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Avoid Expert Blindness

Blindness - Definition • It is a state or situation that does not allow us to see. • Loss or absence of the ability to perceive visual images

Blindness - Causes • The main causes are: – When we can´t see: • Disease or Illness, • Accident, • Genetic.

– When we don´t want to see: • Passion, • Arrogance, • Lack of interest, etc.

Important • We are all experts in some aspects of our life and the activities that we perform. • But for some reason we are not able to see the problems we are facing during our life. • While others can help us to visualize a problem or a difficult situation that is happening in our life.

Expert Blindness Definition • It is a person that besides being a specialist can´t see a problem that is jeopardizing his life. • It is when we can see but we can´t realize or notice the real problems in our life.

Expert Blindness Main Reasons • There are many reasons, for example: – We are in a Comfort Zone and don´t need to think or improve. – Lack of Interest that doesn’t allow us to think. – Arrogance that blind us to accept our mistakes and to change. – Short Sight problems, etc.

Expert Blindness Main Consequences • There are many consequences, such as: – Frustration, – Low networking, – Low performance, – Feeling of being alone, – More problems. – Accidents, etc.

Expert Blindness Solution 01 • Sometimes we need the help of a friend, a specialist to talk and listen to our problems helping us to overcome this situation.

Expert Blindness Solution 02 • Another alternative is based on analyzing our performance thinking about a way to improve.

Expert Blindness Conclusion • It is really important that we do a 360° analysis of many aspects of our life and job, not only to improve our perception but to avoid gaps and possible blindness that will be always part of our own existence.

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Expert Blindness  


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