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2013/ 2014

About 1. BEST

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is a non-profit and voluntary European organisation for students of technology. Since 1989, we have been creating a growing, dynamic, innovative and well-organised network of students, which provides complementary education for future engineers by encouraging communication, cooperation and exchange of students in the exclusive technical universities and faculties. Our priority is to offer high quality services to technical students from all over Europe.

Our vision, “empowered diversity” means that we strive to achieve an environment that supports people in acting responsibly and applying their full potential in the academic and professional field. Through our mission, “developing students”, we help students achieve an international mindset and reach a better understanding of cultures and societies in order to develop their capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.


BEST at a glance 33 Countries

95 Universities

3300 Active members

8 000 Students attended BEST events

300 000 Students reached


BEST 2. Stockholm


Student organisation with 25 years of experience

Internationally minded students with excellent project management skills



To improve students – companies – universities cooperation

10 events per year for over 15 000 KTH students

How? 6

BEST 3. Stockholm’s projects


BEST Training Days

BEST Training Days is a service for all students of KTH that are interested in improving their soft-skills in areas that are complementary to their university studies. Our training sessions, also known as ‘workshops’, are held in a friendly setting of around 20 students, in which everyone is encouraged to give input and discuss to get the most out of the session. In contrast to most classic classroom lectures, you will find our training sessions to be casual and open, interactive, entertaining, useful and above all you will gain valuable knowledge and improve your soft skills.



Yearly BEST Stockholm organizes a dynamic Summer Course in which students from the universities in the BEST network can participate. The academic topic of the course can be chose from a variety of Engineering fields. Last year BEST Stockholm arranged a Summer Course on programming at KTH for 21 European students from 17 countries. Usually the summer course lasts more than one week and earns a great praise from our participants, who afterwards consider to study their master’s degree in KTH.



12 Regional EBECs (EBEC Nordic)


80 Local EBECs (EBEC Stockholm) European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC), is the biggest engineering contest in Europe with 3 levels, 26 countries, 80 leading technical universities and 5000 participants. There are three levels in EBEC: Local, Regional or National and the Final. Teams start out in the local competitions and the ones who win move on to one of the 13 Regional competitions. The winners of these then move on to the European Final and here they compete to be the best team in Europe! The road for participants form KTH is: 1. EBEC Stockholm (local level) 2. EBEC Nordic (regional level, held in Copenhagen this year) 3. EBEC Final (held in Riga this year)


Case Study

EBEC - one competition, two different categories

In this discipline the teams compete to solve purely theoretical problems. Teams are given a task to solve which includes some kind of realistic issue, often connected to real company problems or world emergencies. Examples of tasks who have been given in the past are: Improving nuclear reactors safety against tsunamis, creating a better transportation system in a crowded city, coming up with ideas for apps that help deaf people, and many more.

The way the competition is usually done is that the team first gets a task and a presentation of the problem. Then they have some hours to work and to come up with the best solution and idea the team can think of. In the end the team will make a presentation of the solution to a panel of judges often consisting of professors and company representatives. They are also the ones who give points and decides the winners based on how good their solution is and how well they present it.


Team design

EBEC - one competition, two different categories This is a discipline which includes practical problems. Here the teams also get problems to solve which are connected to real company problems or other world issues, but this time the task is not only to come up with a solution, but also to build a prototype. Examples of tasks from previous competitions are: Create a new bridge design and build it using paper and cardboard, come up with a new airship construction and create it using helium balloons and re-

mote controllers, make an offroad vehicle and build a prototype from robot parts and small electronic motors, and many more. In the Team Design discipline the team also gets your task and a presentation of the problem in the beginning. After this the team gets a certain amount of material and tools to create your prototype and come up with the solution. In the end they have to present the solution and also compete with it in some practical challenge.


3. Partnership

Become a valued partner of BEST Stockholm for a specified event: 1. EBEC 2. Summer Course 3. Best Training Day Customized partnership: BEST Stockholm is willing to engage in customized partnership with your company. A meeting with our core members will be conducted, in order to achieve better understanding between your company’s expectations, BEST and KTH’s.


YOUR BENEFITS Continuous promotion of your company:

Have your logo printed on our website, booklets, posters, T-shirts and certificates which will be distributed at our events and as part of the promotion of our activities throughout the year. This is also included with any of the following offers.

Dedicated page on our website:

As a privileged partner, you can have a personalized page presenting your company on our website, demonstrating your involvement with students both at KTH and internationally.

Access to Technology Students’ CV:

We can share with you the CVs of the participants in our events and of the members of our association.

Forward newsletter to BEST Stockholm mailing list:

If you have a newsletter, increase your impact at KTH by spreading it among students.

Be a partner in our engineering competition, EBEC:

Provide us with cases to study and devices to be built to test the creativity of top KTH students who love challenges.


COOPERATION OFFER FOR EBEC STOCKHOLM Promotion on BEST Stockholm website, Facebook page, posters and on other publicity channels

Promo-pack 5 000 SEK Silver Pack 10 000 SEK

Presentation during the event

Company profile page on our website Access to participant’s CV Attend a judging board Provide a case study or a team design

Golden Pack 15 000 SEK



Riccardo Borgani President of Local BEST Group Stockholm +46 76 704 2065 Anthony Bourbi Main organiser of EBEC Stockholm +46 72 032 6182 Szymon Sollami Delekta Main organiser of EBEC Stockholm +46 72 872 1985








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