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SHIDARA HEART OF THE IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN Performers Chabo Satoshi Owaki Tagosaku Ryuichi Mitsumasa Miyazaki Aya Sato Nobuko Hayazaki Megan Chao Smith Akihiko Yoshida Takayuki Kito Takateru Aoki Artistic Director Chabo Sound Manager Satoshi Owaki Tour Manager Megan Chao Smith

Lighting Director Rie Ono Road Manager Karen Falkenstrom

Stage Manager, Tour Assistant Sarah Anderson Assistant Road Manager Kristy Oshiro Translators Megan Chao Smith, Sarah Anderson Shidara is exclusively represented in North America by California Artists Management


Shidara Heart of the immortal mountain

Program Notes HEART OF THE IMMORTAL MOUNTAIN Welcome to our home, where forest cliffs touch heaven’s floor, gathering life from the human, natural and spirit worlds. We are glad you have come. MURASAMENONE Composed by Chabo The sounds of heavy rain in the forest. KAZENOMICHI Composed by Chabo Wind touches down among the grass and trees, rushing and darting through rice fields. All at once, the doorway to another world appears in its path. If we continue down this road, what will we find along the way? KUUKOKU Composed by Akihiko Yoshida From distant ends of a vast, lonely valley come the echoes of footsteps. NIEBUCHI Composed by Chabo Thousands of drops of water build to make a stream, and eventually a raging river. The surging torrent of water wears large boulders away and carves out the mountains. In the same way small raindrops combine to form a giant river, when the strengths of individuals come together, an unbelievable power is formed.

TONBI Composed by Chabo A small hawk-like bird cuts through wind, aiming at prey. Circling the big sky—coasting and riding. This bird is called tonbi in Japan. Many circle the skies of Toei village. From their soaring perspective, the eyes of the tonbi have much to reflect back to us about human life. KOGANENOKAZE Composed by Chabo During the harvest season the countryside is blanketed with fields of rice, ears and stalks turned a golden brown, swaying in the gentle breeze. The ears of ripening rice dance in the wind, which itself seems to turn a golden brown. HONO KUNI Composed by Chabo Our region was once called HO NO KUNI, the land of grain. In this song, you see great massive boulders like gods sitting over a tiny human shrine lit with lanterns. Hono Kuni is about our home from ages past, pure swaying fields and majestic natural landscape. HANA MATSURI Traditional arrangement with choreography by Chabo Hana Matsuri, a local harvest festival designated as an important National Folk Cultural Property of Japan, is a religious ceremony where performances are actual prayers for good health, an abundant harvest and harmonious communion of the divine and human worlds. Please join us in the festival at the very heart of our art, philosophy and life.

shidara Life equals stage for Shidara. Created in 1989 when Artistic Director Chabo and friends joined forces in Komaki City, Japan to learn and play taiko, the performers soon needed more space and moved to the tiny village of Toei-cho nestled in Japan’s forest mountains. Right from day one, Shidara members cook, clean and train 11 hours a day. When the forest wakes at 5:30 a.m., the taiko company is already running through the hills. After breakfast, members disperse, practicing drills, technique and form. Shidara does 300 sit ups, 100 push ups, hours of muscle training and all the necessary washing, folding, sewing, facility repairs and cooking that make up daily life—all before noon each day. Members work together in harmony from dawn to dusk, pushed far beyond their mental and physical limitations, as a way of life. This lifestyle is the key to Shidara’s explosive energy—the hallmark of its performances.    Blending top-notch skill, blinding energy and breakneck speed, Shidara’s performances carry a deeper spiritual purpose rooted in ancient times. Defying time and place, its music captures earthy tones of long ago, and thunders with new images of Japanese mountain life. Taking top prize at the first International Tokyo Contest in 2002, Shidara has gained recognition as one of the top taiko groups in all of Japan. Since enjoying the stage with Grammy and Golden Award-winner Kitaro in

2003, Shidara now tours regularly throughout Japan, Korea and the United States, with acclaimed appearances in Norway, Sweden, Martinique and Taipei. Thunderous standing ovations at U.S. debut appearances, and ensuing popular demand from North American audiences launched Shidara’s North American touring in 2006. The company sold-out a six-week tour throughout the western United States in 2008, and now performs in the U.S. every other year. Shidara, and its more than 3,500 pounds of drums is currently on a four-week tour in performing arts centers, colleges and universities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas and Illinois. Committed to preserving the ancient dance festivals in its region, Shidara’s performances include a rendition of the Hana Matsuri Festival, a 700-year-old harvest ritual deemed Japanese National Folk Property. People in this region of Japan have a spirit of co-existence with nature, a practical wisdom born of day-to-day living and an important understanding of life often forgotten by modern society. The company writes, “Through our performances we hope to bring people together, joining hands in reciprocal support while walking an essential path of mutual encouragement. This was done at ancient festivals, where circles of human harmony were created, born of a spirit of gratitude to the earth and natural world.”

Shidara Heart of the immortal mountain

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Japanese taiko drumming Wednesday, March 10 – 7:30 p.m.