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Educating Ellie     TED  8700   Elliementary  Education  Capstone   Final  Project   Ellison  Edwards   Fall  2012  

Student Narrative   Ellie  is  a  good  student  but  is   sometimes  “crabby”.      She  is   new  to  her  school  but  has   recently  made  friends  and   “come  out  of  her  shell”  .     Ellie  suffers  from  severe     agoraphobia  and  her  dream   is  to  become  a  “hermit”.       My  hope  for  Ellie  is  for  her   to  find  success  quickly  in   her  educational  crabitat.      

Critical Thinking  Activity   For  Ellie     To  move  or  not  to  move? watch?v=0jZe_VGLRYI            

Communication/Collaboration Writing  Activity  for  Ellie  

Clerihew  about  Ellie  Ed.     We  love  Ellie  Ed.   She  is  well  fed.   As  a  mascot  she  is  great!   What  will  be  her  fate?       Acrostic  poem  about  Ellie     Elegant  and   Lovely  is  our   Lively  mascot   In  TED  8700,  our  own   Elementary  Education  champion!  

Educating Ellie Ed  

Crab Dip Recipe

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