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Dealing with the Human Factor inside our Company

Dealing with the Human Factor HF - Definition

• The Human factor is the set of aspects and characteristics from our own personality that enables us to get or not engaged in social, economic and political institutions.

Dealing with the Human Factor Introduction • When the fight is really on and the battle is undecided, you want your team to act co-operatively, quickly and rationally. • You do not want a: – disgruntled employee bitching about life, – a worker who avoids work, – a key engineer being tired all day because the baby cries all night.

Dealing with the Human Factor Important

• Few "people problems" can be solved quickly, some are totally beyond our control and can only be contained. • It is important to know that we can learn how to positively face and influence our colleagues´ performance and behaviour.

Dealing with the Human Factor Important - Psychological Aspects

• Learning about some important aspects of human psychology is a good way to better deal with people.

Dealing with the Human Factor 01 – Learning about our own behavior • We need to consider the effects of our daily behavior upon our colleagues and clients. • It is not an easy task since our own perception of ourselves is always positive and constructive and never negative. • And a good way to measure that is to remember how often: – Do we complain about our company and performance? – Do we point out mistakes from our co-workers? – Do we avoid sharing advices and point-of-views? – Do we neglect our co-workers?

Dealing with the Human Factor 02 – Learning about motivation

• When dealing with motivation it is important to take a long-term view. • What we need is to develop a sustainable approach to maintain us and our staff full of enthusiasm and commitment. • The main positive motivators are: – achievement, recognition, the work itself, responsibility, and improvements.

Dealing with the Human Factor 03 – Learning about achievement • Our life and professional targets have a dramatic effects upon our lives: – Too hard goals = it means failure. – Too easy goals = it means no efforts and no compromise.

• Ideally, we should have a series of targets which are easily recognised as stages towards the ultimate completion of the task. • And progress should be punctuated and celebrated with small but marked achievements.

Dealing with the Human Factor 04 – Learning about recognition • Appreciation is a fundamental human need. • People respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued. • When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.

Dealing with the Human Factor 05 – Learning about the work itself

• Our work itself should be interesting and challenging. • Interesting because this makes us actually engage our attention; challenging because this maintains the interest and provides a sense of personal achievement when the job is done.

Dealing with the Human Factor 06 – Learning about responsibility • Responsibility is the most lasting positive motivator. • One reason is that gaining responsibility is itself seen as an advancement which gives rise to a sense of achievement and can also improve the work itself: a multiple motivation! • Assigning responsibility is a difficult judgement since if we are not confident and capable enough, we will be held responsible for the resulting failure.

Dealing with the Human Factor 07 – Learning about advancement • There are two types of advancement: – the long-term issues of promotion, salary rises, job prospects; – and the short-term issues (which you control) of increased responsibility, the acquisition of new skills, broader experience.

• Most people will be looking for the first one, but we need to be aware of the importance of them all.

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Dealing with the Human Factor inside the company  

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