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Sports News Reported by Sarah Fatima, Zahra sports for 2 years at Lidget Green Khan. primary school and has started loads of new sports clubs like New clubs football, hockey and netball. We are extremely lucky at Lidget Year 5 recently took part in a Green Primary School that we have netball tournament on Wednesday the opportunity to take part in 25th of March, unfortunately we many after school clubs. came last but we still enjoyed it. All clubs run from 3.15-4.15pm We also had a girls football Here is a list of new clubs starting tournament which was on next half term Wednesday the 18th of March 2009. The 4th of March 2009 saw Monday: Lidget Green children taking the Girls football, Athletics trophy home—well done to all of those who took part! Y1/2 football, We pride ourselves on our super Art Club sporty abilities and we are looking Table Tennis. forwards to next terms tournaments . There will be a Year Tuesday : 6 Rugby tournament in June and a Y3/4 football hockey tournament in May. Bring it Kickboxing on!! Wednesday: Y1/2 multisport Fencing Y5/6 Rounders. Thursday: Yr5/6 Rounders Cheerleading Gardening Club (starts 30th April) Friday: Ju-Jitsu Y3/4/5/6 Cricket Keep an eye out for any other clubs that might be starting in the future. If you have any suggestions for any future clubs please email:

TOURNAMENTS. Miss Flynn has been teaching

Lidget Green Cheerleaders showing off their routines!

Year 5 have been learning a new skill this year and this is swimming. After the initial apprehension, they have come on brilliantly and nearly half of all the children can now swim their 25 metres. They should be really proud of their achievements and be looking forward to swimming their 50 metres by the end of the year. If you would like your child to receive a badge for their swimming please see Miss Draper or Bennett.

Fencing club has been a welcome addition to school with many children learning a new sport. We are lucky to have a fencing expert in Mr Fieldhouse and if you want more information check out the f e n c i n g b l o g o n

Going Forward Welcome to the first edition of the Lidget Green Telegraph. We are hoping that this newspaper will expand and provide information about everything that is happening at your child’s school. We feel it is very important that we celebrate and recognise all the hard work adults and children put into making Lidget Green such a fantastic place to come and learn. The Lidget Green Telegraph is an on going project and the Year 5 reporters have done an outstanding job this time gathering information, taking photographs and interviewing children and adults. We would like the newspaper to grow and reflect what is happening in all classes from the children’s centre to Year 6. We aim to send out a newspaper at the end of every half term so that the community can see what fun things we have been doing and know what is coming up in the future. If you have anything you wish to share with us please email us at I would like to say a massive thank you to all the Year 5 children who have worked extremely hard and given up their own time to write— well done! Miss Draper

Edition 1

April 2009

Fundraising Fun for Comic Relief! Friday 13th March 2009, saw children at Lidget work in making this day a huge success. Green Primary School raising money for Comic Relief. The theme this year was to, ‘do something funny for the money’ and everyone had the opportunity to have their hair sprayed a variety of colours. The whole school was treated to a special celebratory assembly where the cheerleaders performed and all children joined in the Comic Relief song, and as a result of everyone’s kind generosity, Lidget Green raised £271.00! All the children voted on how our money should be spent and they all decided that this money should be donated to children who are unable to go to school in developing countries such as Uganda in Africa.

Miss Flynn Spraying hair in aid of Comic Relief 2009

Michael Fleming 6G said, “It is important for us to raise as much money as possible for comic relief so that children are able to go to school in Africa. If children get a good education they will hopefully have a better future.” Suraj Shah 4M really enjoyed getting his hair sprayed as he laughed “everybody looked really silly especially people with silver hair—they looked really old” This is a fantastic achievement and everybody should be proud of their efforts for all the money raised. The Lidget Green Telegraph would also like to say thank you to Mrs Elphee and Miss Flynn for all their hard

Children enjoying the Comic Relief assembly !

World Book Day Extravaganza! All staff dressed up including Mr Pope and Mrs Tomlinson as pirates. The year 2 team were dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland and the Reception

The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland

Here at Lidget Green Primary school, children and staff do not need much of a reason to get dressed up in fancy dress, so when World Book Day was announced everyone jumped at the chance to dress up as their favourite adventure story character!

Reception enjoying being taught by a witch!

teachers were witches for the day all to celebrate famous book characters. Kyle, 5D really enjoyed the day saying that, “it has made me more interested in reading because it is fun” Mariam 5D continued, “the

funniest part for me was seeing Mrs Hinchliffe struggling through doors in her huge silver outfit!” The day was a huge success and lots of fun was had by all. Lidget Green would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs O’Donnell who organised the event and to everyone who made a special effort to come to school in fancy dress. We now look forward to finding out what next year’s theme will be!!

For some reason we always love visiting the shops when we go on a trip! We learnt how to say yes and no like the Tudors which was a bit odd but they were very polite. We also tried to write like the Tudors using a quill and ink. This was quite difficult and messy so we realised that life in the 21st Century is a bit better.

Shammas loved learning about what the Tudors ate Listening to the Tudor stories was lovely and we were and how they cooked able to contrast what life was like 400 years ago. their food. Year 4 also cooked their own food which was chicken salad. They cooked the chicken on a fire, the chicken was put on a spit and roasted then put into a salad. Year 4 said Tasnim turns the spit to cook the chickens. this was scrumptious. Loads of children explained how to play a simple Tudor game, they said that it was the best thing they did there. The game was called bowling which was played as it is now except the ball is made of plastic. Year 4 told us that the worst thing was wearing the clothes as they weren’t exactly fashionable! Tulsi told us that the girls wore a white apron, a black skirt and a bonnet whilst the boys wore black 3 quarter length pants and a white top with a black hat.

Children being shown how to set the table for the richer people

We asked year 4 if they recommended Clark Hall to another class and they replied yes it was really fun and fascinating, we would love to go there again.

World Book Day is the biggest annual celebration of books and reading in over 100 countries across the globe. The main aim of this day is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading. Every child was given a £1 book token to provide them with the opportunity to buy a book for themselves. Reading is an excellent way for children to learn and broaden their general knowledge and is a great way to improve their writing. As children read a variety of books, magazines and newspapers, their vocabulary expands and they

Reported by Sarah Fatima and Zahra Khan. On Tuesday the 2nd December 2008 , Year 4 went on a trip to Clark Hall to find out about how Tudors lived and what jobs they had. A girl called Muskaan told us that it was a very exciting trip and she loved learning about the Tudors.

become more confident with the English language.

The Year 6 Team arrived as characters for m the Wizard of OZ!!

Tremendous Tudors

Children in Class 1W with their teachers dressed up and having fun!!

Loads of boys agreed that the clothes were the worst part of the trip, they were really uncomfortable. We talked to two people separately called Chloe and Khawaar. Chloe told us that the best bit of the trip The style of dining table the Tudor’s was roping the bed. It was good to be a Tudor for a had to eat at. day, the best game was bowling, the ball was made of plastic so it was easy to hold it. One of the strangest things we had to do was eat with our hands because Finally, Year 4 wanted to thank all of their teacher’s Tudors ate with their hands or with wooden cutlery. for organising the visit to Clark Hall. They had a “I really liked making the chicken salad and brilliant time and would definitely recommend it to vegetarian pie.” Khawaar told us. She also said that anyone. one of the best things was when you could buy loads If you would like to see more photos, visit of fascinating gifts from the shop.

g|Åx gÜtäxÄÄ|Çz lxtÜ H was chanting and repeating. After a while we found this very boring and realised how lucky we were On Wednesday 18th March 2009, Year 5 stepped these days ! back in time to the Year 1901. After break we had English. In English we had a Dressed in traditional Victorian clothes, the children whiteboard (instead of a slate) and a pen and had to experienced just what it would have been like to be spell words such as treacherous and discipline. Then at school over one hundred years ago. we practiced our Victorian handwriting. This was very The girls, wearing aprons and bonnets and the boys in difficult but the children put a lot of effort into shorts and waistcoats were segregated from each keeping it neat. As Victorian children were taught to other. If a child was late, that child had to wear the be God-fearing, Miss Bennett taught us a traditional Dunces hat. This was a hat which song called ‘All Things Bright And Beautiful’. The song was worn by any child who broke was about thanking God for what he gave us and has the rules. It was long and cone 12 verses in total!! shaped with a capital ‘D’ written After lunch we returned to class and there was on the front. The purpose of this complete silence. We were not allowed to sit down was to humiliate the child!! until Miss Draper had called the register. She looked Ahmed was the first boy in 5D to extremely strict this day and we were afraid of being have to wear the Dunces hat punished. In the afternoon, we experienced what because he arrived late in the Ibrahim got his play would have been like for children in a Victorian morning. He told us that he felt tables incorrect school. Lots of children played skipping games really silly as everyone in class together whilst other’s played hopscotch. The lining laughed at him. up drill at the end of the day was very difficult but we In the morning, before registration we all got given quickly realised how different school was one our Victorian names. Our names were Winifred and hundred years ago. Myrtle. Other girls names included Prudence , Hope, We asked Sarah how she felt about the Victorian and Mildred. Harry and Quinby were amongst some school day experience and she told us that her of the boy’s names. When Miss Draper called our favourite part was dressing up in the clothes and new names out being taught by very strict teachers. Miss Draper and for the register Miss Bennett enjoyed dressing up and acting like we had to say Victorian teachers and said they wish some of the good morning methods such as standing up and curtseying and m’am or madam bowing were still used today. whilst the boys bowed and the One of the main things that we learnt this day girls curtsied. was how lucky we are Whenever we today in schools to walked around Year 5 Victorian Teachers looking very have caring teachers school, we had strict who use lots of fun to bow or activities to help us curtsey to adults. If an adult walked into the learn as chanting and classroom we had to stand up as a sign of respect. writing in silence was We also had to keep our heads down and not look quite boring after while. We will remember this day anyone in the eye or we would face the cane. for a long time to come! To see more photographs of In our Victorian topic this term, we have been our Victorian School Day— visit learning about Victorian children and boys and girls learnt arithmetic. One of the main teaching methods Reported by Anisa Hanif, and Ammaarah Nazir

Can Maths be fun?? Maths and fun in the same In order to encourage children to learn their tables, we have sentence? Many young people find numeracy difficult and a subject they do not enjoy, but here at Lidget Green we endeavour to make learning as exciting and interesting as possible. March 4th 2009 saw children participating in World Maths Day. Children were challenged to co m p l e t e a variety of mathematical challenges against pupils from all over the world. Every game was played in real time and lasted 60 seconds. The initial aim in 2007 when the initiative was launched was to answer more than 10 million questions in 48 hours, however the popularity of this event exceeded this target and in 2009, 452,682,682 questions were answered!

introduced a whole school multiplication raffle. Every time children successfully learn a new table they receive a ticket and are entered into a raffle which is drawn at the end of the half term in assembly. Children can win a variety of exciting prizes such as vouchers, lunch at McDonalds with friends or a non-uniform day for their class. This terms winners are Mariam 6H, Aliyah 3F, Kirsty 6H and Arbaz 4M. They will all receive their prizes as soon as possible.

All children received a certificate and should be very proud of their achievements. We look forward to beating our record next year!!

Cystic Fibrosis is the UK’s mostcommon life threatening inherited disease and it affects over 8,000 people. Cystic Fibrosis affects the internal organs especially the lungs and digestive system by clogging them with a sticky mucus making it difficult for them to breathe and digest food. The average life expectancy of a person with the disease is 31 years old although research has shown that with improving treatments this could be extended in the future. Miss Mawson thought it would be great if the school could try and do something for the cause as she knows a child who has been born with the illness. A disco was organised for all the children in order to raise some essential money for the continuing research in this area. Tickets and refreshments were sold at the event and children were able to dance, sing and generally enjoy themselves for a good cause. As a result of this, Lidget Green Primary School raised an impressive £500!! A cheque was presented to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in an assembly . Well done again to the families of Lidget Green who donated towards the cause!

Multiplication Raffle Once again the multiplication raffle has begun at Lidget Green Primary School! This brilliant incentive encourages children to really try hard and learn their times tables. Knowing your times tables is an essential skill for life and improves children's mental maths ability. Teachers at Lidget Green Primary School truly believe that if children know their tables by heart, their numeracy levels will improve and they will become quicker at answering mathematical questions.

Disco Diva’s Dance for Cystic Fibrosis

Miss Mitchell announcing the winners of the KS2 Multiplication Raffle

Teachers Trek Mont Blanc Lidget Green Primary School has been taking part in a project which involves teachers going to different schools in different countries.

There are 4 different countries involved in this project and these are Finland ,France ,Austria and us the United Kingdom. We have had visitors from these countries earlier this year and on the 18th March 2009, four of our own teachers: Miss Bennett, Mrs Shackleton, Mrs Hinchliffe and Miss Craven went to France to continue the project. Arriving in France, the adventurous four stayed in a town called Annecy which is situated in the Alps and close to the famous mountain, Mont Blanc. They spent their time visiting a small school, Les Ollieres with only 49 children attending in total!! There are over 400 children at Lidget Green Primary School so you can imagine how small the school must have been! One of the main differences between schools in England and schools in France is that the pupils didn't wear school uniform instead they wore jeans and brought their own slippers. The children have their own tables and have similar displays and also use a working wall to help them learn!

Reported by Abdullah Rauf and clowning around the hall!! Jaskiran Manak and Aliasgar Jamali

It’s finally the Easter holidays! Do you think it will be fun going to school during Easter? Well we think it will be because we’re going to be joining in with the fun activities at the Lidget Green Holiday Club!

Reporter Ammaarah Nazir and Anisa Hanif

The project involves us comparing schools in different countries and looking at how we can ‘take maths on a journey’.

Happy Holidays!

Miss Bennett, Miss Craven, Mrs Hinchliff and Mrs Shakelton wrap up warm in the Alps.

The column method the French way

introduce this at Lidget Green! Because the school is situated in the Alps, children get to go skiing and snowboarding in their PE lessons! In the class, they still use Black Boards not like us! We are really lucky to have Interactive Whiteboards that show Power Points to help us learn and make the lessons more interesting. Also children at this school mostly worked out of books on individual tables. This is very different to us here in the UK because we get to talk to partners and share ideas. It started to sound like school was much more exciting in the UK but then we found out that they only go to school for four days a week! All children have Wednesdays off! They also have time in the afternoon for a nap and have their own bed and pillow for this. Maybe we should ask Mr Pope to

Beds for sleepy children

All the teachers had an absolutely fantastic time with one of the highlights being winning the treasure hunt! They all enjoyed talking to children at the school and learning more about other cultures. As you can see from the photographs even though it was sunny it was very, very cold as they were high up a mountain! All four teachers felt very lucky to have experienced another school and spend a few days in the beautiful Alps! Teachers back at Lidget Green were treated to some lovely cheese from the region to enjoy at break time. Miss Craven would like to say a massive thank you to Miss Mitchell and Mrs Hinchliffe for initiating and arranging the whole Comenius project. This project has been a huge success and involved some teachers having the experience of lifetime whilst visiting schools in other countries. We hope to keep in touch with the other schools on the project and work on further projects.

It is a really super idea having a holiday activity club at Lidget Green because it means we don’t get bored. We get to play games, make things and learn new skills. We can’t believe the cost of the clubs either. It is only £1.50 per activity or if you want to spend the whole Aliasgar, 5B showing off his plate spinning day from 10.30am until 3.15pm it only costs £3.50. If you have brothers and sisters there is a family rate too!

School will be open on Monday 6th April until Wednesday 8th April for a mixture of Arts and Crafts, sport activities and table tennis. One of the activities I am most looking forward to is the adventure training and treasure hunt on Wednesday afternoon. That You will need to bring your own sounds like lots of fun!! lunch and refreshments but there Week two is also jammed packed is also a tuck shop selling drinks with exciting, fun activities . In the and biscuits at 5p each. As the mornings we have a choice of Arts holiday club is now open to and Crafts or a sports activity. We children from age 4 to 13 that live are really lucky to have a Nintendo in the Lidget Green area, your Wii in school and we will have the older brothers and sisters can opportunity to play on this and come or friends from other have competitions against each schools.

other bowling or playing tennis. All of the activities are run by There are lots of different games qualified teachers and we can play in this club and it organisations and children are should be great fun! supervised at all times. The On Friday morning in the art club, previous holiday clubs have been a we will be making Clown Hats and real success and children have Ties! This is because in the thoroughly enjoyed attending afternoon we are being treated to them. the Urban Circus Workshop and we want to look the part! We have already been learning how to juggle and spin plates and we are hoping to extend our skills to walking on stilts and riding a Unicycle!! I can’t wait for this as it’s something we wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to take part in. At the end of the session at 3pm we will be able to demonstrate our skills to our friends and family by

There are still plenty of places available so you can just turn up on the day, however children may not get a place on their desired activity.

Children getting stuck in to the Arts and Crafts

A fun game of dodgeball in the school hall

For any further information please contact Miss Flynn on 01274579576 or 07929764523. Here’s to another fantastic holiday If you have any suggestions for club and we hope to see you activities at any future holiday there!! clubs please email

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