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Remembering Pete Jefferson 1925-2013 Winter/ Spring 2013

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Front cover photos: clockwise from top left: Pete Jefferson entertaining Fleet 7 at his Anniversary; Pete sailing in the South Bay; Pete relaxing at Huntington Lake; Pete collecting more hardware, also at Huntington Lake. Pictures courtesy of Pam Fairley, and Dave and Barbara Carroll.




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Rear cover top: Lidos lined up on dock in Anacortes. Photo artfully provided by Del Zane. Lower Left: Walter Johnson and Karen Pierce winners at Sunkist #4 Awards. Lower Right: Stuart Robertson with Sammy and Adam Elsharhawy winners of the coveted foam first place trophy at the Super Bowl Regatta. Photos by Bronny Daniels, Kristina Potter.

Dear Lido Lovers, It is with sadness that we learned that Pete Jefferson passed away on the night of March 8th. Pete joined Mission Bay Yacht Club during the 1950's, and was an active successful Lido 14 sailor for many, many, years. If you knew Pete, you know what a gentleman he was at all times, on and off the course. The Lido 14 fleet and class has lost an important, and much loved, member. Two men who knew him well have been nice enough to share these memories with us. Memories of Pete by Tom Schock Pete’s history in the Lido 14 class goes back to his participation in the Class Championship Regatta that was sailed in the ocean near the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach. The regatta was hosted by Balboa Yacht Club a long, long time ago, and Pete made an everlasting impression. He was brand new to the fleet, he was a new Mission Bay Yacht Club member, and hardly anyone knew him. But, as I remember, he finished in the top 7 almost every race and came really close to winning the regatta. It took just a few races for everyone to start wondering: Who is this “Navy guy” from San Diego? We learned that he had served a couple of tours in Vietnam and was on leave. Most of us didn’t get to know him right away because he shipped out for another tour of duty right after the regatta. But when he returned from that tour, he started a long and very active Lido sailing career.

Just another party at Pete and the McCord’s at Huntington Lake. One of Pete’s closest friends was Bill McCord. I think it was Bill who first started calling him “Capt. Pete” - a title that was both affectionate and brimming with respect. Pete went on to become one of the most successful Lido 14 racers of all time. He sailed with honor and integrity and will be most remembered for generously sharing his knowledge. He was the Lido 14 class’ mentor extraordinaire, taking new Lido sailors under his wing to be sure they felt welcome in the class.

A Gentleman and a Sailor by Dave Carroll Pete Jefferson attended Annapolis and in spite of academic challenges, he captained the Navy sailing team and brought them many victories. Upon graduation, he received a commission in the Navy and ultimately commanded his first ship, a destroyer escort with a single propeller. Jefferson was highly independent, and admitted that one of his proudest moments was when he stepped up to a twin propeller destroyer and did not need to call for a tug to pull him off the dock to get underway. Upon retirement from the Navy, Jefferson pursued boating with a new vengeance. He could now race his Lido 14 whenever he wished and wherever he could travel. Besides that, he desired to learn more about boat building and applied for a job with Carl Eichenlaub, a world-class boat builder. Admitting he had little peace time skills with boatbuilding, Carl did not think he could find a way to pay him. Pete insisted that he was retired and did not need pay but he wished to learn more about building yachts and would work for nothing. After some negotiations, Carl decided that if apprentice Pete could put together the mast and rigging so that it was ready to go when the yacht was ready to launch, they had a deal. This worked fine for Pete. He learned to weld aluminum, and all of the other intricacies required for a world-class racing yacht to be properly rigged. This went into his schedule and did not interfere with his vacations skiing and Lido racing for many years. Pete did this so well, that Carl admitted he should be paid for his effort and did so. Pete joined Mission Bay Yacht Club in July, 1955. His efforts in the Lido class provided him with two championship wins, and many victories at lesser regattas. He was the Fleet 7 champion at Mission Bay Yacht Club in 1970-71, 72-73, 73-74, 74-75, 76-77, and 87-88. Besides being a Lido dealer, he did much of the work on repairing and setting up local boats for racing. He assumed the duties of Fleet Measurer, ultimately becoming the Lido Class Chief Measurer as well as serving as Class President in 1977. The Jeffersons and the McCords always shared the largest cabin at Cedar Crest at Huntington Lake during the High Sierra Regatta. They would host a Saturday night potluck party with as many attending that cared to come. After the dining was done, many would stay over and sing seafaring songs as Pete would accompany them with his ukulele. An avid fisherman as well, Jefferson would fish for trout from the dock at Cedar Crest with good success, and following the regatta, began setting up camping/fishing trips with the Forest Service in the wilderness near Kaiser Peak. Pete would invite friends to attend as well, getting numbers for the wilderness permit. Pete sold his beloved Lido “Captain’s Fancy III” following the death of his first wife, Sylvia, but still could not resist boats. He began seriously pursuing a hobby of model sailing yachts. Before long he was learning, innovating, and winning races. Ultimately, he was to win several championships in different classes. Pete is survived by his two children, Gregory and Karen, and his second wife, Barbara Jefferson, who he married after Sylvia's deat

President’s Report Here’s the Winter/Spring 2103 Edition of the Bow Wave and I certainly hope all of you will find it enjoyable and informative. The Bow Wave has long been a basic staple of the Association and its printing and distribution represents a substantial portion of the total Association budget. More than that it takes a lot of time to recruit content, format it, edit some of it, lay it out and get it all ready to print. This edition is the first in recent memory where Dave Carroll has relied on some of the Board members to help organize and format content, do some layout and assist in getting this issue produced. Dave’s commitment to produce four issues per year is remarkable but it is also way beyond what we should ask of a fellow Class Member. For that reason we are exploring all options related to the future of the Bow Wave and your input is extremely important. There is a discussion in the Board happenings section of the website Forum. This is only available if you log in as a Class Member. Some sort of change is needed in the way the Bow Wave is produced and distributed. Please join the discussion and let your feelings be known. There wasn’t much of a lull in activity this “off season”, I heard of numerous fleet and club holiday parties, meetings, clinics and, of course, racing. While District 1 announced a new format for the District Championship, District 6 formulated a tight and fun looking traveling schedule that highlights excellent venues. Fleet 57 is adding new club boats, new folks are buying boats in District 2, Fleet 59 is reactivated and Fleet 7 continues to show positive growth and enthusiasm. Fleet 1 has been extremely busy having fun and Fleet 6 is counting down the days to Twilights. Fleet 2 is looking forward to helping host this year’s National Class Championship Week. The governing board continues to strive to improve the Lido experience for all members and has recently established a system for online membership renewal and the ability to join the class online. With eyes to the future, Maggie Nolan has joined up to promote Youth sailing interests. Visit Lido 14 Youth Sailing on Facebook. We are also in contact with a few youth organizations and doing whatever we can to assist and encourage their programs. These include the Sea Scouts and Eastlake Sailing Club. We carefully monitor the budget and have allocated funds to provide Honor Awards to Fleets and District events so winners can proudly display honor awards immediately. Most recently we happily reinstated Fleet 59 in Morro Bay. This board is diverse in every way and fully understands the mission of doing the best we can to help make Lido 14 sailing as good as it can be everywhere. So please sit back and enjoy this issue of the Bow Wave.

Past President’s Report Hello Lido Lovers, I hope you’re all doing well and getting ready to kick butt and take names on the race courses. Also, don't forget the beer. Racing has been good this winter with our crazy weather. When you know you should go right, plan on the left filling in and then the freight train will go up the middle. Martin from ABYC has been running 9 race regattas which are fantastic. If you haven't sailed one of his events, you’re missing out. President Steve is running the board and the class with a perfect touch. He must get that from his Lido sailing and his wife’s supervision. The class officers are all doing their best to make our Lido fun more fun. My hat is off to all our wonderful board. For next year, Jim Sterner has stepped up to be the top dog of the north and will be replacing Ron Runyon. Thank you very much Mr. Jim. Also, the Italian Stallion, Butch Michel will be our new Class V.P. in 2014. Yee Ha Butchey. All news is good news. If anyone wants to play on the board, give any of your reps a call and we will have a space for you. Good sailing to all and remember you’re never over at the starting line ....IT’S THE OTHER GUY! Party On, Stunami

From the Chief Measurer With no other pressing issues on the Measurement table, this is another reminder that Certified Measurers need to be approved or reaffirmed annually and this becomes more important as the Spring and Summer season approaches and to assist at the National Class Championships. Secondly, it has been a priority to rebuild the database of Measurement Certificates for all racing Lidos for over a year. Records are sketchy at best. With the help of Fleet Measurers, this information can be accumulated and preserved for everyone’s benefit. Rebuilding a meaningful library of valid Certificates will recreate an incredible resource for establishing a boat’s history, eligibility and enhance its value upon sale. Please help do your part and send a copy of your certificate to . BOW WAVE PUBLISHING INFORMATION The Bow Wave is the official publication of the Lido14 Class Association. It is published four times annually. Circulation: Approximately 300 Issue Publication Date--/Material Deadline (DUE DATE) Spring Issue March 21 / February 21 Summer Issue June 21 /May 21 Fall Issue Sept 21/August 21 Winter Issue December 21/ November 21 Photographs, anecdotes, Regatta Results, Fleet reports, even small and tall tales, are welcomed. Technical articles are encouraged as well E-mail submissions may be made to: Subject title, Bow Wave Article Dave Carroll, honorary Bow wave editor Ad Sizes & Rates Per Issue Business Card (1/8 page) $25.00 1/4 Page $50.00 1/2 Page $100.00 Full Page $200.00 Double Page $300.00 Odd ball sizes are $12.50 /column inch

Looking Back and Looking Forward It’s funny how when we were kids, it seems it took forever for the year to go by. Now in a blink, the years just fly by! So, on that note I wish and hope you all had the best of holidays! Big hugs to you all! 2012 was another great building year for the Lido class. The class is getting bigger and stronger each month. We are seeing new members, old members, and juniors getting on board in the best one design dingy class! Each fleet has had a show of growth this past year, and we will be getting two in active fleets back in 2013. I truly believe that everyone is having a good time on and off the water, and so many friendships are being reformed and new ones made. The 2012 Class Championships were a huge success up at Anacortes, in Washington. It was so nice to see the faces with voices that we hear daily. Being treated sooooooooooooo well was such a great feeling. It was really terrific seeing how the whole town welcomed us with banners across the streets, discounts in the stores, and write ups in the paper. A first class regatta was had by all! And now, it is time to “Spring Forward” into 2013! The 2013 National Class Championships at Marina Del Rey should, and will be just as much fun as the 2012 NCCRs! It is now time to mark your calendars for the class party, where I will have your Red Solo Cup waiting for you to fill up! We would like see each fleet try to get a certain percentage of their fleet

Lidos run downhill in Oceanside

to come and participate this year. We need to support Fleet 2 and their venue! On another note, I have crossed paths with so many juniors this past year, from Washington, down to San Diego, and let me tell you folks, we have a GREAT bunch of young folks in our membership. I have seen nothing but respect towards the adults, smiles on their faces, and polite manners, such as picking up after themselves, and helping others. Because of this, Steve Potter and I feel that these kids would be happy with their own little area of the association. What I mean by this is a monthly newsletter, a phone tree, and a list of email contacts so they all can stay in touch. Maggie Nolan has agreed to be our head junior representative at meetings, a voice for the juniors, so the class can help with their needs and wants. So if you have a junior sailor, (sailing or not) send me their email address and contact info and I will forward it all to Maggie. My email is My phone number is 209-480-1870. We need to make the juniors a strong part of the class as they are the back bone for the Lido! We have had three generations sailing at once, and thanks to Tom Schock, Stu Robertson and myself, the fourth generation of lido sailors are coming on board! Stu's grand-daughter (Charlie ) is now the youngest junior, followed by Eric and Amie Heim’s daughter. District Secretaries and Fleet Captains could help out, too, by sending me a junior contact list. This is

for the whole association! Every little bit will help us make this work. So, let’s all “Spring Forward” and I hope to see you real soon in 2013 somewhere at one of the venues! If I can help with any concerns or questions feel free and please, do not hesitate, to get in touch with me! Until we cross tacks Butch ~~_/)_~~

L 3166 Update from WD Schock Corporation Corona, CA – Lidos Set to Splash in Michigan this Spring!

This spring children from the Bayview Association in Petoskey, Michigan will receive three brand new Lidos. The Bayview Association of Lake Michigan runs a wonderful youth sailing program which includes the Lido 14. Over the past year the factory has been working collaboratively with Rev. Dunlap of Bayview in providing his program a set of new Lidos to replace his existing fleet. It is the Lidos outstanding reputation for being the perfect sailing school boat that caught Bayview’s attention. The Lido has been used throughout the U.S. by numerous sailing schools because it is robust and provides a huge amount of flotation and the Lido stays drier than most two person dinghies. The special “Club” version has been modified especially for high usage sailing schools and rental facilities. In order to stand up to the added wear and tear boats encounter in a typical sailing program, our Club Model is built with added layers of fiberglass in all vulnerable areas. As production of the boats nears completion here at the factory, these lucky Lidos will soon find their way to their new home in the Midwest this April for all to enjoy.

Fleet 1 Newport Harbor, CA We had a busy fall with three regattas - the Roy Woolsey Regatta, the Macho Men’s Regatta, and the Ullman B Regatta and Clinic. We then ended 2012 with our Fleet 1 Championship Regatta and Holiday Party at Lido Isle Yacht Club, the new home to Fleet One and our perpetual trophies. It was not only a really fun day of racing but the party afterwards had good food and great camaraderie (always a winning combination for a party!) Congratulations to Steve Schupak on winning the Fleet One Champs! Greg Boudreaux and Donovan McClelland won the B Fleet and are now the newest members of our A Fleet! See the results and some great stories below! We had a busy start to 2013 with the Sunkist Series races in January and February. Quickly following these was Fleet One’s inaugural Valentine’s Day Regatta. Kim McRae and his son, Jared, were the happy winners. For this event, we designed stone washed red regatta shirts with a cool Lido Love graphic that were given to all the competitors. We were thrilled to receive a request for our regatta shirts from a Lido sailor and his wife who live in Japan who had read about them on our Facebook page! By the time you read this, we will have held the Harry Wood Regatta and details will be in the next edition of the Bow Wave. We are happy to report that Fleet One is continuing to grow with new sailors joining us and old timers returning to the fleet. Finally, our Facebook page is bursting with stories, photographs, regatta results and more. If you’d like to see what Fleet 1 is doing both on and off the water, you can find us at Karen Pierce 2012 ROY WOOLSEY REGATTA RESULTS Sunday September 16, 2012 Lido 14 A Fleet: 1. Steve and Anne Schupak 2. Kim McRae and Judy Gorski 3. Walter Johnson and Karen Pierce 4. Steve and Kris Potter Lido 14 B Fleet: 1. Greg Boudreaux and Miguel Calles 2. Chris and Cathi Killian 3. Tony Lange and Barbara Nordstrom 4. Travis VanDenBerg and Ryan Schielein

Fleet 1 Lido Love Valentine’s Day Regatta TShirts

Fleet 2 Marina Del Rey, CA Fleet 2 has been very quiet since the end of summer. And the running of Alamitos Bay Yacht Club's Turkey Day Regatta marks the end of our Fleet 2 traveling trophy (The Russell road) Kevin Thomas is the winner of the 2012 edition with over 2 thousand miles. The trophy is an attempt to encourage Fleet 2 members to travel to other venues for regattas. By the way, traveling to Anacortes (1220 miles) for the Class Champs didn't hurt Kevin's attempt. Lido 14 Pres Steve Potter was in second with almost 1700 miles. It looks like the Lido 14 Association has accepted Del Rey Yacht Club's proposal to run the 2013 Class Championships out of Marina del Rey. Details will be forthcoming in the Bow Wave and the website, Tom Estlow - L 4141

Fleet 62 Fremont, CA Winter tends to be pretty quiet for the Fremont Sailing Club, and this year was no exception. Except… Sunday, February 3rd was a BIG day for the San Francisco Bay Area. Sure, there was some big football game going on in the evening, but the thing we were most excited for was the annual Crew Appreciation Brunch at El Toritos in Milpitas. Thanks again to Jack Navarra for keeping this fine tradition going. By recollection, Jack believes this was the 25th year! And we showed plenty of appreciation for our crew (who put up with our fumbling 'round the race course) and our significant others (who have supported our every sailing indulgences) with made-to-order omelets, all-you-can-handle fiesta food, and a table full of yummy desserts! In attendance this year: Jack and Carolyn Navarra, Doug Hamilton and new "crew", Marlene, Jim and Louise Park, Gary and Linda Gordon, Hans and Helga Wolff, Chuck and Karen St. Denis, John and Laurie Rogers, Claude and Kathleen Turner, Kathy Federico, Walt and Judy Vance, Joe Davis and crew, Janet, Jim Lechner, and, of course Harold and Maria Ho. What a great opportunity to catch up with both the racing and social aspects of the fleet! We hope this tradition carries on for many years to come. Meanwhile, Fleet 62 racing starts up again at Lake Elizabeth on April 21st. We'll gather once again before that date to prepare with a fleet meeting. Thanks to Joe Davis for volunteering to host this one. We hope to see many Lido'ers there! Cheers, Harold Ho Fleet 62 Harold Ho – L 3547

Rules Clinic: “Racing rules, yes they apply to you” clinic was held in February. Fleet Captain John Gresham looked far and wide to find someone with enough knowledge and skill to teach the rules like they’ve never been taught before, and found none other than Mark Townsend, ISAF International Race Officer and one of only 14 International Race Officers in the

International Race Officer Mark Townsend Teaching Rules United States. Mark spoke to a class of 25. The lesson was followed by practice starts and races orchestrated with the help of Martin Bookwalter and Fleet Captain John Gresham. Upcoming Events. March 23 Lido clinic at ABYC March 24 Harry Wood Memorial Regatta at BYC in Newport March 30 Fleet 2 Invitational at South Coast Corinthian YC in Marina Del Rey. th Fleet 6 Twilights begin Thursday, April 4 , at ABYC, 6:00 p.m. start. Racing Recap: SCYA Mid Winters. Saturday’s conditions were balmy, with warm light summer-like breezes. PRO Martin Bookwalter kept the fleet on its toes completing 5 races Saturday which ended with Stu Robertson leading Bruce Golison in the A Fleet by 2 points. Sunday’s conditions started out in typical Mid Winters fashion with a steady 15 knots and a threat of a building breeze. But the wind got light and the leaders Stu Robertson and Sammy Elsharhawy were th tied with Bruce Golison and Dina Corsi going into the 9 and final race which was a cruise up the bay. Bruce had a large lead rounding windward mark “G”, but Stu kept fighting back and gaining on Bruce going into the final stretch. Rounding the “D” mark Bruce was still in the lead but down to the wire and a photo finish at the club entrance. Stu Stu Robertson and Sammy Elsharhawy won the race and regatta by inches. Fleet Captain John Gresham and Melody Wong finished 3rd, edging out Kevin Thomas and Amanda Wayne by 3 points. The B fleet was dominated by Michael


Eisenberg from Del Rey YC in 1 place. Nathan Dalleska and nd his son Riley finished 2 , one point ahead of Adam Elsharhawy and his brother & sister crew Ryan and Nora. 2012/2013 BYC Sunkist Series Wrap-up: The BYC Sunkist th Series last race on February 14 went out with a bit of a whimper. Wind predictions for the last day in the series of 4 races were universally dismal and turned out to be correct. Mother Nature teased the participants of Race 4 when the breeze piped up to about four knots after a twenty minute delay of the day's racing. This breeze was short lived and competitors quickly found themselves searching the main channel for small puffs of breeze. Walter Johnson and Karen Pierce found one particularly good puff and distanced themselves from the rest Dave & Jeanne Smith win Sunkist Series B Fleet of the fleet and maintained their large lead for the rest of the agonizingly slow race. Overall Kim McRae and Judi Gorski of BYC’s Fleet 1 won the series in the A fleet. Dave and Jeanne Smith of ABYC’s Fleet 6 won the series in the B fleet. BYC does a great job with the Sunkist Series which starts with the CHOC Charity Race on the first Saturday of November. Rat Pack: Lido-14 Fleet 6 Captain John Gresham and Treasurer Cindy Heavrin draped in tickets won with luck and charm at the blackjack tables during Rat Pack. Amanda Wayne (who is still sending out apologies for behavior she can’t completely recall) gave us all lessons in the proper care and consumption of Martini’s.

Fleet 6 Lido-14 Charter Boats. For any Lido sailing event at ABYC, Fleet 6 has 3 Lido 14’s available for charter. These boats are available on first come basis for a fee of $25.00, (free for Juniors). If interested in a boat for a day, or sailing for a race/regatta, make your request with Fleet 6 via e-mail at

Super Bowl Regatta January 27th dawned drizzly in Long Beach and may have discouraged some travelers, but Marina Del Rey was spared the wet stuff and offered up a glorious day with nearly ideal winds for a great day of Lido racing and fun. The two lap windward/leeward courses, set in the outer channel, provided a good workout in the 8-10 knot breezes. The A Fleet saw lead changes and battles all day. Stu Robertson, alternating crew between Adam and Sammy Elsharhawy managed to win all five races. John Gresham and Kevin Thomas finished second and third, while Kimberley Adam and Dan McBrearty had moments of glory and a good time. Racing in the B Fleet was tight as well. Dale and Scott Gronewold, Jim Drury and a MDR sailor were locked in a three way tie for first. The Gronewold brothers ended up taking home one of the coveted foam footballs as their second place trophy. This regatta raised funds for The Cancer Support Community and Fleet Sixers were generous, as always. Thank you to Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club and Lido Fleet Two for their hospitality.

Turkey Day Shoot Out Veteran & junior sailors alike dusted off their lidos’ this past weekend for the annual Turkey Day Regatta. Hosted by the Alamitos Bay YC, Turkey Day has become a highly contested regatta over the years. With Turkeys as trophies, it’s no wonder everybody shows up to play and this year was no exception. The A fleet was filled with past & current Class Champions, District Champs, multiple one-design champs & college sailors alike. The B fleet saw an assortment of long time lido sailors sharing the race course with young up-incoming junior teams. One theme was certain: who ever wanted

to go home with a Turkey would have to go through a deep & heavily competitive fleet. Add into the equation the passing of a cold front & the regatta was anyones’ to win. Saturday found the bay covered by dark clouds & cool temperatures. The wind was a challenging oscillating southerly at 7- 10MPH. To make things more interesting, the current was strong, draining the bay & sucking all the water out towards the jetty. Bruce Golison started off the regatta red hot by leading the A’s in a racing clinic in race one only later to find out that he was one of several OCS boats. Bummer. To make matters worse, his rudder pintle broke & Golison had to retire early for the day. There were a lot of lead changes throughout the day as the wind osculated in direction & velocity. No lead was too large to keep. At the end of the day, veteran lido sailor Stu Robertson & Adam “E Force” Elsharhawy led the young guns of Mark Ryan & his “Smoking hot Lady Friend.” John Gresham held a strong 3rd position followed by Shane Young & “Young” Foya. Shane is the Captain of the CSULB Sailing Team & was persuaded to get out of the CFJ & try the Lido out (look for him at Huntington Lake hopefully). The B fleet found juniors in the lead at the end of the day. Ethan “T-Bone” Michaelis & Ryan Shack led the way. Long time Lido sailors Dave & Jeanne Smith were in a strong 2nd followed by “Road Warrior” Butch Michel & Michael Eisenberg in 4th. Sunday was a whole new day filled with blue skies. The winds were back to the normal south-west direction at a strong 12-15MPH. Team Ryan started the day rough by breaking their main halyard before the start of race one & missing out on the action (a big thanks to all who gave advice & helped out getting the halyard back together including Stu, Paul Anctil & Bruce Wasson). But after the lunch break, Ryan came back strong winning the last two races. The strong finishes were just enough to get past Stu for the prized frozen turkey & the rd Moment of Glory perpetual. Gresham finished 3 , while Shane held onto 4th.

In the B’s, “T-Bone” Michaelis sailed fast, finishing in front of the Smiths, Butch & Michael Eisenberg for the win. Besides Ethan/Ryan, two other junior teams were out on the race course, as well. Peter Bishop/Nolan Peters borrowed Ed & Eric’s Lido & finished a strong 5th. Nora Elsharhawy/Taylor used a fleet boat to finish a respectable 7th in the B’s. A great weekend was had by all. Hard fought racing was followed by a warm meal Saturday evening as sailors flocked to the second deck of ABYC. The Bar was open & the time was well spent catching up with old friends, meeting new ones & telling talltales of adventure at sea on our beloved Lidos. Put the Turkey Day Regatta on your “to do” list for 2013. You won’t regret it .-Mark Ryan L 2506

2012 ULLMAN B REGATTA by Riley Foster, age 11 My name is Riley Foster. I am eleven years old and a C3 Sabot sailor with Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club but I also enjoy sailing with my dad on his Lido 14 and sometimes we go on bigger boats. th

On October 7 , my dad and I sailed in the Ullman B regatta and clinic. On this Sunday, there were six boats on the water and in the clinic. My dad's goals for this regatta were to have some fun with me, to learn something, and give me as much tiller time as I was comfortable with. My dad skippered the first race while I got my confidence up, but we did not do so well in that race. I think it was because my dad had to do a 360 because he got too close to another boat at the leeward mark. It was wild for me to do a 360 in a Lido because there is much more going on in a Lido than in a Sabot. We ended up fourth in the first race race. Since the Ullman B is a learning regatta, between each race, Mr. Papadopoulos gave us some "on-land" chalk talk and "onthe-dock" tactics tips. This was a nice break between races. I mostly just had a snack and something to drink. In the second race, I was feeling confident enough to take the helm. We got a great start and navigated through the mooring field just off the dock at Balboa Yacht Club. I did not understand why Mr. Papadopoulos put us so close to the moorings because it was hard to determine when to go under or above the moored boats to receive the most wind. We were very lucky at the windward mark and got a lift that put us out in the front of the fleet. We won this race! After some more coaching on land, we went out for the third race. In this race, there was not much wind at the windward mark so we tacked away from the fleet to get some wind and

Ullman B Clinic and Regatta Participants

then port tacked over to the windward mark. We were lucky and ended up many boat lengths in front of the fleet! There was just enough time to get one last race in. In this race, the Collins family managed to beat us upwind and they stayed in front of us on the entire downwind leg. Then my dad and I tried to calculate how we did overall but we could not remember how we placed in the first race. We started to think that we might have gotten a second in this regatta. We knew that Mr. Drury and Mr. Wasson were also doing well. We had not kept track of their scores so heading in for the final chalk talk, we were happy to have a second place. Then we had to sit through another lecture while Mr. Papadopoulos told us a story about sailing in a past regatta where he was an outside boat and offered room but the other skippers did not say anything. At the end of the regatta, he was protested, so I learned that you always want to give people room even if they don't ask. Finally, it came time for the awards ceremony. I was excited that we would be receiving the really nice Ullman sail bag award for second place. But this did not happen! It turned out that we were one point ahead and got first place! Mr. Papadopoulos explained to me that if there had been 10 boats racing, I would have to race my next Lido race in the A fleet. I was very embarrassed while taking pictures holding the big perpetual trophy with all of the adults watching. In the end, I had a great time with my dad and I am really looking forward to our next Lido race.

Riley Foster and her proud dad David

Robertson and Elsharhawy win Boxing Day Race

Saturday dawned cold and wet at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club for the 13th running of the Boxing Day Race. This is a pursuit race that is open, according to the Notice of Race, to "all boats, especially those that float, with a Portsmouth yardstick." The Naples Sabots are started first. Some time later the Mercurys and Lido Bs, then the Lido As, eventually Cal 20s, 505s, Etchells, and so on. This year's competitors included an F24 and a J109. As with any handicapped race, the prevailing conditions will change the favored class. One competitor had an Etchells ready to launch, and as the wind changed approaching the start time opted to put it away and launch his Cal 20 instead. The rain did end before the first starting gun, and it was sunny but cold for the entire race. The race is finished in an slightly unusual way. The Race Committee finishes (scores) competitors at the first mark rounded after the time at which the race is appointed to end. The NOR states that the race will "finish at 1530 ish." Only seconds before this precisely defined time the Championship team of Adam Elsharhawy and Stu "Stunami" Robertson was close on the stern of Cal 20 #372 sailed by Chris Raab and Kenny Dair. Alas, they both rounded a mark just before the finish time, so their race was now to the next mark. Young Adam continued to call the tactics and this Lido team beat the Cal 20 to the final mark. Stu acknowledged Adam as the real skipper at the trophy presentation so it will be Adam's name on the perpetual trophy at ABYC. Other Lido 14 teams include (in finish order so far as the race committee is concerned) Keith and Kim Ives (3724), Nathan Dalleska and John Makielski (872), Kim Adam and John McBrearty (6276), Paul and Jacob Makielski (6277), Angela Goodwin and Bryan Dair (3759), Ginger Luckey and Lilly Flam (5115), Jim Drury and Bruce Wasson (4963), Damon Kunkle and Brook Jolly (11), Tarek and Nora Elsharhawy (3705), Bob and Saylor Little (4072), and Joel Stone and Family (123). For those of you dying to know, the one Naples Sabot that showed up took 3rd place, way to go Steven Hopkins! - L Fleet 6 Signals

2013 Manning Series, An Easy Going Lido Event! The annual Manning Series at ABYC is a “dinghy only” regatta, with a small twist….there are no “A” or “B” divisions for any of the classes. Everyone sails together which worked out fine. The Lido class had 12 teams sailing with some really close racing. The majority of the fleet had at least one race with a top 4 finish! Kathy Reed and Cindy Heavrin proved that hard work and listening at the race clinics is a great way to improve….among their scores were a first and two seconds!

The Del Rey fleet was well represented and showed flashes of brilliance on the race course as well. Perhaps the biggest plus for the Lido class seen at the 2013 Manning Series was that the stress level for the fleet was turned way down at this regatta. People made an effort to be courteous. It is common knowledge that the Lido class has had its share of combativeness over the past number of years and this has led to many people staying away. This has become a real issue for the class. Hopefully we might see a new era in the “fun level” of Lido sailing going forward. While we are not completely there yet, it was obvious that people were making an effort to change the tone of the racing. Hopefully this can lead to more people coming out to Lido regattas! To see all the Manning Series results, go to: Hope to see everyone at the next regatta! Bruce Golison – L 2665

MBYC Fall Lido 14 Invitational & Lesnick Trophy The sailing at this year’s MBYC Fall Invitational once again lived up to the wonderful reputation that we have come to expect….great competition, comfortable breezes and smooth water sailing, all taking place in picturesque Mission Bay, CA. The Lido class history on Mission Bay goes back to the class’s original roots and the 2012 Fall Invitational once again lived up to everyone’s expectations. Energetic Kathy Dryden was the regatta chairperson and super crew for her grandfather Roger Patterson (finishing 3rd in B’s). Thanks Kathy for all your efforts. The Lido “A’s” unfortunately had a small turnout (6 boats) due in part to a medical recovery and the lack of many outside travelers. Come on Lido sailors….it’s just not that hard to have a fun weekend in San Diego! The three “A” fleet travelers, Bruce Golison / Dina Corsi, Stu Robertson / Adam Elsharhawy and Steve & Kristina Potter did well going one, two and three in the final standings. The racing was great and everyone had stories to share back ashore.

The Lido “B’s” had a nice turnout and some really great racing! Ten boats battled thru six races with the team of Bill Kenney / Ashley Uren earning a spot in the “A” fleet for future regattas! Randy Carper / Alex Kelly rallied big time on Sunday to pull up to second overall. Congratulations to all the Lido B’s on a solid performance at the 2012 Fall Invitational. The regatta wrapped up with a Lido fleet hosted chili bash on the front deck followed by the presentation of some great Lido 14 customized serving pieces as the awards. The Lesnick Trophy was awarded for the second year in a row to the winners of the “A” fleet, Bruce Golison and Dina Corsi. Thank you Mission Bay Lido Fleet 7! Bruce Golison - L 2665

Fleet 1 Championship Regatta by Steve Schupak- L 6262 On Friday December 14, the weather looked like a full raging winter scene in Southern California. Dark clouds, rain, and cold biting wind - pretty much an average day in Seattle but not what you’d want if you were preparing for the final racing event on the Lido 14 Fleet 1 calendar. But during the night, the clouds dissipated and the sky turned a magnificent blue, clear and penetrating, that can only happen after a good rain. What didn’t leave was the cold … it still felt like winter. So, in addition to the usual paraphernalia for a day on the water, out came the cold weather gear that had been in storage since our return from the Class Championships in Anacortes, Washington this past summer. Lido Isle Yacht Club graciously offered to host the regatta and holiday party, plus a few other surprises to be revealed later. The club’s involvement in our event was so deep that we even had Commodore Jim Bailey as our PRO and his son Danny to assist with scoring! Talk about bringing out the big guns to set the tone and keep the races running smoothly. Thanks for all your help, Jim. In the Lido Isle boat garden, there were the usual faces from Fleet 1, plus a few new ones who had recently joined the fleet. There were also quite a few familiar faces from Fleet 6 to make things interesting. A tow had been arranged with Balboa Yacht Club to bring the BYC and BCYC racers up from that end of the bay to the racecourse. All in all, a well-planned and executed event was ready to begin. I was amazed at how well the wind cooperated from the time of launching through retrieving at the end of the day. The passing storm bent the normal westerly wind all the way to the northwest and lent itself for true windward leeward courses up the inner Lido Soud channel, giving us a nice and quite long windward leeward course layout. There were puffs, and with all the dredging that had been recently completed, there was also a fair ebb tide to contend with. This proved pivotal in several races. You’d think that after sailing up from Balboa Yacht Club with all the tacking needed to sail uphill to Lido Isle Yacht Club, Kim McRae and S/C Judi Gorski would have had all the kinks work out, muscles warmed up, and be ready to race. But as the horn went off for the first race, they were seen at the dock with the rig down trying to fish their main halyard through the masthead fitting! By the end of the first race, they had the rig back in the air and were ready to go. Both the A and B Fleets raced together, and the 16 boats on the line were quite a sight, not to mention quite a crowd in the upper Lido channel. The weather mark was placed between the moorings and Lido Isle so we needed to short tack up a channel that was about 60’ wide. As we approached the mark in the second race, a 50’ sport fisher came motoring down the narrow channel. Walter shouted at them to stop and the gaggle of Lidos continued to short tack up the channel while negotiating their way around this new and mobile obstruction. The scene looked chaotic but up close, there wasn’t any contact or hails of protest. In fact, it was both orderly and exciting. Kim and Judi went on to prevail in winning Race 2 and regain some of their lost distance from Race 1.

Race 3 commenced after a short break and by this time, everyone was warmed up. Walter and Karen had a great start and went on to win with a horizon lead. By Race 4, Walter and Karen were lined up to “own” the pin end start and get to the first puff from the left. The only trouble was that Anne and I got just inside them and in an unexpected burst of current coupled with a left shift, Walter struggled to keep clear of us and ultimately keep clear of the starting mark. Ooops, when the gun went off, Walter found he was definitely “owning” the pin and trying to take it home. He had wrapped the anchor line around his centerboard and was now dragging the pin with him. After getting clear and doing two penalty turns, Walter and Karen did a great job of clawing their way back into the middle of the fleet. Race 5 was pretty much the same as the previous two races lots of passing, tacking, great long downwind legs, trying to figure out when the next puff was going to come from the left, and hoping the lift from the right would more than compensate (which it usually didn’t). No-one was dominant in our final race and lots of different boats were leading at one point or another. Kathryn Reed and Cynthia Heavrin, and Nathan Dalleska and Bruce Wasson from Fleet 6 were always in the hunt and keeping things interesting for everyone. Past Class Champion Mark Ryan and Paul Makielski were unable to stay for the final race – something about having to work a party at Gondola Getaway! When the dust settled and the throw-out was factored in, Anne and I squeaked out a win in the A Fleet by one point over the tied Kim McRae/Judi Gorski and Walter Johnson/Karen Pierce teams. In the B Fleet, it was even tighter with Greg Boudreaux and Donovan McClelland winning the tiebreaker over Joel and Isaac (age 6) Stone. Isaac made it through four of the five races and had to take a little snooze before rallying in the fifth race. Third through fifth places were tied with Robert and Madison Mooers who won the tiebreaker. Racing was only part of the draw to come out and sail on this beautiful December day as our annual Holiday Party commenced as soon as everyone had put their boats away. Karen walked up and down the dock handing out cold Coronas to enjoy on the sail back to BYC and BCYC. Karen then set up a wonderful dinner catered by Beach Pit BBQ inside the newly renovated Lido Isle Clubhouse that was beautifully decorated for the holidays. For those not familiar with Beach Pit, they serve the best Southern BBQ in town along with fantastic jalapeno cheese corn bread. It was terrific to have so many of our Fleet 1 members present as well as several new ones. We were happy to have a few kids in attendance, ensuring that the next generation of Lido 14 sailors are coming aboard. During the trophy presentation, Walter told the assembled group of partygoers that Lido Isle Yacht Club has agreed to be the home of Fleet 1 and will permanently display all of our wonderful Fleet 1 Championship Regatta perpetual trophies inside their clubhouse. What a gift to the fleet and no more having to track down missing trophies as now they will be proudly displayed for generations to come. Thank you, Lido Isle Yacht Club and thank you Commodore Jim Bailey and former Commodore Carter Ford for making this happen!

2012 FLEET ONE CHAMPIONSHIP REGATTA RESULTS Saturday December 15, 2012 Lido 14 A Fleet: st

1 Place nd 2 rd 3 th 4 th 5 th 6

Steve & Anne Schupak Kim McRae & Judi Gorski Walter Johnson & Karen Pierce Patrick & Sara Kinkaid Kathryn Reed & Cynthia Heavrin Mark Ryan & Paul Makielski

8 points 9 Points 9 Points 11 Points 16 Points DNF

Lido 14 B Fleet: st

1 nd 2 rd 3 th 4 th 5 th 6 th 7 th 8 th 9 th 10

Greg Boudreaux & Donovan McClelland 30 points Joel & Isaac Stone 30 points Robert & Madison Mooers 32 Points David Foster & Greg Hawkins 32 Points Nathan Dalleska & Bruce Wasson 32 Points Tom & Nancy Mooers 42 Points Travis Vandenberg & Melody Wong 42 Points Taylor Mullin & Thomas Guzzetta 51 Points Paul, Denise & Andrea Ogier DNF Len & Andrew Bose DNF

VALENTINE’S DAY REGATTA February 14, 2013 By Kim McRae, Lido 14 - 4785 For those who attended Fleet 1's inaugural Valentine's Day Regatta, you know what everyone else missed! A week before Midwinters, ten teams gathered at Balboa Yacht Club (three teams were disappointed to have to cancel at the last minute) to sail in Fleet 1’s first regatta of the year. On this warm sunny day, Karen and Walter who had organized this event, greeted us and handed each participant a fantastic long sleeved red "Lido Love" regatta shirt. The races were held off the BYC Race Tower led by Pinky Greene and her race committee. The racing in the A Fleet was very close with the boats repeatedly overlapped at mark roundings and on the downwind legs. In Race 1, after rounding the weather mark in first place, Johnson/Pierce (Walter & Karen) stayed a bit wide to the right and Schupak/Schupak (Steve & Anne) rounded with a quicker jibe and overlapped Walter and Karen to start the run. The team of McRae/McRae (Kim and his son Jerad) was able to work up the inside of both Steve & Anne and Walter & Karen on the run and rounded ahead with the others close behind. The positions continued to change during the last leg with Kim and Jerad ultimately maintaining their lead. In Race 2, the outcome was decided at the first weather mark. For those who don’t sail this area too frequently, when the south wind blows, we use a government channel marker (Mark #6). This is a very large, unmovable piling (just ask the power boat owners or their skippers who have hit it during the Christmas Boat Parade how much damage it can do). It has a large crown of metal bars at the top that will snap the rig off any boat that comes too close. The teams of Steve & Anne and Walter & Karen had a tight tacking duel up the left side of the course with Walter & Karen having the advantage of being just to the right of Steve & Anne. With an ebb current flowing, both teams went for a shallow lay-line. Either they found an eddy or there was a slight wind shift as both teams had to maneuver to avoid hitting the aforementioned massive weather mark. Meanwhile, having the advantage of a front row seat from being in third place, Kim and Jerad did a "Hans Fogh" move (Google him!) and overstood the mark so they could reach across the top of the two boats battling it out at the mark. When all was sorted out, Steve & Anne did their penalty turn and Walter & Karen finished second to Kim & Jerad.

Steve and Anne Schupak with the Fleet A Perpetual Trophy

Race 3 featured a new challenge as mid race, the wind shifted to the west and created holes, auto tacks and reach/run and run/reach transitions, sometimes in a matter of moments. At the start, with the line favored at the tower end, all three boats hit the line very close together near the tower. This set up a situation with everyone heading towards the docks with Kim & Jerad to leeward of the others. After requesting "room", Kim & Jerad were able to tack and work to weather of the other teams to take an initial lead. Walter & Karen did the best job of adjusting to the changing conditions that included drifting backwards around the leeward mark when the wind unexpectedly died. For their untraditional mark rounding, Walter and Karen were rewarded with a fine race win.

With the wind remaining in the west, the next two races were the more traditional BYC Race Tower races with a reach from the start to K Mark and upwind to M and N Marks near the Pavilion. As is usual with this type of race, when there is an ebb tide and a mild wind, you have to either stay in the channel in deeper water where there is more current and better wind pressure or, go for relief from the current in the disturbed air of the moorings. In Race 4, Walter & Karen had a good start by rounding Mark K in first place and then headed out towards the moorings. Kim & Jerad rounded second and played the channel for better pressure. Steve & Anne rounded a close third and found clear air near Kim & Jerad in the channel. It turned out to be a day to play the channel and ultimately, Kim & Jerad finished first. This sailor has observed that the current differential between the channel and the shore appears to be reduced by the recent dredging in the bay. With plenty of sailing time still available on this beautiful winter day, the RC and regatta organizers called an "Audible" and added a fifth race to the schedule. It turned out to be a contest of who could best "connect the dots" of better pressure and avoid the small holes. In Race 5, Kim & Jerad again played the channel to eek out another win. After factoring in the throw-out, Kim & Jerad finished in first place overall, followed by Walter & Karen in second place, and Steve & Anne in third. So that was the racing in the A Fleet.

mark their calendar for our second Valentine’s Day regatta next year. It was a great event and the perfect winter tune-up regatta.

2013 Valentine's Day Regatta Results Saturday February 9, 2013 Lido 14 A Fleet Winners: Kim McRae and Jerad McRae (1st place) Walter Johnson and Karen Pierce (2nd place) Steve and Anne Schupak (3rd place) Lido 14 B Fleet Winners: Robert Mooers and Madison Mooers (1st place) Donovan McClelland and Greg Boudreaux (2nd place) Rich Brumley and Jeff Cunningham (3rd place

Photo credits: Bronny Daniels

In the B Fleet, we had a realigned team, a returning racer, two father/daughter teams and a family team. The father/daughter team of Robert and Madison Mooers won every race except Race 2 and decisively won the B fleet. Robert and Madison are starting to come out for more regattas after doing Twilights for several years. The realigned team of Donovan McClelland/Greg Boudreaux followed them in second place. Donovan started crewing for Greg in Twilight races several years ago and has recently started to helm the boat (and should do more!). Rich Brumley has begun to get active again and sailed with Jeff Cunningham to take third place. The daughter/father team of Riley and David Foster had several good races and lost the third place tiebreaker. Riley is our fast junior skipper who won the Ullman B Regatta last year. Travis VanDenBerg sailed with his newbie sailor girl sister Tracy who claimed to have never sailed before but managed to win Race 2! Our newest Lido sailors are Paul & Denise Ogier. They recently purchased their Lido and have jumped right into racing. They were our family team as they sailed with their 9year-old daughter Andrea. After a great afternoon sailing, everyone gathered in the sunshine on the patio to share stories while enjoying a fabulous pasta bar and the Valentine’s Day candy that was on every table. Just before the trophy presentation, Karen came out with a surprise birthday cake for Walter and we all sang Happy Birthday to our Fleet Captain. We then gathered for a group photo on the staircase before it was time for awards. The trophies were very original hand blown heart-shaped glass wine stoppers and See’s chocolate hearts. Throughout the racing and festivities, Bronny Daniels was present as evidenced by her wonderful photographs. Thank you Bronny! I would like to close by saying a word of thanks and congratulations to Walter and Karen for conceiving, creating and pulling together this very fun event in a short amount of time. I would also like to thank Balboa Yacht Club and the RC team for hosting and running the regatta. I hope everyone will

Happy Valentine’s Day Competitors

2013 SUNKIST SERIES RESULTS February 2013 Lido 14 A Fleet: Kim McRae and Judi Gorski (1st place) Steve and Kristina Potter (2nd place) Kathy Reed and Cindy Heavrin (3rd place) Lido 14 B Fleet: Dave and Jeanne Smith (1st place) Steve Mueller and his son Nicholas, age 7 (2nd place) Ryan Long and Dwight Long (3rd place)

Kris Kringle - The Little Regatta That Could Ever wanted to go to a one day regatta, centrally located, have breakfast and afternoon snacks made for you, be given T-shirts for both skipper and crew, be surrounded by friendly and enthusiastic race personnel, sail in a lovely yet challenging venue, get to sleep in an extra hour, and have no power boat wakes? If you went to Kris Kringle last weekend you got all this and $2.50 beers! Westlake Yacht Club always does an excellent job putting on this regatta and making everyone feel right at home. Lasers, C-14s, C-18s, Windward Sabots and Optis, and Lidos made up the classes. Lido had seven boats and racing was on a long, but narrow lake with beautiful homes lining the edge. Winds were medium-ish to afternoon glassy which made for perfect reflections of the homes on the water as you drifted to the last finish. Race Committee started the races perched high atop the club roof giving them an eagle eye of the start line keeping everyone back. All racing was upwind and down courses, just as Bill Ficker planned it as architect of the lake. With a narrow lake all racers got plenty roll tacks in for the day. The Potters didn’t know what to do with their regatta morning as they lived only 5 minutes away, different from the usual hour plus regatta commute. Mike Eisenberg, a new Lido owner and Fleet 2 member who bought Butch’s boat, couldn’t find a crew, but rode his bike 30 miles to the down just to see the goings-on. Christmas hats were mandatory on and off the course and if you didn’t have one, Melody Wong would supply you with one. Members of the Ventura fleet joined in the fun, Bill Ferramola (brother of the notorious Gabe) and his daughter Hailey and we hope to see more of them. Put this regatta the calendar for next year. John Gresham - L 4339, Fleet 6 Captain, Alamitos Bay Results: 1. John Gresham Melody Wong 2. Dan Gilboa Bruce Wasson 3. Kelly Cantley Kevin Kashima 4. Steve Potter Kristina Potter

5. Kim Adam 6. Bill Ferramola

Dan McBrearty Hailey Ferramola

A February Day in Mission Bay T’ was a cloudy sky over Mission Bay on Sunday February 10. A light cool southwest breeze was rippling the brine. It was time to play boats. Five of the more hearty Lido-errs ventured to the barca – old barca that is. Standing tall at the PRO post was champion of many fleets Doug Hart, representing the laser guys. In the first race a wind shift favored the left hand side of the course. Those that went that way were rewarded; those that did not were punished for their sin. On the second, those that hit the middle of the course seemed to enjoy the view of those who didn’t. The boats of the last race were barely visible to this scribe; the vantage point from the back of the fleet was really poor due to an OCS. Something must have happened since by the time we finished the course, there were boats on the wash-rack and on the crane. There was a little something for everyone on that day: * Roger and Kathy won the first race. * Terrie Cannon enjoyed the lead. . . for most of race three. * Leland got to sail with our Fleet Champion Kent. * Alec got to enjoy winning her first Club Regatta with skipper Betts. * And past Fleet Captain Bill got a lump of coal – c/b problems he says. Oh yes, the night before we had a meet-up at the Fuller pad; there after enjoying the bay view and the giant TV, Fleet Champ Foster gave us a lesson in starting a Lido race; your scribe apparently failed to listen. Also Tim gave us some insight into the Class Championship held last summer. Come meet and sail with Lido 14 Fleet 7.




ar i ne


esi gn

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2012 Roy Woolsey Regatta What a glorious magical day the Lidos had on Sunday September 16, for the 2012 Roy Woolsey Memorial Regatta. And what a terrific batch of competitors came out for a truly memorable tribute to one of the class stalwarts. The sun was out, and the wind was up. It was a chamber of commerce plus day. Luckily the record breaking heat wave on Saturday subsided slightly and along with the fog bank receded to just off shore. When I woke up to get my 10 year old to his 9:00 soccer game we were met with fog, mist, and a deliciously cool breeze from the south east. By race time the sun had burned off much of the fog bank, but the wind held! Most unusual. We were all expecting the wind to die once the cloud cover burned off. Turnout was smaller this year. Probably due to the heat wave on Saturday. You know you’re in trouble when it’s 100 degrees in Newport Beach, and only 91 degrees in Palm Springs! The mixed fleet of Lido 14’s and lasers was mostly from Newport Beach, with Lido 14 Class President Steve and First Lady Kris Potter making the trek down. Bob Yates served both as PRO, and official photographer (See PHOTOS) and did a bang up job getting five races off that showed the various locals around the harbor. None of that sausage course stuff here, we got to reach, run, beat, work on connecting the puffs, shifts, and navigate the major obstacles the dredging project offered racers. Newport Beach has been conducting a multi-year dredge of the entire bay. Moorings have been pulled, and the biggest dredge and barge you’ve ever seen has been operating all throughout the bay. This weekend it was in the middle of the turning basin with the empty barge in waiting just off of Bay Island. For those of you who sailed the 2007 Nationals, this is exactly where we raced the entire weekend. Needless to say, this has been a major disruption to life around the bay for quite a while. As the horn went off for race 1, we were sent off to the far reaches of the bay, U mark just off the tip of Balboa Island and back to the mark just off the club dock then finish. Looking up the course the tight reach gave us our first chance to speed test one another. Kim and Judy started just to leeward and slightly back from us, Walter and Karen got hung up with some of the traffic just to weather of us and had to tack out. We kept looking forward and slowly rolled over Kim and Judy. The first challenge was the moored empty barge. We decided to take it to leeward as it was closer to rhumb line and out of the lee of Bay Island. Others chose to go above it and I don’t think it helped. When we got to the spot where we should have seen the mark it was gone. I thought, “oh no, they moved it for dredging.!!!” What to do, what do. Keep sailing, and if needed round where it should be and hope for the best. Then I looked over and saw the mark tucked in a corner just behind an aluminum fishing boat with about 20 lines deployed trying to catch the “glowing” fish from the bay. The mark was so tight to the swimming buoy that we had to go through pretty much single file. At one point the guys fishing asked if we wanted to buy some fresh fish? In the spotty winds going up to the next mark Kim and Judy squeaked by and Walter and Karen nearly passed us too. The next race the fleet was sent to a different part of the bay since the wind shifted. And Life settled in for the Lido and Laser racers. During the break between race 2 and 3 the wind shifted a little more and Bob had the course adjusted to suit the new conditions. Call it the heat, humidity, wind shift, or what not, but life on the starting line was markedly different for race 3. There was a certain sense of “tension” for many teams. It’s interesting to note that the majority of A fleet was sailing with husband/wife or significant other with the exception of Kim and Judy. B fleet wasn’t nearly as afflicted with this phenomenon. This pairing of husband/wife/SO creates some interesting interpersonal dynamics on the water during episodes of heightened intensity or stress; which leads to a condition I’ll call

“Marital Bliss”!!! Here’s a couple of examples of this phenomenon: Apparently when you whack your crew in the head inadvertently twice in the prestart, apologize three times, you still enter the “Marital Bliss” stage for the rest of that race. When you are starting, and wind up being 2 seconds early at the pin, gibe, duck the fleet, and try and tack back onto starboard without properly describing the moves to your crew, you can enter “Marital Bliss”. When you blow the final tack to the weather mark, undershoot it, and struggle to make it around the mark, you enter “Marital Bliss”. And when you’re sailing downwind and you catch a mooring ball with your lazy jib sheet, pull the poll off the sail and mast, you enter “Marital Bliss”. Neither Kim and Judy nor Chris and Cathi Killian entered “Marital Bliss”!!! (Ed. note, as far as has been disclosed as of press time) The final race was really the decider for both fleets with three boats in contention to win their respective fleets, and the leaders of race 4, Kim and Judy in A and Chris and Cathi in B one to two points up on those tied behind them. All I can say about the race is what happened in our boat as we were somewhat focused on the race at hand. Kim and Judy got out to an early lead off the line, followed by team Potter, then us around the weather mark. We were able to roll the Potters on the first half of the reach, and stayed in close contact to Kim and Judy through the run. At the bottom mark Kim held his lead and sailed on port a little ways, we were close behind and I called for a tack at the mark, “Marital Bliss”. We both tacked, covered, tacked, tacked, and finally both of us got a little separated. This was chance we needed. Somehow we got a little more pressure, or better shift and was able to get bow out to Kim and Judy. Then we did everything we could to stay in front of them up to the final weather mark and short reach back to the finish line. In B fleet, the battle was on between Greg Boudreaux and Miguel Calles and team Killian. Greg was two points behind going into this race. In the end Greg and Miguel finished first with team Killian in second. I didn’t read the NOR carefully since I was running from a soccer game and arriving at LIYC like Kurt and Anne Wiese with only moments to spare, so I didn’t see the note about there being a throw out… For Chris and Cathi the throw out turned their score from one point lead to being tied with Greg and Miguel winning in the tie breaker. For Anne and I we were tied on races and winning the tie breaker, to winning by a point by throwing out a “Marital Bliss” race.

Afterwards LIYC treated everyone to post race chowder, and libations along with trophies. The trophy presentation was especially memorable. Not only was Barbara Nordstron (Roy’s daughter) sailing. She sailed with Tony Lange and placed third. But Louis Woolsey made it over to the club to be part of the awards and hear some of the wonderful stories that Roy such a beloved member of both fleets. Anne and I thought we were done on the podium after we were called for Lido 14 A’s but Bob Yates and Commodore Ford had us stay up to receive the Roy Woolsey perpetual for the largest fleet in the regatta. What an honor, and made more so as we were able to accept it with Louise present, and get our photo with her and the trophy which has a likeness of Roy etched in glass. By Steve Schupak L 6262

2012 Richard Lesnick Memorial Report By Bill Kenney of Fleet 7 Winner of the B Fleet My regatta weekend began a few weeks before the event. That was when a scheduling conflict was realized with my regular crew, who also doubles as my wife. Since my recent sailing scores were poor, and not having a reliable crew, I felt my ego would be better preserved by respectfully staying out of the competition. However, quitting is not a meal devoured easily, and my perspective thought ahead to those days of the Regatta and how I would feel afterward for not entering. Monday before the race I contacted our Fleet 7 captain and Regatta Chair, Kathy Dryden, knowing she may have a willing volunteer for crew. Days later, Friday dawned with me still not committed to sail. My phone rang early that afternoon. The voice on the line belonged to a charming gentleman named Ashley Urey, a fit young man from the United Kingdom on Holiday in the States. After spending some time in northern California as an instructor in Geology, he chose to spend the remainder of the month in San Diego. With plenty of sailing skill and looking for something to do on the weekend, Ashley called several local Clubs looking for a regatta and any needy boat to volunteer on as crew. He was given Kathy's number, who gave him my number. Saturday began with a glorious blue sky and freshening winds. By 10AM the temperature was 67 and the winds were sustained at 8 knots and gusting to 10. Race time saw the winds rise to 10 and 14, peaking about 3:30 with 15 and 18 knots respectfully. Wind direction was steady at about 280. The Bay had a modest swell but not too much chop, just enough to splash us every so often. As we left the rigging dock on the first day, my crew and I agreed the goal was to simply have fun. Rise to the challenge, give it our best shot, and just have a good time. My starting line philosophy is to be on the line at full speed and in clear air when the starting horn sounds. I do not want to foul anyone and will choose clear air over a favored end every time; less chance to foul another boat, greater chance of speed. The Barca appeared favored over the whole weekend, and subsequently crowded because of this, so I made for the middle.--a clean start for the first race. Ashley and I are not heavy men, but together we top 340 pounds; well over the class minimum and certainly heavier than many of the boats. This happened to prove a slight advantage as were able to hike very hard and kept the boat powered up. We made excellent speed. The wind position was steady with very little variation so I focused less on the compass and more on the tell-tails for my direction, but always watching for puffs and lulls, lifts and headers. Out ahead was the team of Roger Patterson and Kathy Dryden in 2420, with Randy Carper’s 4466 in close pursuit. We were back in about fourth or fifth position and in the mix with other boats. The first race ended without much drama for us and we finished in fourth position. The second race began about the same. Everyone was near the line at the horn, no fouls or OCS's. Again we made excellent speed and the first weather mark found us rounding just after the Patterson/Dryden team. At Mark #2, the final weather mark of the Bay Course, we were to head for Ts. This called for a broad reach and the wind conditions made setting the whisker pole windward or setting the jib to leeward a toss up. Since we were still just behind Roger, we opted to roll him windward, and if you know Roger, you know he won’t ever allow that to happen. We reached Ts with a bit of inside overlap and I hailed for room. Roger gave us just enough. Now on starboard headed for the finish and just to weather of Roger, I noticed a large sailboat headed our way on port. Mission Bay is a wonderful venue for many water sports. Traffic is a natural occurrence and part of the challenge of

racing there. I could tell my position and course would allow me to pass in front of the oncoming sailboat, but not Roger. Just when Roger tacked to port for room the sailboat chose to tack as well, pushing him away from the finish. This unfortunate event played well for us as we crossed the finish without challenge. The third race started much the same, but ended quite differently. Hiking hard, we made excellent speed and began to pull away. After a few tacks we could tell we were out front. The weather mark rounding saw us with a lead of several boat lengths. We maintained this advantage around the second weather mark as well. About a third of the way downwind to Mark #7 we noticed a couple of other boats had jibed. I had been looking backwards, keeping an eye on the puffs and the competition, and I had positioned us in roughly the middle of the course. We still had at least a 10 boat lengths lead when I decided we should jibe. After setting the new course on port the boat rushed forward. I instantly knew the correct choice was made as we powered away from the fleet. The next few roundings and tacks were uneventful. Our lead had expanded to more than 15 lengths so we concentrated on smooth transitions and no errors. Everything was discussed and decided well before execution. As in the other races, the leg from Mark #2 to Ts was more of a reach and here we gave back a few lengths. I told Ashley, as we approached Ts, the race was ours to lose. Smooth and easy; no mistakes. We crossed the finish well in front and headed for the docks exhilarated from the day. Sunday began much like the day before. Crystalline blue sky and temperatures in the high 60’s. The wind forecast suggested lighter conditions than Saturday, so Ashley and I were prepared for our weight to work against us and kept our expectations realistic. Try hard, have fun, no mistakes, no fouls. As it turned out, the wind came up nicely. Steady around 270 degrees and 10 to 15 knots with gusts up near 18. We started the first race of the day (fourth race overall) very near the pin and almost pushed down by the Gronewolds in 4289, who were having a great Regatta. Holding position, we concentrated on speed and pulled ahead, but with not enough room to tack. One by one the other boats tacked over to port and we followed suit. With our foot hard on the gas, we made the weather mark rounding together with Randy and Roger, all of us in front of the rest of the fleet. These three boats stayed close, and at #2 we were just in front of Roger followed by Randy. Again, the quirky reach with the choice of using whisker pole or not. We chose to stay with the pole but with much debate as we saw Roger have Kathy put the pole up and down no less than 3 times. They gained and lost distance each time, but we stayed with the whisker pole and remained out front. Rounding Ts bow to stern the three boats beat for the finish, trading positions, but with us getting to the line first. The fifth race of the Regatta provided the most excitement for us. Again, a great start pulling away, again at the weather mark fighting with Roger and Randy, also with Ellen and Lenore in 6313, who had a great Regatta too finishing fourth overall. Each tack found us crossing bow to stern, trading positions almost every time. The last weather beat, on the way to #2, we were on port headed for Roger who was on starboard. Our speed got away from me and I chose to duck the red boat. Too late! An evasive maneuver was necessary and I threw the tiller over narrowly missing Roger’s port rail. We avoided the collision, but because my main sheet was still cleated tight the strong breeze pushed us into an accidental jibe. The boat quickly flipped on its port side putting the gunwale underwater. Ashley and I instinctively climbed to the starboard side to stay upright and dry. I have never turtled my boat, but at that moment and in that wind I felt it was inevitable. With us on the higher rail the boat started back down.

I released the main and the hull flattened out. Inside the boat the water was up over our feet. I asked Ashley if he was okay, and when he responded affirmatively we tightened the sheets and pressed onward, now on starboard tack with Roger many boat lengths ahead. This event would have discouraged me back when I was new to racing sailboats. My mind relaxed and repeated: try your best, and have fun. With Ashley bailing and me driving we continued. After rounding #2 we reached for Ts and dried the boat. Now we made for speed again and rounded Ts. Last beat to the finish and hiking hard; watching Roger, catching Roger. Now bow to stern. Passing Roger! Passing Ellen! Passing Randy! Across the line in first again! Amazing! With a high-five Ashley and I celebrated an incredible race. We took the first position four races in a row over two days and we won three of those races on the last beat. The final race of the Regatta proved to be our throw-out. As usual, I wanted to stay away from everyone else as they crowded closer to the Barca at the start. We were so far away that we hit the pin when the horn sounded. This may have been due to my centerboard grabbing the pin’s anchor line, but most likely it was me just being clumsy. After our penalty, we sailed on again just trying to be fast. We finished fifth, our lowest place of the Regatta. I wasn’t certain we had won until the final ceremony. As Kathy read the names I remembered that just two days prior I didn’t even know I was racing, yet here I was receiving the First Place trophy. This was my first Regatta victory. For the past 7 years I have been a perennial back marker, becoming a pest only occasionally. The total number of my first place finishes in individual races, Regatta or weekend Club, could fill a hand, but only if you chopped two or three digits off first. Everything seemed to come together for this race: just the right sail trim, all the lessons from my fellow fleet members, all the studying I’ve done to improve, the strong wind, an outstanding crew. Special thanks goes to Ashley Urey for his skill and assistance and enthusiasm. I must give thanks to Fleet 7 for their advice and support, for I would not be here without them. Thanks to an amazing Association, and for what a simple little boat brings to our lives. If I can pass any thoughts on to other sailors for encouragement it would be this: Try your best, and have fun! Trophy winners: Fleet 7 Invitational Regatta L-R Dina Corsi, Bruce Golison, Bill Kenney Ashley Urey, Kathy Dryden, Roger Patterson , Stu Robertson, Sammy & Adam Elsharhawy, Becky & Randy Carper, Kris & Steve Potter.

ABYC Halloween Regatta by Dale Gronewald – L4289 I've gotta say when my brother Scott and I decided to look for a Lido this past June, it was a great decision. Since we started sailing in July we have had so much fun with all the Lido 14 sailors. We have sailed with Fleet 6 on Thursday night twilights thru the summer, traveled to Mission Bay a couple weeks ago and now the Halloween Regatta. Everyone we have meet has been very helpful and welcoming to a couple of newcomers. The whole experience has been fantastic. Soooo needless to say this was our first Halloween Regatta but definitely will not be our last. The people at ABYC were great. The kids from the junior program that ran the show ( I use that term lightly I'm sure the kids had some help ) were great and the whole event was a ton of fun. The day was complete with a costume contest, good food and plenty of beverages of choice. I love seeing all the kids outside sailing and having a good time without any texting or computers. Awesome to see! The weather was perfect; maybe even a little warm especially on downwind runs. But considering there's a tropical storm on the east coast and it was -1 in west Yellowstone, Montana last week you gotta love So Cal. The only downfall was the breeze was a little light 5-8 knots but plenty of wind for some good racing in Alamitos Bay. The Lido fleet had a bunch of A fleet skippers in it but they were basically all crew so they scored all of the Lidos together which made a 12 boat fleet. Very nice! Biggest fleet of the whole regatta by the way including the ocean course fleets The first race was a good long 14 mark race that took about an hour to complete. There were plenty of close crossings and busy mark roundings for the first half of the race then we all settled in and the fleet spread out a little. We sailed our #4289 boat to a solid 4th behind the #4756, #5 and #4339 boats. After the first race we took a lunch break at the club and got ready for the rest of our Sunday afternoon. The second race was a bit shorter which kept the fleet closer together with all kinds of close crossings and mark roundings. I know we used about all of the right of way rules in our boat to get thru the course. We had a clean start and headed to the favored left side. We arrived at the windward mark in 4th again. We stayed close to the leaders until about the midpoint of the race and then somehow we managed to get the boat in a groove and passed 3 boats on the last couple of legs. We were able to take advantage of the 2 boats in front of us that were battling for position at the final leeward mark for a WIN, followed closely by 2 Fish (Nemo) #4756, Pocahontas and a Cowboy #4339 and the Potters #6284 who were visiting from Santa Monica Windjammers YC The 3rd race was about the same length as race 2 but the breeze had reduced to maybe 5 knots. We had a terrible start including a forgiven foul ( thanks 5 ), an over early and on top of that we just couldn’t get the boat moving no matter what we changed. We finished 10th for a total of 15 points ending any chance of a top finish for the regatta. The best boat and crew this particular day was a pair of clown fish (Cynthia Heavrin & Kathryn Reed #4756 ). So apparently swimming with the jellies & riding the East Australian Current made going 1-2-3 for 6 points in Alamitos Bay a piece of cake. 2 bunches of grapes ( Helen Burdett & Kevin Thomas #5 ) finished 2nd overall with a very solid 2-52 showing. Gabe Ferramola & Sarah Simpson #3001 were 3rd overall with a big win to finish the day after being mid pack in the first 2 races. The last position to trophy was 4th, Earned by Pocahontas ( Amanda Wayne ) and a bad mustache ( John Gresham ) with 2- 3rd's and a 7th for 13 points.

Oceanside Harbor Fleet 21 was resurrected 10 years ago by Mark Steinbeck (yes, #6000), Larry Rowe, and Tim O’Connor and is still growing and having better and funnier events. Captain Dan Avina has been working to align our activities with Oceanside Yacht Club's calendar, tempting more of the big boat sailors into the more exciting mini-racers. At the half-way point in the year long Oceanside Harbor Championship Series, race day 2 on November 4th brought out a record Fleet. The real November Showdown happened on Sunday the fourth, at the Green #3 buoy in the Outer Basin at Oceanside Harbor. The second of 4 days of racing for the Title of Oceanside Harbor Champion found 15 of the "Definitive Family Sailboats" pressing the line. The Classic 14 footers that Schock describes as "comfortable" demonstrated a distinct anxiety... or panic, as 15 craft attempted to occupy the same 14 foot space on the starting line when the 1200 (pst) gun sounded. As the packed line spread out, one of our newer teams announced their intent...Lili and Jock in Aquanesia slowly slipped from the grasp of the fleet and lead all the way home. Past Champion Larry Rowe, crewing for P C Van Slyke in Red Tide led the pursuit, and Sydney in Monkeys Ate My Donut, with John at the tiller, chalked their first 3rd for the day. With the butterflies gone, the action intensified. Red Tide, 2 lengths over the start line, pushed the Recall Button and returned to perform a perfect, if delayed, restart. In the 3rd race the entire fleet left early, evoking the first General Recall of the day. The mandatory restart immediately resulted in the 2nd General Recall. Valium for the fleet. As they blasted off the line ( can you "blast" in 4-6 knots of wind ?) Linda and Adam in WHAT? found the groove with their new Elliott/Pattison cloth. They vacated the scene quickly, inking a win in the 3rd. A short rest break on the water was followed by a long Tour de Oceanside course, again requiring a restart, as the overly enthusiastic starting tactics in the anxious fleet continued. Jeff and Roger in Playing With Fire spun onto port tack to escape the crowded pin-end, ducked behind Marc and Jonathon in Bop Is Folly, and found Buckaroo with Lou and Bill on starboard. The crackling report was noted up in the OYC Regatta Salon, which overlooks the venue. Lili and Jock again found the jet-stream and posted the most consistent scorecard...with 4 bullets out of the 5 races. Irish Car Bomb, with Holly and Jay lurked just under the surface and claimed 2nd for the day. Sydney and John in Monkeys found the anchor line of a crab-pot or dredging gear, as did several of the boats following them, but had enough speed to retain the remaining 3rd podium step. The huge steel anchor buoy of the dredge offered impromptu mooring space for more than one boat during the day. OYC's Club Tub, Dos Mas Problemas, performed well under the guidance of Tim Z and James. And upstart junior skipper, Taylor Renee showed great control in Taylor Renee, with Dave handling the front end duties.

Fleet Captain and past Champion, Dan Avina, provided Gypsy Knight, his new Islander 28, for Race Committee, with Bonnie, Mike, Stevy, and Hugh waving the flags. So Patty and Christina brought Dan's Num Num to the melee and left with the 5th place trophy, right behind Steve and Samantha's freshly rebuilt Slippery When Wet in 4th. The trophy presentation in OYC's Hospitality Lagoon was relished by the weary contestants, with lies, whining and highperformance promises abounding. Two facts were obvious. Lido 14, Fleet 21 has the most enthusiastic crews and action in Oceanside. And One-Design racing in small boats is resurgent. The monthly winter racing scene in Lidos continues in December. Hugh Mast Fleet 21 Weight Loss Consultant Welcome aboard for good sailing, friends and food with the only Lido 14 (so far) in Japan. Bluesette sails from lake Hinuma Yacht Harbor, Ibaraki. Ed note: This is the guy in Japan whom dropped out of the class for a year when he was run over by the tsunami. We found out he had to pay $25 for a money order to join the class and we got him to use his credit card via paypal and he rejoined and is a contributing member

Photos: Oceanside Fleet 21 on the water

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