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OCT 14 | All the Way Live!

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There will be no intermission during this performance.


A hip-hop interactive for ages 5-12! In this interactive show, everything is “all the way live” and history is revived through hip-hop lenses. World-renowned, hip-hop artists Baye Harrell and Paige Hernandez collaborate on the spot to “remix” everything from the alphabet to folktales. The remix unfolds with dance, rhyme, music…and you! That’s right, we can’t do anything “live” without your skillz. So, open your ears and watch with your eyes. We can turn it up… ALL THE WAY LIVE! Notes from Writer and Performer Baye Harrell Creativity. Respect. Understanding. Cooperation. Effort. Self-care. These are positive qualities that could help children to grow into productive members of our society. All the Way Live! (AWL) seeks to teach these qualities in a relatable and catchy way, much like a song on the radio. Using rhythm and rhyme, this show aims to tune children into the frequency of positive thoughts and feelings. Its opportunity for audience participation gives young people a chance to broadcast their best selves to the world. While All the Way Live! showcases the four artistic elements of hip-hop culture (emceeing, djing, breaking and graffiti art), Paige and I sought to shed light on the fifth element—“Knowledge of Self.” “Knowledge of Self” is shown in our story when it’s revealed that by thinking about our feelings and behaviors, we are in control of our influence on the world. Knowledge of self gives all people, regardless of age, the ability of a radio—the power to control what we receive and what we transmit. It is my hope that young people can truly enjoy a safe and interactive performance while learning to be self-reflective and positive. As artists, the cast and crew of All the Way Live! had the freedom to explore our individuality through creativity and self-expression. We hope this experience is a living example of what a safe and collaborative space can produce. Thanks for tuning in. Peace, Baye ‘StraightForward’ Harrell Co-playwright of All the Way Live!

All the way live program  
All the way live program