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Art by: Alessandra Gualtieri


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Art by: Korrina Hensley Writing by:Sarah Powell


Art by: Alessandra Gualtieri


A Natural Wonder What in the world is both blue and green? What in the world holds creatures that can’t be seen? What in the world is so huge and wide That it is no wonder you can’t see the animals inside? What in the world cannot be on land And yet it is so wonderful and grand? What in the world can be soft as snow? What in the world makes fear when the wind begins to blow? What in the world is so powerful and strong That not one thing could stop its song? It’s the ocean!

Writing by: Rachel Powell Art by: Myra Hernandez


Art by: Ana Soto


Art by: Madeleine Armstrong


Art by: Celeste Salcido


Art by: Emily Marcelja


Art by Emily Marcelja


“My Un-Escaping It”

Now I don’t know how to take this because It is, so indecisive and I wonder if this comes with a price. So I run through the meadows, ducking and covering beneath the flowers because I am confused, afraid, and trying to regain my strength, from where I first lost It. I am now hiding and for some reason my shadows of past reappear and came back to haunt me. Just then, when I am scared, at my lowest point, and falling from running It comes and catches me. All of a sudden I forget everything that happened and what is happening around me and only notice It and Its Big brown eyes staring into my very heart. And It can see all of me, even the very things I tried to keep hidden. All of a sudden I am free and no longer in the meadows Alone, but I am with It. And no longer is It an It, It is my He.

Art by: Grace Teraberry Writing by: Autumn Bryant


Art by: Korrina Hensley


Art by: Dominic Queen


Art by: Francisco Rodriguez


Art by: Serina Belmontes


Art by: Noshin Nuzhat


Art by: Cherilynn Johnson Writing by: Caleb Crawford


Art by: Pragna Chaluvadi


Art by: Sarah Stueve


Art by: Ginna Kist


Art by: George Kirkland


The Unexpected Person Writing by: Autumn Bryant Art by: Sophie Pallissard

As a lily is pushed brutally by the wind; So am I bruised and dismantled, Scattered across the field Like cards blown in the wind. I feel as if I am trying to run, But I can’t move forward. Only am I able to fall. Oh, but wait. There’s another, Predator approaching, Ready to attack me and get me. While I am weak and alone. He is not after me And not trying to hurt me. This predator is different: In fact, he is no predator at all. He is a friend, an ally, Someone to trust in, Someone to confide in. No longer am I a battered little lily, Who is pushed around. With him I am able and willing To do anything. As the wind helps move the tide, So will he help me move forward And stop falling.

Every day, I am trying to show, And tell him how I feel, But sometimes it feels As if he no longer hears me And my affections. If I just wait patiently, I know he will just treat my Every fear and need. When I am alone, Like a lost ship in the middle of the sea, Somehow he finds me, He comes around and makes me joyful. As if I were playing a game of Peek-a-boo. Then the earth shakes And the evil man is back. But this time he wants more, More of me, Like I was a tasty piece of meat That the man could not stop eating.

At the moment I feel As if he no longer cares, And is watching out for me. Then suddenly he appears, Like a thief in the night, And saves me from this evil man. For a while I feel as if the man is gone, But he never leaves. He is there to haunt me And stop me Like a stop sign stops the cars. But finally my knight in shining armor He stops him and defeats him for good.


The Geese are Flying South for the Winter

Art by: Zully Ulloa Writing by: Sarah Powell


The summer’s sweltered to an end The air grows harsh and cold The sky is paling to fall gray The leaves to autumn gold. Stare you now across the land About the wheaten fields Your feet earthbound, your heart the more For earthly cares revealed. You eyes stare blankly ‘cross the earth Never chancing toward the sky Heart far too used to weighing down To daydream with a sigh. When suddenly you ears are drawn To high above you sounds You raise you eyes and heart alike To heaven’s high abound. Driven south by fear of chill They fly to sunny skies Momentarily dispelling ill With loud and honking cries. They draw a smile to your face For the time that they go past And temporary hope bring forth As swoop they o’er the grass. They flying are to sun and beach And palm trees on the sand The places you would wish to go If careless you could stand. You watch their forms till long they’re gone And listen till their cries Are naught but echoes in your mind And bound to empty skies Although you must go back to work Your heart feels lighter now For thinking they are flying free Makes you free too somehow.

Art by: Mina Rodriguez


Art by: Uriel Rodriguez


Art by: Grace Teraberry


Art by: Korrina Hensley


Art by: Ana Soto


Art by: Scenario Rivera


Art by: Korrina Hensley


Art By: Kimberly Ruiz



My younger sister is to me Annoying and yet treasure She knows how both to comfort and annoy in equal measure.

When we’re angry at each other I let the insults fly, But should another say the same How dare they make her cry? She knows how to drive me crazy And push buttons exactly right And I know how to do the same I’m railing for a fight

Art by: Melissa Ramos Writing by: Sarah Powell

But in the end we will make up Because we always do In spite of her I love her And I know she loves me too.

For as much as we might argue And fight till face turns blue It doesn’t change the fact that we Are family through and through

And families can be petty But when the battle’s on I’d take my family any time Over any brain or brawn.


I Can Do It! My mom and I were up till 8:00 pm, past my bedtime, tying pieces of string together over and over again. Why? Well it all started when my classmates and I were sitting in a circle waiting patiently for the teacher. It was 8:59 am and the bell was bound to ring at any second. Ding, ding, another day of Pre-K had officially started. My teacher greeted us as she walked into the classroom with a shoe in hand. I thought to myself, “What are we going to do today? Kill bugs?” My teacher then announced to the class that we would be tested on the art of shoe tying. Students were then called up to attempt the neat binding of the shoelaces; it was as if they were trying to pull a sword out of a rock. The girl, who had been sitting next to me, went up to take the challenge. She bragged beforehand about this easy assignment. After a minute or two the girl had successfully completed the task. All I could keep thinking was, “What’s the big deal anyways?” My question was answered in mere seconds as my teacher handed a pair of pink neon shoelaces to the girl. Yea that’s right, pink neon shoelaces. Immediately my jaw dropped, those snazzy shoelaces were destined to be mine. “I mean how hard can it be?” I questioned myself. Now it was my turn to tie the shoe. I stared blankly at the untied shoe as I picked up the two ends of the shoelaces. I crossed them over once, then again and again, but nothing happened. I then crossed them faster and faster, frustration building with each twist. “Why is this so hard?” I thought to myself. My teacher then stopped me, making the shoelaces drop down to where they once were. Unfortunately, I had to try again tomorrow.


It was soon time to go home and my mom had arrived on time to pick me up. She stood there with a smile on her face waiting for me. I ran to her and grabbed her leg; I was too ashamed to tell her that I hadn’t been able to tie a shoe. She knelt beside me, brushed the hair from my face, and asked, “Anisha, what’s the matter?” I was about to respond, but I was on the verge of tears. I decided to keep my mouth shut. My mom understood, so she picked me up and took me home. Right when we got home I kicked off my shoes, threw them, and screamed, “I can’t tie my shoes!” My mom gave me a bear hug and said, “Why didn’t you tell me, I will teach you and you will be able to do it.” I just made a sour face and retaliated, “I can’t do anything!” She said calmly, “Anisha, you can do anything you set your mind to.” Her statement confused me, but I decided to let her teach me. She first told me to go and play because her motherly instincts sensed that I was building up tension in my little three-year-old body. After an hour or so, my mom said, “Anisha, let’s play a game called follow the leader!”

However, today my mom told me that she was not going to show the steps, instead I was the leader. My heart started beating wildly and I got scared, but I thought of my mom’s words, “You can do anything you set your mind to” I had understood the meaning and slowly a murmur came out of my mouth. The murmur instantly blasted into a song, “Take your two lace ends and tie them like so…” When the song ended, I had a beautifully tied shoe that I put over my head as if it were a trophy. After an hour, my mom dropped me off to Pre-K wishing me the best of luck. It was 8:59 am and I was jumping in and out of the circle of students. After the bell rang my teacher resumed calling up students to tie the shoe. After what felt like a decade, she called me up. I seized the shoe in my sweaty palms and was shaking all over. I started the first step and before I knew it I was done, I tied the shoe! I glimpsed at my teacher and saw her pull out my long-anticipated prize. Those snazzy pink neon shoelaces were finally mine. When my teachers put those beauties in my hand, I had an ohmy-gosh-I-really-did-it expression on my face. She asked me how I learned to tie a shoe in less than a day. With a gleeful smile on my face I said, “I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Art by: Uriel Rodriguez

Writing by: Anisha Gupta

zeugirdoR leirU : yb trA

I loved to play games and I had never played follow the leader before. My mom then took my shoes that I threw and positioned them in front of me; they were my first nightmares at the moment. She took one shoe and gave me the other. My mom took the two laces and started singing, “Take your two lace ends, and tie them like so…” I heard the song before… It was on Sesame Street, one of my favorite shows! After my mom finished tying the shoe, she told me to join along with her. So I took the two shoelaces and started singing with her. Once the song was finished, she had the two bunny ears while I had a huge clumpy knot. Instead of getting frustrated I laughed wholeheartedly. I didn’t know that I could have this much fun tying my shoes. Soon it had gotten past my bedtime and I still didn’t get the concept of tying my shoe. However, my mom told me that I had done well and will be able to get it tomorrow when I wasn’t as tired. As I was getting ready for bed I started singing the song again, for it was stuck in my head. I ended up singing myself to sleep. The next morning I woke up at 8:00 am and headed directly to my mom’s room, however she wasn’t there. I traveled downstairs and to my surprise I saw my mom holding my shoe in hand ready to get to work.


A Library Abandoned By: Caleb Crawford Art by: Rodrigo Ruiz

It was still and quiet in the library. Deadly. The dim light seemed to seep like golden trickles from the breathing books, down through the indolent dust motes and into the floor of carpet.


I stroked their wise and wrinkled spines, and calmed their quivering covers, when they fey books shied away from my knowledge-seeking fingers. I eased them off their shelves, leaned in with butterfly breath and whispered to them asking them to whisper to me. And they did.

Art by: Alfredo Barajas


Art by: Jacqueline McDade


Art by: Erika Osborne Writing by: Shaloni Pinto


Kisses Got an urge. Tingles for a kiss. Smell of rust lingers, glistening silver shimmers. It sways left to right, slow, settle. You kiss my skin. Makes me bleed. Your slice brings comfort. My heart beats. The pounds bruise my skin. Squeals, grits. Nothing more sounds. The love pours out. Soon I won’t have any. Razor sharp kisses, your metal lips. Got an urge.

Art by: Heather Harrenstein Writing by: Marissa Mazon


Art by: Zully Ulloa


Art by: Korrina Hensley


Art by: Vianey Perez





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