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Configuration Management What is it?

How can it help you?

Configuration Management is the discipline that provides assurance that the functional and physical attributes of a plant are known and is reflected in the plant configuration information. It also ensures that the plant conforms to the requirements as well as the documentation governing its development. Configuration Management will also manage all changes to requirements.

You will have: - accurate and complete identification of components, subassembly and assembly that goes into the plant, - complete definition of the documentation required for the plant design, operation and maintenance, - correct and complete descriptions of the approved plant configuration (descriptions being drawings, parts list, specifications, test certificates, operating manuals, maintenance manuals, etc.), - traceability of the plant and its parts to its descriptions, - accurate control of the documentation and descriptions for the plant design, operation and maintenance. You will manage and control all changes to the plant or its corresponding information - this will lead to repeatability of plant performance. It improves the reliability of plant performance.

Lessons learnt:

 Configuration Management is crucial in all phases of the plant life cycle and should be included in the initial phases to avoid costly back fitting.  Configuration Management can assist in the integration of a project both for; o discipline integration and o contractor integration. Poor definition and documentation of requirements will be very costly in a project.

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An information document about configuration management

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