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welcome The Library Theatre Company’s Re:Play Festival is the great annual celebration of the best theatre seen in smaller venues in Manchester and Salford over the previous year. This year’s programme is particularly strong on drama, and features four excellent plays from the 24:7 Festival; a bundle of extraordinarily varied short plays (none lasting more than 15 minutes) from JB Shorts; a superb production of Simon Stephens’ Herons ; and a passionate piece about homophobic bullying. There will be the return of two favourites as well; FirstStage, which offers writers, devisers and performers the chance to have their ideas in development tested; and the Re:Play debate, which will examine an important aspect of small-scale theatre in Manchester and Salford. Our third Re:Play Festival offers a marvellous opportunity to see some exciting productions. Tickets cost £8.50 (£8 concessions); if you see two or more shows, tickets cost just £8 (£7.50 concessions) – don’t miss out.

Chris Honer, Artistic Director, Library Theatre Company

firststage 1 February 7.30pm | tickets £3 FirstStage offers writers, devisers and performers the chance to have their ideas in development tested in front of fellow theatre professionals – and the general public! FirstStage is curated by Nicky Hatton and Claire Symonds, who will present a selection of new ideas from nearly 100 ideas submitted.

the re:play debate 6 February 3pm | tickets free Wyllie Longmore chairs this year’s Re:Play debate which puts small-scale theatre in Manchester and Salford under the microscope. The afternoon’s panel will comprise some of the city’s leading theatre practitioners, all interested parties welcome to attend.

re:play programme 26 January

7pm, no wonder

9pm, 5:30

27 January

7pm, 5:30

9pm, no wonder

28 January

3pm, cell 9pm, 5:30

7pm, no wonder

29 January

7pm care takers

9pm, cell

30 January

3pm and 9pm, care takers

7pm, cell

1 February

7.30pm, fi rststage

2 February

7.30pm, herons

3 February

7.30pm, herons

4 February

3pm, herons 9pm, exit salford

7pm, jb shorts bundle

5 February

7pm, exit salford

9pm, jb shorts bundle

6 February

3pm, re:play debate 8pm, exit salford

6pm, jb shorts bundle

special re:play show deal

price per ticket per show

one show

£8.50 (£8 concessions)

two or more shows

£8 (£7.50 concessions)

“Re:Play is an annual festival that rounds up the best work from Manchester’s smaller stages… the festival indicates that the Manchester fringe is growing at a prodigious rate…” – The Guardian on Re:Play in 2009

26 january – 6 february 2010 Box Office: 0161 236 7110 WT 66520 • Manchester City Council 2009

66520 Replay 10 lft_aw.indd 1-3

ten plays for today

Box Office: 0161 236 7110 3/12/09 16:45:33

no wonder

care takers

jb shorts bundle

4 February 7pm, 5 February 9pm, 6 February 6pm

by Claire Urwin | presented by Heart Off Guard Theatre Company directed by Guy Jones | 26 and 28 January 7pm, 27 January 9pm A hit at this year’s National Student Drama Festival and 24:7 Festival, this challenging play is a fairytale for people who’ve stopped reading fairytales. There is a wardrobe with no snowy world to slip into. There is a man who fi nds he can’t fl y. There is a boy who wishes he could, and a woman who watches the washing washing away.

by Billy Cowan | presented by Truant Company directed by Billy Cowan | 29 January 7pm, 30 January 3pm, 30 January 9pm A new teacher believes a pupil is being bullied because he’s gay. She wants to help but her Deputy Head thinks it will sort itself out. Is she speaking from experience or is there something more unsavoury about her unwillingness to help?

*Contains strong language and some sexual references, suitable for ages 16 upwards.

*Suitable for ages 15 upwards.

marriages made in heaven

“Striking and provocative… Cleverly written and well-acted” **** – Manchester Evening News

“Tight and powerful… hits home with a punch” ***** – What’s On Stage

by Dave Simpson | directed by Kay Patrick Victoria is about to get married for the fourth time – even though her three previous husbands have all died in tragic circumstances…

banal encounter by Peter Kerry | directed by Chris Bridgman Two ordinary commuters on an ordinary railway station in an ordinary town. A story of shared history and betrayal. (Part 1 of the JB shorts bundle)

(Part 2 of the JB shorts bundle)


by Alistair McDowall | presented by Cheap Seats directed by Clive Judd | 26 and 28 January 9pm, 27 January 7pm Rob wants to be Tim’s friend. He doesn’t care how Tim feels about this. Despite having to resort to vicious insults, intimidation and aggressive force, Rob is sure they’ll be best friends forever. A compelling and at times terrifying piece set on a train charting the unlikely friendship between two passengers.


by Simon Stephens | presented by Falling Leaves Productions directed by Clive Judd | 2 and 3 February 7.30pm, 4 February 3pm Did you ever get a feeling you weren’t allowed to be a child? The effects of a tragic event are unravelled in this disturbing portrayal of modern teenage life, as seen at the National Student Drama Festival 2009.

“An admirably stark revival” – The Sunday Times

“Powerful, graphic and poetic” ***** – Manchester Evening News

can we stop it there? by Trevor Suthers | directed by Brainne Edge Six characters in search of a play. A chaotic rehearsal in cramped conditions. The questions remains – is this a play, or isn’t it? (Part 3 of the JB shorts bundle)

at the end of the day written and directed by James Quinn A hilarious look at the world of Premier League post-match analysis and tunnel interviews. (Part 4 of the JB shorts bundle) *JB Shorts contains strong language and adult themes.


By Ailís Ní Ríain | Presented by Zho Visual | directed by Paula Simms 28 January 3pm, 29 January 9pm, 30 January 7pm An intense, witty and sometimes disturbing look into a day in the life of a bright but damaged young Irishman whose life experiences now see him living as recluse in his parents’ house, with an imaginary alter-ego questioning his every decision. *Suitable for ages 16 upwards.

“Cell could well be a springboard to greater success for those involved” ***** – What’s On Stage Box Office: 0161 236 7110

66520 Replay 10 lft_aw.indd 4-6

exit salford

by Ed Jones | presented by Steele Productions directed by Martha Simon | 4 February 9pm, 5 February 7pm, 6 February 8pm The tale of an unlikely friendship between Luke, an erstwhile TV writer, and a group of youths, who before Luke bought his house in Salford, viewed its doorstep as their home. Luke soon discovers that in Salford the normal rules of private property don’t apply.

“An evening of funny, gutsy and inventive theatre” – The Independent on JB Shorts “Master craftsmen at work… Enormously entertaining and stimulating… A terrific evening” – Manchester Evening News on JB Shorts

*Contains strong language, suitable for ages 12 upwards.

“An ambitious work with important things to say” **** – Manchester Evening News

“a great chance to catch the best new theatre in the city, a pic‘n’mix of innovative and entertaining productions… not to be missed” – Manchester Confidential 3/12/09 16:45:37

Re:Play 2010  

The Library Theatre Company’s Re:Play Festival is the great annual celebration of the best theatre seen in smaller venues in Manchester and...

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