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May 8, 2012 Farmingdale State College State University of New York Nold Hall

Office of the Director

Summer 2012 Dear Students: As you have learned during this past year, the effects of the decline in the economy have been felt by the LIEOC. While we were not able to offer all of the courses we have in the past, the commitment of the students was unfazed. I congratulate you on your hard work and dedication. ‡…ƒ””‹‡†–Š”‘—‰Š‘—”Dz–—†‡–• ‹”•–dzƒ’’”‘ƒ…Šƒ†‡…‘—”ƒ‰‡†‰”‡ƒ–‡”•–—†‡– participation in our Student Recognition Ceremony that was held on Tuesday, May 8, 2012. Hearing tŠ‡ ™‘”†• ‘ˆ ‘—” •–—†‡–•ǥ‹ ’”‘•‡ǡ ‹ •‘‰ǡ ƒ† ‹ ’‘‡–”›ǥ™ƒ• ‰”‡ƒ–Ž› appreciated by all in attendance. In addition, our student awards were as meaningful to the presenters as they were to the recipients. The enclosed journal should be a treasured keepsake of your accomplishments as ™‡ŽŽƒ• ƒ Ž‹•–‹‰‘ˆƒŽŽ‘ˆ–Š‹• ›‡ƒ”ǯ•…‘’Ž‡–‡”•ǤŠ‡’Š‘–‘•‘ˆ–Š‡ ’”‘…‡‡†‹‰•’”‘˜‹†‡ ƒ visual remembrance of what happened that night, and we are sure that you will enjoy the finished product. While some things have changed, one thing remains the same: the great joy and pride that our entire staff feels when we see that students have completed what they had set out to do. It is our hope that you continue to make strides in the years ahead and that you know we are always here to help you along the way. Sincerely,

Brian M. Maher Director BMM/m

Farmingdale State College ~ State University of New York

May 8, 2012 May 12, 2009

Dear Graduate: Congratulations on your triumph in completing a program of studies at the Long Island Educational Opportunity Center. It is my pleasure to share with you, your family and friends in this celebration of your accomplishments. Aspiring to reach your goals takes hard work and commitment, and you have shown your willingness to pursue your dreams by meeting the challenges placed before you. You have won an important life’s victory. On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff of Farmingdale State College, I wish you much success in your future endeavors. Sincerely,

W. Hubert Keen, Ph.D. President

2350 Broadhollow Rd. ~ Farmingdale, NY 11735 ~ 631.420.2000 ~

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UCAWD Service Awards

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The University Center for Academic and Workforce Development Awards are presented to faculty and staff for their years of dedicated service and unwavering support of the mission and goals of the Long Island Educational Opportunity Center.

10 Years Michael Oil 20 Years Darleyne Mayers 30 Years Brian Maher


15 Years Charles Miranda


25 Years Patricia Ward


40 Years David Groden

Pictured l. to r.: Dr. W. Hubert Keen, President - Farmingdale State College, William Chalmers, UCAWD - Assistant Provost and Director, Charles Miranda, Patricia Ward, Michael Oil, David Groden, Brian Maher, and Darleyne Mayers.

State University of New York Board of Trustees H. Carl McCall, B.A., Chairman, New York City Kaitlyn Beachner, Buffalo Joseph W. Belluck, J.D., B.S.., New York City Ronald G. Ehrenberg, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Ithaca Tina Good, BA, MA, Ph.D., Stony Brook Stephen J. Hunt, B.A., M.B.A., Katonah Eunice A. Lewin, B.A., M.A., Buffalo Marshall Lichtman, MD., B.S., Pittsford John Murad, B.A., J.D., Jamesville. Pedro Antonio Noguera, B.A, M.A., Ph.D., New York City Kenneth O’Brien, A.B., Ph.D., Brockport Linda S. Sanford, B.S., M.S., Chappaqua Carl Spielvogel, B.B.A., New York City Cary Staller, B.A., J.D., Old Field Gerri Warren-Merrick, B.A., New York City ~~~~~~~~~~

System Administration Nancy L. Zimpher, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Chancellor of the University David K. Lavallee, B.S.,M.S., Ph.D. Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost William F. Howard, B.A., J.D. Senior Vice Chancellor and General Counsel, Acting Secretary of the University ~~~~~~~~~~

University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD) William Chalmers Assistant Provost and Director

State University of New York Farmingdale W. Hubert Keen, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., President Lucia Cepriano, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs George P. LaRosa, A.A.S., B.B.A., M.B.A., Sr. Vice President and CFO Tom Corti, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Vice President for Student Affairs Patrick Calabria, BA,Vice President for Institutional Advancement Henry Sikorski, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Chief Development Officer Veronica Henry, A.A.S., B.S., M.S.N., M.S., Ed.D., Executive Assistant to the President Kathryn Coley, B.A., M.S., Director of Communications Marie Hayden-Miles, R.N., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Dean, School of Health Sciences Anthony Giffone, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Acting Dean, School of Arts and Sciences Richard Vogel, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., Acting Dean, School of Business Lorraine Greenwald., B.S., M.B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Dean, International Education and Programs Kamal Shahrabi, B.S., M.E., M.Phil, PhD., Dean, School of Engineering Technologies Anita M. Pallateri, A.S., Administrative Assistant to the President

State University of New York Farmingdale - College Council Pearl Kamer, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D., Chairperson, Syosset Kenneth A. Card, Jr., BA., MA., Ed.D., Wheatley Heights Paul F. Caroleo, B.S., North Babylon David M. Curry, BA., MA., JD., Lindenhurst Kathleen Ferrell, A.A., Shoreham Robert Stricoff, B.A., M.S., Oak Beach Patricia Hill Williams, B.A., M.A., M.A./L.S., Ed.D., North Babylon

nd Educational Opportunity Center la s I g n o L Advisory Council Ms. Diane Bachor Ms. Enes Carnesecca Mr. Peter Crisano Dr. Miriam K. Deitsch Ms. Malka Edelman

Mr. Thomas Frisco Dr. Veronica Henry Mr. Ken Knutsen Mr. Dennis McGuire Mr. Martin M. Murphy

Ms. Kathy Piccinnini Ms. Denise Rega Ms. Janice Rodriguez Mr. Murray Murad Prof. Mort Seitelman

t n

s d ar

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w A Daniel Kenedy Memorial Award Award Recipient: Amar White

Amar White is a College Prep student who has excelled in the Chemistry class this year and by his teacher has been compared to the classic “Little Engine That Could”… remember … “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…I KNOW I can?” Despite the odds, Amar keeps moving forward academically, getting stronger and building his skills. I cannot promise you when or how soon he will arrive at the top of th the hill, but I know that day is coming.” Currently Amar is working on his last two courses in College Prep. He is a Licensed Practical Nurse working at Mercy Hospital as a Surgical Tech. He is very dedicated to his patients. He is father extraordinaire to an active eight year old son. He is applying to St. Paul’s College in Queens to continue his education and pursue his dream.

Cheryl R. Canton Incentive/ Willie Henry Riddick Memorial Award Award Recipient: Diane Ramnarine Diane Ramnarine learned about the LIEOC ten years ago when her boss gave her a flyer because he saw her potential. It took Diane ten years to finally decide to join us, but when she did she was ready. Highly motivated and mature, Diane is conscientious, inquisitive and prepared. She willingly helps her classmates and encourages them to do as well as she can. Diane has been able to balance a full time job, caring for her infirmed husband, and doing extremely well in class. Our courses have prepared Diane for college and she will start in September on a part time basis.

Harriet Jonas Business Education Award Award Recipient: Indranie Singh In December 2010 Indranie Singh had to resign from two jobs and return to her native country to care for a family member. Upon her return, employment was difficult as she lacked education. The LIEOC was a perfect fit for her and she enrolled in September 2011. Once she began, she quickly learned to manage her time and develop a strong ethnic. In two semesters Indranie completed both the Administrative Assistant and Medical Biller program, as well as receiving Certification in the ATTAIN Lab Microsoft Office Specialist for Office Word 2011. Indranie is an extremely conscientious student who has maintained an A average in all of her classes. A self starter, Indranie has a genuine interest in learning and is actively seeking employment at the present time.

Professor Eduardo Braithwaite English as a Second Language Award Award Recipients: James Dorneval and Md Azizul Haque A native of Haiti, James Dorneval has been an outstanding ESL student in the Intermediate and Advanced levels. His grades are exceptional and he has near perfect attendance. He leads many classroom discussions that set the tone for the other members of the class and he always encourages the participation of his classmates. Active in his church, Mr. Dorneval plans to attend college in the near future.

* * * *

Originally from Bangladesh, Md Azizul Hague has lifted himself up from a life of poverty while working in the family business before he arrived in the United States. The only sibling to be educated, he borrowed money from friends and tutored children to support his days at the National University in Bangladesh in 2009. Fortunate to be one of the few granted a diversity visa, he came to the United States without the benefit of knowing a soul. He currently works at a 7-11 and gets there on his bicycle…an hour ride each way. He also rides to the LIEOC where he is an exceptional level three student who eagerly helps his classmates and who hopes to again excel on the college level. For now he hopes his mastery of the English language will enable him to get a better job.

Josephine Whiting Alumni Award Award Recipient: Marvalyn Munroe When she came from her native Jamaica, Marvalyn set as a goal to be a nurse. When she arrived at the LIEOC she was told she first needed to get her GED, so she enrolled at our Hempstead. She did well but needed to improve her reading score so she could start our CNA programs. She worked very diligently last summer and was accepted into our fall program. The problem now was transportation she the course was being offered in Farmingdale. Marvalyn took two buses to get to class and three buses to get to Pinelawn Road where a classmate would pick her up and take her to- the clinic for her practical training. And when she wasn’t studying, Marvalyn worked two jobs and raised two children. Marvalyn is now enrolled in our Educational Pathways to Nursing course and hopes to eventually go to college for a BS and an RN. Though determined to get what she wants, Marvalyn always thinks of her children’s well being first. She always helped her classmates and was a model student.

Francis A. Simmonds Science Award Award Recipient: Anthony F. Bowden After seeing his sister attend college immediately after graduating from College, Anthony Bowden took that inspiration and decided he would do the same. Having worked for five years at a local appliance store, Anthony entered our College Prep program in 2009. He has now completed all of his prerequisites and will be enter Farmingdale State College in the fall. Anthony feels that his LIEOC experiences have helped him reach the maturity level that he will need to be successful in college. While with us he has become a more confident student and has realized that, by helping his classmates with their studies, he is also reinforcing the material in his own mind. He is always there to give them a pep talk as well.

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Student Community Service Awards

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This year our students participated in events held in Albany. Erica Drummond and Crystal Greene provided health care information to those who attended the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus in February. A month later, Ingrid Abrahim, Sheila Flythe, Anita Lowndes, Dion Smith, and Lakia Wilkerson joined UUP members and other students in an advocacy day in the State Legislature. We are grateful for their commitment to our program.

Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus

Pictured l. to r.: Erica Drummond, Director Brian Maher, and Crystal Greene

EOC/EOP Advocacy Day

Pictured l. to r.: Lakia Wilkerson, Sheila Flythe, Anita Lowndes, Dion Smith, and Director, Brian Maher. Not pictured: Ingrid Abrahim

Certificates of Completion

Business Careers & Technology Administrative Assistant Abrahim, Ingrid Ajello, Regina Araya, Carolina Arrastia, Martisia Ayala, Zully Barreto, Carla Bidot, Erika Bogert, Janice Chwalek, Andrea Ciceron, Esther Coffey, Rahneesha Flythe, Sheila Galvan, Deysis Heropoulos, Marlene Hunter, Candice Lambrose, Holly Lannon, Barbara Manzano, Carolina Norman, Kenia Porter, Lynette Rodriguez, Brisilda Rodriguez, Yasmin Romani, Olinfa

Ruffin, Stephanie Singh, Indranie Thomas, Sheila Usucachi, Ruben Walker, Shaniece Wilkerson, Lakia Xavier-Blackman, Marina Zeiser, Helen

Electronic Health Records Calle, Silvia Harper, Robin Lowndes, Anita Medina, Cari Novoa, Guadalupe Okoro, Valerie Smith, Deon

Medical Biller

Daniel, Terrence Edwards, Dawn Fooks, Treina Gamblin, Hope Goins, Kim Gomez-Ortega, Jacqueline Gonzalez, Jheny Guerrero, Irma Jimenez, Iris Lomax, Yolanda McDonald, Teresa Miguitama, Sairy Seecharan, Julie Smith, Taina Tous, Ciro Vaughn-Coles, Alita Villa, Elizabeth Williams, Mary Williams, Warnell

Bitirim, Diana Blazejewicz, Kelli Cabrera, Eliana Cabrera, Mayra Calle, Silvia

Visual Technology (VizTech) Introductory Design Programs made possible through funding from the Perkins III grant and the LIEOC’s Entrepreneur Technology Center

Basic Drawing Techniques

Digital Photography

Adobe Photoshop

Prophete, Christopher Tamayo, Rossana Tamayo, Segundo

Adams, Renee Agtuca, Philip Allen, Ceida Ifemesia, Nneka McGruder, Justin

Adams, Renee Agtuca, Philip Allen, Ceida Cesar, Bryan Ifemesia, Nneka McGruder, Justin Williams, Mary Williams, Warnell

Computer Graphic Design Adams, Renee Allen, Ceida Cesar, Bryan Ifemesia, Nneka McGruder, Justin

Webpage Design Hales, Debra McGruder, Justin Prophete, Christopher Tamayo, Rossana Tamayo, Segundo Villatoro, Sandra

Allied Health

* All CNA students receive certificates in Financing Your Independence (FYI)

Certified Nurse Assistant Abdul-Karim, Jameel Allen, Tiffany Andre, Jeannie Arthur, Sharon Augustin, Michael Bailey, Gavin Bailey, Schashuna Baptiste, Rebecca Barbour, Ariel Barlow, Eye-Eisha Barron, Latonia Bartone, Jennifer Basnight, Kyeisha Bayona, Victoria Bell, Ayana Blair, Alaina Blanc, Barvins Caballero, Arnold Caffarelli, Giulia Campbell, Merna Carter, Shalena Casey, Tiara Cherkis, Danielle Chester, Xerxes Cobb, Clarence Craig, Shannon Daniels, Gloria Davis, Margaret Dees, Heather Dewar, Shawn Dockery, Sharon Donato, Bianca Donato, Lucille Dowe, Kimathi Drummond, Erica Dukes, Leticia Echevarria, Carmen Edmond, Shaquera Eustache, Sonja Felix, Marie Fiorentino, Susanne Flores, Aimida Ford, Valora Franchuk, Kristen Gales, Keyanna Getlin, Dorian Giblin, Danielle Giordano, Lisa Gonzalez, Cristina Gonzalez, Jocelyn Goodman, Stephanie

Goyo, David Graf, Donna Grant, Quantessa Green, Crystal Guzman, Jessica Hamsley, Gina Harper, Nikkiaya Harris, Gayle Haynes, Peggy Hermanek, Karen Hernandez, Shalesha Hidalgo, Monica Hill, Jacqueline Ho-Sang, Jessica Howell, Carlene Isme, Nadjelah James, Francisco James, Gwendolyn James, Vincent Jennings, Jamie Johnson, Erenisse Johnson, Martina Kalikow, Michelle Kelly, Sashel Krawiecki, Lisa LaBelle, Brigette Lamberth, Jason Laufer, Jordan Lawrence, Alexandria Le Gendre-Hobbins, Thailia Lessa, Melissa Lindsey, Nekeyla Lockwood, Lashonda Lucas, Sunubia Manfredi, Veronica Martinez, Odilcia Martin-Greenidge, Shaqueira Mcfarlane, Delroy Mcgee, Katina Mclennon, Rashida Mesidor, Janine Michel, Dudley Michel, Emerson Mohabir, Davi Mullen, Laura Munroe, Marvalyn Osbourne, Monique Pacheco, Hazel Patel, Jignasaben Penalver, Jessica Perez, Cristina Piazza, Donna

Pierre-Louis, Kevin Portillo, Erika Rainey, Shea Reid, Gary Richards, Jillian Ricketts, Tianna Rivas, Martha Rogers, Chaantice Rosario, Nathassia Russell, Kerry-Ann Sanchez, Catherine Sandoval, Jennis Seda, Yvonne Siederman, Erin Sinanan, Rajesh Smith, Monet Stanley, Semequa Stevenson, Danielle Stewart, Jason Talmadge, Takeir Tankard, Erika Thomas, Tiana Thompson, Tiffany Thornton, Indya Troupe, Sasha Valcin, Joanne Vargas, Kayla Vasquez, Lorena Vega, Zarinah Velez, Johana Ventura, Erika Vespe, Lisa Vespe, Melanie Vielle, Cindy Watson, Clementina White, Portia Whitmore Jr, David Wilborn, Rosa Wright, Sophia

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Aaronson, Robert Benjamin, Reginald Chavez, Dora Choudhury, Emad Eddy, Travis Honig, Rebecca Laufer, Jordan Lewis, Eliot Malkov, Vladimir Neil, Onique

Allied Health (cont’d)

* All CNA students receive certificates in Financing Your Independence (FYI)

Ocampo, Jonathan Okoro, Obinna Patritti, Valerie Reyes, Flor Webster, Melissa

Occupational Rehabilitation Aide Flythe, Jamal Halls-Meredith, Claudine Lightfoot, Melvice Losito, Teresa Marsh, Joshua Octave, Kevin Smith, Xavier Terry, Eva

Pathways to Nursing Barrett, Nicole Barrett-Gordon, Jacqueline Harper, Nikkiaya Munroe, Marvalyn Thomas, Janice Wright, Sophia

Pharmacy Technician Bartley, Juanita Chanana, Rahul Conde, Kristine Edwards, Sonji Goldstein, Debra Gustinvil, Ghardy Hemmings, Selwyn

Henry, Shakiera Jones, Willie Konakli, Jennifer Lacrete, Sandy McKay, Jermane Michel, Ernest Morgan, Nicole Page, Nyeka Seemungal, Vilma Shiroma, Oscar Soman-Jenkins, Jamie Stewart, Ebony Sutherland, Kayana Swazey, Shelly-Ann Tanksley, Jason Vitella, Michael Washington, Takara

College Preparation Adult Basic Education Brantley, Jonel Chavez, Julia Clarke, Desie Coore, Trevor Estacuy, Telma Hurtado, Marlon Kuminska, Izabela Ortiz, Sonia Pineda Sr., Ruth Ramirez, Blanca Tymofeyev, Andriy Vera, Angelica

College Preparation Academy Burton, Suzette Clementz, Magdalena Cruz-Perez, Claudia Palla, Jorida Ramnarine, Diane Sanchez, Jesus Stankiewicz, Iwona Torres, Carol White, Amar

College Preparation Academy/Science Concentration Bowden, Anthony Chaney, Keuna Davis, John Garduno, Marco Harris, Judith Jean-Paul, James Ramnarine, Diane Thomas, Janice White, Amar

Latoufi, Khaddouj Marte, Jorge Mccall, Kanisha Nelson, Bernice Okonowicz, Agata Peters, Anastasia Sakowski, Agata Serbyn, Oleksandra Tabora, Bettmarie Thomas, Sheldon White, Kevin

Developmental Education

High School Equivilency (GED)

Alfaro, Florida Barreto, Carla Brooks, Laquita Bulger, Jason Castillo, Johanna Cooper, Lakeshia Coreas, Belis Dockery, Sharon Franchuk, Kristen Garcia, Angel Garcia, Maritza Harris-Williams, Hilary Hinton, Jeanette Jabouin Marie, Altagrace Jenkins, Shona Kehoe, Cindy

Adeniran, Adeyemi Amoroso, Anthony Araya, Carolina Arthur, Sharon Dominick, Chika Gorman, Gary Harris, Rhonda Lovo, Oscar Morrison, Jacqueline Reno, Michael Sanders, Jeanee Soto, Javier Vazquez, Mayra Velez, Juan Wade, Christopher Wolczynski, Oliver

Intermediate English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Adeus, Daphne Aguilar, Cecilia Alexis, Mariluz Aragon, Gerardo Arevalo, Daisy Argueta, Rosario Arrubla, Sandra Aviles, Gloria Baez, Altagracia Baez Duran, Leonardo Batmaz, Selma Bautista, Lorenzo Marlen Bedoya, Ely Bonilla, Mayra Borzord, Casimir Bravo, Maria Cabrera, Orquidia Calderon, Ana Canales, Isilma Capellan de Feliz, Anni Carias, Olinda Cavalcanti, Flora Chery, Max Chiron, Rosline Contecha, Julieta Coraizaca, Miguel Cordoba, Jaime Correa, Lidia Cruz, Maria Cruz, Yanicza Cruz, Martinez Sixto Custodio, Rosario Maria Dalusma, Quesnel Dehghan, Nayeri Elmira Destine, Anne Maudeline Diaz, Margarita Diaz, Paola Dorak, Ayse Dorneval, James Feliz, Teodora Francois, Evens Frias, Custodio Luis Fuentes, Ana Fuentes, Dany Fuentes, Mario

Galindo, Lorena Galvez, Elva Gaston, Fabiola Georges, Maxime Gomez, Fanny Gomez, Harley Gomez, Olga Gonzalez, Jose Gonzalez, Raquel Gonzalez De Villeda, Alma Haque, Mdazizul Henry, Joann Hernandez, Ana Hernandez, Patricia Idrovo, Lauro Sebastian Jaramillo, Elizabeth Jean, Kerline Jean, Nelson Joseph, Albert Joseph, Evins Khuki, Afia Krasuska, Dorota Leger, Nadine Lemus, Ana Leonardo, Yaneiry Licona, Alvin Lituma, Ana Lopez, Blanca Lopez, Eddy Lopez, Vanegas Maria Louhis, Miranie Lozada, Greta Magana, Humberto Manzanares, Karen Marcellus, Marie Martinez, Estela Maruri, Julia Merone, Ginette Montour, Reginald Nadere, Farah Nawrocka, Wieslawa Nieto, Debbie

Orellana, Enjhelin Ouk, Ly Pandales, Rosse Paul, Guerline Pina, Gladys Ponce, Carmen Portillo, Lilibeth Quinones, Adriana Quito, Alexandra Ramirez, Paola Reyes, Karen Riano, Edith Rojas, Alma Rojas, Angela Rojas, Jose Rojas, Karin Romero, Alejandro Romero, Gudelia Salazar, Orly Sanchez, Mario Sanchez, Rosibelia Santos, Jose Serrano, Maria Shi, Rita Sierra, Luis Sifuentes, Wilmer Silva, Julio St. Jean, Paul Suarez, Leonor Thomas, Katia Tineo, Miladys Toledo, Mauricia Torres, Dagoberto Torres, Flor Toussaint, Elna Valdemar, Stephane Valencia, Maria Valle, Carla Vasquez, Susana Vasquez, Teresa Vega, Aracely Velasquez-Alarcon, Carmela Vil, Jean Rodner Villatoro, Sandra Vimos, Victor

Advanced English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Abraham, Jean Acevedo, Mariana Acosta Hernandez, Miguelina Alvarenga, Maria Alvarez, Nury Amaya, Julia Antilus, Melina Arevalo, Daisy Arzube, Mario Barros, Estela Bautista, Francisca Benoit, Jean Borgella, Nancy Brito, Romulo Cabrera, Orquidia Calderon, Mercy Carrera, Teresa Castellon, Rudis Castillo, Blanca Cavalcanti, Flora Charles Dieudonne, Marie Chiron, Rosline Cordero, Luis Cordoba, Jaime Cruz, Yanicza Cruz, Martinez Sixto Dalusma, Quesnel Dauphin, Marie Dessources, Agelus Moniqua Desulme, Marie Diaz, Carolin Diaz, Gloria Diaz Ponce, Nelly Dorneval, James Elmon, Martha Escoto, Carla Espinoza, Lilia Estrella, Altagracia Farfan, Daisy Francois, Kervin Fuentes, Ana Fuentes, Dany Galindo, Lorena Gaston, Fabiola Giraldo, Luz

Godfrey, Marlene Gomez, Ruth Gonzalez, Ana Gonzalez, Raquel Granados, Ricardo Grim, Natalya Guerrero, Luis Guerrier, Kethly Guevara de Fuentes, Diana Haque, Mdazizul Henry, Joann Hernandez, Karla Hernandez, Patricia Hidalgo, Angelica Hill, Fiol Idrovo, Lauro Sebastian Innocent, Jacky Joseph, Ruth Karaca, Sevgi Laguerre, Myriam Laviolette, Marie Leonardo, Yaneiry Limonta, Joseph Lopez, Blanca Lopez, Eddy Lopez, Maria Lozada, Astrid Maravilla, Pedro Mardy, Paulina Marte, Jorge Martinez, Esperanza Mervil, Pierre Mila, Diego Morales, Javier Morette, Unique Noriega, Aida Nunez, William Ocampo, Viviana Orellana, Enjhelin

Orellana, Nicolas Ortiz Castillo, Elena Osorio, Ana Paul, Guerline Paul, Marthe Peguero, Gladys Peralta, Genova Philippe, Gislene Philippe, Molienne Ponce, Carmen Prentt-Rivera, Carmela Ramirez, Paola Rene, Majorie Reyes, Jisela Rodas, Blanca Rodriguez, Brenda Rodriguez, Teresa Rojas, Alma Rojas, Karin Romage, Jean Roman, Carmen Romero, Gudelia Ruiz, Eduvigis Saldana, Heddy Sanchez, Rosibelia Shamsuuddin, Mohammad Sierra, Luis Simmonds, Kassandra St. Jean, Paul Sydney, Bruyde Tejada, Juan Thomas, Katia Tineo, Miladys Toussaint, Elna Tovar, Norma Turko, Galyna Vasylevsky, Stanislav Vega, Aracely Villanueva, Jorge Villarroel, Christian Waddle, Kedelle Zacarias, William Zacarias, Soto Johanna Zevallos, Doris Zhang, Rifen

Brentwood 1090-A Suffolk Avenue Brentwood, NY 11717 (631) 434-3740

Farmingdale ~ Hooper Hall Farmingdale State College Farmingdale, NY 11735 (631) 420-2280

Hempstead 269 Fulton Avenue Hempstead, NY 11550 (516) 489-8705

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2012 LIEOC Student Recognition  
2012 LIEOC Student Recognition  

2012 LIEOC Student Recognition held on May 8th