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Improving our Professional Position inside our Business Environment

Improving our Professional Position Introduction

• There is an interesting film named “Enemy at the Gates” that can contribute with some interesting ideas about our professional life.

Improving our Professional Position Enemy at the Gates - The story

โ€ข The film reveals a story of a Soviet sniper, Vassili Zaitev, that learned his shooting techniques with his grandfather and his Grit cat-and-mouse confrontation with a Major German Officer, Erwin Kรถnig, the head of a sniper school in Berlin,

Improving our Professional Position Enemy at the Gates - The Story • Major König was sent to track down and kill Vassili during the famous Battle of Stalingrad. • Unassuming and self-contained, Vassili was just an ordinary man who performs his duty with extraordinary skill and because of his strategy and position inside the battlefield he overcame and killed Major König.

Improving our Professional Position Main Strategies

• When dealing with our career it is important to be aware of some elements that can help us to improve our professionalGrit position in any business environment. • We have prepared a set of strategies that can guide us to succeed when facing our battles at work.

Improving our Professional Position Strategy 01 – Have a vision


• Determine what is most important to your career and focus on it. • If you have a clear vision, you will eventually attract the right strategy. • If you don’t have a clear vision, no strategy will save you.

Improving our Professional Position Strategy 02 – Develop a road map

• To help you remain on track with your professional goals, develop the steps or plan that you need to take Grit to achieve success. • Planning also helps you to anticipate challenges and to formulate responses to those hypothetical situations.

Improving our Professional Position Strategy 03 – Capitalize on opportunities • Pursue responsibilities and positions that are related to your career and professional goals. • Be always prepared to face new challenges and don´t waste your time doing activities that will not help to boost your career. • Learn to look around for opportunities to improve your career.


Improving our Professional Position Strategy 04 – Conduct yourself with integrity

• Most professionals face a range of ethical decisions almost on a daily basis. • Remember that your reputation is the foundation for all your future successes, so keep in mind that breaches in ethics can do irreparable damage. Grit

Improving our Professional Position Strategy 05 – Become a better communicator

• Develop the ability to speak and listen to others; hear the spoken words but also understand the concerns and motivations. • The most successful professionals and leaders typically are also the best communicators.


Improving our Professional Position Strategy 06 – Commit to lifelong learning

• Take reasonable steps to learn and develop new skills. • Be sure to read relevant materials regularly and seek out job training.

Improving our Professional Position Strategy 07 – Maintain and expand your network

• For many professionals, networking has played an important part in their career advancement. • A good network can provide many important opportunities and inform us about changes and challenges in our professional environment.


Improving our Professional Position Conclusion

• It is always important to develop a wise professional strategy when aiming for a successful career. • And remember that you are not just preparing yourself to overcome new challenges but to focus your energy and efforts to improve your professional career.

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