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Local Administrator Account Request Information Technology Resources Request for local administrator account privileges: Local administrator accounts are available in circumstances where specialised software requires elevated privileges to operate or where the user of a mobile device requires elevated account privileges in situations where ICT support is not available. This form should be completed in cooperation with the ICT Client Services Officer who is assisting with a machine deployment or incident investigation, or completed independently of support and returned to the IT Service Desk: Service Desk, IT Resources, University of Tasmania, Locked Bag 69, Hobart, Tasmania, 7001. Email: Fax: 03 6226 7171 Local administrator account privileges are provided under these conditions:

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Under no circumstances must the account be used to install software that has not been authorised through negotiation with IT Resources. The account must not be used to perform operations on the machine (such as maintenance or modification of the environment). The account is used by a registered University of Tasmania member and is used in accordance with the principles set out in the ICT Facilities Use Agreement.

If any of these conditions are broken, the account will be de-activated and IT Resources will bear no responsibility to ensure the operation of software that required the account.

Your Contact Details Please provide the contact details of the person requesting the account. This person will be held responsible for the ownership and use of the local administrator account.

Your Name:      

Today’s Date:      

Your e-mail address      

Phone No.      

Fax No.      

Your Organisational Unit       Justification for the account Describe the reasons for requesting the local administrator account.

Software name and version number:       (If account is for use with laptop – write ‘laptop’) Brief description of software function:       (If account is for use with laptop, leave blank) Account Type:

Active Directory



Other: (Please specify)      

Lease Scheme Number of the machine the account is to be created on (Typically SCLS-SLD/N-XXXXX):      

Expiry Date for account:      

Requestor’s signature:

Enter estimated expiry date or perpetual for ongoing account

By signing this form you acknowledge that you have read and understand the conditions of use of this account and that the information supplied is accurate and true.

Activities relating to the account request Local administrator rights will be only be granted in circumstances where an ICT Client Services Officer is satisfied that they are required. Where this form has been submitted without the involvement of an ICT Client Services the account request will be logged as a support request by the ICT Service Desk and an ICT Client Services Officer will investigate the request to determine if local administrator rights are required. Please be aware, that installing non-standard or untested software may affect the operation of University computers. Support for machines with non-standard software may attract additional support fees if substantial resources are needed to remedy problems associated with non-standard software or poor/improper use of the local administrator account. Administration Use Only Approval:



ICT Client Services Officer

ICT Client Services Coordinator

ICT Security Officer

All information supplied will be treated as confidential will be used solely for the purposes of managing the reported incident. Form Version 5.0


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