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Liberty University School of Law exists to equip future leaders in law with a superior legal education in fidelity to the Christian faith expressed through the Holy Scriptures.

Practicing law isn’t just a career, IT ’S A CALLING. You are setting out to make a difference in the world by fighting for the oppressed, being a voice for the voiceless, and advocating justice. You need a law school that supports you in that mission. At Liberty University School of Law, we aren’t like every other law school. We provide a smaller, more intimate environment that helps you grow in your convictions while immersing you in the tenets of law. Through our uniquely tailored program, we provide experiential learning opportunities where you’ll move beyond books into actual courtrooms for solid practical experience that will enable you to start making a difference right away. At Liberty Law, we champion your success. We will equip you with the values, knowledge, and skills needed to inspire your peers, innovate the profession, and impact the world on the first day of your career. Join us and learn how Liberty Law can help you find your passion for law and your purpose for life.



ACADEMICS AT LIBERTY LAW, we’re committed to making sure you have a strong academic foundation that will drive you to become a confident and compassionate lawyer. We provide a quality legal education by integrating traditional courses of law with practical skills — all in a faith-based context.

In our nationally recognized Lawyering Skills program, you’ll learn to communicate clearly, think critically, and provide practical legal solutions — skills that equip you to walk into any law office in the country and immediately make an impact. Our rigorous curriculum is just one reason why our May 2017 graduates achieved an 88 percent overall passage rate on the July bar exam and a 100 percent passage rate on the bar exam in 13 other states. 4

CENTERS AND CLINICS • Center for Prosecution • Center for Trial Advocacy • Constitutional Litigation Clinic* • Liberty Center for International Human Rights • Prosecution Clinic* *In conjunction with Virginia Commonwealth’s Attorneys

LAWYERING SKILLS AT LIBERTY LAW, we integrate the theory behind the law with the skills necessary to apply it effectively. Our comprehensive practical skills curriculum is an innovative, six-course program that prepares you to practice law from day one. You’ll develop expert communication skills as you learn to read comprehensively, write clearly, and speak persuasively. And, we’ll challenge your analytical and problem solving skills through litigation and dispute resolution simulations. 5


best school

• Appellate Advocacy

for practical training —

• Business Law ranked in Virginia highest • Constitutional Law • Criminal Justice • Family and Juvenile Law

preLaw magazine • A International Law

top law • Planning for Trial • Property



• Taxation • ATrial Advocacy preLaw magazine

• top Wealth Management and law school Financial Planning for Trial Advocacy

A preLaw magazine

top law school 6

for Trial Advocacy

A preLaw magazine

top law school

DUAL DEGREES EXPAND YOUR CAREER OPTIONS with an additional degree through Liberty University. With eight dual degree programs to choose from, you can combine credits toward the completion of another graduate degree and earn both a Juris Doctor (J.D.) and a master’s or doctoral degree in as little as three years.

Programs include:

• Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) • Education Specialist (Ed.S.) • Master of Arts in History (M.A.) • Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling (M.A.) • Master of Arts in Public Policy (M.A.P.P.) • Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.) • Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) • Master of Education in Teaching and Learning (M.Ed.)


ACCESSIBLE, EXPERIENCED FACULT Y AT LIBERTY LAW, YOU’RE MORE THAN A NUMBER. We pride ourselves on the relationship between students and faculty. Our professors devote substantial time to serving students as professional mentors and spiritual role models. All faculty have open-door policies and value opportunities to consult with students one-on-one. A community of scholars, they are deeply committed to the search for knowledge through meaningful legal scholarship, but never at the expense of their devotion to championing the academic success and professional development of each student. Liberty Law professors have held various esteemed positions, such as:

• Authors • JAG and district attorneys • Experienced trial lawyers • Nonprofit leaders

#2 in July 2016 Virginia Bar Exam passage among Virginia first-time test takers

• State and federal law clerks • State appeals court and administrative law judge • State attorney general 8


CENTER FOR CAREER AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (CCPD) YOUR LIBERTY LAW EXPERIENCE will start with knowledge, but that’s just the beginning. We’re also committed to helping you achieve your goals and fulfill your calling, which is why the Center for Career & Professional Development exists — to equip students and alumni with the tools essential for career development. Our advancement program is designed to help you cultivate a lifelong commitment to professionalism and community service.

Services include:

• Individual counseling sessions • Interviewing techniques and strategies • Job fairs • Practice interviews • Résumé preparation, review, and evaluation 9

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES LIBERTY LAW TAKES YOU BEYOND TEXTBOOKS with a wide variety of opportunities that can help you gain experience in the field of law while still a student. In addition to getting reallife training through our recognized practical skills program, you can get hands-on experience through our publishing opportunities, externships, competitions, and more.

Get prepared for your future law career and hit the ground running when you graduate from Liberty Law. Through our experiential learning options, you’ll develop skills in the following areas:

• Legal thinking • Research • Speaking • Writing

best school

for practical training — highest ranked in Virginia


A preLaw magazine

WASHINGTON FELLOWSHIP Explore Washington, D.C., build connections, and gain valuable experience with our Washington Fellowship. This program offers students for-credit externship opportunities in placements across our nation’s capital, such as Capitol Hill, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Through the Washington Intern Student Housing (WISH) program, Liberty Law also pays for housing for approved externships to ensure our students can participate in these important careerbuilding opportunities.

A preLaw magazine top 20 school for public defenders and prosecutors

A preLaw magazine top 20 school for public defenders and prosecutors

EXTERNSHIPS GAIN VALUABLE EXPERIENCE IN DAY-TO-DAY PRACTICE while delving deeper into a particular legal field or area of interest. Practice locally, regionally, or nationally in a variety of legal settings with Liberty Law’s comprehensive for-credit externship programs.

Get real-world legal experience with externships in:

• Business • Constitutional law • Finance • Government • International law • Judicial clerkships • Media and entertainment • Prosecution • Public defense • Public policy


FINANCIAL AID AT LIBERTY LAW, we believe your investment in a quality legal education will last a lifetime, but your student debt shouldn’t. We’re committed to making your Liberty Law education affordable — we have one of the lowest tuition rates among private law schools so our graduates walk away with lower-than-average debt. Our generous merit-based scholarship assures that virtually every admitted student is awarded a scholarship.

• Scholarships are awarded up to 100 percent of tuition.



100% 12

• Scholarship awards are renewable for subsequent terms based on continued eligibility.


• Law students can also apply for 100% FAFSA and Grad PLUS loans.

SCHOLARSHIPS TO QUALIFY FOR A FULL OR PARTIAL scholarship award, you must be accepted into the School of Law, meet scholarship criteria, submit your confirmation deposit, and enroll in our J.D. program.

As a scholarship recipient, you must accept any institutional and private grants for which you are eligible. Institutional and private grants, when combined with scholarships, cannot exceed tuition. If an excess occurs, your scholarship will be reduced.





To learn more about Liberty University’s mission to train Champions for Christ, visit: Liberty.edu/Champions.







We want to make the application, selection, and matriculation process as simple as possible. Your initial application is free through LSAC.org and must be completed by mid-July. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact the Office of Admissions at (434) 592-5300 or lawadmissions@liberty.edu. If you are an international applicant and English is not your native language, you’ll need to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). You must also have all academic credentials evaluated and translated by a credential evaluations service recognized by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. We also request an affidavit of financial support. For a list of international student requirements, please visit Liberty.edu/Law/International-Students.

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Registration for the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS) Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) score Personal statement Two letters of recommendation Résumé (optional) All undergraduate and graduate transcripts


WE CHAMPION your PASSION and PURPOSE 1971 University Boulevard | Lynchburg, Va. 24515 | (434) 592-5300 | lawadmissions@liberty.edu | Liberty.edu/Law

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