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Student News - Jan 2009

Dear Students, Welcome to the first Library News of the year. A lot of you asked for a regular Newsletter in the Student Survey—so here it is! Look below at the results of the Student Survey. Stop by our Library Online website and let me know what you think about the library development. Take part in The Times Books for Schools promotion to help us get more books for the library. Mrs A Robinson, Librarian Student Surveys It is very important that you have the chance to tell us your views on how to make the new library a wonderful place for you to study, research and read. We surveyed Years 713 and Year 6 to find out what you want from the library development. You had a very good response with a lot of helpful and sensible suggestions. There were also a few silly comments! Overall the general view was:  Furniture and décor in keeping with the historic building, but with a modern twist  Flexible space and furniture to allow a range of uses—classes, small groups, quiet studying, comfortable places to read  Computers, ability to use laptops and access to other new technologies Library Online Website  Good range of multi-media resources—books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs etc  For more—read our Library Online Website!! This was a great comment that sums things up: “warm, comfortable atmosphere, but technologically advanced” We will try our best to create a library like this! For more information on the survey results, please visit our website—details on the right side of this page.

Why not visit our site and see The Times Books for Schools the results and comments from Does your family buy The the Student Surveys? Times newspaper? If so, please collect the Books for Explore the site and leave your Schools tokens and hand comments. them in to the Library or the Office. We can use them to See all of the visitors from get free books for the Library. around the world who have Many thanks! looked at our site!

Student Newsletter - January 2009  

Newsletter sent out to students.

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