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About the Company and the Group Lietuvos Energija, UAB group (hereinafter Lietuvos Energija group or the Group) is a state-controlled company group operating in power and heat generation and supply, electricity import, export, trade and distribution, trade and supply of natural gas, as well as maintenance and development of electricity sector. The Group companies own and operate key Lithuanian power plants ensuring security of energy supply, nation-wide distribution network and implement development projects of strategic importance, pursue objectives of the National Energy Strategy. Lietuvos Energija group is comprised of the following companies: Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba, AB, electricity and heat generation, electricity import, export and trade company (hereinafter Lietuvos Energijos Gamyba), AB LESTO, electricity distribution network operator (hereinafter LESTO) and their subsidiaries, as well as UAB LITGAS and UAB VAE SPB.ยน The Group companies provide services to more than 1.5 million customers across Lithuania and offer electricity supply services abroad. In twelve months of 2013, the Group generated 1.96 TWh (down by 10.9% from 2012) and distributed to customers 8.2 TWh (up by 1.2% from 2012) of electricity.

The total value of assets managed by Lietuvos Energija group stands above LTL 9.740 billion. In 2013, consolidated revenue made up LTL 2.907 billion and grew by 3.9% compared to 2012. The Group's EBITDA went up by 29% to LTL 678 million. Net profit of 2013 stood at LTL 117.4 billion compared to a net loss of LTL 33.7 million incurred in 2012. Parent company Lietuvos Energija, UAB (hereinafter Lietuvos Energija or the Company) is responsible for transparent management and coordination of activities of the Group, improving efficiency in order to provide customers with competitive services and to ensure increasing of the long-term value for the shareholders in a socially responsible way. The Company analyses the activities of the Group, represents the Group, exercises rights and duties of the shareholder, sets operating guidelines and rules, and coordinates the activities in the fields of power generation, commerce, finance, law, strategy and development, human resources, risk management, audit, technologies, communication etc.

ยน Detailed list of Lietuvos Energija Group companies is provided on page 26 of this report.

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2013 IVQ_Consolidated interim report of Lietuvos Energija and the Group  

2013 IVQ_Consolidated interim report of Lietuvos Energija and the Group