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Innovation Main Aspects

Introduction • The term innovation refers to a new way of doing something. • It may refer to incremental and emergent or radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations.

Innovation - Goal • The goal of innovation is positive change, to make someone or something better. • Innovation leading to increased productivity is the fundamental source of increasing wealth in an economy.

Innovation - Business • Innovation may be linked to: – Performance and growth through improvements in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitive positioning, market share, etc.

Innovation – Main Skills • Association: it is a cognitive skills that allows creative people to make connections between questions, problems and ideas. • Questioning: it is an ability to ask: “What if”, “why” and “why not” and challenge the answers.

Innovation – Main Skills • Close observe details: particularly the details of people´s behavior. • The ability to experimenting and networking.

Innovation - Important • Associating is the key skill because new ideas aren’t created without connecting problems, ideas and people.

Elements that can jeopardize Innovation • Poor Leadership / Organization / Communication • Poor Empowerment / Knowledge Management • Poor goal definition • Poor alignment of actions to goals • Poor participation in teams • Poor monitoring of results • Poor communication and access to information

Innovation - Conclusion • Innovation typically involves risk. • A key challenge in innovation is maintaining a balance between process, product innovations and common sense.

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A short presentation about Innovation and its main aspects


A short presentation about Innovation and its main aspects