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Best Business Leader and Worst Parent Ever! Strategies to better deal with our Family

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Introduction

• We are used to measuring our success based on our professional performance and by how much money we make each year. • And the more money we make the more successful we feel.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Important Question

• Now if we look very closely is that always the case? • What if our Professional Life has been shining but our Family Life is a failure, full of disagreements and harsh words?

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Problem 01 – Family Misunderstandings

• There are many family misunderstandings and arguments when they don´t understand each other well. • A lot of families now don't get to know each other too well because they're too busy.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Solution 01 – Understanding your Family.

• Be with your family whenever you can and get to know them better. • Plan some family time, like, a movie, or a family game, or even as little as eating dinner together.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Problem 02 – Lack of Respect

• My family is always angry or showing no respect when I share my opinions and suggestions. • And I always get stressed when they try to express their point-ofviews about a specific subject that I disagree.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Solution 02 – Learning to Respect • We only get respect when we show respect. • Avoid being angry or upset when facing a situation or a different opinion. • Remember that it is our own positive or negative behavior that will set our family parameters and the main grounds for a nice relationship.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Problem 03 – Poor Listening Skills

• My family doesn't listen to my advice or just ignore my concerns. • And because of that I have to get really tough and rude when telling them anything from life responsibilities to house chores.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Solution 03 – Learning to Listen • We need to learn how to listen our family. • During the listening process we can figure out the best approach and solution to help them. • Listening is a powerful tool that teaches everybody to think, to respect and to love each other.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Problem 04 – Lonely Family Meetings • Our children don’t want to participate in our weekend lunch or even our dinner. • They prefer to watch cable TV and play with the Internet. • I always have to turn off the whole equipment to call their attention. • It really annoys me.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Solution 04 – Explain the Importance of the Situation • How many times did you let your family down because of your profession? • Maybe it is time to calm down and to reach each one individually to explain them the importance of having a family lunch or dinner.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Problem 05 – My House is a Battlefield

• It is quite difficult to have a nice family conversation since everyone is screaming and complaining about everything. • When my family is together our house is a battlefield. • I am really sad.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Solution 05 – Making Peace not War! • We should never scream or fight against our family members since it can damage and tear any relationship apart and we will regret it. • And we should never waste energy with a negative approach. • Let´s treasure the time we have with them because we can't get it back.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Problem 06 – Lazy Family

• My family is aware of their responsibilities but they insist in not helping me. • And I need to get rough when asking them to clean dishes or just to organize their rooms.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Solution 07 – Learning to Help

• Developing activities together is a fantastic way to teach our family about rights and obligations. • Doing little things such as holding the door for them, or helping someone with homework is a way to say I love you and I really care.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Important – Our Family Approach Today • There seems to be a growing tendency to shift family responsibilities to outside influences, such as the school and society. • Important as these outward influences are, they never can take the place of the influence of the mother and the father.

Best Leaders and Worst Parents Conclusion • Our Family is an important part of our life and we need to have a strong commitment to keep them well. • Someone asked if professional success can compensate for failure in the home. And the answer to that would be "no“!

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Best Business Leader andWorst Parent Ever!  

success and Family.

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