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PROGRAMMA DI LINGUA E CIVILTA' INGLESE CLASSE 3 F - LICEO SCIENTIFICO "L. MOSSA" – OLBIA A. S. 2012/2013 NEL PRESENTE A.S. SONO STATE STUDIATE LE FUNZIONI LINGUISTICHE E LE STRUTTURE GRAMMATICALI DELLE SEGUENTI UNITS DAL TESTO NEW HORIZONS, VOL. 2, DI P. RADLEY E D. SIMONETTI. SONO STATI PROPOSTI ANCHE ALCUNI BRANI DI LETTURA E CIVILTA’: UNIT 3 FUNCTIONS: Talking about conditions. Giving information GRAMMAR: First conditional, Defining relative clauses: who, which, that, whose – Infinitive of purpose: It’s for +ing VOCABULARY: Computers – Film genres READING: What if it really happens? UNIT 4 FUNCTIONS: Making deductions; Describing places; Giving extra information GRAMMAR: Modal verbs: must, may, might, could, can’t; Non- Defining relative clauses VOCABULARY: Describing places, climate, accommodation, facilities, location READING: Welcome to Wales! UNIT 5 FUNCTIONS: Past actions in progress; Talking about past ability; Interrupted past actions GRAMMAR: Past continuous; could, was/were able to, managed to; Past continuous and past simple: when, while, as VOCABULARY: Air travel, Mythical creatures READING: Three Irish legends UNIT 6 FUNCTIONS: Talking about duration; Talking about multiple items; At the Post Office GRAMMAR: Present perfect: for and since; Present perfect v. Past simple; each, every, all VOCABULARY: Money and savings; the Post office READING: Money and happiness UNIT 7 FUNCTIONS: Talking about unfinished actions; Talking about skills; Going for a job interview GRAMMAR: Present perfect continuous: for and since; Present perfect v. Present perfect continuous; Adjectives and prepositions: good at, keen on… + -ing VOCABULARY: Jobs prerequisites, skills, personal qualities READING: I protested at Pamplona! UNIT 8 FUNCTIONS: Make, Do and Get; Describing processes; Talking about natural disasters GRAMMAR: Present simple passive VOCABULARY: Expressions with make, do and get UNIT 9 FUNCTIONS: Talking about past habits GRAMMAR: Used to (affirmative, negative, interrogative)

UNIT 14 FUNCTIONS: Talking about past facts GRAMMAR: Present perfect passive; Past simple passive CLIL READINGS: The Information Highway; DNA Testing PROGRAMMA DI LETTERATURA SVOLTO NEL PRESENTE A.S. TESTO MILLENNIUM, DI: A. CATTANEO - D. DE FLAVIIS. - THE MIDDLE AGES (449-1485) Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain The Normans Wars and social revolts The warlike ideal The French influence Anglo-Saxon Poetry Medieval Poetry Epic Poetry: Anonymous: Beowulf Plot and analysis of the text “The coming of Beowulf” The Medieval ballad: “Lord Randal”: Text Analysis “Geordie” : Text Analysis and Comparison with De Andrè's version Geoffrey Chaucer: Life and works The Canterbury Tales: The structure of the tales “The Wife of Bath”: Text Analysis - THE ENGLISH RENAISSANCE (1485-1625) William Shakespeare: Life Romeo and Juliet: Plot and features of the Tragedy “Only your Name is my Enemy”: Text Analysis


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