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Rundlett Middle School Library Learning Commons Annual Report August 2011 - June 2012

Submitted by Nancy J. Keane Library Media Specialist June 2012

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Rundlett Middle School Library Learning Commons Annual Report—June 2012 Highlights of 2011 / 2012  Destiny arrived. The long awaited library automation system was installed and we migrated to the new system over the summer.  The two computer labs in the 500 wing were moved to be adjacent to the learning commons. This move allows for more seamless interaction between the labs and the learning commons.  The District migrated to Google apps. Ms. Keane helped train staff members in the new system.  Destiny training for students took place in the fall.  There were two book fairs held -- one in the fall and one in the spring.  Ms. Keane facilitated a Skype partnership between RMS and pre-service teachers at SNHU.  The Library courtyard was renovated to be a space that could be used with students.  The library learning commons became a contributing member of Online Newsstand.  Ms. Keane facilitated the PBIS surveys.  Ms. Keane presented workshops at NEA, CMTC, and NHSLMA.  Ms. Keane continued as PD coach and helped several staff through their recertification.  Kindles were added to the collection and became an instant hit.  Holiday events were held in the library learning commons.  A new multimedia lab replaced the 404 lab, which enabled students to create audio and video productions.  NoodleTools was purchased and students were quick to learn how to use it for bibliography creation and note taking.  Ms. Keane successfully defended her doctoral proposal.  Multicluster research on Ancient Egypt.  The Learning Commons was the site for the Spelling Bee and GeoBee.  Fiction weeded. Massive weeding in science and technology section of the library learning commons.  A series of Skype author lunch bunch was held.  The 2012 Doors of RMS was another rousing success.  The Learning Commons was the site for monthly staff breakfasts.  Ms. Keane published two new books.  A large screen television was mounted in the cafeteria. The library learning commons puts the announcements on the screen.  We hosted author Kelly Milner Halls.  Animal Adventures returned to RMS with live animals and lots of fun.  Ms. Keane served as judge for 8th grade talent show.


Highlights It was an exciting year in the library learning commons that saw many changes. In August, a new library automation system was installed. Destiny from Follett replaced the antiquated Spectrum automation system. This was a great leap forward. Destiny is a web-based product that allows users to access the system remotely. In addition, every member of the RMS community was given an account on the system that allows them to check the status of their account, create reviews of books, and create booklists. Destiny has been a big hit with the students. There have been thousands of book reviews contributed by the students. Another big change this year was the relocation of the computer labs. The 515 labs were relocated to 404 and 406. The labs are all now centrally located in the building and are part of the library learning commons that consists of the library space and three computer labs. In January, one of the labs was upgraded to a Windows 7 multimedia lab that allows students to work on audio and video projects. Ms. Keane is in charge of all four spaces. Noodletools, an online note taking/bibliography tool was introduced this past year. We piloted the product with 6th grade student. In the coming year, we will be expanding the use of NoodleTools. Students found that using the tool was easy and helpful. Allowing students to access it from home was a bonus for those who wanted to access their notes outside school. LibGuides continue to be used to package research units as well as other library related items. Students are using LibGuides without prompting and have come to expect that a guide will be available for them when they are starting lessons in the library. The guides include web resources, e-books, databases, rubrics, note takers, how-to guides and more. There are now over 200 guides.

Class Visits and Usage Patterns The year began with an orientation for all incoming 6th graders. Students participated in the Amazing Library Race. Students raced to around the library learning commons collecting clues and answering questions in an effort to keep from being eliminated from the race. The winning teams received a poster that had been donated by Scholastic.


The use of the library learning commons continues to be high. The drop in use in October is due to the library learning commons being closed for NECAP exams. The anomaly in January is due to the closure of the library learning commons in January 2011 to house classes displaced by flooding. 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 August/Sept October November December January February March April May June

2011/12 Classes in Library 2010/11 Classes in Library

The demand for thematic book carts for classroom use continued to be great. 5,874 books were loaned to the classrooms as part of this effort. It is anticipated that this may become a more popular service with the coming of the Common Core Standards. In an effort to increase transparency, Ms. Keane prepared monthly library learning commons reports and reported highlights from the month, statistics and the Level of Collaboration Rubric developed by Londonderry High School and based on national standards. This report was distributed to the administrators and posted on the web page. Next year, the Assistant Superintendent will also receive copies of the monthly reports as well as the annual report.

A sample of the information displayed in the monthly report.


We schedule our program on a flexible schedule. This ensures that the LMC is open to students when they need it. We do not close to drop-ins when classes are using the LMC. Usage during the 2011-12 school year has increased overall. This in an indication that students are using the library learning commons independently even when classes are scheduled. The data for June is skewed because of the number of snow days that were added to the 2010/11 school year.

1000 800 600 400 200 0

August/S‌ October November December January February March April May June


6th grade walk-ins

2011/12 2010/11



7th grade walk-ins 1400 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 June










2011/12 2010/11

8th grade walk-ins 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 June










2011/12 2010/11


The library learning commons was a very busy place during the year. In addition to walk-in traffic, the library learning commons was also used by 3,258 students in small group settings and 1,785 patrons who stopped in to return a book, ask a quick question or pick up a document from the printer. During the 2011-12 year, the library learning commons saw an amazing 127,641 visitors to the library and the labs. The addition of the two labs helped create the increased use.

Total visitors to the Library Learning Commons 100000 90000 80000 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000




About the collection We added 1,109 titles to the collection during the past year. Our non-fiction is our largest collection. The students use these books most for school assignments. The Reference collection is also a prime source of information for student researchers. We began reassigning books from Reference to the circulating collection so they are more available to students. With the coming of the Common Core standards, non-fiction will play an increasingly important role in our collection. Our fiction collection continues to be heavily used for leisure reading and selecting materials for silent reading. This collection is an outstanding collection of new and classic literature. This past year saw a massive weeding of the 6

collection to continue to keep the fiction area vital. Books in poor shape or those not checked out for several years were taken out of the collection. Some of the titles in poor condition will be replaced. Books not checked out in several years were offered to classrooms and to students. Fiction accounted for 6,184 checkouts. Electronic books will play a more important role in our collection in the coming years. This past year we added 8 Kindles to our collection for student check out. Students were required to have parental permission to check out the Kindles due to the expensive replacement cost. The Kindles proved to be a popular item and the waiting list for them was always long. The library learning commons also added 40 e-books to the collection. These were primarily research books that supported the curriculum. The e-books can be accessed from home and we encouraged students to do that. Links to the ebooks were placed in the Destiny catalog and into appropriate LibGuides. Unfortunately, our system was unable to collect use statistics for the e-books. The “E is for Everybody” picture book collection continues to be used by students and teachers alike. Picture books are a good starting point when introducing new material. They are also helpful for struggling readers. Wordless picture books were in high demand. There were 616 picture books circulated. The Graphic Novels collection has continued to grow and has been one of the more popular collections in the library learning commons. In addition to the fiction novels, we have been purchasing many non-fiction materials in graphic novel format. This past year saw circulation rise to 846 checkouts. The circulating video collection has added a few titles from the “bargain bin” at local stores. This has become a very popular collection particularly for our ELL students. There were 107 checkouts. Our audio book collection was increased primarily with the addition of more titles on mp3. Both teachers and students have been using these heavily. In addition to the titles owned by RMS, holders of Concord Public Library cards can access the Overdrive collection that consists of thousands of titles. Our mp3 players have seen a great deal of use and we were able to replace 4 of them this year. We will continue to replace them during the next year. Each year, a collection analysis is run on our holdings in June using the Follett Titlewise software. These reports compare the average age, number of titles, and percentages of the main Dewey ranges of our collection with those of grade-appropriate Wilson’s standard 7

catalogs. As can be seen by the chart, the collection is in-line with national averages for the most part. Our numbers are low in the sciences (500 and 600) which reflects a major weeding of aged materials. Newer materials will be added in the coming year to bring up the numbers.

Age Sensitivity

Many library materials can stand up to time and are not weeded based only on age. However, there are certain key Dewey ranges where titles with older copyrights are more likely to contain outdated/inaccurate information. This report identifies those Dewey ranges and shows how many titles in the collection are outside the Acceptable Age range. This past year, extensive weeding was done on the science collection (500 and 600). Titles with copyrights outside the 8

Acceptable Age range for science have been reviewed to determine that the information they contain is still accurate. Rundlett Middle School is fortunate to be part of New Hampshire NHewLink. This gives us access to several subscription databases that we would otherwise not be able to purchase for our students. The New Hampshire State Library provides all public schools in the state with reduced cost to an outstanding collection of full-text and bibliographic databases. We can provide our students with a wealth of materials to assist them at all grade levels with valuable curriculum related resources including: • • • •

access to hundreds of full text magazines daily newspaper articles to provide up-to-date coverage of current events academic resources for students of all abilities more than 80,000 biographical sources

In addition, teachers and administrators now have access to a variety of materials for professional development and curriculum preparation. The high school bore the entire cost of the service this past year. Rundlett will contribute funding during the upcoming year. In the Fall, Rundlett joined with other New Hampshire libraries in the creation of the Online Newsstand. The project is a collaborative magazine indexing consortium that represents approximately 50 New Hampshire libraries. Each of the libraries in the consortium agrees to index one or more magazines from the Ebsco database and put the information into the Online Newsstand. This allows each of the libraries to offer their patrons this unique service. Patrons simply click on the cover of the magazine and are taken to the index of articles for each month. This portal is much more user friendly than using the Ebsco search. Through the Concord Public Library, the RMS community has access to additional library databases and hundreds of downloadable audio books. Overdrive is a growing collection of audio books available 24/7, it is always open! Students and staff need to have a Concord Public Library card to use this service. Additionally, Concord Public Library has begun loaning e-books as well. Students need to have a library card to access these services.


About Service The LMC continues to disseminate information to the RMS community in a variety of ways. There were several LMC newsletters this year and targeted information was sent to interested parties via emails and blogs. Ms. Keane continues to keep faculty informed on a one-to-one basis. The Blue Duke blog continues to offer reading suggestions for both students and staff. The blog for teachers, Media Center Tidbits, which highlights Web 2.0 sites and information about the library learning commons, has also been maintained. The blog can be aggregated for dissemination. Monthly reports of library learning commons activity were created by Ms. Keane and distributed to administrators. They were also published on the LibGuides site. The library learning commons ran two successful book fairs during the school year. These book fairs raise money to fund author visits to our school. The Fall book fair saw a cash profit and the Spring book fair let us add many new books to our collection. The LMC hosted one face-to-face author visit during the year. Author Kelly Milner Halls returned at the request of the 6th grade teachers. Ms. Halls spoke with 6th graders about her research into cryptids – animals that may or may not exist. Ms. Halls has written books on cryptids and delighted the students with her work. She also spoke about dinosaurs and shared fossils with the students. Her new research involves aliens and haunted places. We held a contest for students who wanted to have lunch with Ms. Halls. Students were thrilled with the opportunity to speak with her in a small setting. The 6th grade teachers asked to have Skype author visits for each of the clusters. Each cluster was able 10

to attend one Skype author luncheon in the library learning commons and we expect this to continue. We hosted authors Donna Gephart, Lee Wardlaw, Kate Messner, Sarah Prineas, Kathleen Brenner Duble, Michael Sullivan, Katherine Erskine, and Conor Kostick. Several school wide events were hosted by and/or planned by the library learning commons staff. The annual GeoBee was held. The Spelling Bee was also and the Cluster Champs gave it their all. Kevin Skarupa spoke with 8th grade science students about New England weather. Bob Whitmore spoke with 8th graders about rock and minerals.

Staff and Hours Our library learning commons team is devoted to service. Sandy Soucy and Ruth Perencevich are committed to helping our students. Our library learning commons’s success is, in large part, dependent on their efforts. Ms. Keane went beyond the library learning commons walls to work with students this year. She went to classrooms to co-teach lessons. She also spent a great deal of time in the labs working on multimedia projects with students. The LMC is only open during school hours. The LMC is not available after school for student use. Many of the resources of the library learning commons were put into the virtual library learning commons this year for students to use at home. Each research unit was packaged into a LibGuide that could be accessed via the Internet. Additionally, e-books were introduced that could be accessed over the Internet. Our Library Helpers Club was very active during the year. We began meeting afterschool and met every other week. A few of the club members were trained on the Destiny system and helped at the main desk during the day. The Library Helpers will be taking on the responsibility of creating messages on the television in the cafeteria.


The Physical Library learning commons Space The library continued to evolve into a more student centered learning commons. As we migrate from a 20th century library media center to a 21st century learning commons, the space is getting a new look. A learning commons is more student centered, flexible and format agnostic to allow students to find the information they want, when they want it no matter the format or location. The learning commons allows students to work alone or in groups and to access tools they need. During the past year, the re-shelving and integration of the reference collection into the non-fiction (informational) section of the collection has begun. This should be finished during the coming year. The library learning commons courtyard was redone during August. The courtyard has not been used due to the limitations of the space. New seating and landscaping makes the courtyard an inviting place to sit and read and classes have taken advantage of that. Students have also made substantial use of the courtyard as a setting for student videos. The courtyard was the home to the first Multicultural Party in October.


The Community and Beyond The effects of the library learning commons program are felt beyond the walls of the library learning commons. In addition to the events held in the library learning commons, we were involved in organizing and participating in other school wide and district wide activities. During the month of April, Ms. Keane coordinated the Fifth Annual Doors of Rundlett contest. Each classroom had the opportunity to decorate their door to celebrate children’s reading. This year’s theme was the classics and the halls were turned into an amazing celebration of classic literature.

The administrators served as judges and there were many excited children working for a week on the doors. Pictures are available on the RMS website. The library learning commons is a natural place to share classroom projects. We have rotating displays all year of student work. Additionally, Ms. Keane posted pictures of the displays on the Flickr account for the library learning commons and created many slideshows of library learning commons events that were added to the web page. Ms. Keane also contributed slideshows for the school page that highlighted school plays, music concerts and other school events. Ms. Keane served on the Professional Development Committee and was one of the PD Coaches for RMS. Ms. Keane was also on the Elementary Technology Task Force. Ms. Keane is the webmaster of the RMS school site. Ms. Keane’s work with children’s literature continues to touch those beyond the school walls. She published two new books on children’s literature. One of her websites, Booktalks Quick and Simple, once again topped 3.2 million hits for the year.


Additional Activities Ms. Keane Presentations: In Plain English -- Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference He Said, She Said: What’s New in Children’s Literature-- NHSLMA Annual Conference, Meredith, NH Web 2.0 In Plain English-- NHSLMA Annual Conference, Meredith, NH Web 2.0 Smackdown -- NHSLMA Annual Conference, Meredith, NH Publishing: Ms. Keane published two new books in spring 2012. Keane, Nancy J. 101 Great, Ready-to-Use Book Lists for Children. Libraries Unlimited, 2012 Keane, Nancy J. 101 Great, Ready-to-Use Book Lists for Teens. Libraries Unlimited, 2012 Classes Taught: New Hampshire Technical Institute -- IT 102 PC Applications Plymouth State University -- LM 5000 Cataloging and Organization of Library Materials Open NH -- Using Reflective Writing to Develop Metacognition in the Classroom Web pages and blogs: Blue Duke Reads (1,535 hits/year) Nancy Keane’s Children’s Literature: Booktalks – Quick and Simple: (3,286,313/year) Media Center Tidbits (1,411/year) Elementary Booktalks Quick and Simple (1,181/year) YA Booktalks Quick and Simple (653/year) ATN Reading Lists Wiki: (676,054/year) Rundlett LibGuides: (10,925/year) Memberships/Committees: New Hampshire Educational Media Association (1992- ) President 1999-2000 New Hampshire Educators Online (1998- ) American Library Association (1979- ) ALSC (online courses 2008- ) AASL Affiliate Assembly – NH Delegate AASL Conference Technology Planning Committee (2009-) YALSA (online courses 2006YALSA Technology for Young Adults (2007-2009)


Concord School District Professional Development Committee Technology Planning Committee

Rundlett Middle School RMS Times Newspaper – Faculty coadvisor RMS Classic Movie Club – Assistant

Goals The e-book collection of the library learning commons will be expanded in the next year. The purchase of the Gale Virtual Reference Collection will be a major boost to our collection. The collection includes over 100 major reference works from Gale. These titles will be available 24/7 to unlimited simultaneous users. We currently have some of the titles in print and know how valuable these resources are. By adding the e-books to our collection, we are offering our students remote access to these valuable resources. In June, Ms. Keane joined a group of educators working with the New Hampshire Digital Resources Consortium. The Consortium is beginning the phase of developing "Institute in a Box". These institutes will organize presentation materials for schools throughout NH to conduct in-house professional development. Each institute will have a series of workshops. Ms. Keane is developing workshops and will be creating an institute for the Consortium. The Institutes will be a valuable resource for NH teachers and will be free of charge. In July, Ms. Keane will be attending the New Hampshire Google Boot Camp. This intense training is the first step to becoming a qualified Google Apps for Education certified trainer. Ms. Keane will be taking the Google Apps exams as part of the qualification.


Kids Book Beat will be returning to the library learning commons after a hiatus. Kids Book Beat has been a radio show and a television show. The new iteration will be web based. Ruth Perencevich will be taking a leave of absence during the 2012/13 school year. We will be replacing her but it takes about a year to train a library assistant. This will be a change for our program and the school in general. Ruth will be sorely missed. Ms. Keane continues work on her doctorate. She successfully defended her dissertation proposal and data was collected during the spring 2012. She will be writing her dissertation during the summer of 2012. She should defend her dissertation during the 2012/13 school year and graduate in spring 2013.


RMS Annual Report - Library Learning Commons  
RMS Annual Report - Library Learning Commons  

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