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Deb Putnam oil painting As an artist living in Boston, I find a limitless source for my paintings. Sunny days and moonlit nights find me painting on neighborhood street corners. When painting outdoors is not possible, I work in my studio on larger scale paintings and works derived from old family photos, portraits or from small studies and photos of my on-site locations. What interests me most about plein air painting is how sunlight breaks up form when it falls on an object. When working in this manner time is of the essence. I must return to the outdoor location at the same time, each day for the short period of time when the sun and shadows are at the same angle and position. I like to view the city as an urban canyon where shadows caused by the surrounding buildings create an unexpected pattern of dark and light. My choice of subject matter, such as old buildings, antique cars and nightscapes pay homage to a disappearing landscape. With my portraits and old photograph derived works I am hoping to also portray an intimate moment in time.



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Women in Art 278 Magazine (July 2015)  

Issue IV, Volume II. Women in Art 278 Magazine showcases women in the arts from across the globe. Art genres include ceramics, oil painting,...

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