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What’s up at Ennead this November...


Our fearless leader celebrated her birthday on a sweet note on 26 November.

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Ennead is on Facebook! Go to and see it for yourself. Photos of the Family FunDay have been uploaded, as well as links to our newsletters that have been published online. Help us to get the name of Ennead out there and Like our page. I would actually appreciate it if you could give me ideas as to what I could publish on our page to make it awesome!

One more week and it’s here! Yay! It’s going to be memorable - and to ensure the memory stays vivid in our minds, please bring your camera along if you have one. Then we can put them all together for our Facebook page. Also, there’s going to be some cool icebreakers to keep us busy until lunch time and I need something from you... Please bring a pen along. Buying 89 pens might not be approved for my budget :-) Don’t worry, I won’t have you running around or embarrassing you. It’s good clean fun and a get-toknow-you at the same time. The food is going to be amazing, the gifts are lovely, the award ceremony will be exciting and the kuier session afterwards... well, you know how those go. Let’s have some fun!

Valotorque is a sport-development company based in Witbank. It was our first year up and running and we put our focus on hockey this year. Valotorque has been coaching hockey at Witbank Primary, a no-fees school, this year. It is the first time that Witbank Primary has been able to offer hockey to their students, and we were very excited to be able to make this possible for them. We started practicing in February and ran practices twice a week. We had about thirty students coming regularly to these practices held near their school and had them attend a holiday clinic at The Hockey Farm. When the third term came around, we felt very positive about the progress and entered one boy's team and one girl's team into the Mpumalanga School's League. Both teams did very well, with the boys winning all but one of their matches. Some of the children from Witbank Primary had the opportunity to join the Junior Hockey Club from Witbank on their festival days. We sent four of the boys and one girl to the Nkangala trials at The Hockey Farm. Out of these five, one of the boys was selected for the Nkangala team and played for them on the 3rd of November; his name is Carl Bowman. The 3rd of November was also trials for the Mpumalanga team for 2013, and Carl went on to make the Mpumalanga u/12 team for next year.

Congratulations are in order for Maria Sithole as her grandson, Alexander, is the headboy of Edu-College next year!

November Newsletter 2012  

An internal Newsletter for Ennead Consulting.

November Newsletter 2012  

An internal Newsletter for Ennead Consulting.