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Compositions Mar Cirilo Rodrigo. Group: 509 School year: 2013-2014



About my learning.


Description of my favorite restaurant (My house, my favorite restaurant).

Hamlet by; William Shakespeare.



The mobile phone.

Parkour -unit 6.

Free time.

The life is short -unit 7.

Go to Veracruz.

México city –unit 8.


The present work includes a compilation of eleven compositions made by my, Rodrigo Mar Cirilo. The compositions are about my English learning throughout the school year. In the first composition I speak about my brother Arturo, I have learned how describe to anyone, who is he or she, his or her occupation, where live, his or her appearance and something else. In the second composition, I have learned to describe my favorite restaurant and my most common foods. In the third composition, I have learned to speak about of any book. The fourth composition it is about of a plan of travel where I have learned as stay according to another person at a distance. In the fifth composition, I have learned about how I can offer me as a volunteer. In the composition sixth and in Parkour –unit 6 I have learned to speak about the advantages and disadvantages. In the seventh composition and in the next composition I have learned to the time, to compare things. And in

the end I have learned to speak about the places, how to describe and how speak about the important places in a city or country.

ABOUT MY LEARNING. Throughout the year I learned different forms to learn English. I received help to my teacher and some Friends as to pronounce and many things more. But I still need learn much more, therefore I will read more in English, I will hear else music in English and I will wach else TV show in English. But more importantly I will practice more talking with my Friends or whit my family.

PROFILE Name: Arturo Mar Cirilo Occupation: Student Arturo Mar was born in México. He lives in México City with his family. He works in a shop but he also studies at the university, so he leaves early from home and returns late.He is a D´j at night on Saturdays with his friends. Arturo has an e-mail for his job and it's:, but he also has an e-mail for his friends.


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My house is my favorite restaurant. I love to eat in my home, because I know that the food is healthy and it is very delicious. In my house the food is usually made by my sister Karla, she prepares delicious dishes. My family and I eat a little of everything. We try to have healthy and exquisite food. Sometimes my whole family prepares the meal. The more common dishes are: delicious soup, tasty spaghetti, spicy meat in a sauce, some sweet bread, and clear, healthier fruits and vegetables. In a few words, the style of my house is international. Furthermore, I love to share time with my family, If you want to listen:

HAMLET William Shakespeare This is the story of a prince that lost his father. His name is Hamlet. His uncle Claudio assumed the kingdom but Claudio killed Hamlet's father. This novel is set in Denmark and London. Hamlet lives in Denmark and went to London because he was crazy, but he never arrives to London. The book tells the story of a murder mystery of the dead Hamlet´s father.

This book is interesting because Hamlet searches the murderer of his father. But if you want know the end of this book, you should read the complete story. It is amazing. If you want to listen:

EMAIL. Dear Damien

Hi! Well, I am just writing to tell you about my travel plan for my visit next week. I will take a plane on Sunday morning. I will arrive to the city at 10 in the morning. I will take a taxi to the conference center. Do you know if Anna will be at the reception desk? Is she going to be at 10:30? This is my mobile number: 5540623042, I will call you if I arrive late or I have a problem. Well. See you next week. Max ----------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Max. Your plan of travel seems perfect. Yes, Anna will be at the reception desk. But, I don't know what time, sorry! I will call you if anything

changes, but well, I wish you a good trip. See you next week at the conference center. bye Damien

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Volunteers. Dear Mr. Ellis, Hello, I am Rodrigo Mar. I am interested in working for you because I am interested in all sports, especially athletics. I want to know where the sporting event will take place. I have language skills; I have studies in different languages like English, French and Italian. Well, I am from MĂŠxico, so I speak Spanish. I in

have a lot of experience, because I have worked at other international events, ticket sales at Expo 07, as a tour guide at a local

museum. I really enjoy meeting people, so it is very easy for me to communicate with others. I do not have problem in July because I do not have school work that month so I am available. My email is Hope to hear from you soon, If you want to listen:

Rodrigo Mar.

The mobile phone. Technology continues to progress you can see it in mobile phone which were created several years ago. The mobile phone appears around the Second World War when it was necessary the communicate over long distances. the Motorola company was the first company which produced a mobile phone, the first mobile phone was called Handie Talkie H12-16. Today everyone has a mobile phone. In addition, the company producers of mobile phone are improving the products. Using the mobile phone has many advantages: - The mobile phone lets you keep in touch with family, friends, etc. - it is an economic way to communicate with whoever you want to or you need to . - It is very easy to use, and today the mobile phone has more functions and

softwares making the phone more attractive and more fun. But, the mobile phone has certain disadvantages: - Today, people are becoming addicts to the mobile phone. - As mobile phone become more sophisticated they cause more robberies. -People lose personal contact with the world. In conclusion, the mobile phone is a great invention, but like all things it has advantages and disadvantages, and the disadvantages are dangerous for society because people lose touch with their society, these people only have contact via mobile phone. I think that the mobile phone should be used when it is necessary to communicate. If you want to listen:

Parkour –unit 6. In France someone created a new way to be healthy. His name is David Bell, and he developed the parkour. The parkour is an extreme sport. People use this sport to get from point A to point B without obstacles. In addition, people have a strong body, healthy and they occupy their free time in something productive. There are several advantages in practicing this sport as: - First of all, you become healthier.

- You can feel free because this sport can be practiced anywhere. - It is a lot of fun and you can practice with whom you want. - Another advantage is that you can get a lot of agility and strength.

However, there are also some disadvantages because: - Others persons can categorize you as a thief. - Secondly, this sport is dangerous because you can hurt yourself, that sometimes it is very serious. - It is difficult to practice this sport alone, it is better if you have a guide. Finally, I can conclude that this sport is very complete because you exercise your whole body with only one hour practice a day. However, in MĂŠxico nobody can practice without making people think you are a thief, but I hope that this situation changes someday. If you want to listen:

Free time. Today people have more free time than in the past; this is because today the transport is better than in the past and because it is faster. At the same time the communication has allowed to save time. Now housework is less and easier than a several years ago.

People don’t use their free time efficient because they spend their time in front of the television or playing computers games. Sometime people lose their time sitting in traffic and this is maybe stresses people. I think that the people should draw on their free time, in the past the people wanted to have more free time and now that we have this it is important that we value and we should to do something productive of this time. If you want to listen:

The life is short -unit 7.

In the life we need to do several things, like study, work, meet people, and many more. But the question is why? Well we need to do these things because anybody will give you money or free food. Sometimes the life is very difficult, for example today you need be a minimum licensed to have a good job. All of this need spend time, but others things also need of time like the family, you should spend time with the family several hours a week because they give you unconditional support and spending time with the family is the best, the friends also need a little of your time. And you can’t forget spend time in your tastes like any sport or hobbies. The important in the life is enjoy, if you don’t enjoy the things in the life you aren’t live because life is laugh, is to do things like you, is forget the problems and smile in the problems. You can enjoy all in your life, spend time with your family, with your friends, with your pet,

with your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. You have to do everything for fun and nothing for force. In conclusion the life is very short to spend in problems, in worries or doing what you don’t like. Always we have to smile and be happy. The real preoccupation in our life is be happy, not the material things. To each morning you have to think “today is a new opportunity to laugh, to life”. If you want to listen:

Go to Veracruz. To: Ricardo. Hi Ricardo, How are you? I hope you are well. I want to tell you about my visit to Veracruz. This travel was amazing. I traveled with my brothers. When we arrived in Tuxpan Veracruz our uncle was waiting for us. In the car we saw something amazing, an immense flock above us. There were hundred birds.

In the first day we had breakfast and when to the beach, we stayed there all day, at night we went to eat in my aunt’s house. We visited the center where there is a huge market, but the important was the ice rink there, we spend all morning and in the afternoon around 1:00pm we went to the beach again. Well, the three best places in Tuxpan Veracruz was the center, the beach and my aunt’s house (because there I ate very well.) Now you know about my vacation, so now tell me about your vacation. I hope you write soon. If you want to listen:

MÊxico City –unit 8. Hi Caroline. I am looking forward to seeing you, but in only two weeks you are coming to stay here with me.

We will visit many places, like the Historical Center. Well, Mexico City is a large city and also is a historical city with a lot of museums and several places with more than hundred years old. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and here there lots of shops and malls like “Perisur” or “Gran sur”, but also if you want you can visit historical buildings like the “Catedral”. But well you have time to think about where you want to go. And do not worry about the food I will take you to the best restaurants. Well, see you. Bye bye. Rodrigo.

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The end.

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