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TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRES KAROSTA VISITOR’S CENTRE Invalīdu iela 4, Liepāja +371 26369470, PĀVILOSTA REGION TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Dzintaru iela 2, Pāvilosta +371 63498229, +371 29121894,



ZIEMUPE / VĒRGALE TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Ziemupes tautas nams, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 29437166, NĪCA TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Bārtas iela 6, Nīca +371 63489501, +371 29458532, SKRUNDA TOURISM INFORMATION POINTS Raiņa iela 11, Skrunda +371 25708808, +371 63350454,, Skrunda Manor, Pils iela 2, Skrunda +371 63370000, +371 22113355

RUCAVA TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE ”Buši”, Rucava +371 29134903, +371 63467054, VAIŅODE TOURISM INFORMATION POINT Brīvības iela 2a, Vaiņode +371 26025154, EMBŪTE TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Embūte -1, Vaiņodes novads +371 26632134 PRIEKULE TOURISM INFORMATION POINT Saules iela 1, Priekule +371 29472063, +371 63497950, DURBE TOURISM INFORMATION POINT Raiņa iela 17, Durbe +371 28677141, GROBIŅA REGION TOURISM INFORMATION POINTS Grobiņa County Council Visitor centre Lielā iela 76, Grobiņa +371 63490458 Active recreation centre ”Couronian Viking Settlement” Pīlādžu iela 1, Grobiņa +371 26490324,

GREAT LIEPĀJA The people of Liepāja have always been very proud, sometimes even too proud. They have always tried to stand out, to take the biggest, the best, the newest and the most modern for themselves. They have always wished to be the first. In fact it has not been without the reason. Which city in Latvia except Riga has had the honor to become the capital of the country? Although only half of the year and at the very beginning of the newly established country, but still...

Fortunately, we - the people of Liepāja - can also smile about this character feature of the people of Kurzeme. And, finally, it has given the city a lot of good and will be used with pleasure, honored and shown to the guests by the next generations. If you should choose your travel destination, it is good idea to go to the place where many unique things can be seen. Unique in Latvia and the Baltics, in Europe and all around the world...



The largest mechanical organ Holy Trinity Lutheran Cathedral in Liepāja World’s longest amber neckless Liepāja Craftsmen House The whitest and finest sand Liepāja beach Saint Meinard’s Catholic Church The former Vatican’s pavilion in international exhibition “EXPO 2000” in Hannover, Germany

The longest swamp trail Dunika swamp trail – is 4,5 km long The only military Prison in Europe open to tourists Karosta prison A prominent sample of technical engineering A swing metal construction bridge over Karosta canal The Art Nouveau pavilion of Liepāja Peter’s market One of the most beautiful market pavilions in Europe

IN LATVIA IN THE BALTICS The only Milk Museum In Skrunda region The largest historical military territory Liepāja fortress and Karosta (Naval Port) The oldest electric tram Liepāja tram The largest Military Cemetery Priekule Military Cemetery The highest building with cupolas Liepāja St. Nicholas Orthodox Marine Cathedral

The largest Guitar and Drums The largest environmental design objects in Latvia The highest white sand dune Pūsēnu Hill (Pūsēnkalns) in Jūrmalciems is 37m high Latvia’s oldest professional drama theatre Liepāja Theatre The smallest town in Latvia Durbe The most westerly point of Latvia “The Green Beam” (“Zaļais stars”) in Bernāti Nature Park The only anthem rock in Vaiņode Museum 3



he charm of Liepāja is concealed in its special atmosphere. Perhaps a bit restrained and harsh, yet also noble and rebellious. Sometimes calm, sometimes swirling – like the sea washing the shores of Liepāja. Genuine and truthful - this is Liepāja. Liepāja has grown from a small fishermen village into the third largest city in Latvia with the population of 73 000 people. Liepāja has rich cultural and sports traditions. City's intense cultural pulse attracts thirsty for high quality culture, creativity and entertainment. The sea and bounties of nature attract leisurely travellers.

public garden here. A well-known park designer Georg Kuphaldt designed a rose garden. Rose square was reconstructed in 2000. The emblems of Liepāja's sister cities are placed on the sides of the rose-bed. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and World’s Largest Organ The foundation stone of the Cathedral was laid in 1742, and initially it was used by a German congregation. One of the greatest treasures of the Cathedral is its pipe organ. It is the largest mechanical organ in the world with 131 stops, 4 manuals and more than 7000 pipes. The organ was built by one of the b e s t m a s t e r o rg a n b u i l d e r s H.A.Contius. The Cathedral hosts concerts of pipe organ music on a regular basis, but the international Organ Music Festival, organized annually in September, has become a tradition. The commemorative plaque dedicated to the Finnish soldiers who gave the oath of loyalty to the government of the new independent Finland on February 13, 1918 is located inside the Cathedral. Use the

Rose Square 1 The heart of Liepāja, a popular meeting place for the people living in the city. In summer the square has gorgeously blooming roses, but in winter it turns into a romantic island of Christmas spirit. In the 18th century "The New Market" was located here. In 1910 after transferring the market, the municipality decided to establish a



opportunity to climb up to the top of the tower of the Cathedral and enjoy a wonderful view over the city! Lielā iela 9, +371 20360055, +371 25914456 St.Anne’s Church St.Anne’s Church is the oldest church in the city, mentioned for the first time in documents in 1508. The impressive 9.7 m high and 5.8 m wide baroque p e r i o d a l t a r w a s c ra f t e d b y woodcarving master, Nicolaus Söffrens in 1697. This masterpiece is one of the most outstanding examples of the Baroque period art in Eastern Europe. You can also climb up to the top of the tower of the church and have a panoramic view over Liepāja. E.Veidenbauma iela 1 +371 29227566 The Latvian Musicians Walk-of-Fame and Giant Guitar 2 Everyone is welcome to match their hands with the handprints of Latvian musicians made in bronze at the Latvian musicians Walk-of-Fame. The largest guitar in Latvia stands nearby and is awaiting its player. Zivju iela 2


Sculptures of Liepāja Anthem Characters The song is frozen in bronze and yet it can be heard. Everyone walking towards the sea along Kūrmājas prospekts will be followed by a gaze of curious crow, a boatman known also as a coffin-maker, a telephone technician climbed on a pole, and a crouching forest of people… “Pilsētā, kurā piedzimst vējš…” (City where the wind is born) is a song of particular importance for the residents of Liepāja. The characters of city’s anthem cast in bronze encourage the guests of the city to listen to the sounds of Liepāja. Kūrmājas prospekts Creative quarter on Kungu Street Creative quarter on Kungu iela is a modern cultural space. The building complex is a unique 17th century wooden architectural heritage preserved to this day. It includes both the house of Peter I and a folklore centre “Namīns” as well as the newly renovated and modernly equipped Youth House. The spacious courtyard hosts various events. House of Peter I is one of the oldest log house examples in Liepāja. The building in the 17th century was the hotel of Madame Hoyer, and in 1697 Tsar of All Russia Peter I stayed here. The building located next door is a 17th century wooden carcass construction built on a low stone plinth, with a gabled slate roof. It belongs to the oldest type of buildings built in Liepāja. Here, at the folklore centre “Namīns” functions a folk group “Atštaukas”. The “Latva” studio is also located on the folklore centre’s premises – here one can see how the elements of folk costumes are used in everyday clothes.


The Youth House is a place where the young and active come together to bring their ideas to life. Kungu iela 24/ Bāriņu iela 32 +371 63421670

old, the world’s longest amber string of beads, artworks of local craftsmen and ancient tools used by our ancestors – craftsmen. In the workshops of craftsmen you will see how amber starts shining in the hands of a master and becomes jewellery and find out about the origin and colour tones of amber and what is hidden inside it... You will see the process of making Bārta skirt and linen tablecloths with amazing patterns. Weavers will show the process of weaving and will let you become a weaver for a moment and feel how a thread turns into linen. You will also see how jewellery, crocks, wickerwork and modern pieces of art are made. The House of Craftsmen offers to view and try out the wide variety of Latvian traditional crafts – amber processing, weaving, minting of coins, making jewellery and pottery, as well as to watch the making of modern pieces of art such as silk painting, tapestry, felting, etc. Dārza iela 4/8, +371 26541424

Liepāja Lake A lagoon-type lake that was formed with the retreat of the Baltic Sea. An important waterfowl nesting and transit place during migration periods. During the nesting period many bird species that are threatened in Europe find their shelter on the Liepāja Lake such as the grater and little bittern etc. The lake and its surrounding meadows are a nature reserve area. There are two bird watching towers one the lake. At the end of the Lauku iela there are wooden walkways leading to the lake. The House of Craftsmen The exhibition of the House of Craftsmen displays the national costumes of Lejaskurzeme counties, some of which are more than a century 7



Trade Canal 3 The Līva River, which once ran through the town of Liepāja and served as a port, became too shallow for easy navigation, and this negatively influenced the development of the city. Therefore in 1697 the digging of the Trade Canal began in order to make a new port. The Canal is 3 km long. It connects Lake Liepāja with the Baltic Sea and separates two historic parts of the city - Vecliepāja and Jaunliepāja. In summer, the Canal welcomes yachts, powerboat races and "Liepāja regatta". In winter time the Canal and bridges over it are illuminated by romantic light decors - angels, dwarfs and gingerbread hearts. During January and March the Canal becomes the "kingdom" of ice anglers willing to catch the smelt fish migrating between the Baltic Sea and Lake Liepāja.

The pavilion of Liepāja Peter’s Market is one of the most beautiful Art Novau market pavilions in Europe! The pavilion of the market was opened in 1910, architect L.Melvil. But the task of the architect was not an easy one as he had to fit the pavilion in between three churches – St.Anne’s Church to the east, St.Joseph’s Cathedral to the west and a Synagogue which once was to the south of the market. The pavilion had an innovative shape for those times. The roof structure with its large windows provided ample light. Kuršu iela 5/7/9 Beach and the Seaside Park 5 The beach has been a popular swimming location since the 1860s, when the Russian tsars and their retinues began to visit here. Liepaja beach has white fine sand which amazes even those people who have been to the world’s most famous beach resorts. After a strong wind you can find some pieces of amber washed ashore. Liepāja is very proud of the Seaside park. It was developed at the end of

Peter’s Market 4 The market is the largest in Liepāja and the second largest in Latvia. It offers wide variety of seasonal berries, fruits and vegetables, forest berries and mushrooms, flowers, plants and farming products. 4


the 19th century. The park is 3 km long with a total area of 70 ha and is one of the largest planted parks in Latvia. In the park there are Latvia’s largest drums – one of the objects of Liepāja’s environmental design, the monument dedicated to the fishermen and sailors lost at sea, an art nouveau fountain, the former Liepāja Bath House and the Swan Pond. Families with children enjoy the children playground, the young people - one of the most up-to-date skateparks in Latvia. The stadium ”Daugava”, tennis courts and a minigolf course are also located in the territory of the park. Commemorate plaque for German philosopher Immanuel Kant Once there was a private print shop at the crossing of Bāriņa and Dārza Streets, where the famous work of Immanuel Kant "Critique of Judgment" was printed in 1790. There is a reason to think that Kant h a s v i s i te d L i e p ā j a , h oweve r complete documentary proof is missing to confirm this thought. Crossing of Bāriņu and Dārza Streets Promenade and Amber Clock Promenade is one of the favourite places for walks during the day and an attractive center of night life, too. Walking along the Promenade you will see the pier, the ships and the yachts. The hourglass-shape Amber Clock is something not to be missed on the Promenade. It is made of approximately 50 litres of little amber pieces donated by Liepāja’s people in 2003 during the campaign ”Leave your amber in Liepāja time!”. The Amber Clock counts an unforgettable time spent in Liepāja! Every Saturday morning there is fish market on the Promenade. Vecā ostmala N 56°30.764 E 21°00.644


High at the entrance to the side chapel there is a model of a sailing ship. It was presented to the church in the 19th century by a crew of sailors as a sign of gratitude – they miraculously survived a terrible storm as they prayed to God. St.Joseph’s cathedral is also the seat of Kurzeme region’s archbishop. Rakstvežu iela 13, +371 634 29775


Liepāja’s tram Liepāja’s tram started to run in 1899. Liepāja was the first city in the Baltics with the most modern transport vehicle of the time, the electric tram. Now there is only one tramline operating. The line is 15 km long. The ride from one terminal to the other takes half an hour. While going by the tram you will see not only the center of the city but also its residential and industrial areas. Luther’s Evangelic Lutheran Church The Luther’s Church in Liepāja is the largest church built during the first period of Latvia’s independence in 1930-ies. The church was built of carved stone from Finland in the shape of a cross. The monumental exterior of the church is in unexpectedly successful contrast with the brightness and lightness of its interior. Initially the church had an electric organ, presented by Kārlis Ulmanis, President of Latvia. This instrument functioned until 1990-ies and is still seen in the church. However in 2006

another organ was brought from Sweden. Jelgavas iela 62 St. Meinhard’s Catholic Church This original round building served as the Vatican’s pavilion at the exhibition EXPO 2000 in the German city Hannover. When the exhibition was over the building was presented to Liepāja as a gift by the Vatican. A 10 m high tower bell was built next to the church and presented to the church by Pope John Paul II. Ganību iela 120 St.Joseph’s Cathedral 6 Church was consecrated in 1762 and initially was very small. At the end of the 19th century the church underwent massive reconstruction. One end of the old church was merged into the new building and was transformed into a side chapel. The extension built alongside of the chapel was essentially a new church. In the side chapel, the central altar of the former small church can be seen.

Pearls of Architecture 7 Liepāja is described with extensive wooden construction and excellent samples of Art Nouveau and the architect Paul Max Bertschy construction. The historical wooden construction mainly consisting of residential buildings is one of the characteristics Liepāja is most proud of. The most luxurious wooden buildings that have been preserved stand in the vicinity of Seaside Park, in the former summer cottage districts. The buildings are decorated with fine woodcarvings in balconies, staircase railings and facades. Art Nouveau in the architecture of Liepāja is reserved and neat and it harmoniously blends with the city construction. If Art Nouveau buildings are mostly seen in Graudu Street, Dzintaru and Liepu Streets, and in other places in the city then the architectural style of P. M.Bertschy can be felt everywhere, because he was the one who shaped the face of the city for several decades in the late 19th century. The buildings designed by P.M.Bertschy represent eclecticism. They are inspired by Gothic, Renaissance and the classical architecture and have red brick as the dominating exterior wall material. A number of the buildings designed by P.M.Bertschy now have little plates attached to their facades featuring the signature of the architect.


arosta-the largest historical military territory in the Baltics, occupies the northern one third of the city. Today Karosta is a spectacular, paradoxical and unique site in the world’s history and architecture reflecting the interaction of Tsarist Russia military e le g a n c e a n d ro b u s t S o v i e t militarism. You may like or dislike it, but Karosta certainly won’t leave you indifferent.

Karosta Prison The garrison prison of Liepāja’s Karosta has been used as a short term disciplinary penalty place for navy sailors and non-commissioned officers since the beginning of the 20th century. Later the building has been used as penalty place for the Soviet and Latvian Navy. The last of t h e co n v i c t s h a v e s c r a t c h e d calendars, drawings, slogans, catchwords and messages on the walls of the cells just a short time ago, in 1997. Karosta Prison is named as European Destination of Excellence. Visitors have the opportunity to go on an excursion in the prison, to participate in a reality show “Behind the bars” or to stay overnight in a prison cell. Visitors can dress up in military uniforms from different times and take photos. Karosta visitor’s centre offers information about Karosta, guided tours around Karosta n e i g h b o u r h o o d , b i c y c le re n t , souvenirs and opportunity to watch a short film ”Karosta”. Invalīdu iela 4 +371 26369470,

Karosta originated during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1890 to the north of Liepāja city the massive construction of fortifications and a military camp was begun. The official order to start building was given by Russian Tsar Alexander III. His son, Tsar Nicholas II, named the new base Port of Alexander III. It was a fully autonomous, populated area with its own infrastructure, electricity power plant, sewage system, church and schools. During the time of the first Latvian independence this place was more and more often referred to as the Kara Osta (War Port). Karosta was closed and covert zone with no admission even for the citizens of Liepāja for several decades during the Soviet occupation. Today Karosta is not anymore a closed area of a military base but a tourist site with an inspiring environment for creative people as well.

The Oskars Kalpaks Bridge 1 The swinging bridge in Karosta is one of the oldest in Liepāja and Latvia, it is a prominent example of engineering. 3



The design of the bridge was made according to drawings of French engineer Alexander Gustav Eifel (1832 -1923). The bridge has two similar girders which are parted by 90°. It takes about 4-5 minutes to apply the operation by means of an electric motor or a windlass. The St.Nicholas Orthodox Maritime Cathedral 2 The St.Nicholas Cathedral is the visual and spiritual dominant of the whole Karosta area. The Cathedral has been designed and erected in the style of the 17th century. Erection of the Cathedral began in 1901. That same year the Russian Tsar Nicholas II with his family members, courtiers and supreme officers took part in the solemn ceremony of consecration of the foundation stone of the Cathedral. On the outbreak of World War I, numerous items were evacuated to Russia including the bells and icons, and the valuables that had were left were pillaged by the German occupiers. During the 1920s and 1930s, under the Latvian government, the Church was adapted to the needs of the Liepāja garrison’s Lutherans. Finally, upon the conclusion of the Second World War, the Soviet Navy base in Liepāja was made a secret territory and was closed to public. So they established a sports hall, a cinema and the so-called ”red corner” (a recreation and entertainment room) here in the former Cathedral for the needs of sailors and soldiers. The militaries left the Cathedral in September 1991. The first church service in the regained Cathedral was held in December the same year. Katedrāles iela 7


Manege 3 The building had a light roof of riveted metal and a tin-plated lining. To let the light into the large hall, windows were installed and glass tiles built into in the roof ceiling. Before World War I, performances of cavalry and artillery horses, as well as of the sports horses of the senior officers were arranged; also competitions in the nimbleness of the horsemen took place. During the weeks, the hall was adapted to the sailors' needs for gymnastics exercises. As the hall could hold more than 4000 people, the official receptions and festive meals for the garrison's sailors were hosted here, too. Neither the time nor various regimes have spared the building. Though only the walls of the Manege have

remained, they testify to the former splendour of the building. Zemgales iela The Northern Breakwater 4 This hydro technical construction is closely connected with building of Liepāja’s Navy fortress and Naval Port construction, and it is a very significant part of it. The Northern breakwater was built at the end of 19th century. It is 1800 meters long and 7.35 meters wide. The Northern Forts The Northern Forts are a part of Liepāja’s fortress. The fortress was built at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of 20th century to provide the protection of Liepāja’s naval base in case of enemy attack. The line of the outer fortification

system surrounded the whole city. You have the possibility to visit the Northern forts on a guided tour. You can participate in a game “Escape from the USSR”. The aim of the game is to act as a team in order to find a friend who has been taken as a prisoner by soviet border guards and to take him safely to the submarine. +371 26369470 Holocaust Victims’ Memorial This memorial is dedicated to the Jewish people killed in WW II and has the shape of a symbolic Menorah – a seven-branched candelabrum. Its contours are well seen from the bird’s eye view and are made of boulders and granite blocks from Kurzeme. There are inscriptions in Hebrew on these blocks. 2



Liepāja – notes to follow It is the easiest way to go sightseeing in Liepāja and visit the most famous sightseeing sites in the city centre. Simply follow the silvery notes engraved in the street’s pavements! Two distances of your choice: 3,7 km or 5,8 km long. Liepāja cinemas The first public film show in Liepāja took place in 1898, but the real triumph of movies in Liepāja started at the beginning of the 20th century when several splendid cinemas were opened. During the Soviet period Liepāja could boast of having the largest widescreen cinema in the Baltics. The route includes 10 sites where cinemas had been historically located and the currently operating cinema ”Balle”.

Meet at Rose Square Rose Square is definitely the heart of the city. If you would like to have a guided walking tour around the city centre, come to Rose Square and look for a person with a red-green Liepāja’s flag in hand! Every day (June 1- Aug 31) at 2pm. The tour takes circa 2 hours.

Berctschy’s heritage Paul Max Bertschy was the head Architect of the city from 1871 till 1902 playing the vital role in creating the distinct architectural ‘face’ of Liepāja at the end of the 19th century. Today you can see the special tablets with P.M.Bertschy’s signature that are attached to the buildings designed by the famous architect. Enjoy the 4,5 km long route! 10

Art Nouveau in Liepāja Liepāja Art Nouveau architecture stands proudly among the best examples of the style in Europe. The city has not only Art Nouveau residential houses, but also Art Nouveau Theatre, schools, former cinema houses, office buildings, villas etc. Several houses have very well preserved interiors, authentic staircase ornaments and paintings. Enjoy the 5km long route!

CYCLISTFRIENDLY CITY The Latvian Cyclists’ Association has awarded Liepāja a certificate for its contribution to the development of cycling infrastructure, thus confirming that Liepāja is a cyclist-friendly city. Bike path network creation has been begun in 2009, which made Liepāja the first city in Kurzeme that has actively engaged in promotion of cycling. At present there is a total of 40 km of bike paths built in Liepāja. Bicycle stands of single design are installed in Liepāja’s historic center – a fact, which brings pride to Liepāja’s inhabitants and joy to its visitors. There are currently 8 bike rentals operating in Liepāja, where one can rent both standard – city and mountain bicycles as well as electric bicycles. The number of various cycling events both in Liepāja and its surroundings increases with each passing year. Many of these have already become traditional – European Mobility Week bike ride, Priekule Mountain Bike Marathon, Tweed Run. This year Liepāja awaits vintage bicycle riders dressed in tweed costumes on May 10. In order to make a city tour during a bicycle ride more comfortable, a number of routes have been developed – “Old Liepāja”, “Catch the Wind on the Seaside”, “Charming Roughness or Rough Charm of Karosta” and others. This year’s novelty is a route designed for birdwatchers, which runs through the city, along the Liepāja Lake, canal and the seashore. Cycling guides with detailed information on the routes in Liepāja and its surroundings can be obtained at the Liepāja Region Tourism Information Office and regional tourism information centers. 11

OFFERS FOR GROUPS Old and New Stories about Liepāja Guided tour is the best way to learn about Liepāja in the utmost, fastest and most interesting way, because the city guides are active, knowing and encouraging and they can even show you places and things that some permanent residents of Liepāja have never seen! ”Liepāja – the Capital of Latvia”, ”Winter Lights in Liepāja”, ”Liepāja from Līvas Village to Nowadays” and ”Footprints of Jews in Liepāja” are just a few of the most popular excursions. +371 63480808, +371 29402111,, Gourmand temptations Liepāja and neighbouring regions are tempting gourmands to follow three exciting gourmand circuits in order to taste natural and specially selected regional specialties as well as learn centuries old cultural and cooking traditions. Try out sea shore seining and fish smoking, or bake bread in a rural bakery, have a taste of country wine made of local berries and fruits, goat milk cheese or locally grown water melons. Find out traditional recipes while having a lunch in the meadows or feasting in the ethnographic house. When dining in Liepāja restaurants, always ask for Liepāja dish “Liepājas menciņi” – potatoes, smoked cod and onions in a hot pot cooked using an old country cooking recipe from Southern Kurzeme. +371 634 80808, +371 29402111,,

Behind the Scenes Go behind the scenes at the renowned Liepāja Theatre, Latvia’s oldest dramatic theatre, established in 1906. Tour the backstage and workshops where sets, costumes and props are created. +371 63422121,, City Tram Tour Liepāja tram started to run in 1899. Liepāja was the first city in the Baltic with the most modern transport vehicle of the time, the electric tram. Nowadays Liepāja has one 15 km long tramline. Whole circle through the city by regular tram takes half an hour and gives the opportunity to see not only the city canter but also its residential and industrial areas. Groups may book in advance a tramcar for special tour around city. Guide cervices are available at the Tourism information office. +371 63480808, +371 29402111, Insight into the Ancient History of Liepāja The Museum of Liepāja is amongst the largest regional museums in Latvia and it offers both a guided tour of the exhibition and different workshops of museum pedagogy, e.g., ”Dragon’s Blood, Toad’s Gill”, ”Battle of Durbe”, ”Opening the Hope Chest…”, ”19th Century’s School” etc. helping to learn new things about the history in an attractive way. +371 63422604, +371 29605223,, Extraordinary experience at Karosta Prison Karosta Prison is the only military prison in Europe open for tourists. Here everyone will be able to find something interesting, i.e.,


museum exhibitions, excursion with elements of surprise (for a group of 10 persons), the show Behind Bars (for a group of 15 persons), Extreme Night (for a group of 10 persons) and prison buffet. Options include booking a guided tour, renting bicycles, receiving thorough information about Karosta, obtaining souvenirs, watching 16 minute movie "Karosta" and taking photos after changing into military clothing from different periods with interesting requisites. There is an opportunity to surprise friends by celebrating a birthday or having bachelorette or bachelor party. +371 26369470, ”Excape from USSR” A small trip into history, a team-based activity for those looking for an adrenaline booster and a. The aim of the game is to act as a team in order to find a friend who has been taken as a prisoner by soviet border guards and to take him safely to the submarine. +371 26369470, Underground Labyrinths by Torchlight The Northern Forts are a part of Liepāja’s fortress. You have an opportunity to take a guided tour of the Northern Forts and see underground labyrinths by torchlight. +371 26369470, Tour of the Liepāja fortress fortifications A car trip and an endurance test for those who want to look at the fortifications surrounding the whole city. Duration of the tour is 5 hours, length of the route is 40 km. You will have to walk a lot, climb mounds, descend into the catacombs and move through overgrown paths. +371 28278641, +371 25988938

LIEPĀJA – ACCESSIBLE TO EVERYONE Liepāja is the only city in Latvia, which purposefully utilizes the so-called universal or “accessible for all” design, when it comes to standards for new and renovated buildings, thus providing accessible environment, infrastructure, products, services and information to all people, regardless of their age, health, vision and movement possibilities: several tactile maps are installed around the city and on the beach. Liepāja’s beach is the first one in Latvia that has been adapted to the needs of people with visual impairments and movement disabilities – a swimming area has been created, which is equipped with audiobuoys for the visually impaired and an adequate sanitation module for people with vision and movement disabilities. In Liepāja a route called “Hear, smell, feel Liepāja!” has been created for the blind and visually impaired people. One blind and a number of sighted guides have been trained to accompany groups on this route. At the end of 2013 Liepāja has received an award at the international competition “European Destination of Excellence” for creating a convenient infrastructure for people with special needs.




Art Saloon ”Mākslas Lāde” Wide range of traditional crafts and artwork - paintings, ceramics, tapestries, jewelry and accessories. Working hours: Mon-Fri 11:00-19:00, Sat 11:00-15:00 Friča Brīvzemnieka iela 58 +371 20031602, +371 26594053,

centre has been established. It consults about the traditions of folk costume wearing and production. The centre organizes training workshops, educational programs for adults and school pupils, provides individual consultations. Working hours: Tue, Thu 9:00-17:00 Kūrmājas prospekts 16/18 +371 63422604, +371 29144696,

Liepāja Museum The Liepāja Museum resides in one of the most beautiful 20th century buildings in Liepāja. The museum exhibition tells the history of the Liepāja City and its surrounding area from the Stone Age to the early 20th century. The museum also has on display an exposition dedicated to a wood carver Miķelis Pankoks (1894-1983) and two exhibition halls. Guided tours and different workshops of museum pedegogy for groups. Working hours: Wed-Sun 10:00-18:00 Kūrmājas prospekts 16/18 +371 63422604, +371 29605223,,

Museum ”Liepāja during the occupation regimes” Permanent display tells about social, political, economic and cultural life in Liepāja and Liepāja region during German and Soviet occupation in 1939-1991 and how the freedom of Latvia was regained in 1991. The house also hosts Jānis Lādītis’s photo collection exposition. Themed exhibitions of the museum’s collection and art displays are also organized here. Students are invited to participate in one of the museum pedagogy classes. Working hours: Wed-Sun 10:00-18:00 K.Ukstiņa iela 7/9 +371 63420274,,

Kurzeme folk costume information centre Under the auspices of the Liepāja Museum the Kurzeme folk costume information

Karosta Prison Museum In Karosta Prison, which has hardly changed since tsarist times, learn how

prisoners were housed and see several exhibitions, such as the Soviet citizen living room during, World War II heritage, etc. Working hours: 1.06.-31.08. daily no 9:0019:00, 1.05.-31.05. and 1.09-30.09. daily 10:00-18:00, at other times – by prior appointment Invalīdu iela 4, Karosta +371 26369470,, Museum ”History of Liepāja Jewsh Community” Exhibition is divided into three periods. – before the Second World War when Liepaja large Jewish community lived, worshiped the second part of World War II Holocaust victims memorial, the third part of the exposition tells about the period from May 1945 to the present day. Working hours: Wed, Fri, 11:00-15:00 Kungu iela 21 +371 63425336, +371 26682021, The House of Craftsmen Today in the House of Craftsmen you can have a look at the world’s longest amber necklace. It is 123 m long and weighs 19.5 kg! You will find different kinds of craftsmen works here and will have the possibility to try doing them. Working hours: 1.04.-30.09. Mon-Sat 10:00-17:00, 1.10.-31.03, Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 Dārza iela 4/8 +371 26541424,, Crafts Centre ”Dārza iela” In the workshops of the Crafts Centre the visitors can not only watch amber processing and weaving but also try their hand at the ancient crafts. You can learn how make properly folk costumes of each county and have it custom-made. Working hours: 1.04.-30.09. Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00, 1.10.-31.03. Mon-Fri 11:00-16:00 Dārza iela 4/8 +371 29733310 (weaving) +371 26425800 (weaving, handicrafts) +371 29746636 (amber jewellery)



Liepāja Theatre Performances, costume rentals, premises for public events and special occasions. Offer for groups – a tour behind the scenes where sets, costumes and props are created. Teātra iela 4 +371 63422406, +371 63422121,, Liepāja Puppet Theatre Offer for groups – a tour behind the scenes. Zivju iela 1 +371 63425229,+371 29741838,, Folklore Centre ”Namīns” Celebration of Latvian annual traditions. Experiencing Latvian ancient customs and folk dances. Bāriņu iela 32 +371 26562954 Liepāja Olympic Centre Premises for cultural events, conferences and exhibitions. Brīvības iela 39 +371 63483888,,

Studio ”Latva” Here one can see how the elements of national costume are used in everyday clothes. Bāriņu iela 32 +371 26423299, Liepāja Symphony Orchestra Graudu iela 50 +371 63489271,, Cinema ”Balle” Rožu laukums 5/6 +371 63480638,, Liepāja Circus Studio ”Beztemata” +371 29665848,, Art Gallery ”Promenade” Vecā Ostmala 40 +371 63483803,, Art Gallery ”UPB” Dzintaru iela 19 +371 63421970, +371 29263166,,

Art Gallery ”Big Fish” Brīvības iela 158a +371 63471672,, Creative space ”Ideju bode” Useful, colorful and unique things created in one copy. Teodora Breikša iela 41 +371 29141709, +371 22366943, Creative quarter on Kungu Street It is a modern cultural space, where various art events such as creative workshops, concerts, performances and craft fairs take place. Kungu iela 24/ Bāriņu iela 32 Liepāja Latvian Society House Art exhibitions. Premises for cultural events, conferences and seminars. Rožu laukums 5/6 +371 63423829,,






31.01.-2.02. European Rally Championship Stage

01.06.-30.08. Liepāja Art Festival

16.02. Contemporary chamber opera ”Lysistrata”

20.-27.06. International Junior (U14) Tennis Tournament

8.-10.08. European Formula Windsurfing Championship,


21.06. Midsummer Solstice in Pape

9.08. Festivity of Icarus in Priekule

15.-18.03. Liepāja Anniversary Day

23.06. The Līgo Festival

15.-17.08. International Music Festival ”Fontaine Festival”

24.-27.02. Grobiņa Town Festival

APRIL 4.-16.04 Days of Jazz 20.04. Easter events 24.-27.04. International Piano Stars Festival MAY 3.05. Priekule MTB Cycling Marathon, 10.05. Opening of the Tourism Season and the Tweed Ride in Liepāja 17.05. International Night of Museums and Liepāja Culture Night “Acts at night” 17.05. Pāvilosta Town Festival 18.05. Gardeners’ festival “Spring in Flowers” 24.-25.05. Traditional Crafts Market and Ethno-Music Festival ”Līva Village” 24.-25.05. Mini Car Festival “Baltic Mini Challenge 2014”

27.-28.06. Durbe Town Festival 29.06. Triathlon Latvian Cup JULY 1.06.-30.08. Liepāja Art Festival 11.-12.07. International Music Festival ”Summer Sound Liepāja 2014”

3.08. Latvian Strongman Championship Stage and Strength Competitions on Liepāja Beach

20.-30.08. Festival ”Via Baltica” and Ancient Fire Night on Liepāja Beach 29.-30.08. Speed Festival ”Rally Kurzeme” 30.08. Ancient Fire Night and Tourism Season Closing Event in Pāvilosta SEPTEMBER

12.07. The Sea Festival in Liepāja

12.-20.09. International Organ Music Festival

12.07. Fishermen Festival in Pāvilosta and in Jūrmalciems,

20.09. Apple and Wine Festival in Durbe

17.-19.07. International Chess Tournament ”Liepājas Rokāde” 18.-19.07. International Electronic Music Festival ”Shine Café” 19.07. Liepāja Half Marathon www.liepajaspusmaratons.lvwww.draugiem. lv/shinecafe/ 26.07. Sand Sculpture Festival in Pāvilosta

OKTOBER 20.-26.10. 3rd International Children Ballet Festival 24.-25.10. Festival of Music, Art and Local Harvest ”Zemlika” NOVEMBER 11.11. Lāčplēsis Day Torchlight procession

26.07. Dance festival ”Steps in the sand” in Jūrmalciems

18.11. Latvia’s Independence Day


30.11. Liepāja Christmas Tree Lighting

30.05.-1.06. Viking Days in Grobiņa ”Seeburga 2013”

1.06.-30.08. Liepāja Art Festival


30.05.-1.06. Family Festival “Mush-Mush”

1.-3.08. The International Festival of Street Theatres ”Land. Sky. Sea”

Special Christmas Program and New Year’s Eve Celebration in Liepāja


RESORT REGAINING HEALTH AND ENJOYING HARMONIOUS TIME AT A RESORT FAVOURED BY RUSSIAN TSARS If you are tired of daily rush and dream of relaxed time with family, friends or just by yourself, come to Liepāja – you will be refreshed by its mild seaside climate, ionized air rich in phytoncides, healing mud applications and mineral water with high mineral and bromine content, as well as other nature-based therapies. Availability of those resources helped Liepāja to develop as a health resort in the 19th century, when it was frequented by Nicholas Alexandrovich, the Heir to the throne and Grand Duke of Russia, as well as by the Russian Emperor Alexander II and his family. Today Liepāja invites you to its nearly 10 km long beach, the largest pool and SPA centre in Kurzeme, rehabilitation facilities at the Liepāja regional hospital and smaller beauty salons.

MEET IN LIEPĀJA In Liepāja you will find outstanding infrastructure, high quality services, good transportation links and low costs, as well as countless possibilities for putting together a cultural, entertainment, sports or leisure activity program for your guests. All this makes Liepāja an excellent destination in Latvia for your conference, exhibition, business meeting or team building activity.





Kurland moto Rental of tandem bicycles, motor scooters, cars and bicycles. Kuršu iela 32, + 371 26857251,

Minigolf • Seaside park (May-September) • Liepāja Olimpic centre, Brīvības iela 39 (October – April) +371 29265644,

Tennis court Outdoor tennis courts with qualitative facilities and inventory that meet international standards. Seaside Park +371 63425107, +371 28306323,

Skate park Seaside Park

Spy game ”Escape from the USSR” A team-based activity. The aim of the game is to act as a team (minimum 5 people) in order to find a friend who has been taken as a prisoner by soviet border guards and to take him safely to the submarine. Northern Forts, Karosta +371 26369470,,

Liepāja Olympic Centre Sports complex for fitness, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, and other sports activities for individuals and groups. Brīvības iela 39 +371 634 83888,,


SPA and Pool at Liepāja Olympic Centre The largest and most modern swimming pool and SPA centre in Western Latvia offer two pools, convenient relaxation and sunbathing area, variety of water therapies, bubble baths, three types of saunas and water amusement area for children. Brīvības iela 39 +371 634 80000,,

Windsurfing Club ”Rietumkrasts” Recreation on the water – windsurfing, kite-surfing, water-skiing, bladders, water-motorbikes, motorboats. ATM. Rentals and lessons. Portable kitchen and sauna. Katedrāles iela 15, Karosta +371 29187779,,

Bicycle Rent City bicycles, helmets, bike trailers for child transportation. Rožu laukums 5/6 +371 63480808, +371 29402111,


Blue shock bike Blue Shock Bike offers rental of electric bikes for various needs – from a city ride to special events. Rožu laukums 5/6 +371 63480808, +37129402111,

Children Playground Every Sunday from June 1st till September 1st at midday 12:00 leisure activities, puppet theatre or circus performances for children. Seaside Park

Ship ”Četri vēji” Boat trips in Liepāja port area and the open sea. Boarding at the yacht port in Liepāja promenade. +371 26779025, +371 26386406,

Bowling club “Dzintara boulings” 8 bowling lanes, billiard, air hockey, café. Peldu iela 66 +371 63480080,,

Boat rental ”Niknās laivas” Furious and comfortable boat rental for trips in Liepaja Trade Canal and Lake, as well as in rivers of Kurzeme. Vecā Ostmala 29 +371 26377055; +371 26464294,

Active leisure and a wakeboarding park ”BB Wakepark” Cable wakeboarding track and training courses for beginners. Beach cafe, entertainment events. Tenting spaces. Equipment rental is available. +371 26146183,,

Ponijpirts Portable sauna for 6-8 persons. +371 26123183,


RESTAURANTS AND CAFES Restaurant ”Oskars” Rīgas iela 7/9, +371 63480888, +371 22054688,

Bar ”Bruno” Rīgas iela 7/9, +371 63480888, +371 22054688,

Restaurant ”Piano” Promenade Hotel, Vecā Ostmala 40, +371 63488288,

Restaurant ”Olive” TC ’’baata’’, Klaipēdas iela 104 c, +371 26660935,

Restaurant ”Barons Bumbier`s” TC ’’Kurzeme”, Lielā iela 13, +371 63425411,

Restaurant ”Pastnieka Māja” Fr. Brīvzemnieka iela 53, +371 63407521, +371 29496233,

Restaurant ’’House of Food’’ Stūrmaņu iela 1, +371 63489777,

Restaurant ”Vecais Kapteinis” J.Dubelšteina iela 14, +371 63425522,

Restaurant ”Upe” Lielā iela 11, +371 63420102,

Restaurant ”Medus” Palmu iela 5, +371 63428611,,

Entertainment complex ”Klondaika” Stendera iela 3, Liepāja +371 63489450,,

Restaurant - Pizzeria ”Čili Pica” • TC ’’XL Sala’’, Klaipēdas iela 62, • TC ’’Rietumu centrs’’, Jaunā Ostmala 3/5, +371 63407500,

Café ”Lotte caffe” • TC ’’Ostmala’’, K. Zāles laukums 8, +371 63422270 • Liepāja Olympic Centre, Brīvības iela 39, +371 63422550 • Kuršu 7/9, +371 63425481,,

Restaurant ’’Libava’’ Vecā Ostmala 29, +371 63429714, +371 26817699,,

Restaurant ’’Kolumbs’’ Kuršu iela 32, + 371 25626677,

Café-bakery ’’Boulangerie” Kuršu iela 2, +371 27134686,



20+20 28


Café ’’Trīs kungi’’ Kungu iela 3, +371 63425453, +371 29886979, 56

Bakery • Shop-Café „Beķereja”, Lielā iela 4, +371 63426200 • Shop-Café „Magones”, Ganību iela 175/177, +371 63483403 • Shop-Café „Mežrozīte”, Klaipēdas iela 104 10-15

Liepāja specialty – a dish with the taste of Kurzeme ”Liepājas menciņi” Liepāja will not let the guests to leave hungry. And in order not to break one’s head while studying the menu, now everybody has an opportunity to choose a special Liepaja’s dish – ”Liepāja’s menciņi” – in any of the city’s cafes and restaurants. It is highly suggested dish because in Liepaja it has a very special taste! Menciņi is cooked using an old fashioned country cooking recipe from Southern Kurzeme – potatoes, smoked cod and onions in a hot pot.

Liepāja cocktail ”Amber City” It is like smell of honey and linden-trees at sunset and refreshing sea, washing ashore shiny pieces of amber... The ”Amber City” is a true gourmet drink and can be enjoyed at all best restaurants, bars and cafes in Liepāja. Check out on pages 22 and 23 for places serving Liepāja specialty ”Liepājas menciņi” (cod stew) and cocktail ”Amber City” .





Promenade Hotel ***** Vecā Ostmala 40, +371 63488288

Hotel Kolumbs **** Kuršu iela 32, +371 22019385




Europa City Amrita Hotel **** Rīgas iela 7/9, +371 63480888, +371 22054688,


Superior Class Hotel Līva*** Lielā iela 11, +371 63420102, +371 29163686,, 17-129 112 250



Vilhelmīne Kr.Valdemāra iela 9, +371 63483279, +371 26879278


Roze Rožu iela 37, +371 63421155


Libava Vecā Ostmala 29, +371 27080005, +371 63425318,



Poriņš Palmu iela 5, +371 29150596,, 32-64





Fontaine Royal Stūrmaņu iela 1, +371 63489777,

Fontaine Hotel Jūras iela 24, +371 20031592, +371 63420956,, 22-93

Villa Jana Ūliha iela 32, +371 26006509, +371 63427211,, 30-100 10




Brīze Oskara Kalpaka iela 68/70 +371 26575051, + 371 63441566

10 15-32




Sport Hotel Dzērves iela 9, +371 63432005, +371 20255334,,

Helvita Bernātu iela 11, +371 26333332,,

from 22 from 26


Ezera māja Ezera iela 39, +371 26488200, 36-72



Avanta Fr.Brīvzemnieka iela 35, +371 28290059,




Pie Jāņa Raiņa iela 43, +371 20364552,, 12-32


Seven Sisters (Open 1.04.-31.10.) Egļu iela 8, +371 26771638, +371 63481140,,


Senliepāja Brāļu iela 2, +371 29536455, +371 63486978,,


Robežu nams Robežu iela 7, +371 28831460 40-65 7

25 20-50







German Society House Stendera iela 5, +371 26710877, +371 26585678 7



LuxLoft Apartment Vītolu iela, +371 28679127 (Eng),

LuxHighTech Apartment Jūras iela, +371 28679127 (Eng),

Barona Apartments Barona iela 11, +371 29456735, +371 63484498,

from 106

from 200







Honey Apartments Jelgavas iela 40, +371 29742832

Kalēja māja Kalēju iela 8, +371 26488200,

8-36 4


Vītolu Apartments Vītolu iela 4, +371 22030866,

Mārīte’s Apartments Vidusceļa iela 35, +371 26016635

Pļavu namiņš Pļavu iela 115, +371 29729977, +371 63435073,




West Coast Apartment Klaipēdas iela 122, +371 29721402, +371 29434410, 35








Bernātu Apartments Bernātu iela 47, +371 29108903

Pumpura Apartments A.Pumpura iela 14a-7, +371 26488200 15




from 37



Ūliha Apartments Ūliha iela 75 +371 26488200, from 15 1





Amber Apartments Zivju iela 5, +371 25227723, +371 29670231

Travellers’ Beach Hostel Republikas iela 25, +371 28690106,

Karosta Prison Invalīdu iela 4, +371 26369470

50-60 9







āvilosta is located right in the middle between the proud Ventspils and windy Liepāja. It entices with peace and quiet, open sea and wind gushes. A port, a yacht harbor, the large Jūrakmens rock, untouched nature and fresh sea air attract creative people. In recent years Pāvilosta has transformed from a typical fishing harbor into a place for yacht, cutter and boat mooring. Pāvilosta is able to fascinate with freshly smoked fish, swift rides into the sea, wooden boats made by local craftsmen and fragrant bath brooms in hot steamed bathhouses. Pāvilosta County comprises the town of Pāvilosta and the parishes of Saka and Vērgale.

wonderful view over the sea and the surrounding woods! The collection of amber found near Akmensrags lighthouse may be seen in the ”local museum” - an open-air exhibition arranged next to the lighthouse. Working hours: 1.05.-30.09. Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, 1.10.-30.04. Mon-Fri 10:00-15:00 Entrance fee: EUR 0,28-0,71 +371 28350899 Pāvilosta breakwaters 2 The first breakwaters were built in 1878. The port is ice-free, the length of the canal is 950 m but the width is 4550 m. However the narrow entrance of the canal (52 m) and parallel breakwaters limit the navigation of large ships.

Akmensrags Lighthouse 1 37 m tall lighthouse is the main highlight of Akmensrags. The first lighthouse on this location was built in 1884. It was destroyed during World War I and rebuilt in 1921. Climb up to the top of the lighthouse and enjoy a

Pāvilosta Local History Museum and Boathouse 3 Pāvilosta Local History Museum exposition reflects history of Pāvilosta county. The museum is proud of several unique objects: stone and bone axes 2


found in Saka parish, forged bronze brooches and belts. The large size exhibits of the museum are displayed in the boathouse. The mansard of the building is used for changing exhibitions throughout the year. Working hours: 15.09.-14.05. Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, 15.05.-14.09. Wed-Fri 11:00-17:00, Sat, Sun 12:00-16:00 Entrance fee: EUR 0,21-0,71 Dzintaru iela 1, Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads +371 63498276, +371 29226273 Ziemupe Evangelical Lutheran Church 4 Ziemupe Church stands out from the other churches in Kurzeme because of its tiny size (25 m x 11 m) and architectural simplicity. The church was built without a spire as it was not permitted to build high structures close to the seashore and ship navigation routes, so as not to mislead the seafarers. The interior of the church dates back to 1684 and is one of the oldest examples of decorative sculptures with advanced baroque elements. The harmonium built in the Bokums’ company in Liepāja in 1928 has a historic value, too. +371 26274155 Visits by prior appointment

Seashore Bluff 5 It is an impressive which stretches in length for several tens of kilometres and in Ziemupe its hight is from 5 to 12 m, but between Strante and Ulmale reaches even 16 m. During a storm, waves rage over the seashore and crash into the bluff thus the sea regains a piece of dry land every year. The bluff is geomorphologic memorial of nature. It is shaped by sand and clay; therefore, it is dangerous to walk along its overhangs and to find one below them because landslides can occur.

to the north from the Saka river mouth within the length of 1.5km and their width reaches even 812m in some places. In earlier times the fishermen used to leave their boats and to dry fishing nets, therefore this area is of cultural and historical significance. +371 29417941

Grey dune Nature Reserve 6 Grey dunes of Pト」ilosta are one of the most varied grey dunes in Latvia. They are specially protected habitat in Latvia and are included in the list of EU protected biotopes. Grey dunes spread

The Sea Boulder 7 Pト」ilosta Big Boulder (Sea Boulder) is washed by the waves in the sea about 50m from the coast. Its height above the ground level is 3,5 m, perimeter 15 m. During Soviet times the stone

marked the border people were not allowed to go further along the sea coast. Ulmale Offering Stone 8 It dates back to the 13th century and is an outstanding example of a bowlshaped offering stone. The diameter of the bowl is 60 cm and the depth 15 cm. The water accumulating in the bowl was supposed to be used for healing and afterwards offerings were made here in gratitude. The water in the bowl is supposed not to freeze even at -20 C.



Vērgale manor house complex and Local History Museum 9 The manor house was built in the 18th century and then rebuilt in the late classical or Empire style. The main building now houses the Vērgale primary school, the former servants’ house is a public library, the former granary is a culture house and the former dwelling of the manager is now the administrative building of the local authority. Vērgale Local History Museum is located in the former distillery. One of the biggest mantel chimneys in Kurzeme has remained in the building – an open-fire hearth for cooking where the smoke is discharged from the room through the open chimney passage. Working hours in the museum: 01.10.-31.05. Tue-Fri 9:00-11:00, Sat 10:00-13:00, 01.06.-30.09. Wed-Fri 9:00-11:00, Sat 9:00-12:00, Sun 10:00-13:00 ”Dīķenieki”, Vērgale, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 29338335, Memorial site for the battleship “Moskva” 10 The battleship “Moscow” was one of the Russian fleet’s naval ships during the Seven Years War. In October 1758 during a storm the ship lost control near Ziemupe and got stranded. When the masts broke the lifeboats got smashed, therefore the crew had to reach shore on makeshift rafts. 98 sailors died from cold and hunger – they were buried in the Ziemupe dunes. In 2010 on the Ziemupe seaside a memorial plaque in honor of the dead sailors was installed. WE ALSO SUGGEST VISITING IN PĀVILOSTA Baptist Church, +371 63498351, +371 26792857 Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Church, +371 63449990, +371 26578580 Sts. Peter and Paul Evangelical Lutheran church, +371 29226273 Ship ”Dole”, Church Hill, the Peace Pole, Upesmuiža Park, Semicentennial Park, Centennial Park, Storm Pinetree, Vītolu and Klusā streets, E.Šneiders’ Square


5 8






5 10 4 9

IN SAKA PARISH Artefact storehouse and rural bakery “Ievlejas”, +371 29124128 Saka–Leja Evangelic Lutheran Church, +371 29124128 Maznodupju Stone Load – Mara’s Sanctuary, Jewish Cemetery. IN VĒRGALE PARISH NEW Kurzeme fisherman’s yard in Saraiķi, +371 63453504, +371 26540345 Vērgale Evangelic Lutheran Church, Monument to the Lovers in cemetery, +371 26274155 Saraiķi Evangelical Lutheran Church, +371 25986244 Nature Reserve “Ziemupe”, +371 29437166 Exposition “Story of Swordfish”, +371 29437166 Aužuļi lime-tree, Māsku Oak, Stone load, former Soviet Army unit The visitors of Pāvilosta County can participate in sand art and wickerweaving workshops as well as a culinary workshop centered on preparing meals out of nature’s gifts. They also can smoke fish and taste home-made bread and goat cheese. Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50

PĀVILOSTA REGION TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Dzintaru iela 2, Pāvilosta, LV-3466 +371 63498229, +371 29121894, ZIEMUPE / VĒRGALE TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Ziemupes tautas nams, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads, LV-3463 +371 29437166,,



īca county boasts the incredible sunset views on the seashore, which fascinate its guests, beautiful gardens of Nīca, the magnificent national costume, ancient environment of Jūrmalciems, white sand dunes, pine forests and the solid character of the locals.

offered only as a guided tour. Price: EUR 1,50-3,00, discounts for groups Kalnišķi, Nīcas novads +371 26693867, +371 29224331, Nīca Exposition of antiques 2 Here you can see more than a century old Nīca folk costumes. Also you can find all about Nīca: old traditions of handicraft mintage viewed Nicawoven blankets, towels, table cloths, a variety of embroidery, and knitwear gloves, socks etc. Collection of ancient household items, tools and books. There you van find an interesting information about county's history. Working hours: Mon 8:30-18:00, Tue-Thu 8:30-17:00, Fri 8:30-16:00 Bārtas iela 6, Nīca, Nīcas novads +371 63469119, +371 25424971,

Pastures of wild horses and aurochs in Nature Park ”Pape” 1 In 1999 the first wild horses in Latvia were brought to the meadows to the east of the Pape Lake. Feeding on grass, bushes, reed and bark, the animals ensure the preservation of meadow, coastal habitats and agricultural lands thus enlarging the biodiversity of the territory, as well as the preservation of the landscape of the park. In 2004 the first Auroxen Cows were introduced here. Visiting wild horses and aurochs is 4

Nature Park ”Bernāti” 3 Park has the status of a European protected nature area Natura 2000. Seashore with fine, white sand, dunes and pine forest attracts visitors during the winter to enjoy walking through the forest trails, to sweep down the hill with sleigh or to ski through the forested dune trails and paths. In summer one can enjoy sunbathing on the wide beach and swimming in the sea. The park includes Latvia`s most western point on dry land – "Zaļais stars" ("The Green Line") and Latvia`s highest dune – Pūsēnu Hill. In the summer 2013 sculptures made by a wood sculptor Alvis Vitrups were installed in the natural park – their design was based on a tale’s motifs called “How colors have appeared on a South Kurzeme folk costume”. The memorial stone in honor of the first President of the Republic of Latvia Jānis Čakste was set atop a high dune where on September 27, 1924 he told a significant phrase “There should be a resort here!”, afterwards laying the foundation stone of the Bernāti resort. During the summer 2013 this memorial site has been landscaped – a comfortable staircase with two viewing platforms and benches were installed. 2


Prenclava windmill 4 The windmill is an object of national architectural heritage. It was built in 1885 after the model of Dutch windmills and had 6 sails. The windmill has 6 floors. Today it still operates with the mechanisms which have been preserved from earlier times. Otaņķu pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 26051129

also included in the exposition. Visits by prior appointment Otaņķi, Nīcas novads +371 63454344, +371 20091406

Otaņķi Exposition of antiques 5 Here you can see a variety of tools, for example, flax processing gadgets. The oldest and most valuable exhibits are the gramophone, which is still playing the old tunes as well as oldtime typewriter and the pedal sewing machine. Noteworthy is also beer mug with tune mechanism produced in 1920s-30s. In the dowry chest you can find traditional knitted gloves, weaved head scarves and table cloths. Vivid Nīca folk costume as well as albums and old photographs are 8


Rogas Family Collection 6 Pen collection, car and motorcycle collection Visits by prior appointment ”Upmalas”, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 29358190, +371 26176908

sea and its breakwater, which still serves as a pier for fishing boats. You can learn more about the history of the village in the exposition “Ancient times of Jūrmalciems people” (“Jūrmalnieku senatne”). It displays household items, tools used in fishery and forestry, and photos. Visits by prior appointment ”Smaragda”, Jūrmalciems, Nīcas novads +371 26461735,

Exposition ”Ancient times of Jūrmalciems people” 7 The village of Jūrmalciems lies on the seacoast and is noteworthy due to it distinctive and ancient environment. Fishing is still an occupation for a number of local people. The most frequented site in Jūrmalciems is the

Bārta River 8 It is a river both for water tourists and those who seek quiet relaxation. Its shores are covered with magnificent forests and in several places there are exce l le n t re c re a t i o n a l p l a ce s arranged for boaters. The river is peaceful and rich in fish. 3

9 4


5 6





”Galdnieki” 9 Exposition of the artefacts related to the history of Nīca and Pērkone. ”Galdnieki”, Nīcas novads +371 26998159, +371 63469545


Nīca beautiful gardens 10 Nīca County is proud for its people and gardens. It is possible to visit this beautiful kingdom of flowers and verdant plants on a guided tour between the 1st of May and the 1st of October. Individually prepared routes for groups. +371 63489501, +371 29458532, Possibility to visit each below listed individual garden: ”Valti” in Pērkone, +371 26310991 ”Lūši” in Nīca, +371 26343750 ”Kristapi” in Nīca, +371 26562508 ”Mežavoti” in Kalnišķi, +371 26733163 ”Drāznieki” in Kalnišķi, +371 26363079 ”Tauriņi” in Kalnišķi, +371 29191778 ”Sīpoli” Bernātos, +371 29590033 ”Eldorado”, Pērkone, +371 29665999

Jūrmalciems Evangelical Lutheran church of the ”Nazareth” congregation Jūrmalciems, Nīcas novads +371 26461735 Ezerskolas ritual stone ’’Ezerskola’’, Kalnišķi, Nīcas novads

NĪCA TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Bārtas iela 6, Nīca, LV-3473 +371 634 89501, +371 29458532, 3

The visitors of Nīca County can learn how the Nīca and Pērkone regional folk costumes and amber jewelry are made. They also can taste smoked fish, dainties made of elderberries and local pastries as well as rent a boat and go for a ride on the Bārta River.

WE ALSO SUGGEST VISITING Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50

Nīca Lutheran Church Nīca, Nīcas novads +371 63469789, +371 28639552 10




Ethnographic house “Zvanītāji” 2 The ethnographic house “Zvanītāji” is a wooden house built at the end of the 19th century, which has still retained its original interior. In 2000 the house was turned into a museum and equipped with household items typical of a late 19th century. The exposition displays Rucava folk costume, mittens, socks and other hand made works. By prior appointment Cultural/ educational programmes are offered to tourist groups. Programmes include singing of folksongs and dancing together with Rucava narrators and singers as well as tasting traditional Rucava food like local rye-bread, carrot cakes, white butter with potatoes and little loaves of potatoes. During the summer season every day from 12:00 to 16:00 at “Zvanītāji” there is an opportunity to enjoy a “household” dinner. The price for the dinner – EUR 5. +371 26814051

ucava is the place, which invites to return to basics – to taste, to sing and to knit. Rucava invites you to open air, to birdsongs and to the smell of marsh tea. The proudest and the most magnificent women of Kurzeme live here. Solstice celebration in Rucava is a distinctive adventure, therefore admirers of Latvian traditions from every corner of world get back here every year. Manor Hill and Leju sacred spring 1 Manor Hill is situated near Sventāja River. In 16th-18th century there was a manor but currently there is a dendrological garden. From the hill you can see beautiful scenery of our neighboring country Lithuania. Leju sacred spring is the strongest spring of Sventāja valley. It is surrounded by the largest bird-cherry in Latvia. There is a belief that rinsing your eyes with the spring water helps you to look at the world with brighter eyes. 1


Private Collection of Folk Music Instruments 3 The exhibition includes well known musical instruments, as well as the invented and hand-made ones. The owner of the collection can play almost all the instruments from his collection. +371 25986240 Rucava Lutheran church 4 It was built in 1872-1874. The church features an interior of the national style and also interesting art objects such as an altar painting from the 19th century. The organ of the church is an object of national cultural heritage. It is the first organ in Latvia made in national style. +371 26073978 Dunika Swamp Trail 5 This 4,5 km long walking trail is laid out with wooden planks stretching right over Tīrpurvs as far as the almost 150 year old Lukna hornbeam grove rising its branches to the height of a six-storey house. +371 26335266 Nature Park’’Pape’’ 6 Nature Park “Pape” was established as a nature reserve zone in 2003 to protect the natural diversity of the Pape Lake, Nida bog and the Baltic Sea coast, as well as to protect the nesting and migratory birds. Pape is one of the most significant and largest resting, feeding and wintering sites for migratory birds in the Baltic. In 1999 the first 18 wild horses in Latvia were brought to the meadows to the east of the Pape Lake. Feeding on grass, bushes, reed and bark, the animals ensure the preservation of meadow, coastal habitats and agricultural lands thus enlarging the biodiversity of the territory, as well as


6 3

the preservation of the landscape of the park. In 2004 the first Auroxen Cows and European Bisons were introduced here. In the Nature Park you can see the lighthouse built in 1890. Initially the lighthouse stood at a distance from the sea, but as over the years a part of the dune has been washed into the sea now it is closer to the waterfront than any other lighthouse in Latvia and it measures 21 m above sea level. Open-air museum ”Vītolnieki” 7 It is a branch of the Latvian ethnographical open-air museum and features a typical farm of a coastal village where people used to be engaged both in fishing and farming. Old trees surround the domestic house with a reed roof thatched in the manner characteristic of this area. The house has a veranda with windows and ornamented door jams. Inside you can see old wooden furniture and different household items from previous generations. Another building is an old two-room granary and also there is a small kitchen house, a bathhouse and a smithy. A pig shed with small windows has been turned into an exposition hall displaying various fishery and handicraft tools. In the museum you can also see an oak-tree boat that is more than 1000 years old. It was used for boating on the lake. During tourism season museum is open every day from 10:00 till 18:00 except Monday and Thursday. +371 29262283


2 4


WE ALSO SUGGEST VISITING Exposition of traditional household tools “Bajāru rija” The exposition is organized in the building, which is about 300 years old. +37129775870 Exposition of antiques “Lauksargi” +37129896681 The visitors in Rucava county can taste the delicious, traditionally prepared and served dishes, fruit, smoked fish and experience old seafishing traditions.

RUCAVA TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE ”Buši”, Rucava, LV-3477 +371 29134903, +371 63467054,


Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50





he legend about the blacksmith Johansons of Priekule manor, who made wings for himself in 17th century and tried to fly from church tower, has survived until nowadays. The flight was successful and the legend about Priekule Icarus was embodied in the county symbol. Priekule county comprises the town of Priekule and parishes of Bunka, Virga, Kalēti, Gramzda and Priekule.

threatening stone guards stood in the niches built in both sides of the passageway of Priekule manor gate. There was a belief before World War II – those kissing the gate guard’s bellybutton will be happy in the future. Today the Swedish Gate is guarded by wooden soldiers made by a local craftsman, but the belief about kissing the bellybutton still exists. Priekule manor was built in the 18th century and experienced extensive reconstruction in the second half of 19th century supervised by the famous architect Paul Max Berchi; parade stairs, second floor hall exitbalcony and the manor viewing tower were built within the reconstruction. Today the manor is the home of Priekule Secondary School. Aizputes iela 1, Priekule +371 29472063

Priekule Manor Complex 1 The complex consists of the Swedish Gate, Priekule Manor building and the manor viewing tower. Korff barons ruled in Priekule since the 15th century. At that time the manor itself and the manor fortifications were built to defend against pillagers. The drive-through Swedish Gate was built in 1688 and its central part was decorated with the Korff Family coatof-arms, silver bullet and maskaron carved in Gotland sandstone. Two

Priekule Lutheran Church 2 This comparatively small stone church was built in about 1680 on a 1



hillock on a road leading to Priekule manor. There is an old legend related to the Priekule Lutheran church about the famous Priekule Icarus. During World War II the church was completely destroyed, like the most of the city. The church was restored during 1995 through 1998. The altar, interior design and wood carvings are made by the students of Riga Crafts School. Aizputes iela 10, Priekule +371 63461214, +371 26321526 Kalēti Forest Park ”Priediens” 3 The Forest Park is created in the former Kalēti manor park. It has several trails – a trail of mushrooms, animals and medical herbs, there are also an obstacle course, swings, ”Mini Priekule”, a children playground etc. The park is suitable for active recreation both in summer and in winter. Guide +371 26423893,, 6

6 1

Aizvīķi Park 4 The park (territory 36 ha) was developed at the end of the 19th century as a park of a manor house. There are a lot of legends and tales related to the park and it is supposed to have even its own witch and hill of ghosts. Here you can also find wooden sculptures of the heroes from fairytales, legends and historical events. +371 29186717, Priekule Memorial Ensemble of Warrior’s Cemetery 5 The largest warrior’s cemetery in Latvia, where more than 23,000 soviet soldiers have been buried. The relatives of the killed have been coming here for many years on the 9th of May to commemorate with flowers and take moment of silence with their closest ones. In the spring of 2011 the memorial place experienced extensive renovation works thanks to the financial support of the Russian embassy. Guide +371 27721662 WE ALSO SUGGEST VISITING Priekule collection of artifacts NEW In the antiques’ storehouse one can see a full set of the Priekule female folk costume. Skolas iela 12, Priekule +371 29472063 The Charles Boot in Virga 6 A commemorative sign of the Swedish King Charles XII.

2 5



The collection of the World War II trophies ”Gildēni”, Tadaiķi, Bunkas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 27135771

Kalēti collection of artifacts ”Brūzis”, Kalēti, Kalētu pagasts, Priekules novads +371 26490240 The creative workshops in Priekule County is the right place to try your hand at different crafts, including pottery. In Priekule you can enjoy a bike ride or a boat trip together with Priekule Cycling Club members, go horseback riding and have a drive in a horse driven cart.

Virga collection of artifacts NEW In the antiques’ storehouse one can see a full set of the Virga female folk costume. ”Gaismas”, Virga, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 28271340

Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50

Purmsāti collection of artifacts ”Purmsātu muiža”, Purmsāti, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 29353408 Krote collection of artifacts ”Krotes bibliotēka”, Krote, Bunkas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 26400685

PRIEKULE TOURISM INFORMATION POINT Saules iela 1, Priekule, LV-3434 +371 29472063, +371 63497950,

Gramzda collection of artifacts Skolas iela 4,Gramzda, Gramzdas pagasta, Priekules novads +371 28374204


Virga Manor complex and the House of Traditions ”Virgas muiža” un ”Tradīciju nams”, Virga, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 28271340 35



aiņode began its development along with the construction of Liepāja railway line. Forests are the wealth of the county but Embūte ancient valley with the characteristic high hills and deep glens with large newts and tree frogs makes the scenery particularly picturesque. Embūte is entangled with many legends and tales, which inspired Rainis in creation of the play ”Indulis un Ārija”.

place. This can be judged by the fact that it was not only the scene of battles, but also a bishop’s castle and a cloister was built there. Embūte Nature Park was founded in 1977 in the area of 232 ha. There are both interesting nature and cultural touristic objects in the territory: hill fort of Embūte, manor house, castle and church ruins, place of the death of the Curonian chief Indulis, dam of the Devil, sightseeing tower, information stands and ecotourism trail (2.5 km). W h o r le d S o lo m o n ’s - s e a l (Polygonatum verticillatum), Baltic wild orchid (Dactylorhiza baltica), Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) etc. is among the species of the protected plants that can be found here.

Embūte Nature Park 1 Embūte old valley is one of the most scenic, interesting and enigmatic places in Kurzeme. Over the course of time a good many legends and tales have been gathered which relate to Embūte. Embūte is one of the oldest populated places in Kurzeme, established approximately 10 000 years ago when the glacier was receding. For centuries it was a sacred place. Already in the 13th century Embūte was an important

Vaiņode airfield – Soviet military air base 2 It was one of the largest military airfields in the Baltic states. Already at the beginning of the last century, the 6

German dirigibles were based there. Then the dirigible hangars were disassembled and moved to Riga, where they were turned into pavilions of the Central Market. During Soviet occupation the airfield served as a military air base. Sixteen hangars and 1800 m of the originally 2500 m long runway have remained. Only guided tours are allowed to the air base. +371 29229743 Vaiņode Museum 3 The museum is located in a former railway station building. The exposition in the Large Hall tells about the ancient work traditions, customs and achievements of our ancestors. The Hall of Deportations presents a display of photographs, documents and evidence related to the deportations in 1941 and 1949. This year the exhibition has been supplemented with exhibits from the World War II – the original maps of the territory known as the Kurzeme Cauldron and the maps of forward edges of battle area, war trophies, Soviet memorabilia and school items. Working hours: Tue-Thu 11:00-14:00, Sat 11:00-13:00, at other times – by prior appointment Brīvības iela 2a, Vaiņode, Vaiņodes novads +371 26025154, 1


1 6

5 3 2

Memorial to the WW II victims of the Kurzeme Cauldron 4 After the surrender of the fascist Germany on 8 May 1945 several war prisoner camps were established in many parts of Kurzeme for German soldiers who were deployed in the territory known as the Kurzeme Cauldron. The prisoners were soldiers of different nationalities who had to serve in German army against their will. Tens of thousands of soldiers from various European countries were imprisoned also in the camp established in the open field at Rudzu manor, Mālkalne village, Vaiņode county. A white cross was installed and consecrated in this location on 8 May 2012.


ancient days it was considered magical, even sacred, and was attributed healing properties. It is freely available, and everyone has an opportunity to try out its water. Exhibition hall of Embūte Tourist Information Centre 6 Display of the terrain models of Embūte nature park. Visits by prior appointment Embūte -1, Vaiņodes novads +371 26632134

Lielbāta Spring 5 Lielbāta Spring is the largest source of spring water in Latvia. It is close to the historic Vaiņode or Lielbāta Castle located on the Western Kurzeme highland, in a well-groomed and clean environment. Lielbāta Spring’s water source flows from west to east towards the sun – because of that already in the

Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50


VAIŅODE TOURISM INFORMATION POINT Brīvības iela 2a (Dzelzceļa stacija), Vaiņode, Vaiņodes novads, LV-3435 +371 26025154, EMBŪTE TOURISM INFORMATION CENTRE Embūte -1, Vaiņodes novads, LV-3436 +371 26632134,,





krunda and its county is like a bright brooch on the banks of the river Venta, and its picturesque environment invites its guests to spend more time there. Skrunda is the newest town of Latvia with harsh experience from the battles for freedom and independence of Latvia in 1919 and the deportations to Siberia arranged by the Soviet authorities. Skrunda manor 1 The manor house was built in 1849. It was finished ten years before the death of Johann Berlitz and is considered to be one of the last buildings of the classicism style in the Latvian architecture. Over the years the manor house has been used as prison, almshouse, pharmacy, school and dormitory. After restoration it has regained its former splendour and stands proudly at the River Venta again. Pils iela 2, Skrunda +371 63370000, +371 22113355, Milk Museum 2 Travel through time by the river of milk and learn about the history of the dairy industry in Latvia. You can turn back in the times of your granny churning the butter, then taking it by horse to the closest train station to transport it further to the town. Rivers of milk, mountains of butter and huge amount 2


of cheese wheels have been consumed since then. Come and visit us to learn how all those milk products were made. Use the opportunity. Interactive exposition will help to gain practical knowledge about, milk skimming, making butter and tasting self-made butter. Entrance fee: EUR 1,58 - 3,54 Excursion with butter making: EUR 3,00-7,10 Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads +371 26518660,, Clock ”Laika upe” 3 The clock ”Laika upe” (”River of time”), designed by Ģirts Burvis, was unveiled during Skrunda Town Festival in May 2012. It has become a popular meeting place in the centre of Skrunda. Skrunda park with an open-air stage and the viewing platform 4 The park is developed on top of the Skrunda castle mound and features four public art objects made by wood carver Ģirts Burvis – seats of the first


Couronian kings Ērmanis Pilāts, Jākobs Sigitars, Veisens and Santiķis. The sculptures were dedicated to the 750th anniversary of Skrunda being mentioned in historical sources. A scenic view over the River Venta opens from the viewing platform located in the park. Lēnu Church 5 Catholic Church with two towers and arched ceilings was built on the bank of the River Venta in 1756. Interior of the church features artistically valuable confessionals and the organ built at the end of the 18th century. There are coffins of the two last Piltene bishops in the basement of the church. Lēnu Church is open to visitors around the clock. Memorial carrige 6 It has been unveiled in Skrunda railway station to commemorate the victims of deportations during 1941 - 1949. In this kind of carriges people were deported to Siberia. On one side of the carriage there is a commemorative plaque dedicated ot the victims of Communist genocide. There is also a memorial stone.



6 3

4 1

5 8

Valtaiķu Church 7 It was built in 1792. Classicism style interior with rococo elements. The church has national cultural monuments – I.L.Egink altar painting ”Golgotha” which was made in 1833 and 15 stained-glass windows made from layouts of Latvian painter V.Purvītis. One window cost 700 gold roubles; in comparison – one cow cost 3 gold roubles. Laidu pagasts, Kuldīgas novads +371 29369544



change, and those which, under the influence of cosmic forces, are constantly changing.

Memorial sites of Oskars Kalpaks 8 Skrunda had a significant role in the battles for freedom of Latvia in January 1919. One of the decisive battles took place there and brought Latvia nearer to freedom and independence. The monument in honour of the victory of the army under the commandership of Oskars Kalpaks over Bolsheviks in Skrunda battle on 29 January 1919 was set up in Skrunda. It was the first victory after continuous retreats and made soldiers believe in their force. Commemorative wall honouring the Battles for Freedom in 1919 was set up at Lēnas, Nīkrāce parish.

The outcrop of rocks and the Gobdziņu cave on the banks of the River Venta 10 On the Venta River’s banks in Nīkrāce Parish dolomite and sandstone outcrops up to 20 m high were formed, thus creating beautiful scenery. Gobdziņu cliffs are some of the most picturesque in Kurzeme. At their foot there is the 26 m deep Gobdziņu cave – the second deepest one in Kurzeme. Both along the cliffs’ foot and peak there are paved footpaths, which offer very beautiful views.

SKRUNDA TOURISM INFORMATION POINTS Raiņa iela 11, Skrunda, LV-3326 +371 25708808, +371 63350454, Skrunda manor, Pils iela 2, Skrunda +371 63370000, +371 22113355


Skrunda county invites to try your hand at a weaving workshop, to taste milk products and shiitake mushrooms.

The Upenieku castle mound 9 Upenieki hill fort – shrouded in myths and legends, endowed with groundwater and energy stones – is found in Nīkrāce Parish. In the fort t h e re a re s u c h p l a c e s w i t h underground waters, which do not

Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50 4




urbe, the smallest town of Latvia, is located in the centre of the county, and it is surrounded by Tadaiķi, Durbe and Vecpils parishes. The name of Durbe is linked with one of the brightest moments of the 13th century battles for freedom of the Baltic nations. The fantastic ancient ambience can still be felt around Durbe hills and the lake. The must-do list in Durbe county suggests experiencing special emotions by testing Vecpils motor race track – the only certified autocross and folkrace track in Kurzeme, and attending the festival of music, art and local harvest ”Zemlika”!

interior has a lot of original parts like pulpit in the Baroque taste from the beginning of the 18th century, an altar with wooden sculptures and twines of acanthus leaves, ceiling chandelier in Mannerist style. A small exhibition about the history of the church is displayed in the church tower. Working hours: Thu 11:00-13:00, Sat 10:00-12:00, Sun 13:00-16:00 at other times – by prior appointment +371 29238037 Durbe Museum 2 The museum is located in the former home of Zigfrīds Anna Meierovics, the first Foreign Minister of the independent Latvia. The museum has permanent and changing expositions dedicated to the well known people who had been related to Durbe and informing about the local history. The museum hosts also various exhibitions. Raiņa iela 17, Durbe +371 28677141,,

Durbe Church 1 It was built in 1651 and is the oldest building in the town. The church is included in the Latvian national list of protected monuments. A boulder fence around the church has survived till today. The church building has not been under massive reconstruction. Its 2


Durbe castle mound 3 It is the location of the ruins of the Livonian Order castle, built in 1263. From the top of the mound you can see the Durbe old valley, the scene of the decisive Battle of Durbe in 1260. The Samogitian and the Cours soundly defeated the forces of the Livonian Order. There is a memorial plaque dedicated to this battle. Lake Durbe 4 Durbe Lake is one of the biggest lakes in Liepāja region with a beautiful scenery. It has a surface area of 670.5 ha with the avarage depth of 1.5 m. Lake’s north-east territory’s alluvial land meadows are included in the protected area register of NATURA 2000. Durbe Lake is rich in fish, so it is popular among anglers. To fish on the lake anglers need a Fishing Licence! Information on purchasing licences +371 29164833. The licence can be purchased in Vecpils Catholic Church and Castle Mound 5 Vecpils (Altenburg) Chatolic Church is the third oldest Catholic church in South Kurzeme. The church was built in 1700 from boulders, with tile roof and tower. Vaulted ceiling is made of unplaned boards and the floor of burned clay slabs. The church has three altars, which were built at different times. They are decorated with icons and carvings. Various carvings also decorate the organ and the ”master” chair. Under the altar was a large cellar - crypt of de Rapp family, but in 1831 the entrance of the basement was bricked up. Visits by prior appointment +371 22021829

9 6




6 Dunalka Manor Complex Ancient name of Dunalka manor is Dubenalken. Building of the manor on the left bank of the river Durbe started at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. Manor complex included a manor house with a stone fence around it, the new living house, horse stable and manor’s barn. The former horse stable have survived till today and houses the culture house. ”Danči”, Dunalkas pagasts, Durbes novads +371 26344350

Dunalka collection of artefacts ”Klētis”, Dunalkas pagasts, Durbes novads, +371 27840820

Informative and educational exposition about the Durbe Lake 7 At the exhibition there is an opportunity to familiarize oneself with the formation of the lake from the ice age to the present day. Skolas iela 3, Durbe, Durbes novads, +37129164833






Ilmāja Lutheran church 10 Vecpils pagasts, +37129410115 Vecpils Local History Centre Vecpils, Vecpils pagasts, Durbes novads, +37126405200




DURBE TOURISM INFORMATION POINT Raiņa iela 17, Durbe, LV-3440 +371 28677141,


In Durbe County you can join a wicker weaving workshop, taste a variety of canned food, tea and wine.

Dižlāņi Manor and Park 8 In the family estate of Counts von Kaiserling the Vecpils School is currently located. Vecpils, Vecpils pagasts +371 20205476

Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Accommodation on page 50 7




robiņa under its modern external simplicity modestly hides many historical singularities – it is the most ancient Viking settlement place on the territory of Latvia mentioned in written sources and one the most important former Viking colonies. Grobiņa’s medieval castle was once the residence of Duke Jacob. All of Grobiņa Municipality is rich in historical and cultural evidences of different eras, Curonian hill forts and Scandinavian burial sites. Grobiņa County comprises the town of Grobiņa and parishes of Bārta, Gavieze, Grobiņa and Medze. Grobiņa medieval castle ruins and the Promenade 1 The Promenade is located in the area of the Grobiņa castle mound and medieval castle ruins, it winds also along the waterfront where you can fish or go boating. The picturesque environment is excellent venue for


enjoying recreational activities, observing changing seasons or just relax after a walk in town. Along the route of the Promenade you will find plates with quotes from Latvian writers Zenta Mauriņa and Rainis. The Promenade has several viewing platforms offering beautiful view over the Grobiņa castle mound, water front and the castle ruins. Active recreation centre ”Couronian Viking Settlement” 2 Grobiņa town had been the location of the ancient settlement of the Cours. The evidence of the impressive raids of the Couronian Vikings around the Baltic Sea date back to the 9th century. ”Couronian Viking Settlement” offers you an excellent opportunity to learn wisdoms of the Couronian Vikings, to become a Viking for a day, take a tour by a Viking ship and enjoy time with your family or friends. An opportunity to get acquainted with historical sites


and objects in Grobiņa. Working hours: Sat 11:00-20:00, Sun 11:00-18:00 Pīlādžu iela 3, Grobiņa +371 26490324, Memorial Room of the Latvian Writer Zenta Mauriņa 3 Zenta Maurina (1897-1978), an outstanding philosopher, renowned translator, writer and winner of international awards lived here since 1898 till 1921. Working hours: Wed, Thu 11:00-17:00, Sat 11:00-14:00 Lielā iela 84, Grobiņa +371 26191522, +371 63490416 1

Tāšu (Telses) Manor 4 The first written evidence of the Telses (Telsen) manor dates back to 1501. From 1641 till the middle of the 19th century the manor was owned by the von Korffs and the central building of the manor is from that period of time. The House of Master still has remarkable Baroque fireplaces, also the stonemasonry main entrance portal and other details have been preserved. The former manor centre is surrounded by historic green area of 10 ha. The building is currently under restoration. Tāši, Medzes pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 29133136,


Swedes who came by boats bringing Christianity to this region. Celtnieku iela 33, Grobiņa +371 26191522, +371 63490416 Grobiņa Evangelical Lutheran Church History of the first congregation in Grobiņa dates back to the 13th century, when the Crusaders erected the stone Grobiņa Castle, which had a castle church. The present stone church was built during the reign of Duke Jacob, who in 1660 had lived in the Grobiņa Castle. The church was consecrated in 1664 and restored in 1892. 17th century

St.Brigita Catholic Church 5 The church has modern and symbolic architecture – its shape resembles Noah's Ark, the vessel which saves all people. It is also a symbolic reference to 2


dishes, lamps and a sacrificial box have been preserved at the church. The church’s interior is built in the classical style, in white and gold colors. Darba laiks vasarā: O-S 12:00-18:00 Lielā iela 21, Grobiņa +371 26378967 NEW Beach “Liedagi” with oaken walkways 7 Landscaped beach on the Baltic Sea shore with walking paths, information boards, picnic areas, dressing cabins, toilets and a car parking. NEW ”Odziņu” Cup-Marked Stone 8 Ancient cult stone dating back to the Bronze Age, the Odziņu boulder 20003000 years ago was used as a shrine. During the cultivation of agricultural land the stone was unearthed. In 2013 the stone was dug out and moved to a new location not far from the Mātra hill fort. Now a boulder the size of about 15 cubic meters and weighing 43 tons once again is open for inspection at a new location near the Grobiņa-Ventspils highway. 7




4 10 5

Bārta Museum 9 The permanent exhibition of the Bārta Museum tells about the making and wearing traditions of Bārta national costume. Visitors are involved in the embroidery of samples and the weaving of handkerchiefs. Exhibitions are regularly organized in the museum, too. Working hours: 1.10.-30.04. Mon, Fri, Sun 10:00-15:00; 1.05.-30.09. Mon, Fri-Sun 10:00-15:00; at other times – by prior appointment ”Cielavas”, Bārta, Grobiņas novads +371 29761660, +371 28687254, NEW Museum of undervalued items on the “Ķīvītes” landfill site 10 In the museum one can view ancient household items, unique and valuable things that were found in piles of waste. At the exhibition a historical spinning wheel, a dowry chest, a ladies’ toilet locker dating back to the 19th century can be seen alongside sewing machines of different periods, appliances and many other interesting household items. A massive original portrait of Lenin painted in 1960 in a gilded frame and Liv artist Jānis Belte’s painting should be especially pointed out. Currently the exhibition features more than 50 different items, but their number is constantly growing. Excursions are free of charge +371 26420306 WE ALSO SUGGEST VISITING Grobiņa archaeological ensemble Exhibition of antiques ”Dowry of memories” ’’Dižgavieze’’, Gaviezes pagasts, ’ Grobiņas novads +371 20200253, +371 63497924 44

1 2




Kapsēde boulder Bird watching tower in Tāšu Lake +371 29906373, +371 63454685 Mini zoo ”Dižvanagi” +371 26373227, +371 29635597, Pedigree rabbits, wild horses and cows at the farmstead ”Elčuki” +371 29733310, +371 26722659 Wild horses and cows at the farmstead ”Lauras” +371 26263915, +371 29222061 Plant nursery and garden ”Īve” Atpūtas iela 4, Grobiņa +371 29542108 kokaudzē, In Grobiņa County you can learn about the trade of potters and weavers, taste locally grown watermelons and goat cheese, go horseback riding as well as go for a ride on a boat or a wakeboard and try your hand at the aerial cableway track. Craft workshops on page 45 Snacks and delicacies on page 46 Active recreation on page 48 Accommodation on page 50

GROBIŅA REGION TOURISM INFORMATION POINTS Grobiņa County Council Visitor centre Lielā iela 76, Grobiņa +371 63490458 Active recreation centre ”Couronian Viking Settlement” Pīlādžu iela 1, Grobiņa +371 26490324




Divided wicker basket workshop Acquaintance with wicker weaving is available both for groups and individual tourists. Ziedu iela 2, Saraiķi, Pāvilostas novads +371 634 53523, +371 29427027

Virgas County Workshop of weaving, handicrafts and wool felting ”Pagastmāja”, Paplaka, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 26146335

Basket-makers workshop ”Dimanti”, Dunalkas pagasts, Durbes novads +371 29927394, +371 634 54113

Priekule club of creative adults ”Saspraude” In the workshops you can master the candlemaking secrets or wax batik techniques and learn how to work with clay, polymer clay, tile fragments, leather, silk or wool and cotton yarns. Skolas iela 12, Priekule +371 29135806,

Workshop of knitter and weaver Regīna Kalniņa One can view Nīca and Pērkone national costumes homemade by the master as well as gloves and socks with imbedded Nīca-style writings. Opportunity to learn about the process of knitting and weaving and to purchase knitted and weaved products. ”Agri”, Nīca, Nīcas novads +371 634 69222, +371 26525550 Weaving collective’s “Dzīpariņš” workshop at the Bārta House of Culture Opportunity to experience and watch weaving process and look at the finished works in the exhibition. Bārta, Grobiņas novads +371 26246410 Skrunda Weavers’ Workshop Lielā iela 1, Kultūras nams, Skrunda, Skrundas novads +371 22057345,

Amber jewelry made by Gunta Vecpils Amber manufacturing process and opportunity to see and purchase amber jewelry. ”Drāznieki”, Kalnišķi, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 26363079 Ceramic workshop ”Pods” Rolava, Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 29746205, +371 634 54064 Guna Rubeža’s ceramic studio Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads +371 26194220,

Ceramic Studio ”Virzas” Opportunity to sit at the potter's wheel, to create interesting things with plaster moulds, to learn painting on crockery and master the sandblasting technique on glass and ceramic surfaces. ”Virzas”, Paplaka, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 26534381, +371 26421205, Furniture joinery ”K Stils” Excursions in a joinery mainly engaged in the production of solid wood furniture. Raiņa iela 25, Vaiņode +371 28316136, Wattle fence workshop ”Turaidas”, Dunalkas pagasts, Durbes novads +371 29649900, Sand art workshop Bulk sand, sand patterns, painting with sand, sand theater, timekeeping with sand, rangoli sand, sand mandala, sand music and sand massage. Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads +371 29488247,,

Workshop of wood crafts ”Ziemeļi”, Durbe, Durbes novads +371 29329535 45


Fish Smoking in Pāvilosta An opportunity to find out more about the fish smoking and to assist in the preparation of fish. Sampling and tasting of self-made smoked fish! Offer valid from May till October. Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads +371 29207243,,

Herd of goats at the organic farm ”Baroni” Acquaintance with the heard of Latvian breed goats, sampling of goat milk, cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt, a possibility to try your hand at goat milking. ”Baroni”, Medzes pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 28628772,,

Seine pulling and fish smoking in Pērkone Hotel “Jūrnieka Ligzda” organizes active and delicious relaxation by the sea. Pērkone, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 26596877

Excursion ’’Milky Way’’ in Milk Manor Milk museum exhibition, milk skimming, making butter, tasting self-made butter and guided tour of the manor complex. Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads +371 26518660

Sea fishing and fish tasting Dragnet fishing, fish smoking and tasting of fish soup and smoked fish. Nida, Rucavas pagasts, Rucavas novads +371 29904424 Coastal fishing and fish smoking in Nida Coastal fishing and seine pulling, fish smoking and smoked fish delight. Possibility to rent a gazebo and a fish smokehouse. Nida, Rucavas novads +371 29235120 Ethnographic house ”Zvanītāji” Tasting of the traditional Rucava food like local rye-bread, carrot cakes (also called fence cakes), white butter with potatoes and little loaves of potatoes and spending the evening with ancient songs and cultural traditions. During the summer season every day from 12:00 to 16:00 at “Zvanītāji” there is an opportunity to enjoy a “household” dinner. Rucava, Rucavas novads +371 26814051

Organic farm ”Meldri E.B.” Visit to the black elderberry plantation and the apple garden. „Meldri”, Otaņķu pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 29427174 Berry Tasting in Rucva County Cranberries +371 29918605, +371 26101164 Black currants +371 27502676 Strawberries +371 29668906 ”Dēseles dārzi” The farm is engaged in cultivation of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, plums and apples. Embūtes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads +371 29247627 Watermelon farm The opportunity to see, taste and purchase field-grown watermelons. ”Arāji”, Medzes pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 29498418

Delicious treats of Otaņķi Tasting of bread products. Otaņķu pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 29779397

Organic farm ”Sproģi-5” The organic farm specializes in growing apples and pears. Tours and sampling. ”Sproģi”, Lieģi, Tadaiķu pagasts, Durbes novads +371 26170014,

Baking and tasting of Rustic bread at ”Ievlejas” The opportunity to make and bake your own loaf of bread. Home-made beer tasting during the period of the summer solstice festival Jāņi. Sampling of the locally made ”Latvian fleatbread” – bread with fat bacon and onions. ”Ievlejas”, Sakas pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 29124128,

Processing company ”Ābolīt’s” Learning about the production process and tasting of products. The company produces pickled cucumbers, juice, jam, etc. Durbes novads +371 29207905, +371 634 41740

Tasting of products made of goat milk Milking goats, milk skimming, making butter and cheese, tasting the products made of goat milk. Offer valid from June till August. ”Lejas”, Sakas pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 25984069,


Winery ’’Durbes veltes’’ Tasting of wines made of fruit and berries grown in Durbe county and snacks made by ”Durbes veltes”. Durbe, Durbes novads +371 29119051, ,

Lielbāta Spring water Naturally extracted from Lielbāta spring – the largest Latvian spring water source, with bottles filled near its extraction site – Lielbāta Castle estate. Because the spring is freely accessible, everyone has an opportunity to try out its water to make sure that its taste is invariable, be it in a bottle or from the source itself. Vaiņode Teas and medicinal plants at the farmstead ’’Turaidas’’ The farmstead is engaged in beekeeping, growing teas and medicinal plants. The farmstead is engaged in growing teas and medicinal plants for more than ten years. The visitors are told about the history and meaning of medicinal plants. Everyone is given a chance to find medicinal plants in the nature. During the tasting visitors learn about the processes of drying, keeping and packing the plants. ”Turaidas”, Dunalkas pagasts, Durbes novads +371 29649900, Organic food production plant ”Greener Foods” During the tour you will be able to get acquainted with organic food production and packaging stages as well as taste the products of the enterprise. ”Vībiņi”, Embūtes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads +371 28698933, +371 29441677 Shiitake mushroom farm ”Garīkas” Visit to the mushroom farm and mushroom tasting. ”Garīkas”, Rudbāržu pagasts Skrundas novads +371 29147778, +371 29134122, Gifts from Nature Getting to know the edible wild plants, cooking and tasting of meals. Seminars on the bounties of forests and how to use them as health improving or food products. Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads +371 29488247,

RURAL SPA Bathhouse has been considered a sacred place by Latvians since ancient times – here they could not only go to simply wash, warm or take a steam-bath but also internally clean and adjust themselves. Around Liepāja in numerous bathhouses you can enjoy bathhouse rituals performed by knowledgeable bathhouse attendants with the help of various bath brooms made from different plants, grass mats, compresses and capes as well as diverse massages. RURAL BATHHOUSES WITH BATHHOUSE ATTENDANT’S RITUAL AT THE BERGHOF DAIRY ESTATE Rural white bathhouse Ritual of enjoying a steam bath with new mighty bath brooms, individually prepared body scrub with forest scent, birching with green bath brooms by the bathhouse attendant for purification of the soul, various water treatments – all this creates a feeling of being born anew! Stone black Bathhouse In the beginning – a ritual to appease the world of feelings and emotions, then – a healing scrub made from flowering forest gifts, after that –

birching with green bath brooms by the bathhouse attendant for purification of the soul. The spine shall be strengthened and pleasantly warmed by the stones from Ziemupe seaside. A knowingly and skillfully conducted water ritual will be a perfect portion of strength for the soul, mind and body. The ritual shall be completed with a profuse compress for the new day called “the 1000 forces of nature”. Sieksāte, Rudbāžu pagasts, Skrundas novads +371 26518660, RURAL SPA AT THE “KAIJAS” HOLIDAY HOUSE IN ZIEMUPE Rural bathhouse with a female bathhouse attendant and relaxing massage designed for the improvement of your well-being. To attain better health and well-being for yourself, we offer a knowingly performed bathhouse process in a pristine sparsely populated environment, where peace, quiet and sea breeze reign. Here everyone will feel welcome and taken care of. As a result you are going to feel completely rested and shall achieve the sense of inner peace and relaxation. Bathhouse treatments shall create harmony with the world around and one’s own self, clarity of thought, enhance the body’s immunity and

grant joy over one’s own body. At the ’’Kaijas’’ bathhouse in Ziemupe one can enjoy birching with wet and dry bath brooms, swimming in the pool or wallowing in the snow, getting massaged with sea stones or aromatic oils, receiving a blue clay mask and other procedures. The offer includes all the necessary accessories for bathhouse procedures: environmentally clean and without technological processing. Kaiju iela 1, Ziemupe, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 63453543, +371 29454425 PUERTO VV MINI SPA Regain your strength by taking a steam-bath with fragrant bath brooms, swimming in a warm or cold outdoor pool, enjoying a massage or just relaxing with friends. We offer a variety of massages: essential oil drip massage; sound therapy with Tibetan bells, Wah-wah pipe, Tibetan cymbals and gongs; polar energy balancing; Champissage etc. At the bathhouse there is a possibility to sleep on real hay mattresses. Krasta iela 19, Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads +371 29488247




resting area by the fireplace. Nida, Rucavas novads +371 29521002 Boat rental at the “Oga” tourist club Six-seater inflatable boats – rafts for carefree rides on Kurzeme’s rivers. Kayaks are also available for rent. +371 26490324

Rides on wooden boats Rides on wooden boats built in Pāvilosta using the traditional examples of fishermen’s boats. The offer is valid for groups up to 40 persons. ”Vēju paradīze”, Smilšu iela 14, Pāvilosta +371 29125521,, Boat rental ”Sofijas Laivas” Boating routes, rent and delivery of canoe and fishing boats, as well as fishing tackles in Kurzeme - in the sea, the lake Liepāja, routes in the rivers Bārta, Abava, Venta, Tebra, Durbe, Saka, etc. Boating events for groups. Comfortable cottages for ice anglers. Portable bathhouse and a tub. ”Šmiti”, Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 29339677,, Active leisure and coastal fishing on Nida’s beach Here one can relax with friends and colleagues at a social picnic, go fishing alone or pull the seine together, go for a boat ride, play volleyball, water polo or table tennis, simply take a swim and sunbathe. Nida, Rucavas novads +371 29235120,

Coastal fishing and dragnet fishing in the Nida Coastal fishing or dragnet fishing, smoking the caught fish and tasting them in the


Boat and bicycle rental in Priekule The association ”Pārcēlājs” offers canoe rental and assists in developing boat trip routes in Kurzeme and neighbouring Lithuania, providing the delivery of boats to the starting point of the boat trip. Bike rental available too. Baznīcas iela 26, Priekule +371 26426992, Water tourism in Vaiņode Boating routes along Vaiņode Municipality’s water bodies, landscaped staying places and swimming areas, fishing, camping sites. Vaiņode, Vaiņodes novads +371 29186836 HORSE-BACK RIDING

Wakepark ”Viking Wake Center” Enjoy the water and the temptation of speed at the wakepark arranged on a mill pond in Grobiņa! Wakeboarding training and zorbing are also offered. +371 29294912, Boat rental in Kalēti Canoe rental and boat transportation. Services predominantly are offered to boatmen on Vārtāja and Bārta rivers. ”Liepavoti”, Kalēti, Kalētu pagasts, Priekules novads +371 26423893, +371 28303698, Jura staļļi Horse-back riding classes, horse-back riding on the field and in the woods, a drive in a two-horse team driven cart or sleigh, availability of specially trained small horses and ponies for children. ”Kapeļkalēji”, Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 28311380, +371 29359778, Recreation by Prūšu reservoir Artificially made reservoir is 63 hectares large. Relaxation by and on the water, a good place for swimming, having a picnic and fish smoking. Boat and water cycle rental .In the reservoir there are more than 15 kinds of freshwater fish. Virga parish authority issues the licences of fishing. ”Prūši”, Paplaka, Virgas pagasts Priekules novads +371 63454848, +371 26536512

Stiebriņi Riding on horseback and on pony or in a horse cart for competition along the river Virga and the pond Prūši. Horseback riding lessons, Reittherapy. Educational excursions for groups. Picnic sites and fishing. ”Stiebriņi”, Paplaka, Virgas pagasts, Priekules novads +371 26534780,


Jūles muiža We offer horse rides in the vicinity of Priekule. Equitation training sessions and open jumping are organized. We offer picnic areas, overnight stay is possible. ”Jūles muiža”, Priekules pagasts, Priekules novads +37129250503, LEISURE ACTIVITIES AND NATURE TRAILS Aerial cableway track attractions at the “Jura staļļi” stables “The flying horse track” for adults with 7 different obstacles and 2 cableway descents and the “Unicorn track” for the little ones. Picnic areas and sport grounds, a children playground, a gazebo and tents for social events, barbecue equipment, campfire sites, camping sites. ”Kapeļkalēji”, Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 29359778, ”Kamenes” Nature trail with recreational and play elements suitable for families with children. Tent places, swimming place, sauna. ”Kamenes”, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads +371 29188765,

SPORTS FIELDS Pāvilosta Skate Park Open throughout the year. Pāvilosta, Pāvilostas novads Outdoor ice rink (in winter) and floorball and street basketball court (in summer) Pāvilosta, +371 29230995 OTHER ACTIVITIES Shooting Sports Club A good place for leisure and sporting! You can try your hand and have training in Compak sporting, sporting clays, hunting and two types of Olympic shooting events. ”Lāčkoki”, Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 29212878, Hot air ballooning An unforgettable adventure in the skies of Kurzeme! We offer a delivery to the flying destination and back. Lejas iela 1, Pāvilosta +371 29240461,

Nature pathways in Embūte You will enjoy your time spent on ecotourism pathways along the Embūte ancient valley by getting to know the history and nature of the county rich in legends. Possible to rent a bicycle. Embūte, Embūtes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads +371 26632134,, Forest Park ”Priediens” in Kalēti Pathways of mushrooms, animals and medicinal plants, hurdles, swings, playgrounds for children, etc. Kalēti, Priekules novads +371 26423893,,


ACCOMMODATION 1 Guest house ”Pūķarags” Pape, Rucavas novads, +371 28378625,,


2 Guest house ”Saktas” Rucava, Rucavas novads +371 26796916

Holiday house ”Bajāri” Rucava, Rucavas novads +371 29207323, +371 26402106

4 Hotel ”Jūrnieka ligzda” Pērkone, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 26596877, +371 63469542,,

15-20 from 9



5 Guest house ”Jūrmaļi” Jūrmalciems, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads, +371 26366206, +371 63454430,

Guest house ”Jūrmaļjēkuļi” Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 29490769,


Holiday house ”Atmatas” Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 28807584, +371 26424299,, 28-50

Holiday house ”Sklandas” Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 26643815, +371 29237650,, 11km

Holiday house ”Sīpoli” Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 29590033,, 40-60

15-40 12




Guest house ”Brakši” Pērkone, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads +371 63469555, +371 29423291,,

Guest house ”Uaneta” Kalēju iela 53, Grobiņa, Grobiņas novads, +371 26077588,,



Guest house ”Eizers” Lauktehnikas iela 2, Grobiņa, Grobiņas novads +371 29119633,, 10

13 Holiday house ”Zariņi” Šķēdes iela 2c, Saraiķi, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 26540345,,,




10km 12m


14 Holiday house ”Kaijas” Kaiju iela 1, Ziemupe, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads +371 29454425, +371 63453543,







Guest house ”Kurzemes pērle” Būdnieki, Kalvenes pagasts, Aizputes novads, +371 28658466,

Guest house ”Mētras māja” Pasta 1a, Aizpute, +371 29545975, +371 63448413,,

15-30 24


17 Country house ”Čiekuriņi” Krasta iela 4, Bunka, Bunkas pagasts, Priekules novads,, +371 29236979

18 Hotel ”Piena muiža-Berghof” Sieksāte, Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads, +371 26518660,


19 Guest house ”Garīkas” Rudbāržu pagasts, Skrundas novads, +371 29147778, +371 29134122,,

Holiday house ’’Vecvanagi’’ Jaunmuiža, Skrundas pagasts, Skrundas novads +37128643994, 7,50-75






21 Holiday house ’’Atvari’’ Durbes novads +371 29277582, +371 22335859, 74-99 3



22 Guest house ’’Dēseles dzirnavas’’ Embūtes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads + 371 29247627,

30 50m

35-50 3



Holiday house ’’Gailišķe’’ Auguste, Vaiņodes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads +371 26425677, +371 29336085,










55km 30m

26 Hostel ’’Embūtes muiža’’ Embūte -1, Vaiņodes pagasts, Vaiņodes novads, +371 26632134,


Hostel ’’Jumītis’’ Rucava, Rucavas novads +371 29426189,

75km 20m 7-35 1

Vaiņode hostel Raiņa iela 60, Vaiņode, +371 29228885,,,




27 Camping ’’Pūķarags’’ Pape, Rucavas novads, +371 28378625,,

Camping ’’Ērgļi’’ Bernāti, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads, +371 634 30608, +371 29295337,,

50 7km 6-40

29 Camping ’’Pāvilosta Marina’’ Ostmalas iela 4, Pāvilosta, +371 26557856, +371 63498581,,

30 Camping ’’Kalēji’’ ’’Senči”, Ziemupe, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilostas novads, +371 29141389,,


31 Camping ’’Ievlejas’’ ’’Ievlejas”, Sakas pagasts, Pāvilostas novads, +371 29690362, +371 29124128,,

Camping ’’Vīnrozes’’ 172 km of Rīga-Liepāja highway, Durbes novads, +371 29255854,,


21-36 4



33 Camping ’’Klajumi’’ Jūrmalciems, Nīcas novads +371 26114601, +371 26212997,

34 Tent site ’’Smaragda’’ ’’Kapaiņi’’, Jūrmalciems, Nīcas pagasts, Nīcas novads, +371 26464331,



35 Tent site ’’Kareļi’’ "Kareļi", Saraiķi, Vērgales pagasts, Pāvilosts novads +371 29561618,

Tent site at the Ziemupe seaside parking lot Ziemupe, Pāvilostas novads +371 29400470,

5-8 18km 20m

3-7 100

5-10 2-70 2




30km 20m







23 29 22 21 32 34 Kungu iela


24 33



26 31

Liepāja public transport and bicycle path plan. List of public transport routes and timetables: 28




Bus line No. 3 Bus line No. 6 Bicycle path Cafes

Bus line No. 9 Bus line No. 22 Accommodation







16 19 18


21 32

20 11 12

17 26


4 10 25 6 7 8 9 28


5 33 34

1 27

3 24






USEFUL INFORMATION HOW TO GET TO LIEPAJA By Car Rīga-Liepāja: Highway A9, distance 220 km Klaipeda-Liepāja: Highway A11, distance 100 km By Train From Rīga Railway Station: Fri, Sun 18:30 Rīga-Liepāja From Liepāja Railway Station: Mon, Sat 06.00 Liepaja-Rīga Check the timetables before departure at, By Bus From Riga Bus Terminal and Riga Airport Also from Ventspils, Kuldiga, Talsi, Klaipeda and Palanga Check the timetables before departure at,,, By Ferry From Travemünde (Lübeck, Germany), 20-24h Liepāja Ferry Terminal, Brīvostas iela 46, Liepāja +371 677 96900,

By Yacht Liepāja Yacht Port Provides mooring place, water, power, security guards of the berth. Jūras iela 12, Liepāja +371 63483801, +371 26155882 N 56°30’45.52’’ E 21°00’42.86”

GETTING AROUND IN LIEPAJA Joint ticket for bus, minibus and tram EUR 0,57 (in kiosks) or EUR 0,70 (from the driver), buy in advance day ticket and ticket for 10 trips See the timetables at the stops and at

By Plane Riga International Airport Flights from/to 83 destinations Muzeju iela 1, Mārupes novads +371 29311187,

INTERNET ACCESS POINTS Free Wi-Fi at the Rose Square Liepaja Scientific Library, Zivju iela 7 Restaurant „Klondaika”, Stendera iela 3 Baltic Data, Jaunā ostmala 3/5 Tīkls, Peldu iela 32/34

Palanga International Airport Flights from/to: Copenhagen, Oslo, Riga, Moscow Liepojos pl. 1, Palanga, Lietuva +370 460 52020,

USEFUL INFORMATION First aid 03, 112, 113 Rescue services 01, 112 Police 02, 112 Inquiry services 1188, Liepājā + 371 63420444

Liepaja International Airport Charter flights Lidostas iela 8, Grobiņas pagasts, Grobiņas novads +371 63407592,


Rožu laukums 5/6, Liepāja +371 634 80808, +371 29402111

WORKING HOURS: 1.01.-31.03. Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 1.04.-30.09. Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00 Sat 10:00-18:00 Sun 10:00-15:00 1.10.–31.12. Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 Sat 10:00-15:00

© LIEPĀJA REGION TOURISM INFORMATION OFFICE, 2014 Published with the financial support of Liepāja City Council and Regional Councils Photos: Kristīne Galdika, Kārlis Jozeps, Valters Pelns, Jānis Vecbrālis, Mārtiņš Sīlis, Edgars Pohevičs, Ligita Laipenice, LRTIB and TIC publicity photos Maps: SIA ”Karšu izdevniecība Jāņa sēta” Design: SIA Ad|Diction Print: SIA ’’Talsu tipogrāfija’’

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