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A program of our project “Literary café”

Zawiercie, Poland

Getting to know each other – group presentations

We make a presentation about our group. It’s a film and it’s added on TwinSpace. There are contact to us. You can write a mail or skype if you want to know us better.

The first meeting in October - a well-known poet’s poems, in Zawiercie: W. Szymborska (we will read poems in Polish and in English). My favourite cup of tea – the history of a cup and its photos. On our first meeting we would like to show our guests a presentation about Wisława Szymborska, her life and creation. Our guests and we will read her selected poems in Polish and in English language. Next we would like to tell our cups of tea’s stories. As a decoration we will use books and some items, which will be connected with our poetess. During the meeting we will give sweet treat and a tea.

The second meeting in November – autumn poems Art photo with a book and a cup of tea. On our second meeting we will read autumn poems of different poets. We would like to make an autumn decoration and make some sweet treat and a tea. Next we want to make a short photography workshops with cups of tea and books in our library.

The third meeting in December – Christmas poems or stories

Christmas traditions in our country. On the third meeting we plan to read Christmas poems or stories. We want to tell you about Christmas traditions in our country, so we try to make a film or an audio file.

The fourth meeting in January – winter poems. We read a story, which we create together with all groups. On the fourth meeting we would like to read winter poems. Second task will be read a story, which we will have from all groups in a project. We can start to write a fragment of that story and send it to second school. Then the second school will write their fragment and send it to next school and so on. When we will have all fragments the story will be finished and we will can to read it during the meeting.

The fifth meeting in February – love poems.

A short show of our drama club and a contest for “Famous couples in the literature” On the fifth meeting we would like to invite our drama club. They could play a short show about love. Next we want to make a contest for our guests “Famous couples in the literature”.

Summing up:

Write, which meeting was the best for you and why you chose this one. Make an avatar – voki – which will tell something about our work in that project.

A program in Zawiercie  

Our program of our project "Literary cafe" - Zawiercie, Poland