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inston opened the door of his flat and went in, and again there was a letter on the chest in the hall. He knew who had written that letter; he worked for them, for those who were dominating the world; those who could see and listen to the seven million people there. They could read his thoughts.

Although he worked for them, he didn´t know who they were or where they came from, he only did that he was told because he knew that if he didn´t they would kill him. Winston always asked himself who the Big Brother was and why he had chosen him as his right hand, but he never found answers‌ However...what did Big Brother write this time?

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Without further delay, he opened the letter. He stretched his paper; he sat down and began to read.

Winston has killed an important member of the U.S. Army Thomas Brown, you must find the murderer. The letter read as follows:

Winston got the letter in his hand, thinking what to do with it. He begins to think, but he does to not reach any conclusion, then he decides to go to bed and take a decision the next day. In bed, he was unable to sleep. He tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable position. After a long time without sleep, he got up and went to the living-room. He read the letter again He sat down on his favourite armchair and looked through the window. It was raining. It was dark and some streetlights didn`t work. Suddenly, he saw a shadow under his windows. It was a man dressed in black. He was smoking. He was nervous. Was he waiting for Winston?

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The man who was waiting for him was at the window. He made signs with his hand so that he could get out. Then he opened the door and got down the stairs. He was very nervous. His legs were shaking and he couldn´t walk. When he came to the street, he lit another cigarette and approached the man who was waiting. This man told him that he had to go with him because they had to do something very important. They got in a van which was parked opposite. After two hours of road trip they arrived at a small private airport. They got on a plane. Where are they going ? What for?


Winston didn't know where he was but looked out the airplane window. The strange man told him:''Don' worry, we're almost there'' Winston looked out the window again and saw that they were landing on a small island. He and the strange man got off the plane. Two men were waiting for them and one of them said: Then Winston saw that there was a man men behind his older brother. He was holding a cane and had a great coat. His brother approached him and said: I will help you if you help me. Winston told his brother to come over, and once they are at home they began to talk while having a coffee in the living-room. They were talking about "THE BIG MISSION".

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A Winston man told that this little island had a clue about the "great mission" that he had to solve. So I had to find the track because there are instructions to follow and advance the issue. Also the other man said something that scared him and made him very nervous. The clear and concise words were: "As no hurry or do not take seriously something bad will happen very soon" He kept on serarching for ways to solve this little mystery as it was necessary to carry out the great mission. After a few moments he reached a conclusion: he had to carry out " the great mission" which would soon become one of the most important moments in his life. If he was not able to solve the mission, some member of his family might be in danger so, he made up his mind, he started to look for alive people along the Island.

Suddenly, he found a small piece of paper with a map; there was a date and some nouns; this could be important. Winston sighed. He was more quiet, in a short time he had already found the first clue. I only thought about solving this as soon as possible, to save my family.An hour later he found something which he had not expected, it was.... There was a person who knew the aforementioned mission in which he was involved.After talking to John, he discovered that they would get together to discover the truth in order to save their respective families. But he picked up his mobile, dialed the number of his house and called. There was no response.He started getting nervous. Quick thought. He dialed another number, this time his wife's number. He called her. But there was no response. He began to sweat, his body couldn't stop shaking. He could not stop thinking about his family, if they would be dead or alive, if they would be good or bad. What he knew for sure was that everything was very strange and he wanted to find out the truth behind all that. Finally he decided to make a deal with John. Both would go together and try to save her family. That way, it would be easier. However, John for a strange reason refused the proposal. Winston was completely surprised. Why would John refuse? What was happening? Winston was getting more confused, he could not understand what he was doing there and why they had chosen him. 4 4 4

Winston became suspicious of John because he was showing an unusual behavior. Winston will try to find out what John was hiding because he feared that John knew something about his family but he refused to tell him anything as John sometimes did not answer the phone. One day, at a bar, Winston saw John and followed him to discover that he got into a building. We approached the building, but the door was closed so we saw a tree that was near. We climbed the tree and we saw as John winston was talking to a middle-aged, well dressed and long beard man. We saw that the mysterious man gave Winston a big folder, which made us think that John winston knew everything. After a while we left the building but suddenly Winston met a middle-aged blond haired woman and then he took a taxi. We followed Winston but we had many questions ahead: who were these people? Why did WInston talk to them? and what was inside that folder? We were very curious so we set out to investigate and discover what was inside that folder

For several days, we followed the footsteps of Winston, we became his shadow. But he, showing his peculiar cunning, realized that someone was after him. It was then when we decided to drop the investigation because we found nothing suspicious in his attitude. Once again he had managed to deceive us, and very soon everyone would know who was really John Winston. The following day, the folder was still in focus, but no one could understand what it meant. What would be inside? Would the mysterious content help them find their families? He asked around the place to know if someone had seen him; they told him that he should look in the forest, they had seen him go in there. When he arrived to the forest, he heard a 5 5 5

strange noise, like a woman screaming, so he entered in the forest to look for that woman who could be in trouble. One day the man who was in the mission, found the folder, John had forgotten it in his room. There was a letter which said that Winston would take advantage of his companions to complete the mission easily and to save his family, betraying them. When he read the letter he looked for Winston in order to speak of the mission... When Winston got fully recovered, he decided to investigate further because he couldn't believe that everything was a dream and couldn't understand why he was in coma. He didn't remember anything and he was ready to find out everything. He took one more day to rest in hospital and then left it; he said goodbye to his wife and began to investigate. The first place he went was the forest outside the city; he was remembering something about a forest, so he began over there...

When he reached the forest, Winston did not know that it was such an important place. A swarm of mosquitoes came toward him, and he had to run and run. He came to some rocks. Mosquitoes were flying toward him. Winston slipped and fell into a gaping hole. He remembered that hole.It was a passage! He walked slowly, without much noise. He did not know where it could get to. Winston knew the place. He had the feeling of having been there before. Winston wanted to remember, but the doctor said it would take a long time to get back to who he was. (Ring, ring) ... A phone rang. There was someone there. Winston stepped forward to see if he could hear something. There was too much echo. It was impossible.The only thing that was clear was that it was a male voice. 6 6 6

Winston ran and ran. He knew that someone was following him. In the forest all was dark. He stopped. For the first time, he started to think. What was happening? He was more and more confused. He looked around. The place didn't look like a real forest. It was really dark... He could see the silhouettes of the trees, but no very well... Suddenly, everything got darker and darker and he couldn´t go on running. Black, all was black. But he knew that he had to do something. He needed to escape from this "place", a place where he couldn´t see anything...

He woke up. He looked around, but he was very tired and confused. He was in a little room. It looked like an hospital room. His wife was sleeping sitting on a chair... A doctor entered and his wife woke up too.

-Congratulations,-said the doctor- you have just woke up from coma. His wife kissed him. She was crying, but she was smiling at the same time. What could have happened? He was sure that the letter, Big Brother, the big mission and John were real...

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While Winston was coming to see the source of the sound someone attacked from behind with a corkscrew and killed him. The next morning the wife of Winston found the corpse of her husband in bed beside her. She was afraid of calling an ambulance but when it arrived the doctors came into the house and found the body of a woman stuck in the sink with a note that said that Winston had received what they deserved.

Winston was in the dark, it was like a tunnel. He could saw a light in the end of a tunnel. He remembered someone told him: “This is what you can see after death”. He saw his own body lying on the floor. He saw the doctors doing CPR and he said: “I can’t believe that!” He didn’t feel bad. No pain, no fear. But he knows that wasn't his time to pass away. He didn’t want to follow the light. Suddenly Winston opened his eyes. He asked... "What’s happened? Why I don’t feel my leg?" The doctors said "Oh my god!" Winston didn’t know if all had been a dream. Would it be a dream? The ambulance took him to hospital where he stayed some days. He felt really tired. He was sleeping. Suddenly, he woke up. It hasn’t been a dream…

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Winston had only one leg, the right ... He was so scared, he could not remember what had happened to his leg. Then a robot came dressed as a doctor.The robot approached Winston and said: 010011001001010 ... Winston did not know what was going on, where was the doctor? Why was a robot there? Then the robot pointed to a refrigerator, and Winston understood everything; he had been frozen too long and the human race had evolved. Winston came out of the room, he wanted to see what the city was like but when he left the hospital he found something he could not believe ... the city was gone! A hot desert stretched to the horizon.

Nothing could be seen in the vast desert ahead; there was only a large area full of cacti.Winston decided to investigate, after a long walk he found a small hut full of people. He wanted to know what had happened. Winston opened the door and found an old man. " What happened?" Where is the city?", he asked. The old man said: .... You have reached your new city, your city now is this.

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Big Brother  

This is a book which we have done in class, and each student has brought a little bit of your imagination.