts for about a tenth of greenhouse-gas emissions. Livestock farming accounts for the majority of these emissions, owing largely to methane emitted by animals, which is worse than CO2. So it seems that changing our diets can save the world as well as our figure. There are no guarantees, however. Says Micallef, “It depends on the person, the person’s food intake, their size, and what they want to do. Do they want to lose weight? Do they want to put weight on? There are massive possibilities, but it all depends on the person.” This doesn’t mean you have to jump on the vegan bandwagon, but small changes can make a great impact. Wholegrain foods are a good choice. They contain more fibre and nutrients than white or starchy foods. You will also feel fuller for longer because we digest wholegrains slower. To quench cravings and hunger, eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want. Lastly, do not skip meals. Eating small meals and snacks throughout the day lets you eat less and be healthier than trying to skip meals or eat large ones.

scientists and politicians is finding alternative energy sources. This is because the way we currently produce energy is a major contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions. “Coal is the worst,” says Pearson. “Natural gas is better because you get more energy per molecule of CO2 that you produce. So if you switch from coal to gas, that’s at least a step in the right direction.” One of the negative health effects of power generation is the emission of airborne particles which damage the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. More children than ever before are growing up with respiratory problems, such as asthma. Currently one in 11 children here is receiving treatment for asthma. Partially to blame for this is the continuously poor air quality conditions we are all exposed to everyday. Inhaling outdoor pollution leads to a number of cardio respiratory diseases like lung cancer in adults and acute respiratory infections in children.

Top Benefits for You

• Small improvements to air quality can add half a year to our lives, according to studies. More drastic improvements yield even greater results. • Fewer cases of asthma, cold, flu, bronchitis and pneumonia are possible. • Improve your stamina. The cleaner the air you breathe, the more oxygen reaches your muscles. This means longer, more intense workouts.

Action Now or Never

Some scientists warn that now may be the last chance we have to prevent the global climate crisis from running out of control. This means there is no time like the present to make changes to our lifestyles. After all, the best reward for helping to fix the planet is being able to live longer to enjoy it.

Top Benefits for You:

• A healthier diet helps you meet your daily nutritional needs. The vitamins and minerals in healthy foods can boost your immune system and protect you from many common illnesses. • Eat your way to a new look. Healthy foods improve skin tone and texture, support healthier hair, and aid weight loss. • The risk of diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and heart disease can all be reduced with a balanced diet. Breathe Easier with Alternative Energy One of the most talked about topics for



A Better You this Valentine What this Valentine’s Day bring you might not be a boyfriend, but a more attractive you! By Shan Long


any people think they would be happier if only they were in a relationship. But are people who are in relationships really happier than those who aren’t? Can we do something to make the situation better? The famous Chinese psychologist Yi-Jun Cheung provided some great points for young people who have troubles on these love affairs.

Q1: Do you have any advice for

support as well. Let’s say, when you are single, you have much more time to manage yourself. Why not take advantage of this period of time to improve yourself?

Q3: Is appearance the most important thing? A: Appearance is important, but not that important. We can make ourselves look better just through make-up or dress up. What makes a person really charming is his/her character.

the peole who want to be with someone rather than being single? A: I bet you must know this saying----Single Q4: What makes is simple. DouBeauty is how you feel in- a person really ble is trouble. charming? Remember how side, and it reflects in your A: I have a simple eyes. It is not something much freedom tip for those who you have, as a physical. want to have their single person. -- Sophia Loren own glamour. Don’t focus on That is smile. This what you’re sounds easy, but missing, but on what you can do. very essential. It’s the most basic and effective rule. As we all know, Q2: Is appearance the most impor- emotions are contagious. When tant thing? Are people who are in you try smiling more you’ll find a relationship really happier than the world treats you changes a lot. those without lovers? People can feel your happiness A: I do not quite agree to make and even influenced by your posisuch a comparison. Although tive attitude. there is happiness that comes from being in a relationship, you can Q5: What other important qualialso make yourself feel happy ties make a person more attracthrough other ways. Your friends tive? and family can give you love and 10

Picture:Chinese psychologist Yi-Jun Cheung

A: Generally speaking, three basic abilities you should be aware of. 1. The ability to express emotion. For example, a person can be cheerful and positive right after he/she joins a party. Their emotions can even affect others and make other people feel good. 2. The ability to understand emotion. This is particularly important for lovers. For example, men need their achievements being approved, talents being admired and diligence being appreciated, while women need care, confirmation and respect. 3. The ability to control emotion. Do not lose your temper regardless of occasions. Q6: Many young people try to make friends through internet now. Do you have any suggestion for online dating? A: Be specific about who you are and the kind of people you want to meet. Besides, you should know why you are dating and better get fully preparation. I keep a positive attitude toward finding friends through this way.

Previews and Reviews

Remember Me ↑

Remember Me Director: Allen Coulter Writer: Will Fetters Release Date (UK): 10 April 2010 Genre: Drama/Romance

At f irst sight, Remember Me seems like another stor y of boy meets girl. Tyler, a rebellious boy (Rober t Pattinson) falls in love with Ally (Emilie de Ravin) who helps him to settle down. However, accidents and secrets complicate the stor yline. Tyler has a strained relationship with his father (played by Pierce Brosnan) after tragedy strikes their family. He f inds comfor t in Ally, but the relationship is doomed from the star t. Un k nown to Ally, her father once ar rested Tyler, and he still has a chip on his shoulder. The characters and their secrets f inally crash down on each other and threaten to destroy relationships. A talented suppor ting cast (Oscar winner Chris Cooper, Oscar nominee Lena Olin), holds the f ilm together and makes it stand out.

About 30 seconds into the trailer for Valentine’s Day you get a feeling of déjà v u. You’ve been here before. Then the names in the all-star ensemble f lash by and you realise you have been here before. The year was 2003 and the movie was Love Act ually. Except, it was set in London not Los Angeles, and centred around Christmas instead of Valentine’s Day. They’ve even recreated the role of the cutesy 10-year-old who is love sick after meeting the “one person for him.” The movie ticks all the boxes for attracting a strong following these days- popular music, beautif ul people, and complicated relationships. With some luck, it will also follow Love, Act ually and become a tradition around the holidays.

to resist. “Ever y time I read Pride and Prejudice,” Mark Twain once said of Jane Austen, “I want to dig her up and hit her over the head with her own shin bone.” Even when they verge on libel, there’s nothing false about their passion. As Dexter explains, “what is negative is, if nothing else, generally sincere.”

Wibi Soerjadi ↑

Poisoned Pens ↑

Poisoned Pens Wibi Soerjadi

An alter native read for those tr ying to escape the inf luence of Valentine’s Day is Poisoned Pens: Literar y Invective from Amis to Zola. The book, edited by Gar y Dexter, is a compilation of diar y entries, letters, and essays by famous writers trash talking other famous writers. For literar y lovers, the chance to see an alternate side of our favourite authors is hard

After losing his hearing, Dutch pianist Wibi Soerjadi returned for his first performance, a Christmas concert in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw. He publicly thanked his doctor who was in the audience for helping him to recover some of his hearing. Clearly glad to be back, he treated the crowd to five encores. The evenin g centred

on his performance of Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition, the piece he vowed to play once he recovered. His set list also included classical pieces by Liszt and Schumann plus some original works, including a piece he wrote for Disney. Soerjadi has performed at Carnegie Hall in New York and with an array of orchestras, including the London Philharmonic. He was even asked to play for the Queen of Holland on Queen’s Day. Soerjadi’s next performance is an intimate Valentine’s Day concert at his estate in Holland.

By Caitlin Ritchie

Valentine’s Day ↓

Valentine’s Day Director: Garry Marshall Writers: Katherine Fugate, Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein Release Date (UK): 12 February 2010 Genre: Comedy/Romance


Life360 Issue 1 2010  

Life360 is produced by students on the MA in International Journalism: Magazine Pathway at Cardiff University.

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