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DEC 3 & 4 7:30 pm


Vincent Herring Duo Just Friends Jazz Series

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We are pleased to partner with the Lied Center of Kansas to present the Just Friends Jazz Series.

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DEC 3 & 4 | Vincent Herring Duo

There will be no intermission during this performance. Selections will be announced from the stage.

Vincent Herring Vincent Herring is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost voices on alto saxophone, and earned his spot in the jazz pantheon playing alongside legends such as Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey and Freddie Hubbard. Herring’s playing and writing express a deep understanding of the blues and straight-ahead bop, but can easily shift gears into the type of expressive and forceful playing associated with 1960’s John Coltrane or Eric Dolphy. Herring brings his diverse bop and post-bop influences together in a precise and swinging manner. A sensual ballad, an earthy, gospel‑tinged blues or a no-holds-barred burnout, Vincent Herring delivers the goods on all levels.

Dave Kikoski At a time when jazz has been to the far reaches of the musical universe and back, some would say that it’s all been played before and we’re currently at a point in the cyclical nature of this art form when those with lesser talents are merely rewriting the past. Possibly this is why innovation and individualism are so rare these days, and why David Kikoski stands apart from the scores of pianists who currently make their home within the mainstream tradition. Kikoski continues to foster his individualistic voice while exploring a wide variety of opportunities both as a leader and sideman. An affecting modernist, he distills the best in jazz and popular music and infuses every song with attention-getting brilliance.

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Vincent Herring Duo program  

Vincent Herring Duo program