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Liceo Scientifico Statale “L. Mossa” - Olbia

Programma finale di lingua inglese A.S. 2012/2013 Classe 4° sez. D (corso tradizionale) Docente : prof.ssa F. Cubeddu Libri di testo: “New Horizons” vol. 2, di P. Radley, D. Simonetti, Oxford “Cakes and Ale” di di Arturo Cattaneo, Donatella De Flaviis, ed. C. Signorelli Scuola Da Horizons Unit 11 Functions: imagining different situations; making wishes; talking about feelings Grammar: second conditional, wish+past simple, make + object + adjective/verb Vocabulary: emotions Unit 12 Functions: describing events, reported statements Grammar: past perfect, reported speech: say/tell; phrasal verbs Vocabulary: relationships; phrasal verbs Unit 13 Functions: talking about past mistakes, reporting questions, reporting requests and instructions Grammar: should have/ought to have, reported speech: ask, reported speech: ask/tell/want Unit 14 Functions: talking about past facts, talking about developments; reflexive and reciprocal pronouns Grammar: past simple passive, present perfect passive, present continuous passive, future passive; reflexive and reciprocal pronouns Vocabulary: charity and world problems Unit 15 Functions: using phrasal verbs; asking questions; talking about familiar things Grammar: phrasal verbs; verb tense revision in questions; be used to / get used to / used to Unit 16 Functions: imagining a different past, using different conditionals, talking about regrets Grammar: third conditional, conditionals revision, wish + past perfect Inoltre (fuori testo) Future Perfect e Future Continuous¸ esercizi di word building; phrasal verbs con “up” e “off”

Literature, da “Cakes and Ale” William Shakespeare, life and works Tragedies, comedies and history plays “Macbeth”, plot and analysis The 17th century, the Civil War, the Commonwealth Republic The Puritan Age: science, poetry and prose Puritan Literature The Restoration Period – Charles II and James II The Glorious Revolution From Queen Anne to George III The 18th century, main features The colonial expansion The rise of political parties: Whigs and Tories The Augustan Age – Neoclassicism - the reasonable man The rise of the novel Realistic novel, epistolary novel, picaresque novel, sentimental novel, utopian novel Daniel Defoe: life and works “Robinson Crusoe”, the enterprising hero; plot of the novel

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