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2010 Annual Report

2011 Board of Directors Daniel H. Spiller, President Lynn Carlson Schell, Vice President Margaret Wunderlich, Treasurer Sue Busch Nehring, Secretary Rick Bliss Marilyn Cathcart Biz Colburn Eileen Day Holly Denis Chris Fischbach G. Bryan Fleming Tom Gabriel Pam Gagnon Jonathan Gaw John Gibbs Kathy Graves Courtney Grimsrud Tom Grossman Holly Guncheon Stephen Kelleher Irene Kilpatrick Mary Pat Ladner Laura Langer Russ Lemker William Levin Arleta Little Hilary Marden-Resnik Christina Melloh Velia Melrose Kristi Pearson Ann Phillips Jenny Skinner Wes Skoglund Maura Steblay Ardis Wexler Greg Weyandt Lisa Whitehill Lois Langer Thompson, ex-officio

Thérèse VanBlarcom, ex-officio Stu Wilson, ex-officio

Staff Lynn DeVore, Development Director – Corporate and Foundation Giving Dawn Flinsch, Development Director (through 2/11) Amelia Foster, Development Assistant (part-time) Rachel Fulkerson, Public Awareness and Communications Director John McCarten, Bookstore Manager Linda Merritt, Office Manager Adam Olson, Community Outreach Manager Andrea Retterath, Box Office and Development Coordinator Paige Vergin, Public Awareness and Communications Assistant Mary Flynn Worley, Development Director – Individual Giving Stu Wilson, Executive Director This is the roster of current board and staff. For a listing of the 2010 board, committee members, and interns, please see page 32.

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Letter from the President A Celebration of 125 Years of Free Public Library Service Foundation Support for Libraries 9 2010 Breakdown of Library Support

10 A Community of Book Lovers

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Minerva Circle Gratia Circle Bookstore Pen Pals Author Lecture Series New Friends and Foundation Collaboration

Free Cultural Programming 13 Talk of the Stacks 13 Age: Wide Angle 14 Childish Films 14 Other Events and Programs Financial Statement Honor Rolls 16 Institutional Support 17 Minerva Circle Members 18 Individual Support 28 Hennepin County Charitable Campaign 29 Tribute Gifts in Honor Of 30 Tribute Gifts in Memory Of 31 Library Leaders – 20 Year Members 31 Gratia Circle Members 32 Thank You Volunteers and Staff

Library Foundation of Hennepin County 300 Nicollet Mall Minneapolis, MN 55401 612-543-8100

“Every day, every week, every month, every season, every year... the libraries help people with their everyday and notso-everyday needs. The libraries provide new information and ideas for a fast-paced world. They are always constant... constant in their commitment to help people, forever free and open to one and all.” – Gratia Countryman, Library Director, 1904


Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Dear Friends, While libraries have existed for millennia, free public libraries are both a relatively recent invention and one of the many wonders of our American democracy. The Hennepin County Library has seen tremendous growth and greatly enriched the lives of millions since its beginning 125 years ago. I am proud to be able to help support such a valued and essential public institution. For the Board and staff of the Library Foundation, 2010 was a year of building on our rich history, as well as a year of looking forward to an exciting future. In May, the Library Foundation of Hennepin County Board of Directors completed an eight-month strategic planning process. With a renewed mission to enrich the resources and enhance the potential of the Hennepin County Library, the Foundation’s strategic plan set forth a new vision of becoming the foremost library support organization in the nation and advancing the Hennepin County Library as a premier library system. The strategic plan outlined the following major goals to guide the Foundation’s work: • Increasing financial support for the Hennepin County Library • Raising community awareness of the Library Foundation • Developing a collaborative relationship with local Friends organizations • Building organizational capabilities to achieve our vision In 2010, the Foundation provided over $1.3 million in total support to the Library, expanded free cultural programming, deepened our collaborative relationship with the local Friends groups, and laid the groundwork to launch an advocacy program in 2011. This work would not have been possible without the help of numerous individuals and organizations. I offer a big thank you to our current and former Board for their ongoing commitment to the Library. Additionally, thank you to the County Commissioners, Library Board members, our Library Director Lois Langer Thompson, and the entire Library staff, for offering such an important service throughout the County. A special thank you to all of the local Friends groups and members for their support of their libraries. Thank you to all of our Foundation staff, and wonderful volunteers, who make the organization work day-to-day. Most importantly, thank you to our donors, supporters, members and sponsors for your generosity on behalf of the Library. The Foundation is fortunate to count nearly 5,000 members and contributors in our family of supporters, in additional to the numerous foundations, corporations, community businesses and organizations, avid Pen Pals attendees, bookstore shoppers, and thousands of individuals who love our Library. The activities described in this report are not possible without your generous help and assistance. I look forward to your continued support of the Library Foundation and the Hennepin County Library. Sincerely,

Daniel H. Spiller, President

2010 Annual Report


Countryman successfully lobbied for the creation of the Hennepin County Library system to specifically serve the outer communities of the County. Gratia Countryman’s eulogy sums up the Library’s goal at the time: Carry the book to every part of the city and county, to the little child, the factory worker, the farmer, the businessman, the hospital patient, the blind and the old.

A Celebration of 125 Years of Free Public Library Service This year marks the 125th anniversary of public library service in Hennepin County. While Hennepin County and the Library have changed over the years, the Library’s critical mission has not: to provide equal access to information and foster lifelong learning. In 1885, a group of civic leaders came together in the belief that their community would be stronger and more prosperous if knowledge was shared rather than held as a private commodity. To bring this vision to life, they founded the Minneapolis Public Library and began building libraries to serve its growing population. Under the leadership of Gratia Countryman, Library resources rapidly expanded. When Countryman became director in 1904, the Library consisted of 43 staff, four library buildings, and ten delivery stations. In 1915, the Hennepin County Commissioners began allocating $1,000 annually to expand library service to the rural areas of the County — resulting in small book collections in general stores and eventually a book wagon. The Minneapolis Public Library provided services to suburban and rural communities until 1922, when 4

In 2008, once again all Library services were brought under a single system – the Hennepin County Library. Today, 41 libraries throughout the County serve more than 1.1 million people. Our Library has grown from a modest collection housed in a single building to one of the country’s premier systems with more than 5 million books, CDs and DVDs; 1,695 public computers; extensive website and outreach services; and approximately 800 staff. The stage is set for the Hennepin County Library’s next 125 years to be better than the first. Our public libraries have changed millions and millions of lives since 1885. While a great deal has changed over the years, the spirit of the early founders and leaders continues to infuse the purpose of the Hennepin County Library: If you want or need to know more, your public library will help you learn and grow. Be sure to visit your Library in person or on-line at

Library Foundation of Hennepin County

“The library is a place where most of the things I came to value as an adult had their beginnings.” - Pete Hamill, 1988

The Hennepin County Library in 2010: 17.5 million items borrowed 19.9 million website visits 5.8 million in-person visits 2,900 story times 9,800 programs attended by 210,000 people 800 staff 41 libraries 1,695 free public computers 5 million item collection

2010 Annual Report

o o o o o o

nation’s 12th-largest public library collection literature in more than 40 languages 3 million books the largest children’s collection in the upper Midwest 55,000 musical scores 2nd largest cookbook collection in the U.S.


“The reflections and histories of men and women throughout the world are contained in books.... America’s greatness is not only recorded in books, but it is also dependent upon each and every citizen being able to utilize public libraries.” - Terence Cooke, 1955


Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Foundation Support for Libraries The Foundation provided more than $1.3 million in total support for cultural programs, literacy initiatives, collections, and technology at the 41 libraries in the Hennepin County Library system.

Here is a selection of some of the key program areas the Foundation is honored to support.

Collections Private support for collections ensures that when library doors are open, the shelves are stocked with current materials. To ensure the excellence of our collection, the Foundation, together with our community Library Friends groups, granted over $83,000 for the purchase of new books and other learning materials for children, teens, and new immigrants, with books in Spanish, Hmong, and Somali as well as English. Special thanks to the following Friends groups for contributing to the collections initiative: Augsburg Park, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Eden Prairie, Edina, Excelsior, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Osseo, Oxboro, Plymouth, Ridgedale, Rockford Road, Southdale, Wayzata, and Westonka.

Homework Hub The Homework Hub program offers one-on-one and small group tutoring for kindergarten through grade 12 students, as well as innovative out2010 Annual Report

of-school programs. In 2010 tutors at 13 libraries provided an estimated 10,000 individualized tutorials for 1,500 students. The program primarily serves new immigrants; 69 percent of participating students come from households where English is not the first language. Support for Homework Hub was provided by G & K Services, Phyllis S. Poehler/ Walter E. Stremel Charitable Trust, Qwest, Xcel Energy, Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board, Eunice L. Dwan Trust, and the Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation.

Investor Retirement Education With a major grant from the Investor Protection Trust, the Library partnered with the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the Financial Planners Association of Minnesota, to present “How Can I Afford Retirement? Investor Education at Hennepin County Library� at the Brookdale and Southdale libraries. The four-part series provided access to non-commercial, impartial and objective investment education to equip investors ages 45 to 65 with knowledge and skills to make informed investment decisions for retirement. Over 450 individuals attended these 7

“I think the health of our civilization, the depth of our awareness about the underpinnings of our culture and our concern for the future can all be tested by how well we support our libraries.” - Carl Sagan, 1980

programs in 2010. Twin Cities Public Television recorded the Central Library sessions for broadcast on the Minnesota Channel in April 2010.

Teens @ HCL Learning, Literacy and Leadership. Hennepin County Library has created a series of programs that have transformed libraries into positive spaces for youth development where, no matter their background, youth are supported in developing learning skills and participate in meaningful leadership opportunities. These programs, such as the Teen Tech Squad, Guys Read Book Clubs, Game On!, Hennepin Teens Read, History Day Hullabaloo, and much more, are open to all youth and serve over 10,000 teens annually. Support for these programs was provided by Anime Twin Cities, Best Buy Children’s Foundation, Ann and Jack Cole Children’s Fund, the McKnight Foundation, and the S.F. Perkins Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation.

Summer Reading Program Libraries have a long tradition of providing opportunities for informal learning grounded in literacy. While they have historically focused on encouraging children to read during the summer, the ability to articulate and solve problems, to generate original ideas, and to work collaboratively is of growing importance. Hennepin County Library offers hundreds of activities and youth clubs to engage thousands of kids over the summer focusing on literature, technology, arts, science, and exploration. The following Friends groups made gifts through the Foundation in support of the summer programs: Eden Prairie, Edina, Excelsior, Hopkins, Minnetonka, Oxboro, Penn Lake, Rockford Road, St. Louis Park, and Southdale.

Immigrant Resource Programs Library staff and resources help underserved immigrant populations


succeed in Minnesota through unique programs to accommodate all ages and ethnicities. The goal of these programs is to build successful families through integration into the community. The programs help build through employment, education, citizenship, language acquisition, housing, and health care. Annually over 8,000 people are reached through HCL’s bi-lingual liaisons, on-demand assistance, the Franklin Learning Center, Conversation Circles, World Language Storytimes, and more. Funding for immigrant resources is made possible in part by the generous support of the Comcast Foundation and the Minnesota Department of Education, Library Services and Technology Act.

Corrections Outreach Programs The Library has extended its services to incarcerated men, women and juvenile offenders in Hennepin County through a series of unique, collaborative programs. Ex-offenders are offered employment re-entry resources, technology classes, small business training, literacy programs, community service opportunities, and full access to Library collections. The programs are designed to support the ex-offender and improve the quality of life for their families and dependents. Funding was made possible by the Minnesota Department of Education, Library Services and Technology Act.

Ebook Technology Library customers can check out and download eBooks in the EPUB format through the Library’s website at www. An eBook is a digital or electronic version of a paper book. Instead of being printed onto paper and bound into books, the text is formatted into a digital file, which can be read with a special eBook reader, computer or other electronic device. Hennepin County Library is the first public library in the Twin Cities metro area to offer this format. eBooks offer existing Library customers a new Library Foundation of Hennepin County

2010 Breakdown of Support for the Hennepin County Library Direct cash support

Designated to programs and services Designated to collections Designated to libraries Central Library Capital Campaign Funds designated for collections Grants written by the Foundation with funds going to the Library

$609,127 295,737 83,265 31,592 97,593 100,940

Foundation activities providing public awareness of the Library $ 432,387

Pen Pals Author Series Operation of used bookstore Free cultural and public awareness programs

Non-Cash Support Providing for Future Library Needs

Funds raised and held for future collections and programs Contributions added to Endowment Funds

Total Support

format, but also are a means to reach out to people who otherwise may not use the Library. Funding for this service was provided, in part, by a direct grant from the Library Foundation of Hennepin County.

Digitization Project The Minneapolis Collection, a part of the Library’s Special Collections department, contains historical books, photographs, yearbooks, manuscripts, periodicals, maps, and newspaper clippings dating back to the early 1800s. Digitization of the unique collection at the Central Library assures greater access by making them accessible on-line to a broader base of users. Specifically, the digitization project allows the Library to digitize pre1923 Minneapolis public and private high school yearbooks, and Keith’s Magazine for Homebuilders, 1899 to 1929, a publication heavily used by local homeowners researching the history of their house. Support for 2010 Annual Report

211,019 131,813 89,555

$342,267 329,147 13,120


this project was made possible by the Professional Librarians Union of Minneapolis (PLUM).

Friends Coordination In 2010 the Foundation took on a new coordination role of the independent Friends groups at all the branch libraries in the County. This new model builds on successful practices used elsewhere and provides a basis for strengthened Library support. Developing branch Friends groups in Minneapolis and strengthening the support of the existing 26 Friends groups are the Foundation’s first priorities. Foundation coordination activities include communications resources, training, networking among groups, membership development, financial advice and oversight, and database and website resources. Support for Friends coordination was generously provided by the Otto Bremer Foundation and the Professional Librarians Union of Minneapolis (PLUM).


A Community of Book Lovers Minerva Circle The Minerva Circle is a society of the Foundation’s strongest supporters, who give $1,000 or more annually to support the Library. A statue of Minerva has welcomed patrons to the Central Library since it opened in 1889. Minerva is the ancient Roman goddess of wisdom, learning, and the arts, and the protector of libraries. The Minerva Circle is an integral part of our Foundation community. Thank you to our 218 generous Minerva Circle members who contributed more than $355,000 in 2010 in support of our mission. See page 17 for a complete list of members.

Gratia Circle The Gratia Circle honors individuals who have made a bequest in a will or other planned gift to the Library Foundation of Hennepin County. The Circle is named for Gratia Countryman, one of the outstanding leaders in the history of public library service in Hennepin County. The Circle’s name also is fitting recognition for our generous members in that it references the Latin phrase, ex gratia, which translates “to do something voluntarily, out of kindness or grace.” Thank you to our 56 members who have joined the Gratia Circle by indicating their intentions to leave our organization an estate gift. See page 31 for a complete list of members. 10

The Bookstore The Bookstore at the Central Library offers the best bargains in town for book lovers. Our store sells a combination of books weeded from the Library collection and books donated by Library patrons. In addition, the Central Library store features Library merchandise, including iconic t-shirts, book bags, and umbrellas. In the summer, the Bookstore hosted a series of children’s sales and made Minneapolis Central Library the place to be for inexpensive kids books! Our store is operated with the support of 31 volunteers, who contributed 3,080 hours in 2010 and raised $128,000. Thank you to Touchpoint for in-kind signage redesign. A new bookstore brand and signage will be unveiled in 2011.

Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Pen Pals Author Lecture Series In 2010, the Library Foundation was proud to present literary all-stars Michael Chabon, Sarah Vowell, William Kent Krueger, Lorna Landvik and Bill Bryson at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. In addition to bringing today’s most prominent authors, poets, and playwrights to readers in Minnesota, Pen Pals is an important source of support for our organization. In 2010, Pen Pals raised over $213,000 from ticket sales and sponsorships to support the Foundation and the Library. Pen Pals could not take place without the generous assistance of many organizations, individuals, and attendees. We would especially like to thank our lead sponsor, Comcast, for their generous support since 2008. Thanks also to our audience for supporting high-quality literary programming in Minnesota. Words from Featured Authors: Michael Chabon (middle picture): “We have the idea that our hearts, once broken, scar over with an indestructible tissue that prevents their ever breaking again in quite the same place...” Sarah Vowell: “The only thing more dangerous than an idea is a belief.” William Kent Krueger: “I used to ask for an easy life, now I ask to be strong.”

“Given the series’ history of bringing together some of the hottest literary figures, we’re guessing next year’s schedule will be nothing to sneeze at.” - City Pages, 2011

2010 Annual Report

Lorna Landvik: “What I had come to love about book clubs (besides the fabulous desserts and free liquor) was how in hearing so many opinions about the same book, your own opinion expanded, as if you’d read the book several times instead of just once.” Bill Bryson (lower picture): “Physics is really nothing more than a search for ultimate simplicity, but so far all we have is a kind of elegant messiness.”

Lead Series Sponsor Comcast Creative Sponsors Gabriel deGrood Bendt Media Sponsors Mpls.St.Paul Magazine KARE 11 In-Kind Sponsors The Marquette Hotel JMI2020 Silver Sponsors Anonymous Martha and Doug† Head Mary and M.D.† McVay Cindy and Greg Page Bronze Sponsors Anchor Bank Lowry Hill The National Endowment for the Arts Piper Jaffray Kendrick B. Melrose Family Foundation Kingsley and Katharine Murphy RBC Wealth Management Peggy Rasmussen Kit and Dick Schmoker David and Sandra Sherman Winston† and Maxine Wallin Stu Wilson and Melissa Barker Patron Sponsors Velia Melrose Friend Sponsors Catherine Fischer Terry and Sheldon Fleck Susan Gray and Paul Waytz Bill and Sally Kling Laura Langer David† and Cindy Pratt Debra Sit and Peter Berge Catherine Taylor †deceased


“What is more important in a library than anything else - than everything else - is the fact that it exists.” - Archibald MacLeish, 1972

New Foundation and Friends Collaboration Local library Friends groups are key partners in a comprehensive approach to Library support. Friends groups are independent organizations led by dedicated volunteers whose work benefits their individual library within the system. The Library Foundation is committed to Friends’ success as allies in our shared mission to strengthen the Hennepin County Library. In 2010, the coordination of Friends groups shifted from the Library to the Foundation. The shift in responsibilities has allowed Library staff to expand its volunteer program while giving the Foundation the opportunity to develop new resources for Friends groups. Communication tools, publicity, recognition events, training sessions, and book reselling tools are some of the services offered by the Foundation to assist the Friends groups in their important work. Last year, to parallel the structure at the 26 suburban libraries, the Foundation began spearheading the creation of new Friends groups at each Minneapolis library. The Foundation is on track to help organize new Friends groups for the 15 Minneapolis


libraries by the end of 2011. The new groups are off to a strong start thanks to community leadership and the collaborative membership system, which allows Foundation members to simultaneously join any of the 41 Friends groups. The new era of collaboration among Hennepin Library supporters has just begun. With the generous award of grants from the Otto Bremer Foundation and the Public Librarians Union of Minneapolis (PLUM), we are creating a new model of library support in our community. In 2011, the Foundation will be launching a new brand, identity, and website with greatly enhanced online giving options. All of these initiatives will be integrated with our collaborative efforts with local Friends groups. Members, potential donors, and volunteers will find it easier to help the Library, and to direct that help to areas that are both valuable to the Library and meaningful to the Library supporter. By working together, the Foundation and Friends groups will provide more critically needed assistance to the Library.

Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Free Cultural Programming Talk of the Stacks

Age: Wide Angle

In its sixth year, the Talk of the Stacks series explored contemporary literature and culture. Major support is provided by The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank. Additional support is provided by National Endowment for the Arts, Magers and Quinn Booksellers, Marquette Hotel and Secrets of the City.

A new collaboration with Mill City Commons, the Age Wide Angle lecture series offered a fresh perspective on the topic of age and aging by prominent arts leaders - exploring the role age plays in their field of expertise or their own artistic lives.

• A Celebration of Literary Twin Cities: Jocey Hale, Alan Kornblum, Daniel Slager, Fiona McCrae, and moderator Marianne Combs • Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: David Lipksy • Million Little Mistakes: Heather McElhatton, Kevin Kling, and musician Laurie Lindeen • The Pearl of China: Anchee Min • National Book Critics Circle Reads: Eula Biss, Stephen Burt, Marlon James, and moderator Jeffrey Shotts • Bound: Antonya Nelson • Einstein’s God: Krista Tippett • Eye of My Heart: Barbara Graham, Judith Guest, Sandra Benitez • Travels in Siberia: Ian Frazier

The Foundation presented 67 free cultural programs that were attended by approximately 10,000 people in 2010. 2010 Annual Report

• Visual Trends: Will Hopkins and Mary K. Baumann, Hopkins/Baumann Design • Age in an Ageless Art Form: James Sewell, James Sewell Ballet • How Did I Get Here?: Philip Brunelle, VocalEssence • Turn the Key: Photographer Laura Crosby, composer Libby Larsen, and writer Marisha Chamberlain • Music for Life - Transforming Lives: David O’Fallon, MacPhail Center for Music • It’s Never Too Late: Sage Cowles, dance activist • The Influence of Life Experience on the Literary Perspective: Jocelyn Hale, Fred Amram, Philip S. Bryant, Phebe Hanson, and Faith Sullivan. • Acting in the Theater - A Continuing Journey: actor Richard Ooms • Becoming Truly Marvelous: Artists’ Later Years: Kaywin Feldman, Director of Minneapolis Institute of Arts


“Great libraries have always looked to both the future and the past.” - Laura Shapiro, 1996

Childish Films

Other Programs and Events

In its 4th year, Childish Films presented children’s cinema and cultural activities for ages three and up at the Central, Ridgedale and Southdale libraries. Funded in part by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, through an appropriation by the Minnesota State Legislature and a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional support: Target, Whole Foods Market, Weston Woods Studio, and Minnesota Parent. Activities sponsor: Minnesota Center for Book Arts, MacPhail Center for Music, and Children’s Theater Company. • Playmation: Art projects with Walker Arts Center staff; playful, experimental animation. • Festival Shorts: Indian dance performance by young members of Ragamala; films from festivals around the world. • Slapstick! A vaudevillian solo clown performance from the Mini-Apple Circus; 1920s slapstick comedies. • Rock and Read! A performance by the band Clementown; short films inspired by favorite picture books. • Halloween Toons for Tots: Halloween crafts and costumes; vintage cartoons about skeletons, spiders, ghosts and (slightly spooky) monsters. • Instrumental Movies: Instrumental play with MacPhail’s Katie Condon; beautiful, old-style animated films featuring instruments as characters. • Toys’ Stories: Music and train demonstration by Paul from Choo Choo Bob’s; films exploring the life of toys. • It’s Cold! Dance performance by Leah Nelson; animated adventures set in wintry climes.

• The Holiday Toast, a members only program with Peter Smith, author of A Porch Sofa Almanac. • Book Browser Social, a Friends appreciation event with Laurie Hertzel, author of News to Me. • Reel to Real, an exploration of films that inspired the plays and musicals of Hennepin Theatre Trust’s Broadway season. • Club Book (a program of Metropolitan Library Services Agency and funded by Minnesota’s Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund) hosted authors Frances Mayes, Paul Harding, Gish Jen, Terry McMillan, Faith Sullivan, Patricia Hampl, Nancy Pearl, Jane Hamilton, and Michael Perry at libraries in Hennepin County. • Innovation and China, a conversation with PRI Asia Correspondent Mary Kay Magistad examining the history of Chinese innovation and its implications for the future. • Decoded, a live telecast with Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter with interviewer Cornel West from the New York Public Library.

To receive up-to-date announcements of Foundation’s programs and other library news, sign up for our e-newsletter at


Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Financial Statement Library Foundation of Hennepin County Statement of Operational Activities for the Year Ended December 31, 2010

Unrestricted SUPPORT AND REVENUE Corporate, Foundation and Government Grants Contributions, In-Kind Book Shop Sales Change in Annuity Trust Individual Gifts and Memorials Program Revenue Investment Income Sub-Total Support and Revenue

Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted


$255,375 313,737 128,137 - 476,643 213,794 54,860 1,442,546

$147,594 - - 5,899 - - 86,571 240,064


- - - - 13,120 - - 13,120

$402,969 313,737 128,137 5,899 489,763 213,794 141,431 1,695,730

Net Assets Released from Restrictions 169,050 (169,050) - Total Support and Revenue 1,611,596 71,014 13,120 EXPENSES


Grants to the Library and Program Support 1,283,924 - - General and Administrative 134,332 - - Fundraising 214,542 - - Total Expenses 1,632,798 - - CHANGE IN NET ASSETS (21,202) 71,014 13,120 Net Assets – Beginning of the Year 1,547,902 258,133 528,850 NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR $1,526,700 $329,147 $541,970

1,283,924 134,332 214,542 1,632,798 62,932 2,334,885 $2,397,817

The above does not include figures from the Minneapolis Central Library Campaign, which had funds maintained separately from annual operating accounts. In 2010, the final balance of campaign assets totaling $98,389 were granted to the Library. A full audit conducted by LarsonAllen, is available on our website at Contact Stu Wilson, Executive Director, at 612-543-8105 or to request a paper copy of the audit.

2010 Annual Report


Institutional Support Gifts received between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 $50,000+ Professional Librarians Union of Minneapolis

$20,000 - $49,999 Best Buy Children’s Foundation Comcast Foundation Investor Protection Trust Minnesota State Arts Board Otto Bremer Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999 Comcast Friends of Edina Library Friends of Rockford Road Library Friends of Southdale Library Hennepin County Employees Meristem Minnesota Twins Poehler / Stremel Trust The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank Xcel Energy Foundation

$5,000 - $9,999 The Baker Foundation Eden Prairie Noon Rotary Eunice L. Dwan Trust Friends of Plymouth Library National Endowment for the Arts Qwest Foundation RBC Wealth Management Richards Family Advised Fund S.F. Perkins Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

$2,500 - $4,999 Anime Twin Cities, Inc. Friends of Golden Valley Library G & K Services Lyndale Neighborhood Association Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board R.C. Lilly Foundation Target Community Relations Archie D. and Bertha H. Walker Foundation

$1,000 - $2,499 Curtis L. Carlson Family Foundation Dorsey and Whitney Foundation The Dungan-Hansen Family Fund of the Lutheran Community Foundation Fredrikson and Byron Foundation Friends of Champlin Library Friends of Maple Grove Library


Friends of Minnetonka Library Friends of Wayzata Library Hognander Foundation Kopp Family Foundation Magers and Quinn Booksellers Minnesota Association of Library Friends The David B. Gold Foundation The Spiller L’Chaim Fund

<$1,000 2309 Grand Associates Co-op American Association of University Women Ameriprise Financial Annual Giving Campaign Association of Professional Piano Instructors Better World Books Blue Cross/Blue Shield Employees Bossardt Corporation Buyers Consultation Service Charles B. Sweatt Foundation Cousins Brick and Stone, Inc. Elizabeth C. Quinlan Foundation Friends of Brooklyn Park Library Friends of Eden Prairie Library Friends of Excelsior Library Friends of Hopkins Library Friends of Osseo Library Friends of Oxboro Library Friends of Penn Lake Library Friends of Ridgedale Library Friends of Rogers Library Friends of St. Louis Park Library Friends of Westonka Library Identifax Research Services Leonard, Street and Deinard Foundation Lerner Foundation MN Association of Professional Employees Local 501 Moms Club of Eden Prairie Padilla Speer Beardsley Pauly, Devries Smith and Deffner LLC Prudential Foundation RSP Architects, Ltd. Singer Family Foundation Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota Target Payroll Deductions The Pines UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving Unity Intergroup Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Whitney Foundation

Matching Gifts Ameriprise Financial BAE Systems Bank of America General Mills ING Community IBM Corporation Macy’s Inc. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Quaker Hill Foundation TCF Foundation U.S. Bancorp Foundation Xcel Energy Foundation

In-Kind Support A/B Geist Around Town Agency Barnes and Noble Gabriel deGrood Bendt Google Graywolf Press Hennepin County Library KARE-11 Jagged Edge LarsonAllen LLP Marquette Hotel Minnesota Public Radio Mintàhoe Hospitality Group Minnesota Parent Mpls.St.Paul Magazine Norton Stillman/Nodin Press Radisson Plaza Hotel – Minneapolis Renaissance, The Depot Hotel – Minneapolis Secrets of the City Touchpoint Weston Woods Studio Whole Foods Market

Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Minerva Circle Members Gifts received between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010

We are grateful to our donors at every level, all of whom make it possible for the Foundation to enhance the Hennepin County Library and foster our community’s love of libraries. We especially would like to thank our Minerva Circle members, who contributed $1,000 or more, for their generous leadership support. $25,000+

Pat and Tom Grossman Family Fund Kendrick B. Melrose

$10,000 - $24,999 Anonymous Mary and Ernie Dorn Barbara Forster David Lindblom Cindy and Greg Page

$5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous Eunice L. Dwan Trust Jonathan Gaw and Rebecca Wright Gary and Barbara Richards Haugen, Richards Family Advised Fund of Middle Tennessee Martha and Doug† Head Roberta Laird Mary and M.D.† McVay Sandra and David Sherman / The Baker Foundation Winston† and Maxine Wallin

$2,500 - $4,999

Anonymous Sally and Peter Anson Pam Gagnon Kathy and Hazen Graves Bill and Sally Kling Sue Busch Nehring Linda Rotering Mimi and David Sanders Lynn Carlson Schell

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous Rafael Andrade Martha and Bruce Atwater Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Pat and Dave Barker Thomas and Margaret Barrett Vince and Susan Barton Ellen and Michael Bendel-Stenzel Jane R. Blanch Steve and Becky Briggs Mary Ellen Brooks Buuck Family Foundation Lynn and Kate W.L. Christianson Ann and Jack Cole Laura and Ben Cooper Julia W. Dayton Mary Lee Dayton Dr. Francis and Holly Denis

2010 Annual Report

Sara and Jock Donaldson Nathan Dungan and Susan Hawks Colleen and Michael Eckman Mary Elrod Linda L. Engberg Mark and Carol Engebretson Richard and Beverly Fink Catherine and Ed Fischer Sheldon and Terry Fleck Helen Garnaas Emanuel and Cecilie Gaziano John and Theresa Gibbs The Goldner Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation Chris and Bob Gordon Susan Gray and Paul Waytz N. Bud and Beverly Grossman Foundation Holly and Kelly Guncheon Kimberly Hahneman Macey and Robert Macey Allen and Joanne Hinderaker Jean M. Holm Amy L. Hubbard and Geoffrey J. Kehoe Pat Jensen Susan and Philip Jones Kelen Family Foundation Stephen Kelleher Thomas A. Keller III Margee and Bob Kinney Linda E. Krach Philip and Marilyn Krasowski Paul and Linda Krueger Roger and Neroli Lacey Mary Pat Ladner Kathleen M. Lamb Laura Langer Kathy and Allen Lenzmeier William A. and Gloria Levin Virginia Levy Richard and Diane Madlon-Kay Donald W. McCarthy Barbara Meacham Peg Meier and Rebecca Lindholm Christina Melloh and Michael T’Kach Velia G. Melrose Beatrice Merrill Charles and Carolyn Meyer Glenn Miller and Jocey Hale Linda Miller and Paul Bruer Carol Moller Jodi and Michael Mooney Katherine and Kingsley Murphy Barbara and Donald A. Murray

Ted and Judy Nagel Janice M. Nelson Meredith L. Norstrom Linda Odegard and Harlan Cavert Gary Petrucci Ann and Felix Phillips Pamela Ploetz Patricia Ploetz and Edward Matthees William and Michelle Pohlad Jacqueline M. Prince George Rabasa and Juanita Garciagodoy Peggy Rasmussen Susan L. Ripley Nancy L. Roehr John and Lois Rogers Maria and John Rosengren Dr. Hanan J. Rosenstein and Richard Alberta Barb J. Ryan David and Susan Sanborn Dick and Jan Sandberg Earl and Barbara F. Sanford Ellen Mary Saul Beth Ann and Saul Segal Allen Sever Jan Severud Anne Shainline Elizabeth K. Short and R. Kirkland Cozine Debra Sit and Peter Berge Jenny Skinner Barbara Sletten Daniel and Jennifer Spiller James and Miriam Stake Cynthia Steinke Janis Stephenson Dorothy Swanberg Lois Langer Thompson Betty Tisel and Sarah Farley Karen Viskochil Richard and Lynn Voelbel Paul E. and Betsy Von Kuster III Suzanne Weinstein Greg Weyandt Lisa Whitehill and David Mahoney Stu Wilson and Mel Barker James and Cynthia Wittich Ernie and Sharon Woizeschke Pat Wuest Betty Jo Zander Julie Zimmerman


Individual Support Gifts received between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 â&#x20AC; deceased

$500 - $999

Virginia L. Adams Allyson Aldrich Barbara Andersen Judith Anderson Martha and Renner Anderson Robb and Christine Battist Ruth and Paul Bauhahn Maryellen Baumann Robert and Kathryn Bean Michelle Beltrand Pam and Dean Blomgren Seth Breidbart David and Sandra Brown Martha Brown Paula Bryan Julie M. Bucknam Mary Budge Allan and Mary Lou Burdick Camille Burke Diane and Katie Carlson Carolyn Carpenter Biz and Ted Colburn Ron and Joan Cornwell AK Dayton Polly Deane Tom and Mary Lou Detwiler Jim and Lora Donoho Pierre Dussol Michael Eckhardt Alison Eckhoff Doris Engibous and Cathy Ryan Barbara Farrell Ann Fincham Maureen Sheenan Fisher Miriam Fisher Chris Flaherty Thomas Fraser and Mary Strand Barbara Freeman Gail Fuad Susan Garnett Nancy Geiger


Marjory Gherity Bruce and Jean Grussing Liz and Van Hawn Mary Hayes Mary C. Healy Janice E. Heasley Mary Beth Henderson Diane and Tony Hofstede Mary Hogg Lincoln Hudson Sally Hwang Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad Janet Jacobs Carolyn Jones Tim Jones and Debbie Shierbeck Keelin Kane Dianelle Kassel John Kirschbaum Wendy Kivens Joan Klinger Pamela Klinger-Horn Mark Kopesky and Joan GrangerKopesky Tim and Kathy Kroening-Smith Robert and Janice Kunkel Gail Lamott Julie Lang Russell P. Lemker Voigt and Mary Jean Lenmark William A. and Gloria Levin Steve and Tristen Lindemann Sue and William Linder Charles W. Loufek Ruth Lunde Reid and Ann MacDonald/Fairbault Foods Nathan Markell John and Rebecca Mason Jennifer May and Mike Kesti Mike and Kay McCarthy Barbara McMillan Milo and Mary Meland Phyllis Moen and Dick Shore Suzanne Moriarity Marcia L. Morris Pamela Morris Joan and Dick Niemiec John and Joan Nolan Diane Ondrey Dale and Karen Orner Andrea M. Pederson Carol A. Peterson Nan Peterson Jim and Mary Pohlad Luke Ponder and Darla Granger Bill and Holly Porter Nick and Judy Priadka Virginia G. Puzak Rebecca Rand Barb Randolph-Anderson Carol Reitz Cathy Richlovsky Pottebaum Jean and Bud Rivkin David and Susan Robertson Kathleen Roer

Leah J Rued Patricia Santelmann Catherine Schabot Donna and Glenn Scudder Renee Servais Marilyn Shelton Catherine Shreves and Thomas Bird Bonnie Skelton Glenn and Mary Skoy Ken and Mary Sommers Sandra G. Sponem Mary and Owen Steiner George and Joan Stickney Ann and Stephen Sundberg Megan Terrebonne Linda Todd Katherine L. Treece Tim Trujillo Marilyn Vinokur Kurt and Susan Waananen Bill and Judy Walter Ware Washam Peggy Watson Steven and Catherine Webster Katherine Wells and Stephen Willging Katherine Whittington Nancy Wyatt James and Kathlyn Wyman

$250 - $499

Carla Adams Ada Alden Yuval and Idith Almog Grace E. Anderson Kay C. Bach Barbara Bahnson Thomas E. Bailey Barry and Sandra Baines Pat and Andrea Bassett Nancy Belbas Sharon and Jim Bennett Cindy Greenlaw Benton Donald Berg Sandra Bergeron Meggen Berlute Randy and Marcia Betcher Robert J. Beugen and Joanne Ferraro Margaret and Steve Blake Sandra Bodeau Michael and Sally Bosanko Lawrence and Karen Bowman Mary S. Bowman Larry and Virginia Bradford Marjorie Brehl Ronald Briggs Neil Bright and Judy Cowden Marvin and Kathleen Brooks Gregory and Leota Brucker Paul and Kathleen Campbell Kathryn Carver Audrey Cassidy Paul and Mary Cederberg M.D. Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Norman and Mary Beth Chapel Rachelle Dockman Chase Tad and Sharon Chmielarz Jean R. Christensen Louise A. Clarke Juliana Clarkson Audrey J. Clay Jean Colwell Virginia Conklin Gary and Cynthia Coon Jeanne E. Corwin Alicia Cozine and Eric Johnson Denise Currie Harold and Kathryn Dahl Valerie Dahlman Pat Daily William and Charlotte Davine Eileen M. Day Joy Deharpporte Aaron Desmond Sandra Doberstein James Dorsey and Dee Gaeddert Marti Edwards Ann and Robert Emery Betty L. Engebretson Rolf and Nancy Engh Michael and Patricia Feeney Mark and Andrea Feshbach Chris Fischbach and Katie Dublinski Jim Fisher Kathleen Fluegel Frank and Judy Foss Patricia Foulkes Nan Fraser Michael and Karen Frey Creighton and Hollis Fricek Suzanne M. Gaines Marilyn Galazen Dorie Rae Gallagher Olivia Gault James Genellie Nancy Gordon Sally Gordon Mary Grau Anne L. Gray Cathy and Jim Gray Eric Griffin Daniel and Courtney Grimsrud John and Anne Groton Mary Jo Gruidl Amy Gudmestad Lisa Gulsvig Amy W Gunby 2010 Annual Report

Miriam Gunnarson Barbara Gurstelle Pam and Larry Guthrie Dolores Gutierrez Susan Haggberg-Miller Lorrie Halvorson Julie Hanson Heidi Hardner and William Humphrey Mary Hartwig Linda M. Hatt Thomas and Kristina Hauschild Peter and Rebecca Hawthorne Dana Hazel and Michael Vespasiano Jill A. Heath Anne and Peter Heegaard Ruthanne Heenan Margaret Heff Elayne R. Hengler Janet L. Herbert LaVonne Herbert Anne Higgins Sandra Krebs Hirsh Beverly Hlavac Susan M. Hoel Charlotte Hoes Eileen Hokkanen Carol Holmes James and Ann Howard Allison Jacobson Christine Jeatran Mary Jodeit Donna P. Johnson Lori Johnson Mary E. Johnson Thomas and Bonnie Johnson Gail Jones Shirley F. Jones Heidi Joos, MD and Ivy B. Booth Mickey O. Kane David Kaplan Ann Keller Kristin M. Keller Julia Ann Kelly Joan S. Keps Jim and Meg Killian Judith Allen Kim and Gary Larson Lois and Richard King Mary Lou Klassy Kathy Knoblauch Karlyn Kohrs Campbell Kristin Koppelman Susan Kuller

Doobie and Joyce Kurus Rollie Langer Jeff Larsen Mary L. Lawson Raymond and Judy Lazar Bill and Kristie Lester Kim Leventhal Kenneth and Cathy Liebman Sharon Link and Robert Lewis Lucille T. Long Jackie Lund Judy and Neilan Lund Donna Luther Kathleen Lyons Mary Macauley Brenda Machacek Alan L. MacLean Hilary Marden-Resnik and Barry Resnik Anne Mason Judy McCleery Polly McCormack Leslie McDonald Mary T. McEvoy and Terence Fruth Katie and Timothy McGinley Vanessa and Chris McGuire Gene and Patricia McHugh Debby and Dick McNeil William D. McTeer James and Laura Miles Sheila C. Morgan Lynne Morishita and Jake Amatruda Thomas and Jeanne Mueller John R. Murphy Charles and Maureen Neerland Nancy and Timothy Nelson Kristie Nelson-Neuhaus Sharon Neuenfeldt Susan Newman Pamela Newsome-Prochniak Laurence R. North David Nuckols Louis B. Oberhauser Bruce and Paulette Odegaard Judy Ohannesian Ann Osborne Andy Otness James G. Otto Elizabeth Owens Lucia Paul Robert and Mary Ellen Paulson Peter and Mary Ann Pearson Lillian Pepin Patricia M. Peterson Jeff and Julien Phillips Jeanne Pietrini Rebecca Planer Barbara Pletcher Jennifer Post Cindy and Davidâ&#x20AC; Pratt Louise Price Kathie Prieve Michael Pysno Kevin and Ann Quiring Jill Ramsey Kathleen Reilly Charles and Susan Reinhart Sandra Resnick and Walter Pickhardt Nancy and Kevin Rhein John and Leslie Rimstad

Ellen Rindal Kathryn N. Ripke Clare and Jerome Ritter Tina and Dan Rivkin Donna Rodel and Bernie Waibel Robert and Joan H. Rohlf Jennifer Roos Linda Roszak Bruce Rovner and Ann Barclay Rovner Muriel Saltzman Lorrie Salzl Seylar Tom and Sheva Sanders Susan Scheefe Susanne Scherer Alan Schilepsky Carol B. Schirmers Judy Schlick Scott W. Schumack Karen Scott Thomas R. Shaler Ben and Romaine Shank Marcy Shilling Bruce Shnider and Patricia Strandness Robert W. Sivanich Julian and Jan Sjordal Wes and Linda Skoglund Connie Skoy Marion Slocum James and Corinne Smith Nancy and Fred Sommer Frank J. Sorauf Sheryl A. Sostarich Sarah Soucek Sharon R. Spartz Linda and Renate Sperber Tracy Steiner Kathleen H. Stuart Natalie Tarnopolsky Lori Tauring and Renee E. Tierney Paul and Lucie Taylor Alan and Jean Thiel Karin Treiber Janet and Victor Urbanowicz Diane Vandersall Ron and Carol Vantine David L. Waldemar Fred and Alice Wall Bradford and Cynthia Wallin Mary E. Walus Diane Carlson Wentz and Tom Wentz Joyce Wenz John and Kelly Wheaton Mary Lou Wheaton Carole and Rick Wiederhorn Frank and Frances Wilkinson Carol Wolf Ann Woodbeck Woody and Margie Woodhouse Margaret Wunderlich Patricia Zahra Jean Zamor

$100 - $249

John Abel Nancy Abernethy Christine Aboussouan Selcuk Adabag Erin Adams


$100 - $249 continued

Jim and Edith Adams S. Kaye Adams Barbara Ahlstrom Susan H. Ainsworth Nancy Albrecht David Allen Barry and Cynthia Alper Barbara Aman and Bill Easton Cynthia Anderson Georgia Anderson Jan Anderson Jean P. Anderson Joyce Anderson Judith Anderson Phyllis Anderson Rhonda Anderson Roger E. Anderson Shann Anderson Linda Sue Anderson and Tim Hammett Emil and Marion Angelica Karen M. Ansbaugh Shannon Anthony Dore Antonello Alison Antoun Margaret Anzevino Nancy H. Archer Ted and Ruth Arneson Judee Arnstein and Michael Lindsay Patrick Ashwood Annette Atkins and Tom Joyce Mary Aubart Diane Aves Pamela Badger Karen Baker Lauren Baker and Eric Black Kristin Bakker James and Gail Bakkom Donna Barbour-Talley Janet Bartels and Phillip Bohl Karen Bartig Sarah Bartlett Virginia Barzan John and Norma Basgen Laurel Batson Betty E. Bauer Nancy and Richard Beach Carol Beadie Ken Bearman and Karla Larsen Chris Beaty


Ann Beckman Janelle Beitz Alice Bekke Gail Belanger Sue Beltt Judith Belzer Carol Bemis David Benditt and Mary Ann Goldstein Susan Benjamin Peggy Bennett Phyllis Bentley Rosemary Bentson and Mark Crellin Cheri S. Berg Howard H. Berg John and Nancy Berg Richard and Carol Bergenstal Karen Berger Ruth Bergerson Tracy L. Berglund Howard and Jane Bergstrom Theresa Berman Emilia Bernat Janet Berry Anne Bertram and Martin Schub Jason Best Lee A. Biersdorf Georgeann Biros Michelle Biros Allen L. Blaich Michael Blake and Alison Davis-Blake Marianne Blomquist Mary Louise Bochnak Victor Bodnia Eve Borenstein and Candace Falk Gena Bossert Anita Boucher, Jeff Bangsberg and Ellen Boucher Rita C. Bourne John Boyce Jeffrey T. Boyum Elizabeth Bradford Kleber Judi Brandon Sandra and Michael Brandt Alice Bratter David Breeden Bill and Judi Britt Joseph Brochin and Gina Herring Andrew Brockton Elizabeth and Lawrance Brown Nancy S. Brown Paul H. Brown Wendy Brown Carolyn Brue Carrie Brunsberg Ellen Bump Cathy Burand Kristin Burger and Benjamin Cantlon James and Nancy Burke Tim Burleson Elizabeth Bush Deborah Bushinski Mark Cadwell Rebecca Cahn Mary Cajacob and Peter Eisenberg Mary Ann Callahan Vivian Callaway Ann Calvert Nancy Cambronne

Kristen Carberry David R. Carlson Gertrude Carlson Joan and George Carlson Joanne Carlson Michael Carlson Linda M. Carlstedt Thomas and Anne Carrier Diane Carter Erin Carter Thomas and Dawn Cassidy Marilyn Cathcart Cathy Cavanaugh Winston Cavert and Carol Witte Kathie Cerra Mary Anne Chalkley and Michael Maratsos Betty Chamlin Marlys Chase Andrea Cheney Fred Cheng Bruce A. Christensen Catherine Christiansen Kamie Cismoski Timothy Claus and Louise Anderson Cathy Clevette Grace Cogan Colleen Coghlan Robert A. and Kim Colbert Foster and Elaine Cole James and Helen Cole Gail Colonna Sarah Colwell Roger Cone Dyanne Cooperman Barbara Corbusier Susan Corcoran John Corlett Maureen Coskran Margaret P. Cost Pam Costain and Larry Weiss Julia J. Costin Catherine Coult Page and Jay Cowles Sage and John Cowles Shirley Coyer Susan Crabtree James and Roberta Craig Gary and Susan Cramer Stoddard and Lucia Crane Arlene Crawford Barbara A. Crawford Waller Crenshaw Jacquelyn M. Cronin Kate and Bill Cullen David Curme Ann Curoe Paul and Patricia Curran Robert J. Cyza Susan Czapiewski Carita Dahlberg Harold Daniels Athena Dascalos Bruce and Mary Davis Harry L. Davis Edward Dayton Elizabeth Ann De Baut Susan De Wit Joy Dean Tom DeAngelo and Elizabeth Thompson Laura Deaton Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Craig and Gloria Deberg Cy and Paula DeCosse Janine B. DeCoster Heidi J. DeGarmo Marcia Deike Janice and Americo Del Calzo Bette and John Demars Richard and Lois Demers Glenn DesJardin Susan Devine Mary K. Dew Barbara Dewing William H. Dexheimer Pharris Deborah Dickey and Manuel Esguerra Terry R. Diebold Deborah Dillaway Thomas and Judith Dimich Julie and John Ditzler Elizabeth Doty Dave and Jean Dovenberg Susan Dowd June M. Drebing Michael Dreher and Tammy Schexnaider Sue and William Drehmel Shannon Drury and Matt Black Ronda L. Dunham John and Susan Dunlop Victoria J. Dunn Anne Dykstra Frasier and Heidi Eales Sally J. Economon Dana K. Edstrom Dorothy Edwards Miles and Genelle Efron George Ehrenberg Helen and James Ehrlich Lollie Eidness Judy Eiler Holly Einess Christopher Elliott and Lynne Stanley Dean Elstad Eugene Elvecrog Jim and Jane Emison Thomas Eng Carla Erickson Patricia Erickson Hope Esparolini Linda J Ethier Mary Evans 2010 Annual Report

Phyllis Evans Caryn D. Evenmo Sandra Lynn Evenson Joan Ewald Vivian and Robert Ezrilov Jean Fagerstrom Scott and Ann Fairbairn Ann Fankhanel Jay Farnam Peggy Faulhaber Julie Faulhaber and Steve Bossert Gretchen Fecht Nancy J. Feldman Laurie Fetterman Jill Field Lawrence and Jill Field Chad Filley Catherine C. Finch Caryn Fine and Beth Swedberg Harriet L. Finkelstein Beth and Steve Fischer Mark and Lucy Rose Fischer Lisa Fish Catherine A. Fitch Maura A. Fitzgerald Roberta A. Flescher Dawn and James Dorsey Flinsch Gerald T. Flom Martha Benton Flom Kathryn G. Flory Sunny Floum Catherine A. Flynn Paulette Kane Flynn Laurie Foerster Linda Foreman and Mel Dickstein Colleen M. Foster MaryFaith and Michael Fox Connie Freed Carol J. Freeman Mary and Paul Freeman B.J. and John D. French Connie Frey Charles J. Frisch Greg and Cindy Fulkerson Norma C. Fuller Jayne Funk Rosemary Furtak John and Martha Gabbert Stephen E. Gangstead Carol Garber

Colin and Lisa Gardner-Springer Jack and Nancy Garland Brenda-Jane Garlick Philip and Phyllis Garon Marcia Garton Cathy Gasiorowicz and Bob Beverage Leslie Gentner Manuela Georg William George Janice Gepner and Eric Newman Connie Germann Lois D. Gernbacher Michele Gersich and John Hartman Howard and Heidi Gilbert Jo Gilbertson Gerry and Toni Gilchrist Marsha Gille and Roger Raina Robin C. Gillette Barbara L. Golden Kathryn Gonzalez Irving and Carol Gottesman Gail Graham Jack Graham Stanley L. Graham Pamela Graika John Gray Kimbrell Charles A. Greenman Steve and Mary Jane Griak Judy Griesedieck and Mike Healy Ellen Griffin Darleene Griffiths Polly Grose Dr. Frank and Beth Grund Mary and Marnix Guillaume John C. Gulla and Andrea Godbout Kari Gullixson and Shigeru Shimizu Jo H. Gustafson Adrienne Gutierrez Sherry Haaf and Betty Edwards Donna L. Haberman Mildred Haefemeyer Eugene and Donna Hageman Laura Anne Hagen Kael Haig Patrice and Jerry Halbach Caroline Hale-Coldwell Sue Halvorsen George and Patricia Halvorson Shirlee I. Hamlin Donna Hanbery Walt Handschin Mark and Leslie Haney Mary Ann Hans Gail J. Hanson Christine Hanwick Elizabeth Hanzlik Wendy Harden Jean Hardman Beth and Nico Harrington Martha Harris Margaret Hart Mattison Helen C. Hartfiel Patti Hatch Bonnie Hatten and Harry Orr Susan Hayes Ellinor Hayward Carol E. Heath Eugene L. Heck Douglas and Barbara Hedin Joanne Heegaard R.F. Heegard

James and April Heers Joyce Hegstrom Alison Heil John Helcl II Donald Helgeson and Sue Shepard Kathleen Helmeke Victoria M. Helmuth William Herring Dale and Linda Herron Sandy and John Hey Richard and Carrie Higgins Gregg Hildebrandt Dawn Hill Jeffrey and Mary Hill Cecily Hines and Tom Pettus M.D. J. Michael Hirsch Judy Hoffman Craig Hoffmann Jim and Gail Hogg George and Marilyn Hoghaug Kenneth and Arlene Holdeman Marilyn A. Holm Mark and Hedy Holmberg Nancy and Spencer Holmes Eric F. Holterman Ruth K. Hopperstad Kevin R. Horne Mary Ann Hove Patricia Hoven Jennifer Huang Becky Hustedt N. Whitney Hyslop and Kathleen Flanders Mark Ibele Mary and Warren Ibele Philip and Ludmilla Isaacson Richard T. Isaacson Sandra Isaaman Yvonne Jarrett Suzanne Jebe Karla Jennings Nicole Jensen Carol E. Jenson Bill and Judy Johnson Craig and Alexandra Johnson Eileen Johnson Gayle Johnson James and Marilynn Johnson Mark H. and Jennifer A. Johnson Mary and Keith Johnson Patricia L. Johnson Patricia Johnson Thomas L. and Mary D. Johnson Wayne K. Johnson Rita Johnston Betty Jonas Mark and Judith Jones Catherine Jordan and Steve Lick Michael Jorgensen Julie A. Jurrjens Mary Lee Kabes Susan J. Kafka Marion G. Kagan Stanley and Jeanne Kagin Colleen Kahn Debra Kaibel Keith and Kathleen Kale Kenneth Kapsner and Cindy Mertens Michael and Theresa Karels Arlene Kase


$100 - $249 continued Pamela K. Kaufman Ronald and Pamela Kaufman Ann Keen Glenn Keitel and Laurel Lund Keitel Thomas and Jamie Kell Audra Keller Charles and Emily Kelley Edmund J. Kelley Richard and Joan Kelley Claudia Kelly Kathleen Kelly Margaret T. Kelly Mark Kemper Jean Kennedy Susan M. Kennedy Anne Kerr Margaret Kersteter Mike Kesti and Jennifer May Monica Kevitt

Ronald T. Lagerquist Katherina Laitala Hannah Lakin James Lamm Lora Landers Laurie Laner Joe and Donna Langer Carol Lansing Joan A. Larkin David Larsen Russell and Karen Larsen Jennifer Larson Sandra Jane Larson Todd Larson Anna Larsson Robert Tallant Laudon Cynthia Launer David Laverny-Rafter William Thomas Lawrence Jackie Layton Benjamin and Ruth Leadholm

Ann Kincaid Susan Kinder Mary Joy and Bill Kinney Andrea Kircher Diane Kirchmann-Wood Margaret L. Kirkpatrick Sam Kirstein Barbara Klaas Barbara A. Klaas Lynn Klaber Jan Kleinman and Fadil Santosa Susan Kludt Sue B. Koelmel Rick and Karla Komec Patricia Kovel-Jarboe Charles A. Kritzler Martha Y. Kubik Raphael and Mary Lou Kudela Richard and Patricia Kulisheck Rosemary Kumhera Parke Kunkle Jan Kuretsky James and Elizabeth Kuzzy Valerie Kyllo Anton E. LaBonte Diane Ladenson Rita Lafferty

Hank and Ann Lederer Ernest and Sally Lehmann Mary Margaret Lehmann Sarah Leida Dianne Leider Claire M. Lemker Reid A. Lemker Peter Lenagh Stephen Lenius and Bill Schlichting Robert Ernt and Lois Lenroot-Ernt Katherine and Robert Levin Barbara Levine Rand F. Levy Deborah Lewis Linda A. Lewis Lisa and Jonathan Lewis Judy Libertus Aaron Lichtov and Molly Keenan Stephen Lieberman John and Margaret Ligon Sheila Lind Faith and Carl Lindell Robert and Kathleen Lindsay Karen Listgarten Jim and Lila Little Alice Lloyd and Jeff Crawford


Lori Lock Tim and Susanna Lodge Janet Lodholz William Lohman Phyllis Long Ann Longfellow Fritz and Pam Lott Juanita Loubert Michael Lougee and Wendy Pradt Lougee Jan Lowe Barbara Luke and Bob Bridges Janet and Dean Lund George and Sandra Lundgren Jeanne Lutgen Paul Luttio and Pat McCartin Lee Lynch Sheila Lynch-Salamon Douglas Mack Mary MacLean Renee Macomber Margaret MacRae Kathleen Maguire Sheldon and Beverly Mains Helen J. Malby Julie L. Malecha Tom and Sandra Mallon Patrick and Judy Mandile Christine Mann Stephen and Carmen Mann Judith A. Marcouiller Dorothy and Albert Marden Karen Margolis and Robert Simonds Carmen Marg-Patton Deb Marquette Michele M. Marrinan John and Karen Marsalek Marcia K. Marshall Benjamin Marzinski and Jennifer Pedersen Vivian Mason Mohan Mathews Kathleen Matichek Romakay V. May Virginia E. May Barbara McBurney Gergory McCarter John W. McConnell Marianne E. McCord Malcolm and Mary McDermid Kelsey and William McDonald Mary McDonald Joyce and Richard McFarland Robert McGeachie Mary McKee Jane McKenna Pam McMurry Helen J. McNulty Marilyn Meade-Moore Patricia Meegan Katherine Meehan and Emmett Carpel Marjorie L. Meester Bill and Jane Meller Velia E. Melrose Barbara and Ralph Menk Donna Merchant Linda Merritt Jane Metcalfe Aimee H. Meyer Colleen Meyer

Irene Micka Morgan Midness and Briar Andresen Kimberly Mikaliunas Maureen Millea Smith Carol and Sean Miller Elizabeth W. Miller Mary Jane Miller Gary and Jamie Milne Rojek Richard Miner Joan M. Mitchell Cheryl Moen Mary Moench Judi and Michael Mollerus Phillip Momont Corinna R. Moncada Marilyn Montgomery Marilyn M. Moon James M. Moore Alma C. Morgan Jane Morgan Jeanne and Glen Morgan Brad Morison and Janet Jones Janet and Andrew Morse Virginia Furman Morse Kathleen and Mark Mortenson Gary Mosiman Lisa Motz Elaine Moulton Caryl Mousseaux Karl Ludescher and Susan Mueller Catherine Mulholland Patricia A. Mullen Bob and Carol Muller Nancy and Patrick Mulloy Charles and Susan Mundale Molly Muniz Edward and Nan Murphy Monica Murphy Elizabeth A. Murray Jamie Nafziger-White and Jim White Paul C. Nagel Joseph and Jo Ann Nathan Tom and Lisa Neese Susan Neet Audrey Nelson David and Audrey Nelson Janet and Tom Nelson Keith Nelson Shannon Nelson Dr. Averial Nelson and Cathy Polasky Joan Neudecker Judy Neufeld Jane Newman and Amy Lange Michael L. Nichols Ron Nickerson Mary Jo and Mark Nissen Susan Nixon and Walter K. Lentz Meg Nodzon Mcdonald Noland John and Wen-Shame Nomura Bruce and Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb James North Robert and Lucille Northenscold Lisa Norton Anne Nygaard John P. Obern Georgia O’Brien Jodell O’Connell Patricia A O’Connor Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Jay Oh Alexei Olkhovskii Virginia G. Olsen Adam Olson Claire T. Olson Diane Olson Kristin Olson Lynn Diane Olson Mildred Olson Sharon and Frederick Olson Daniel P. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Neill Donna C. Opp Ahmad and Ruth Orandi Vivian Orey Linda Oslund Don and Florence Ostrom J. Bruce and Judith Overmier Vinod Padhye Howard and Kathy Page Jane Pagenkopf Patricia Palahniuk Elenor Palmer Tim and Regan Byrne Palmer Ronald Palosaari Karen and Dale Panton Frances and Mark Paper Gussie Pearson Kristi Pearson Dick and Nancy Perrine Else Petersen Garry and Mary Ann Peterson Jeffrey K. Peterson Maren E. Peterson Susan Peterson Steven Peterson and Stephanie Allyn Lee Ann Pfannmuller and Gary Seim John and Mary Phillips Beth Pickering Loran and Judith Pilling Sally and George Pillsbury Lawrence Pitsch and Gail GresserPitsch Ana M. Placencia Linda Pladson Ed and Peggy Pluimer Mary Plummer

2010 Annual Report

Laurie H. Pohlman Sally Boyd Polk Ron and Molly Poole Allen and Ramona Potter Walter and Harriet Pratt Ronald and Phyllis Price Nancy Priedeman William Prince Joanne Provo Henry and Mary Pryor Nick and Karin Pudenz Sue Pummill Barbara G. Raddatz Mollie Raih Erin Ramberg Jim and Jane Ramsland Quentin Randolph and Barbara Tarrant Paul Rasmussen Kathleen Ratican Verna L. Rausch Dean and Catherine Rebuffoni Kathy Recher Sara E. Reed Molly Reinemann Linda Remucal Aaron and Tessa Rendahl Renee Ribnick Teresa Richardson Jonathan Riehle and Angela Bohmann Carolyn Hutt Ringhofer Larry and Edis Risser Susan M. Roberts Jerome K. Robertson Carol and Joshua Robson John and Tracy Rode Sharon Rodi Eugene and Jolene Roehlkepartain Mary A. Rogers Sheren Rogne Bob and Audrey Rogness Thomas and Nancy Rohde Marilyn and Fred Rohlfing Charlene K. Roise Martha J. Rosen Bette Rosse Mildred and Craig Rotzoll

Barbara and Keith Ruddick David and Laura Rude Michael and Catherine Rude Jeffrey W. Rundgren Allison Ruzin Mary Dow Ryerse Denis Ryono and Laurine Speltz James and Dianne Safley Allen Sames Clare L. Sanford Ann Sargent John and Linda Satorius Audrey D. Saxton Kari Scanlon Denise Scharlemann and Robert Cochrane Charles and Jeanne Scheiderer Elise Schendel Jeffrey and Lea Scherer Mary Kay Schladweiler Lori Schleis Jean Schlemmer Richard Schleuss and Ann Newhall Lanny and Charlotte Schmidt Patrice Schmidt Geralyn Schroder Christine Schroeder Jo Ann Schroeder Stephen Schulz Patricia and Joe Schuster Virginia A. Schuster Cort Schwanebeck Eileen T. Schwartzbauer Nancy and John Scott Robert L. Scott Buddy Scroggins Carol Seidenfeld Richard and Marianne Seidenstricker Miriam Seim Mary Sery Lorrie Salzl Seylar Carol Shaw Brian Shinkle W. Scott Shrewsbury Sarah Shriver Laurie Siewert Julia Silvis Doris Skalstad Neil and Anne Skemp James Skyrms Leonard and Jane Slade Nancy Slaughter Wallace and Marilyn Small Gregory Smit Anthony M. Smith Bruce and June Smith Conrad and Ann Smith David and Stacey Smith Diane K. Smith Jacqueline Smith Joan T. Smith Patricia A. Smith Richard Keene and Marcia Smith Wanda Smith Rachel Smoka-Richardson Leif and Jeanne Solberg Roberta and Rolf Sonnesyn Cynthia L. Sorenson Bill and Roxanne Soth Arne and Ellen Sovik Nancy K. Spannaus

Rob Spikings Biruta Spruds Melissa and John Starkey Rosemary Steen Lois Steer and Larry Peterson Kathleen Steiger Ruby Steigerwald Kathryn L. Steinberger Rebecca Stibbe Carolyn Stitt Morris Stockburger and Carla Pavone Susan Stokke William and Lynn Stokke Jane Stoneburner Colette Storme and Frederic Vereecken Marcia and John Stout Myrna Rose Strand Nancy and John Strom Keith Stutz Edward and Mary Sunde Janet Sutton Linnea and Jon Swenson Tellekson Joel Tan Barbara and Francis Tautin Dorothy Taylor John Michael Lind and Diane Tedick Nancy Tennessen Jeanne Terhaar Dr. Stephen Tervola Tom Tesarek Lynn Teschendorf Gary and Andrea Thaden Robin Thomas Christen Thompson Mitchell D. Thompson Sally Thompson Keith Thorkelson Nancy Thornbury and John Haag Gayle Thorsen Margaret Thurer Margie Ann and David Paul Thurin Gerald and Sylvia Timian Barbara S. Tom Terry and Virginia Tranter Andrea Trimble Hart Edward and Karolee Trost David A. Turetsky Catherine Tweedie Donald Twombly Bob and Peg Tyler Mary Underwood Nan Upin Margaret Vallentine Christine A. Van Dongen Carolyn and Robert Van Nelson Therese VanBlarcom Julie Virkus Mary Lou Voigt W James LLC Martha Wade John Wagner Dorothee Wahl Kyla and Richard Wahlstrom Lois Walerius Julia F. Wallace Kristin A. Waller Carol A. Walsh Mary Jo Walsh Elizabeth Walton and Mark Wright


$100 - $249 continued

Nancy Wangen Clifford Warre Gracy Waugh Barbara J. Weaver Ruth and James Weaver Elaine Webb Jill Weese and Steven Vincent Kurt and Marsha Weidenhammer Maryann Weidt David I. Weinberg Daniel and Pamela Weisdorf Suzanne Weisenburger Kenneth and Janet Wenzel David and Denise Werden Timothy and Susan Wernz Eleanor B. Westerberg Mark and Muriel Wexler Foundation Patricia Wheelock Mary and James White Joan M. Whitney-McClellan Inez Wick James D. Wicklatz Beth M. Wicklund Stephen and Deborah Wilbers Valerie C. Wild Mark Wilkes Barbara Willford Dave and Marion Williams Eugenia Williams Vicki Williams Dave and Lori Windschitl Sandra Winslow Deanna Witthoft Linda Witzel Ellen and Stan Wolfson Gail and Michael Wolfson Leo Wolk Stanton Wolkoff Miguel Wong and Erika Busse Mary K. Wood Sheila A. Woodbeck Margaret Woodbury Cora R. Wortman Diane R. Wright Eugene Wright Jane U. Young Laura Young and Susan Purdie Katherine and Larry Youngblood Susan Zahrbock Wilfred J. Zalaznik Louise A. Ziegler Judy P. Zinn Kenneth and Shelley Zucker Suzanne Zuidema Andrew Zurn Cynthia Zwicky

$50 - $99

Lawrence Aanonson Stacy Abena Jerome Abraham Leigh Abrahamson Elizabeth Abrohams Cindy Ackerman Andrew Adams John W. Albers Jean and Jon Albrightson Jane Aldrich Stacy Allan Marie A. Allen


Marie Altman Anita Anderson Beverly S. Anderson Gary S. Anderson Jan Anderson Jan Anderson Jennifer Anderson Leigh Anderson Richard O. Anderson Robert and Nancy Anderson Sharon L Anderson Georgene Angrist Howard Ansel Robert E. Ansel Lisa Arnold Deanna Asp Tony and Judith Aspnes Jennifer L. Athanases Beverly and Stephen Atkinson Mary Atwood Dilek Aydinalp-Mathews Lee W. Bachman Kay Baker Rosalyn Baker Otto and Mary Bang Carol E. Barnett Harriet and Bruce Bart Anne Bartel Michael Barton Don and Martha Bates Mary-Clare E. Bates Barbara Baum Allan Baumgarten Sharon and C. John Baumgartner Brian and Ramona Beard Lynn Bebeau and Mark Williamson Lew and Jean Beccone Sarra and Candice BeckhamChasnoff James and Toni Beitz Carol Belz Michael Belzer Patricia E. Benn Kathleen V.W. Bennett Catherine Benson Stephen J. Benton Mark Berg Vernon W. Berglund Rogene Bergquist John and Barbara Berryhill Barry Bershow Joann Bixby James and Nona Bjornson Carol Blackburn and Patrick Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor Linda M. Bloomquist Sawyer Blur Loretta Bodey Rebecca Bohr William and Patricia Bomash James C. Booth Anne P. Bowman Marta Bowman Marilyn L. Boyce Pamela Boyd Audrey Boyle Bette Bracken Marion L. Braeger Catherine and Barry Braun Bunni Breitman Deirdre Brennan Patricia Brenneman

Thomas and Donna C. Bretl Beverly Brogie Laurie Broome Patricia Brophy Barbara A. Brown Phyllis J. Bruce Patricia S. Brunsberg Patrick Buchanan and Sharon Decker Debbie Buersmeyer Milt and Polly Bullock Ann Burckhardt Leo Paul and June Burd Roger F. Burg Karen Bushby Marilyn Butler Carolyn M. Byrne Roseanne Byrne Sarah Anderson Caflisch Charles G. Calhoun Lorna Call Audrey Canelake

Dan Conrad Michael Conway Daniel Cordell and Nancy Hanson Judy Corrao Kathleen and Charles Coskran Raquel Counihan Tim Cowdery and Jo Gibson Lawrence and Elizabeth Cramer Rachel E. Crary Susan Crawford Louis Culbert Carolyn Dahl Tucker B. Dahl Deborah Zanish and Dan Danielson Joanna Danks John and Elizabeth Davenport Judith Cohen Davis Julia Davis Patricia A. Davis Noah and Heather Day Kathy and Len Demmon

Renee M. Carey John and Rynda Carlis Spike Carlsen Richard G. Carlson Sari Carlson Dale Carlton Alan Carpenter Alberta and Joe Carroll Glenna L. Case Ann M. Casey Amy Casey-Paal Patricia Findley Casto Herb and Sydna Cheever Orena Chris Servaty Madalyn Cioci and Joe Lazur Anne Clark Malcolm and Jean Clark Cheryl Classen Michael Clausen and Kelly Wittman Clausen Barbara Coffin Rebecca Collins Jerome Comeau and Catherine Shiraiwa Linda A. Comstock Kathleen F. Conklin Catherine and Kevin Conneely Virginia R. Connors

Susan Dempsey Kristen Denison Cyndie DeRidder Virginia Derosier Susan DeSimone Pamela H. Desnick Maureen and Daniel Devereaux Lynn DeVore Susie DeVos Elizabeth and John Dewey Michele and David Dewey Andrew Dick and Jeanne Vergeront Audrey L. Diethert Tim Dirr Kathryn Dittmar Pallavi Dixit Maria E. Dominguez Kate and Doug Donaldson Rodger and Jeanette Doolittle Gail Dorfman P.A. Dornbusch W. Herbert and Marjorie Doty Jim and Carole Drake William Drake Thomas Dreeze and Evans J. Mirageas Harriet Dukelow Mary L. Duroche Library Foundation of Hennepin County

David Dvorak Linda Eckman William H. Edson Phillip and Sandra Edwardson Maria Eggemeyer Barbara L. Ego Barbara Eiger A. Dorene Eklund Kate Elling Dolcie Engh Lisa Erb Eric Erickson Leonard Peter Erickson Mary Jo Erickson Susan Erickson Peter Erickson and Cecelia Duplessis Erickson Jenny C. Evans Susan Evans Sarah M. Evert and Gary Baker John and Jeanne Exline Cynthia Eyunni Vennie and Vendla Fahning Katherine Falbo Richard Farley Susan Fautsch Gus and Pat Fenton Raymond and Linda Ferris Jan Feye-Stukas Mary L. Fike Michelle M. Filkins Eve R. Fillenbaum Rich and Judy Fine Patrick and Arlene Finley Bonita and Scott Fisher Marilyn A. Fisher Therese Fitch Jerry and Mary Flam Florence Flugaur Betsy Fogel Eileen Ford Ken and Barbara Ford Betty Jean Foster Rick and Kate Fournier Marta Fraboni and Mike Navarre William and Sharon Frank Brigitte Frase Arvonne and Donald Fraser Sharon Frederiksen Linda L. Fredrickson Hillary J. Freeman Shari French Johanna M. Frerichs Arlene Fried Rachel Fulkerson and Daniel Graves Lauren Fulner Jack Fulton Catherine L. Furnberg Amy and Aaron Gaalswyk Arlene A. Gable Peter Sami Gabrail Jane B. Galbraith Stefanie Galey Thomas and Dorothy Gallagher Fred Gamble Elizabeth Gandrud Charles Garetz Madeline Gartner Hilde Gasiorowicz Patti Gaurkee Rhonda K. Geere 2010 Annual Report

Mona Geeting Arthur Geffen Walter P. Gegner Janet and John Gendler Clyde and Nancy Gerber Susan Gerstner and Dan Carlson Dean Gesme Barbara Getchell Jan Getten Kristi and Tom Gibson Gretchen Gildner Laurence N. Gillette Erik Glig and Kristie Woll Dr. Bess Gold Bonnie and Lester Goldblatt Lester and Bonnie Goldblatt Lynn and Alan Goldbloom Milton and Rosalie Goldstein Keith Golke Sandra Golob Jan L. Gonder David J.W. Goon Marilyn A. Gorlin Susan and Jeff Gottlieb Claudia Grage Stephen M. Gray Marnee Grefe Larry and Zylpha Gregerson Gay L. Greiter Lee and Lorraine Gresser Mary Griesedieck and Jac Sperling Karen Grimm David L. Grimsrud Jennifer Groat Stephen J. Gronewold Jonathan Gross Kelly Gross Timothy Grossklaus Judith D. Grytdahl Nancy and Paul Gubrud Steve and Jenny Gullickson William and B.J. Gullickson Donna Gunderson-Rogers Richard Gwynne Melanie Haddox Linda Hafemeister Joan Haglin Kathy A. Hagstrom Betty Jean Hahn Heidi Haines David and Kim Hakensen Carl and Marilyn Halker Janis Hall and Terry Gahan Carmen Hamilton David and Donna Hamilton Jane Hancock John Hannan David and Nancy Hanson Douglas and Gail Hanson Phebe Hanson Una I. Hanson Trudy Hanus Roger and Jana Hargreaves Tracy Harris Joanne V. Hart Linda S. Hart and Bill Egbert Pat Hatfield Anne and Peter Hatinen Bill and Kathleen Haug Beth Hauge Lisa Hawks Darlene and Bob Hays

Norbert Hans Heimann Leah Heino John C. Heitkamp Mark and Mary Henderson Amy Hendrickson Deborah Hennrikus Jennifer A. Hensley L.M. Hersey Sharon F. Hilberer Marie L.M. Hilliard Susan Hillmer Bruce Hillyer Mary Emma Hixson Betsy A. Hodges Betsy Hoekstra Amy and Steve Hoffman Brian Y. Hoffman Janice S. Hoffman Shirley M. Hofstedt M. Carole Holley Thomas Holm Tom and Carol Holmes Wayne Holmgren David and Margaret Holste Susan Hopp and Karl Schweikart Joe Hoppesch Victoria Horberg Eunice Horrisberger Eli Houghton Rachel M. Hudak Heidi Huffman Dianne Huguet Kathleen Humphries Marilyn Hunter Katherine Huntington Linda Huwe Benjamin Imker and Curt Lund Joseph Inderieden Marc and Michele Ireland Amy and Steve Isaacson Barbara Iverson Paul Jackson Bernard and Rosamond Jacob Bill Jacobs Sara C. Jaehne Kathleen Jaglo-Joseph Ossie Brooks James Rita Kay Jelinek Avis Jensen Mark and MaryJo Jerve Elaine Jervis Holly R. Jett Theodore and Deborah Jewett Deborah Jindra and Peter Bergan Carol A. Johnson Carolyyn Johnson Edith L. Johnson Jeanne Johnson Jeannine M. Johnson Josie R. Johnson Leone Johnson Luann and Carlton Johnson Stephanie Johnson Suzanne Johnson Wade and Wendy Johnson Walter and Harriet Johnson Charmaine H. Jones Kathleen and Doug Jones Nancy H. Jones Roberta C. Jones David Jordheim Drs. Charles and Sally Jorgensen

Jill Joseph Thomas M. Juntunen Miriam Kagol Richard Kain and Katherine Simon Frank Amy Kaiser Sarah Kajander Carol Kaliebe Arnold and Shirley Kaplan Marilyn Karasov Robert and Stefanie Karon Michelle Karsten Philip Kashian M. Kassapa R. Marianne Kaufmann Kathleen Kelly Michaeleen A. Kelzenberg James Kemble Patricia Kenaley James Kennedy Wayne Keplinger Anne Ellen Kerr Irene Kilpatrick and Mary Kilpatrick Reed Ian and Rose-Mary Kerr Mary Ann Kilian K. Dawn Killen-Courtney Kendal Killian Mary E. Kindseth Adrienne Kinkaid Anthony and Jennifer Kiorpes Gwenn Kirby Jay and Deborah Kirihara Robert and Elaine Kirk Marilyn Kirkeby Sandra Y. Klapperich Bernice L. Klask James and Annearle Klein Karen Kletter Katherine J. Kloehn Sue M. Kmetz Saundra M. Knauff Kent and Elke Knopp-Schwyn Faye Knowles and Doug Muirhead Julaine A. Kobiske Don and Carrie Kodner Lynn Rae Koechel Karen Koepp William E. Koetz Paulo Kofuji and Frances Spalding Lindsey R. Kopp Jerome Kraehling Caroline G. Krafft Jana Kramer Kathy Kratz Nathan, Holly and Samuel Krekula Barbara E. Krig Cynthia Kriha Folke Kristiansson John Kronholm Larry Kryzaniak David Kuball Judith Kurtz Raymond D. Kush James and Janice Kwiat Margaret Lafferty Jeanette LaFontaine Diane Laitinen Thomas H. Lamb Dorothy E. Lamberton Lamm Family Foundation Susan Lampe


$50 - $99 continued

David Lanford Patrick J. Langan David Lanford Patrick J. Langan Trygve & Helen Larsen Becky Larson Marvin C. Larson Cheryl Laurent Kathlyn Lea Cynthia B. LeBaron Donna Lee Gordon and Mary Jane Lee Ruth Lee Leslie Leik Tyler M. Leonard Richard and Ann Leppert Barb and Tom Leppke-Hennig Rex Levang Tom and Rhoda Lewin Hollis & Barrs Lewis John and Judy Lewman Richard and Lori Licht Sally & Jay Lieberman Dennis Lien Earl H. Lillestrand Christopher and Mary Lincoln Cynthia A. Lindau Kathlynn M. Lindquist David & Laurie Linnes-Bagley Erma G. Lipschultz Martin and Marilyn Lipschultz Catherine Liska Frank Litaker Brad and Michelle Lohrding Phyllis and Carl Lokker Brenda R. Louise Phil Lucas Dave and Kay Lund Carl Lundstrom Bruce and Stephanie Lunning Peter and Catherine Lupori Marilyn F. Lustig Donna M. Lutz Doris Jane Mac Gregor Holly MacDonald Michael Mack Julie Madden Julie A. Maegi Chrissie and Brian Mahaffy Alex Makovetsky and Sally Spector Marie E. Maland Walter and Susan Malec Ann Maleson John Mallow Gary Mambi Bill Manahan Jeffrey Mandyck Nancy Mark Penelope Marsala and Alan Peters Wayne Marsh and Kathleen Patten-Marsh Marcia Marshall Barbara V. Marti Carole Martin Betty Fletcher Mast Kenneth and Carol Masters Cynthia N. Matthees Rebecca Mattison Adeline May Douglas F. Mayo and Susan M. Long Mark and Elizabeth McAfee


Patricia M. McAllister Julie McCarty Benjamin and Alicia McClure Roger and Beverly McCumber Ed McFalls and Marcia Haffmans Nora M. McGreevy Patricia McGuire Jerri McKenzie Peter J. McLaughlin Dawn McLean Richard and Peg McMartin Heather and Greg McMoore Toni McNaron Marjorie G. Meld Kristin Mellstrom Margaret Melrose Christine Menken Cindy D. Mertens Amanda E. Meyer Lois Meyer Georgette Micheletti Tom Mickelson Steve Miles and Joline Gitis Kim Miller Nancy B. Miller Marilyn and Harvey Mills Bonita and Robert Mitchell Jeff and Carolyn Mitchell JoAnn Mlnarik Jeanne M. Mock Karen Moesenthin Patricia Molloy Lisa and Mike Moore Susan Moore Jim Moore and JoAnn Verburg Alice King Moormann Jeylan T. Mortimer Michael and Mavis Moschogianis Kate Mulhearn Diane and Donal Mulligan Diane Mundt John J. Murray Steffanie Musich Richard and Janet Myers Donald and Kathleen Nadreau David and Marie Naftalin Teri L. Nagel Elizabeth Nager Donovan and Caren Nash Becca Nelson Chris Nelson Clareyse Nelson Dan Nelson Marilyn L. Nelson Nils Nelson Steven Nelson Joel Nelson and Midge Lange Mary and Marvin Nemec Kirstin and John Nesbitt Lucia B. Newell Catherine C. Nicholl Rachel and Andrew Nielsen Douglas C. Nienhuis Rhonda Niola Lori H. Nordstrom Donna J. Norrie Anne L. Norris C.K. and Grace Norris Ann Novitske Megan O’Connell Mary Oelke Mary Ofstie

Sandra Oftedahl Marcia Oleisky Mary and Jay Olson Patricia A. Olson Corrinne Yerigan O’Neil Martin and Joyce Orbuch Gabe Ormsby Dan and Joann O’Rourke Mark Ostlund Maigonis and Ingrid Otto Lindsey Paine Hemini D. Pandya David and Mary Parker Lois and Steve Parker Sandy Paschke Amy and Jason Pass Richard and Barbara Patterson Anna T. Paulson Jerry Paulson Janet Pearson Lois and Daniel Pearson M.P. and Martha Pechauer Diane E. Pederson Jay B. Pendleton Jaimie Penny Emily Pernu Judith Peters Carole R. Peterson Stanley G. Peterson Susanne M. Peterson Brent and Victoria PetersonHilleque Richard and Margaret A. Pfohl Theresa Phelps Stephanie Piepenstock Debra Pieper Jennifer L. Pierce Peter Pierson Richard Pike and Barbara Conti Stuart and Roberta Pinsky Patricia Pitcher James Plasynsky Herbert and Anne Polachek

John Politsch Donald and Betty Ponto Meredith and Richard Poppele Donna J. Porfiri Marjean Postlethwaite and Trevor Hausske Sarah Powell Robert and Ruth F. Premer Jacqueline and Aaron Preusse Beverly P. Propes Steven Prusak Boyd and Dixie Purdom Christine Quinn and Scott Elton Susan Quist David Radtke Bill and Donna Ramsay Carole Lee Randall Lesli Randall Margaret Randel Jane B. Ranum Edward Rapoport Barbara Ratner Barbara Rawley and Daniel Nordby Barbara Redmond Peter J. and Margaret Reed Renee S. Reed Robert J. Rees Cheri Register Loraine Reichel Derek Reise Sarah P. Renner Michael D. Reszler Barbara Rice Carol Louise Rice and John Murphy Julie Richmond Shirley Richord Ted M. Richter Joy Rikala Barbara Risken Sonja Ritchie Roy Jan M. Rivers Judith and Patrick Robblee Shane Robertson Karen Robinson

Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Tom and Julie Rochat Marie E. Rodier Jacqueline Roehl and Michael Brandt Michael E. Rollin Sara Romanski Lesli Rosenberg Amos Rosenbloom and Marsha McDonald Barry Rosenman Brant Ross Sam and Leona Ross Joan L. Rothfuss Lawrence and Barbara Rudnick Margaret and Paul Ruhme Anne Ryan Patricia Y. Ryan

Geraldine and George Sell Jennifer Service Rita Setterlund Susan Shank Linda Shapiro Daniel Shaw Ames Sheldon Barbara J. Shelton Robert and Judith Sherman Katherine J. Sholtz Rhonda Shore Karen Shragg Margaret and Davis Shryer Janny Silver Laura Silver and Jeff Hertzberg Jane and Geza C. Simon Margaret Simpson and Steve Tsai

Kenneth and Ann Salo Richard E. Sandeen Janis and Harvey Sarles Beverly Sather Karen and Todd Saville Laurie Savran Katherine Sayre Richard Scarlett Steven C. and Nancy G. Schachtman Jennifer Schad Joen M. Schaefer Bill and Ann Scheible Peter Schilling Jr. Carol and Marty Schirber Jeanne Schleh and Robert Stanich Bernard and Jane Schmitt John Schneider Kay Schoenwetter and Rudd Rayfield Stephanie Schroeder Patty Schuessler Daniel and Barbara Schultz David A. and Helene L. Schultz Nancy Schuster Paul and Sandra Schwartz Katherine Schweikart Carol Schwerdfeger Robert and Margaret Schwob Thomas R. Scott Warren Sederberg Sherry Seeman Patricia Seflow Nadine I. Sehnert

Rosalind Sineseo Arlene R. Skorich Emily D. Slowinski Mary L. Small Mathew Smart Jim Smeal and Thirza Olson Brett and Katherine Smith Dianne Smith Jean M. Smith Susannah Smith and Matt Sobek William A. Smoger Sue Smukler and Brian Milavitz Maggie Snow Liz Snyder Linnea Sodergren Michelle R. Solomon Robert and Claudia Solotaroff Carol and Dennis Southward Alton E. Speed Dennis Spence and Barbara Bryne-Spence Judith Spiegel Stephen E. Spielberg Patricia F. Spring Sara Springmeyer Irene St. Onge Robert and Phyllis Stade Richard and Carol Stahl Nancy Steidl Barbara and Norman Steinberg Bill and Mary Steinbicker Sharron Steinfeldt Barbara and Donald Steinkamp Heidi Steltzner

2010 Annual Report

Debra Stenerson Keith and Georgia Stevens Bob and Dorothy Stevenson Mimi and Terry Stewart Lane Stiles and Marianne Nora Daniel Stiller Ben and Cindy Stone Wendy Stotts Jeffrey L. Strand and Kim W. Jeppesen Elaine and James Strom Melissa Strunc David and Susan Suman Jack T. Surek Ross Sussman Richard Sveum and Jennifer Olson Janet and Craig Swan Adrian and Ruthann Swanson Evelyn M. Swanson Nancy Swanson John and Alice Sylvestre Valentina Syrstad Dorothy Szymanski Margaret E. Taber Jim Tade Jeanne Tanamachi Judith Tannenbaum Rafael E. Tarrago Amy Tarrell-Florey Barbara Taylor Bruce R. Taylor John J. and Mary Taylor Romeyn Taylor Robert Taylor and Bonnie Nelson Michael Tegeder Judith and Bruce Tennebaum Ellen R. Thayer Lee Ann Gustafson - Think Creative Elizabeth Thomas Kay M. Thomas Barbara S. Thompson Deborah and John Thompson Peter J. and Fredrika Thompson Vernon Thompson Joseph R. Thurn Lisa Tienter Mike Tikkanen Jessica L. Till Christopher S. Tishuk Frances W. Tobian Jeanne A. Toia Robert and Hannah Tolles Lica Tomizuka Diane M. Tonn Robert Torney Gillbert Tostevin and Gilliane Monnier Susan A. Toth Mary Treacy Barbara J. Trebisovsky Franz Ulrich and Lisa Bormann Joe Van Thomme Rita Vaughn Bev and Peter Vesterholt Virginia M. Vizard Mavis A. Voigt Wilma Volkmer Emily and Rusty Wadsworth David Wagner Mary M. Wahlstrand and Mark Bohnhorst Sharon Wakefield

Paul Waldon Carol C. Waldron Fred and Karen Walker Shirley Walker Jean Wasilowski Kallie Wass Ruth and David Waterbury Stuart Webb and Martha Roberts Mark J. Weber Josh Weeks Gerhard and Janet Weiss Marc and Linda Well Nagel Melinda Wells John Welsch Joseph A. Wenker Stephen and Susan Wennes Renee and Lewis Werner John Mason West Mary West Thomas and Kathleen West Richard and Sandra Westby Daniel Westcott Carol A. Whalen Aliya White Romell White Ann and Michael Wilczynski A. P. Wiley Charles Ray Willcox Jody L. Williams Sheri Lynn and Kenneth Williams Katherine Wilson and Neil Sell Ione Winter Thelma A. Wishart Rosemary Wislofsky Wilbur Wismer James Wittenberg and J. Pamela Weiner Kenneth and Willetta Wofford Adam Wolf Sandra Woods Amy M. Woodworth Janet and Lee Woolman Dan Worley Betsy Wray Elizabeth Wright and Anne Graham Abigail Wyckoff Jean Wylie Barbara Yatckoske Jon and Linda Yearous Fay Yeomans Charles Youel Donna Young Mandy Young Susan Youngdahl and Robert Fyfe Frank Zabel David Zalk Mary June Zbylicki John Zeck Regina Zelinka Sheila Zimmerman Earlene Zinner Patricia P. Zona Nan Zosel Nancy Zuber


The Foundation is grateful to the 1,700 donors who made gifts of less than $50 in 2010. We make every effort to assure the accuracy of our report. However, if you note any errors, please contact Stu Wilson, Executive Director, at 612-543-8105 or

Hennepin County Charitable Campaign The Library Foundation of Hennepin County was one of the many nonprofit organizations participating in the 2010 Hennepin County Charitable Campaign. Contributions from payroll deductions designated to the Library Foundation from the campaign contributed more than $14,000 to our organization. Thank you County employees! Ansaf Alexander Martha Anderson Sherry Anderson Janet Arellano Robert Axtmann J.Michael Bailey Patricia Baldwin Anne Barry Roger Battreall Jenette Beagley Debra Bean Stephen Benton Barbara Besta James Bidwell Victor Bodina Susan Bongaarts Mary Bowman Arthur Bowron II Barbara Burckhardt Steve Burke Rita Chamberlin George Cherryhomes John Christensen Todd Connors Rhonda Converse Karen Copp Leeann Craig Gloriq Cramer Fred Crea Jean Diedrich Mary Doffing Susan Dragsten Randal Duncan David Dunfee Dennis Dyce Mary Egan Susan Elsner Barbara Erickson Andrew Ervin James Evans Kathy Felix Jeanne Foster

Juanita Foster Daniel Frick Judith Friedrich James Gay Roberta Geiselhart Amy Girling Catherine Gold Joseph Goldman James Graham Brian Guidera Karen Hall Kayla Hall Walter Hanson Charles Hanson Trudy Hanus Judith Harrigan Kathryn Hatt Margaret Heitz Sandra Hinton Mary Hinz Sylvia Hitchcock Margaret Holm Daniel Homstad Linda Huckaby Hugh Huston Melisa Illies David Ingham Jenn Jaeger Schuster Norene Jaros-Lockrem Jeffrey Johnson Randal Johnson James Johnson Barbara Johnson Mary Johnson Penny Johnson Tamara Johnston Nancy Jones Gregory Karr Elizabeth Kilb Stofferahn Adeline King Sharon Kinsmith Barbara Kondrick

Thomas Kuenzli Nancy Laskaris Gerald Laumann Patricia Lee Lois Lenroot-Ernt Patricia Lewis William Linden Rachel Lipkin Marcia Macaulay Elaine Madigan Elan Magaline Cannon Bauer Margaret Janet Marquard DeaDotta Martinson Jay Mathisrud Marcia Mattson Michele McCabe John McLaughlin Peter McLaughlin Maureen Millea Smith Jodi Monson Julia Morgan Warren Moser Joan Mulvihill Mary Murphy Sheila Murphy Mary Nelson Phillip Nelson Ruthann Norrick Nancy Halvers Norton Burton Olson Pam Orren Judy Ottoson Anne Pahl Susan Palchick-Silver Luann Palmer Nancy Palmer Kathleen Pelletier Marcia Peterson Judith Ploetz Kimaree Poole Lindsey Remus

Nancy Richmond Nancy Richmond Leslie Risberg Kris Robertson-Smith Jeanette Rosand Jeffrey Rundgren Susan Salinas Elizabeth Sands Paul Sandvik Judy Saucier Monica Sausen Molly Schaaf Lisa Schreier Margaret Schuster Mary Severson Anne Marie Seward Rondi Shenehon Steven Skewes C J Smith Sara Smith Kronholm Bruce Spanier Rayeann St.Hubert Mary Steinbicker Elizabeth Stofferahn Jeffrey Strand Olucammi Taliaferro Sharon Thompson Richard Gary Tiedeman Annette Tiedens LeAnne Tieman Wesley Volkenant Michael Wallis Charles Warrington Marie Welborn Victoria Wicks Ardis Wiley Carol Woodward Joseph Young Dianne Yutko Suzanne Zuidema

2010 Annual Report


Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Tribute Gifts in Honor Of Gifts received between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 Bruce Adrian

Cora Leone Flinsch

Margaret Holm Moody

Barry and Ruth Ann Huisinga

Dawn and James Dorsey Flinsch

Susan Verrett

Antonio and Emilia

Emmett Martin Flinsch

Karen S. Peterson

Molly Muniz

Dawn and James Dorsey Flinsch

Dr. Chip Berglund Dr. Hammad Bajwa Dr. Angela Dahle Dr. Walter Dorman Dr. Donna Fontana Dr. Jody Hargrove Dr. Archie Skemp Dr. Jeff Wilson Dr. Dave Zoschke Dr. Kurt Zimmerman

Tom Frick

Susan Gray and Paul Waytz

Mother of Anna T. Paulson Anna T. Paulson

Helen Garnaas

Eleanor, Malcom, William, Henry, and Donna Munnich

Robert and Lucille Northenscold

Kathy Ryan

James Goff

Monica Myhre

Sara C. Jaehne

Sonia Meade

Mark A. Greenwald

Joan and Dick Niemiec Family

Joel Greenwald

Joan and Dick Niemiec

Carol Bristow

Norma Varland Hanson

Marian Olson

Kathy A. Hagstrom

AK Dayton

Adrienne F. Olson

Thelma Brynolfson

Erin Hart

Patty Ploetz

Amy and Aaron Gaalswyk

Diane W. Feldman

Pamela Ploetz

Helen Burke

David J. Hill

Alice Rainville

Carol G. Smith

Michael Barton

Therese VanBlarcom

Trudi Campbell

Dale Hulme and Sue Quist

Joe Rine

Howard H. Berg

Diane M. Tonn

Susan Palchick-Silver

Virginia E. Carlton

Manna and Warren Ibele

Lavern and Virginia Schumack

James and Gail Bakkom Dale Carlton David Lanford Doris Jane Mac Gregor Bonita and Robert Mitchell

Mark Ibele

Scott W. Schumack

Jared and Justin (grandsons)

Teri Simard

John Mason West

Charles and Jennifer Tatsuda

Ann and Jack Cole

Lydia Johnson

Ian and Kelly Stade

Rhonda Niola

Robert and Phyllis Stade

Foster and Elaine Cole John and Tracy Rode

Sadie Kreilkamp

Alma E. Stevens

Richard Farley

Jean Cunningham

Robert and Elaine Kirk Jack F. Yonally

Lois Langer Thompson

Karen Thome

Joe and Donna Langer

Elizabeth A. Murray

Dr. Francis Denis

Silas Lee and Zosia Rue

John Trulen

Elwin Farwell

Katherine Falbo

Mary Ellen and Mark Digre

William Levin

Mary Lou Doll Robert and Lucille Northenscold

Karl Ludescher and Susan Mueller Lisa and Troy Tillman

Katherine and Robert Levin

Janet Donaldson Elsa Nora Dungan

Michael Belzer Emily L. Fuerste Larry Kryzaniak Joanne Sunquist

Nathan Dungan and Susan Hawks Lutheran Community Foundation

James and Melony

Adam Demers

Ann and Felix Phillips

Erin (daughter) Michele A. Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Kane

Scott Fisher Bonita and Scott Fisher

2010 Annual Report

John Welsch

Mother of Karen S. Peterson

Hilary Marden Resnik

Margaret G. Canada

Former employees of the Minneapolis Public Library Diane E. Tvedt

Dorothy Wikesberg Cort Schwanebeck

Dora Williams Sheri Lynn and Kenneth Williams

Roy Woodstrom Clare and Jerome Ritter

Gretchen Wronka Carol A. Walsh

Manaya, Jaleesa, and Samantha Webb Elaine Webb


Tribute Gifts in Memory Of Gifts received between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 Alice Aker Alison Heil

Mother of Dan Barbee James and Claire Orenstein

Ev Bleiler

Anne & Lois Fraser Mary Strand & Thomas Fraser Bonnie Skelton

Charles A. Greenman

Will Hardfeldt & Jeanne Irish

David W. Pieper

Beverly Hanson

Kate Elling Debra Pieper

Anne Grande Jan Feye-Stukas

Harry Gregg

Steven Bortscheller Jan Braun Janet Vukson

Gratia Circle

Brad and Michelle Lohrding Steven Peterson and Stephanie Allyn Nancy and John Scott Sara Scott Thomas R. Scott Kristin S. Scott and Jeremy Irrthum

Anita Boucher Jeff Bangsberg Ellen Boucher

Trudy Hanus

Wallace L. Harris Ian and Nancy Davidson

Trudy and Jerry Herbert Janet L. Herbert

John S. Hokanson Miriam Gunnarson

Helen Wold Johnson Deborah Lewis

Matthew Kesti Georgette and Frank Ario Sylvia C. Fischer Barbara Getchell Patty Herbin Julie Kesti Mike Kesti and Jennifer May Adeline May Jennifer May and Mike Kesti Gergory McCarter Natalie Tarnopolsky

Dorothy Kloster Peggy Watson

Nellie M. Kozlak David L. Waldemar

Carol L. Lindblom Iola E. Christopherson Mark H. and Jennifer A. Johnson

Terrance Robert Daley Jessica Fuller

Ann Dietrich Peggy Watson

John M. Ford Seth Breidbart Aaron Lichtov and Molly Keenan Barbara Fraboni Keith and Georgia Stevens

Lucille Frank

Kathryn Scott Peterson and Jane Scott

David Lindblom Patricia Loving Margaret MacRae Betty Lorraine Melville Joan M. Whitney-McClellan

Paul Pohle Peggy Watson

David Pratt Pam Gagnon John and Theresa Gibbs Trudy Hanus Anne and Peter Heegaard Jill Joseph Thomas Kelly Kathleen M. Lamb ThÊrèse VanBlarcom Peggy Watson

Jessica Reid Amy and Todd Cytron Lauren Kaplan

Ernest O. Sandeen Richard E. Sandeen

Agnes Starzinski Robb and Christine Battist

Philip R. Swan Eric Stensberg

David Tom Barbara S. Tom

Lillian Wallis Linda L. Engberg

Philip Weinstein Suzanne Weinstein

Lew Moran Charles A. Greenman

Rivel G. Moses Marjorie B. Ericson

Noreen Nesbitt Sally-Ann Cohen

Josephine Nunn Patricia Wood

Trudy Hanus



Library Foundation of Hennepin County

Library Leaders Members for 20 Years or More Anita Anderson Margaret R. Anderson Sally and Peter Anson* Tony and Judith Aspnes Otto and Mary Bang William and Nancy Bauer Alice Bekke Sharon and Jim Bennett Leo Paul and June Burd* Eileen M. Cavanagh Jean R. Christensen Malcolm and Jean Clark* Colleen Coghlan Rusty and Burt Cohen Ann and Jack Cole Roger Cone Alyce Mae Cranston* John G. Davies* Mollie Dean Michael J. Dixon Harriet Dunlap* Colleen and Michael Eckman Phillip and Sandra Edwardson* Barbara Eiger* Betty L. Engebretson* Vivian and Robert Ezrilov Gerald T. Flom Florence Flugaur Arvonne and Donald Fraser Sally and Gerald Friedell Norma C. Fuller Helen Garnaas Eric and Beatrice Giere Stanley L. Graham Kathy and Hazen Graves Susan Gray and Paul Waytz Lee and Lorraine Gresser Betty Jean Hahn* Betty Lou Hammargren

Una I. Hanson* Ruth L. Hass Martha Head* Barbara and James Hetland Audrie N. Hill Jan Hively Diane and Tony Hofstede Jean M. Holm Virginia R. Humphrey Luann and Carlton Johnson* Susan and Philip Jones Arnold and Shirley Kaplan Sheldon and Helene Kaplan* Miriam and Erwin Kelen Irene Kilpatrick and Mary Kilpatrick Reed Karen Koepp Folke Kristiansson Charles A. Kritzler James and Janice Kwiat Dorothy E. Lamberton* Rollie Langer Ernest and Sally Lehmann Dean Leonard Tom and Rhoda Lewin John and Margaret Ligon Lucille T. Long Janet and Dean Lund* Peter and Catherine Lupori Alan L. MacLean Richard and Diane Madlon-Kay Chrissie and Brian Mahaffy Betty Fletcher Mast Barbara McBurney Colleen McCarthy Donald W. McCarthy John W. McConnell Mary T. McEvoy and Terence Fruth Helen J. McNulty

Elizabeth Shelver Nancy Slaughter* Jean M. Smith Wheeler and Guyla Smith Leif and Jeanne Solberg Frank J. Sorauf Vera Sparkes Dolores K. Speidel James Stageberg and Susan Toth Nancy Jean Stefan* Morris Stockburger and Carla Pavone Marcia and John Stout John J. and Mary Taylor Lisa Tienter Jewell Turpin* Janet and Victor Urbanowicz Teresa and Irving Victor Julia F. Wallace Marlea R. Warren Ruth and David Waterbury Esther F. Wattenberg Barbara Weingarden Gerhard and Janet Weiss Katherine Wells and Stephen Willging Nancy Wennerstrom Elizabeth and William Whitbeck* Valerie C. Wild* Frank and Frances Wilkinson Jo Anne M. Wilson Leo Wolk David Zalk* Frank and Santos Zaragoza Mark and Penny Ziessman

Mary McVay Milo and Mary Meland* Miriam Meyers James and Laura Miles Steve Miles and Joline Gitis Jean A. Montgomery* Jeanne and Glen Morgan Katherine and Kingsley Murphy Eileen D. Nelmark Lucia B. Newell Susan Nixon and Walter K. Lentz Meredith L. Norstrom Laurence R. North* Jean Nudell* Phyllis Olthoff James G. Otto* Karen and Dale Panton Donna L. Pauley Gladys E. Pearson* Garry and Mary Ann Peterson Gary Petrucci Ed and Peggy Pluimer Walter and Harriet Pratt* Nancy Priedeman Sara E. Reed* Lois S. Ringquist* Robert and Joan H. Rohlf Barbara and Keith Ruddick Lawrence and Barbara Rudnick Mimi and David Sanders Tom and Sheva Sanders Dorothy and Lee Sanford Earl and Barbara F. Sanford* Diane M. Scherber Eileen T. Schwartzbauer Beth Ann and Saul Segal* Lucy M. Selander Geraldine and George Sell Zella Shannon

*Members for 30 or more years

Gratia Circle The following individuals have indicated their intentions to leave our organization an estate gift. Anonymous (2) Martha M. Anderson Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning Martha Bird Carol S. Bridell David M. and Sandra M. Brown Carolyn Caswell Ann and Jack Cole Francine M. Corcoran Linda L. Engberg Jean Fraser Pam Gagnon Holly and Kelly Guncheon Dr. Penny Hatcher Mary Jo Henning

2010 Annual Report

Jane and Jeffrey Johnson Sheldon and Helene Kaplan Diane Ladenson Laura Langer John and Margaret Ligon Kathleen Matichek Margaret J. Meier Darby and Geri Nelson Greg and Cynthia Page David Poretti Lois Porfiri Alison Roberts Susan M. Roberts Robert and Joan H. Rohlf

Dale and Kay Schwie Donna and Glenn Scudder Zella Shannon Nancy Slaughter Frank J. Sorauf Cynthia A. Steinke Myrna Rose Strand Bryan W. Swartz Ed McConaghay and Margaret Telfer Peggy Watson Rosemary Wilder Stu Wilson and Mel Barker Corrine Zwickey

For more information on becoming a Gratia Circle Member, contact:

Mary Worley Development Director - Individual Giving 612-543-8106.


Thank You Volunteers and Staff (The following individuals served during January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010. For a list of the 2011 board and staff, see the inside front cover.)

2010 Board of Directors Daniel H. Spiller, President Lynn Carlson Schell, Vice President John Heitkamp, Treasurer Sue Busch Nehring, Secretary Rick Bliss Eileen Day Holly Denis Chris Fischbach G. Bryan Fleming Pam Gagnon Jonathan Gaw Kathy Graves Courtney Grimsrud Tom Grossman Holly Guncheon Barbara Haugen Stephen Kelleher Mary Pat Ladner Laura Langer Russ Lemker William Levin Hilary Marden-Resnik Christina Melloh Velia Melrose Glenn Miller Ann Phillips David Pratt† Bill Rohlf Jenny Skinner Wes Skoglund Greg Weyandt Lisa Whitehill Margaret Wunderlich Lois Langer Thompson, ex-officio Thérèse VanBlarcom, ex-officio Stu Wilson, ex-officio

Executive Committee Daniel Spiller, President Lynn Carlson Schell, Vice President John Heitkamp, Treasurer Sue Busch Nehring, Secretary Laura Langer William Levin Pam Gagnon Glenn Miller Kathy Graves Velia Melrose Lois Langer Thompson, Library Staff Stu Wilson, Staff

Development Committee and Sub-Committees William Levin, Chair Sue Busch Nehring Eileen M. Day Holly Denis Lynn DeVore, Staff Chris Fischbach Dawn Flinsch, Staff Tom Grossman Barbara Haugen Susan Herridge Stephen Kelleher


Velia Melrose Glenn Miller Nancy Palmer, Library Staff Ann Phillips Bill Porter Bill Rohlf Lucie Taylor Jenny Skinner Stu Wilson, Staff

Finance Committee John Heitkamp, Chair Rick Bliss Hilary Marden-Resnik Linda Merritt, Staff David Pratt† Stu Wilson, Staff Margaret Wunderlich

Friends Transition Committee (Ad-hoc) Laura Langer, Chair Chris Fischbach Pam Gagnon Courtney Grimsrud Adam Olson, Staff Margie Schuster, Library Staff Lucie Taylor Maura Steblay Greg Weyandt Stu Wilson, Staff

Governance Committee Lynn Carlson Schell, Chair Holly Guncheon Bryan Fleming Courtney Grimsrud Wes Skoglund Stu Wilson, Staff

Public Awareness Committees and Sub-Committee Laura Langer, Chair Rachel Fulkerson, Staff Jonathan Gaw Kathy Graves Mary Pat Ladner Russ Lemker Christina Melloh Jodi Monson, Library Staff Mary Rogers Jenny Skinner Greg Weyandt Lisa Whitehill

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (Ad-hoc) Kathy Graves, Chair Pam Gagnon Tom Grossman Russ Lemker Jenny Skinner Stu Wilson, Staff

Interns and Contractors Sarah Caflisch Michele Dewey David Erickson Doug Fehlen Deb Girdwood Lydia Heil Julie Holderman Kaia Sievert Wendy Skinner Sandra Toland

Program Event Assistants Linda Comstock Dorothy Cottrell Mary Esjornson Lydia Heil Penelope Johnson Jasmine Kuipers Carol Lichterman Carl Lundstrom Marianne McCord Adele Murray Ole Ryan Sandra Toland Lisa Tienter Stephanie Vigen Ellen Wolfson

Pen Pals Author Series Leigh Abrahamson Alex Barker Kim Battern Margaret Bird Phyllis Boefferding Rita Boris Mary Bowman Alice Bratter Pat Budish Pam Canning Jane Cox Nancy Dahl Brianna DeVore Douglas Fehlan Joan Flood Mary Ann Geyen Cathy Gunderson Ian Hanson Pat Hasse Ruth Hiland Mim Kagol Wendy Kaufman Anne Kerr Linda King Gwenn Kirby John Knauss Lin Maki Mary Maneely Carol Marohn Phyllis Mattill Carol Muller Amy Parenteau Jeannine Reed Roberta Rott Jane Stein Ronni Tallen

Sindy Tellekson Marilyn Thomasson Marcia Wattson Jeanne Weber Maryann Weidt

Minneapolis Central Book Store Margaret Anderson Barbara Balkman Vince Barton Betty Bauer Sharon Bennett Mike Dempski Michele Dewey Annella Duerr Jason Fetterley Anthony Gabriel Emilia Garvey Mildred Haefemeyer Ian Hanson Amy Jo Henrikson Greg Holdsworth Dee Jacobson Angie Johnson Penelope Johnson Andrea Kircher Brit Loftus Ashley Luloff Marianne McCord Terri Nagel Steve Norquist Jeanne Olson Marian Popelka Florence Reinking Louise Roe Teri Schultz Marge Serr Carol Stoops Steena Travis Darren Welder

Washburn Book Store Jeanne Anderson Roger Brennan Betty Chamlin Jack Exline Jeanne Exline Cynthia Farrell Jon Grovender Marian Hall Ginny Kern Betty Jo Munnings Fran Munnings Susan Papanicolaou Chris Quinn Barbara Van Norman Pat Wuest Susan Youngdahl †deceased

The Foundation sincerely appreciates the hard work of the 2,500 volunteers who contributed approximately 92,000 hours working at the Hennepin County Library. Library Foundation of Hennepin County

“Many of our libraries are now housed in beautiful buildings, in which case, the building as well as the books become a means of social influence. The whole building at all times should be managed in the broadest spirit of hospitality… do away with all unnecessary restrictions, take down all bars, and try to put face to face our friends the books and our friends the people. Introduce them cordially, then stand aside and let them make each other’s acquaintance.” – Gratia Countryman, 1905

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Grow. Novels. Books. Programs. Children. Sharing. Nurture. Strive. Help. Librarians. Community. Passion. eBooks. Online. Services. Short Stories. Poems. History. Legacy. Minerva. Gratia. Friends.

Magazines. Bookstore. Music. Library Card. Search. Sharing. Children.

Academia. Community.

Programs. Music.

Grow. Novels. Books. Programs. Children. Sharing. Nurture. Strive.

Help. Librarians. Community. Passion. E-Books. Online. Services. Short Stories. Legacy. Minerva. Gratia. Friends. Magazines. Bookstore. Music. Library Card. Search. Evolve. Find. Academia. Support. Collections. Database. Library. Grow. Novels. Books. Programs. Children. Sharing. Nurture. Strive. Help. Librarians. Community. Passion. eBooks. Online.

2010 Annual Report  

Library Foundation of Hennepin County 2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report  

Library Foundation of Hennepin County 2010 Annual Report