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Journeys are amazing travel experiences to the world’s most iconic destinations and include a wide range of sightseeing options, plus the services of a Travel Butler who will assist you with all your pre-departure travel needs.

With each Journey you will receive:

Personalized Keepsake Booklet & Document Holder • $150 Future Travel Credit Insider Benefits Coupons with Exclusive Savings • Liberty Travel Personal Concierge Access & Smart Phone App • Unlimited Emergency Travel Center Priority Access


The world’s iconic destinations call to you, and it’s time you answered. Embark on an exclusive Liberty Travel Journey by booking two or more cities on your itinerary, and explore the fascinating cultures and natural wonders on sightseeing excursions. Climb the world-renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge, followed by an adventure to the Great Barrier Reef. Immerse yourself in the Thai culture with stops in Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok, or book an extended European getaway with tours in London and Paris. With every Journey, you’ll also receive the expert knowledge of a Travel Butler, who will take care of the finer details of your global adventure before you depart. Plus, you’ll also receive exclusive perks to further enhance your vacation. In select cities, you’ll feel welcomed as a new friend by a City Insider. This knowledgeable local guide will help you maximize your time by showing you how to navigate the city they love and reveal hidden gems, unique facts and secrets, and spots favored by locals. Don’t keep the world waiting. Book an exclusive Journeys package crafted especially for you.

Why book your Journey with Liberty Travel?

Every traveler is different and in search of unique experiences. When you book your Journey through Liberty Travel, you’ll work with a dedicated consultant who will design and plan your perfect vacation from start to finish. They’ll provide you with insightful advice based on personal experience and expertise, and will organize all the details of your trip. We understand the planning and travel process can be stressful, so let us take care of everything at no additional cost to you. The world is waiting to be discovered, and we want to help you explore it. Call us today at 1.888.300.7310 or visit us on the web at We can’t wait to assist you with your next getaway.

WHAT’S INCLUDED WITH YOUR JOURNEY? With each Journey you will receive exclusive perks, including: PERSONALIZED KEEPSAKE BOOKLET & DOCUMENT HOLDER: Prior to your departure, you’ll receive a booklet customized with your full itinerary, additional destination information, and Insider Benefits coupons for hundreds of dollars in savings towards ground transportation, parking, and travel gadgets. FUTURE TRAVEL CREDIT: When you book a USAbreak, you’ll receive a $150 credit to put towards your next trip. INSIDER BENEFITS COUPONS: Liberty Travel has put together exclusive travel-related savings just for you. Use them before, during, or after your vacation. LIBERTY TRAVEL PERSONAL CONCIERGE: A convenient smartphone app connects you with a team of professional concierges who can assist you with anything, anytime, from anywhere. 24/7 EMERGENCY TRAVEL CENTER PRIORITY ACCESS: Need immediate assistance while traveling? No problem, call our 24/7 emergency line. Your Journey package grants you Priority Access, so we can assist you in no time. JOURNEYS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE IN: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Indian Ocean, New Zealand, South America, South Pacific, and United Arab Emirates

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Travel with confidence thanks to your very own Travel Butler. Short of packing your bags, a Travel Butler will take care of the finer details of your Journey, making sure you’re fully prepared while adding special touches based on your interests and needs. Once your trip is booked, they’ll contact you and provide useful tips and information about the destinations you’ll visit. From arranging dinner reservations and special celebrations to locating necessary stops, your Travel Butler is dedicated to giving you a memorable experience. Call us at 1.888.300.7310 or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Journey now.

Feel welcomed as a new friend in your destination by a City Insider. Available in select cities, this local guide will help you maximize your time by revealing hidden gems, unique facts and secrets, and spots favored by locals. Once settled in to your hotel, your City Insider will meet you in the lobby and start your trip by giving you an overview of the city, while exposing hidden attributes not widely known. Paying special attention to your interests, they’ll then walk with you around the neighborhood offering recommendations for restaurants and sights. A City Insider ensures that your vacation will be unforgettable. To explore all the wonders of the world with the exclusive benefits of a City Insider, contact Liberty Travel today. Using expert knowledge and personal experience, our travel consultants create tailor-made getaways to global destinations. Call us at 1.888.300.7310 or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Journey now.

Savor the best of Il Bel Paese (The Beautiful Country) with a Journey to Rome, Venice, and Florence. Start your epic Italy Journey in Rome, and your experience will be monumental. Imagine the Colosseum’s 50,000 seats filled to capacity as gladiators engage in epic battles. Catch a glimpse of the Pope in Vatican City, a walled enclave that features some of the world’s most spectacular sites, like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. Visit the famed and cinematic Trevi Fountain and toss in a coin, and climb the famous Spanish Steps. Don’t forget to visit museums and iconic spots like the Pantheon and the Roman Forum. In Venice, walk the alleyways and float the famous canals. Gaze at ancient and architecturally dazzling churches like the

Colosseum, Rome

Campo Santa Maria Formosa or the Church of San Giovanni e Paolo, also known as “the Pantheon of Venice.” Hang out at legendary St. Mark’s Square and be sure to take a gondola ride around the city. End your Journey in Florence. Check out the Duomo and the Uffizi, an art museum housing masterpieces by artists like Botticelli, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci. Take it all in from Piazzale Michelangelo, where a view of the city will be sparkling during sunset and panoramic in scope. Get ready to enjoy a travel masterpiece. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Italy Journey now!


Duomo of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence

Trevi Fountain, Rome

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 10 days/9 nights DAY 1: ROME Arrive in Rome and transfer to your hotel. Meet with your City Insider at a local café. They will give you the ins and outs of the city. Spend the afternoon at leisure, taking in the unique sights and savoring dinner at a restaurant your City Insider recommended.

DAY 8: FLORENCE There’s no better way to see Florence than on a hop-on/hop-off tour from an open-top double-decker bus. Stops along the tour route include the Duomo, the Cathedral, Santa Croce, San Marco, and Piazzale Michelangelo.

DAY 2: ROME From the Trevi Fountain to the Colosseum, Rome’s abundant sights rival those of any other city on the planet. See them all on a hop-on/hopoff panoramic bus tour while listening to informative audio commentary. Other attractions include the Pantheon, Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio, Vatican City, the Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona, and Olympic Stadium.

DAY 9: FLORENCE Combine your love of pizza and gelato with a unique cooking class in beautiful Florence. Learn how to make gelato and cook an authentic Italian pizza with a professional chef who will teach and guide you along the way. Discover and taste the many gelato flavors that are made in Italy, and sample an array of Italian pizzas. Your new cooking skills will be the best souvenir you take home from your trip to Italy!

DAY 3: ROME Your travel consultant booked you a day trip from Rome to both Naples and Pompeii to explore the history, art, and archaeology of this captivating region. Tour the Gulf of Naples, site of the AD 79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius that destroyed the towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. A local expert will lead you on a two-hour guided walking tour of Pompeii before you enjoy lunch at a traditional Pompeii restaurant. DAY 4: ROME / VENICE Transfer to the airport for your flight to Venice. Transfer to your hotel and spend the rest of your day at leisure. DAY 5: VENICE Embark on a walking tour of some of Venice’s most beloved landmarks. Your Travel Butler equipped you with a complete list of must-see attractions throughout Rome, Florence, and Venice, so be sure to explore places like historic St. Mark’s Square, and visit the interior of its Byzantine-style Basilica. Stroll Venice’s narrow, winding alleyways and admire sights including Campo Santa Maria Formosa and the Church of San Giovanni e Paolo. DAY 6: VENICE For this afternoon, your travel consultant booked you a “Tour to the Islands” to see the Venetian lagoon’s three most famous islands. First, visit peaceful Torcello — Venice’s oldest continuously populated region — to see the city’s first church. Next, watch a glass-blowing demonstration on Murano, and then browse Burano’s famous lace shops. DAY 7: VENICE / FLORENCE Transfer to the airport for your flight to Florence. Transfer to your hotel and rest up for your first full day in the city.

DAY 10: FLORENCE Enjoy a Florence brunch and then transfer to the airport for your departing flight. Depart feeling magnifico! GERMANY



• Venice

Florence •

Rome •

Step into elegance exemplified in London and Paris. Only two-and-a-half hours apart by high-speed train, these two cities make for a perfect and iconic European journey. Begin in London, a city made of landmarks. From Big Ben, to Buckingham Palace, to Westminster Abbey, to the Tower of London, history rests at every turn. An intermingling of landmark history and modern delights makes this stop a complete experience. The West End bursts with modern theatrics, and in the land of Shakespeare, a classic or two is always on a playbill nearby. High Tea at the Savoy could be followed by fish & chips, and a stop at the world-class Tate Gallery could precede a fast night out on the town. This city of royals satiates every traveler’s wants and needs and can be seen breathtakingly atop the London Eye, one of the world’s largest Ferris wheels.

Then move on to a feast for the eyes — and palate — that is Paris — rom caramels, baguettes, pastries, chocolate, soufflés, crème brulées, and, of course, the cheese, this unparalleled city lifts up all the senses. The City of Light is most famous for the Eiffel Tower, but you’ll want to float along the River Seine, and meander around Paris’s arrondissements to a myriad of museums and monuments. Make your way to a Monet at the Musée d’Orsay, and admire masterpieces like the Mona Lisa at the Louvre. Don’t forget to live the café lifestyle and take a minute to just relax. It’s the Parisian way. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your London & Paris Journey now!

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Arc de Triomphe, Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

Tower Bridge

Elizabeth Tower (“Big Ben”) and Houses of Parliament

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 8 days/7 nights DAY 1: LONDON Arrive in London and meet your City Insider at your hotel or at a local café. They will give you the ins and outs of the city, and recommend the perfect restaurant for dinner. DAY 2: LONDON Start your London experience with some of the city’s most iconic sights, like Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, and Buckingham Palace. Follow these with a restful ride on the London Eye for a bird’s-eye view of the city. DAY 3: LONDON Begin the day with a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum. Nearby is the famous Harrods, where you can indulge in some souvenir shopping. Wind up the afternoon with High Tea at the Savoy — a classic English experience!

DAY 7: PARIS Today, feel like a real Parisian. Start your day with a croissant and a visit to the Eiffel Tower, then wander across the river and make your way to the Champs-Élysées. Stroll along the boulevard, stopping for a coffee at one of the many outdoor cafés. End your walk at the Arc de Triomphe - watch the sunset from the top and see the lights of Paris come out. This evening treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner of French cuisine and Champagne. Bon appétit! DAY 8: PARIS Enjoy a café au lait and a croissant at a corner café for breakfast. Depart Paris with an experience that will move with you forever. Au Revoir!

DAY 4: LONDON The Tower of London and London Bridge are first on the list today. Take a stroll over to Saint Paul’s Cathedral, followed by a jaunt through some local markets, and a walk along Oxford Street. Tonight is all about the West End — pick up some tickets for that “mustsee” show. DAY 5: LONDON / PARIS Depart London aboard the Eurostar and be in Paris in only two-and-a-half hours. Comment rapide! Once settled into your hotel, head out to discover why Paris is called the City of Light — and feel confident moving about! Your Travel Butler fully prepared you with a myriad of French greetings, so you’re covered from the first Bonjour to the final Au Revoir! DAY 6: PARIS Immerse yourself in Paris by cruising the Seine to experience this amazing city from the water. Then walk along the river to the famous monuments and museums along its banks. Discover the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, and the Pompidou Center. This evening, explore the city’s winding streets and marvel at its lovely sights at night!




Glide through Madrid’s modern, fast-paced, cosmopolitan city all while getting a taste of its storied past. Check out the Almudena Cathedral, the city’s largest church. March over to the Royal Palace, the largest palace in Western Europe, with gorgeous gardens built in the 18th century. Explore the past with a visit to the Temple of Debod, an authentic Egyptian temple dating back to BC times, donated to Spain in 1968. Be a real Madrileño and grab some chocolate and churros, and ramble through Madrid’s fabulous open-air flea market, El Rastro. Catch a show on Gran Via Boulevard and some live music in trendy Chueca. Just plan on starting things, and staying up, later than you’re used to. This is the city that starts its day much later and eats a variety of meals (mid-morning tapas, anyone?).

Park Guell, Barcelona

Barcelona has the same mealtimes as Madrid, but the experience will be completely different. Walk the idyllic Barri Gótic and gaze at the mesmerizing Art Nouveau architecture the city is known for. Mediterranean at heart, Barcelona bustles and twists and boasts a modern atmosphere with great nightlife. This beach city also has some of the best weather and bluest skies around, with some major landmarks and museums like the Sagrada Familia and the Dali Theatre-Museum. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Spain Journey!

Royal Palace, Madrid

Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona

Alcala Gate, Madrid

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 8 days/7 nights DAY 1: MADRID Arrive in Madrid and transfer to your hotel. Head out to start your Iberian Peninsula adventure and grab a tasty meal. Your Travel Butler provided you with a dining guide and some great recommendations since dinner in Spain is eaten no earlier than 9 p.m. and usually served after 10. DAY 2: MADRID Get acquainted with the sights and sounds of Madrid while touring the city on a double-decker bus that your travel consultant booked for you. With one ticket, you’ll be able to hop on and off the bus all day long on two interconnecting routes and listen to commentaries through a headphone audio system. Highlights include the spectacular Royal Palace, the Prado, the Puerta de Alcalá, the Gran Vía, the Thyssen and Reina Sofia museums, the Salamanca neighborhood, and the modern skyscrapers along the Paseo de la Castellana. DAY 3: MADRID Spend the day at leisure, marveling at the historic buildings and savoring the famous croquettes for which Madrid is known. DAY 4: MADRID / BARCELONA Transfer to the airport for your flight to Barcelona. After you check-in to your hotel, meet with your City Insider at a local café. They will give you the ins and outs of the city, and suggest the perfect place for your first meal in Barcelona.

DAY 7: BARCELONA Today is yours to explore at leisure more of what Barcelona has to offer, including the Gaudi Museum, Sagrada Familia, and Las Ramblas. DAY 8: BARCELONA Before you depart Barcelona, enjoy some fresh bread with cheese and Iberian ham, a perfect meal to end your time in Barcelona. Bon profit! (Enjoy your meal.)


SPAIN • Madrid

DAY 5: BARCELONA While in Barcelona you’ll enjoy a private visit to the city’s fascinating Boqueria, a large public market. After exploring its large array of stalls and foods on display, you will enjoy a hands-on cooking class to learn how to prepare some of the specialties offered. DAY 6: BARCELONA Travel for the day to northern Catalonia, the home of Salvador Dalí, to visit the Dalí Theatre-Museum. Not only is the museum itself a work of art, it’s also home to many famous works by Dalí, one of the world’s most famous surrealist artists. After the visit, you will enjoy a wine tasting at a local vineyard.

• Barcelona



Tahiti is the ultimate R&R retreat. Lush mountainous islands and warm turquoise waters blend with the charming Polynesian culture and European flair to create experiences you won’t find anywhere else. With 118 sublime islands and atolls to discover, the Islands of Tahiti offer a varied but relaxing escape, and Moorea and Bora Bora are great places to start. Your fantasies will be fulfilled on Moorea, “The Magic Island” that rises from the sea like an emerald mirage. This unforgettable paradise is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the world built for pampering, but it’s also an active island, perfect for excursions. Spend your days snorkeling the barrier reefs and searching for manta rays, or shopping for Polynesian art and the famous Tahitian black pearls.

Grab the one you love, and retreat to Bora Bora. Feel the simple intimacy of an over-water bungalow where you can step into the adjoining shallow lagoon from your patio. Relax in the peaceful, idyllic paradise with gleaming beaches and unparalleled serenity, perfect for a tranquil honeymoon or couples retreat. And while on “the most romantic island in the world,” you absolutely must partake in a couples massage at one of the world-renowned spas. The people of the Islands of Tahiti are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. Delight in their company on your next Journey. Talk to your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your getaway to the Islands of Tahiti now.

Mount Rotui, Moorea

Bora Bora

Ancient Stone Carving, Rainforest of Moorea

Overwater Bungalows & Mount Otemanu

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 8 days/7 nights DAY 1: MOOREA Arrive in the capital, Papeete, and transfer directly to Moorea. This island epitomizes the fabled South Seas paradise: its landscape is a broad brushstroke of mountains, waterfalls, lagoons, beaches, and simple villages. Snorkeling is a can’t-miss experience, but you can simply rest your beach towel on a perfect patch of sand if you prefer.

DAY 7: BORA BORA Ia Orana! (Good morning!) Delight in a breakfast that was delivered to your over-water bungalow by a canoe. Then take a jet-ski tour around the lagoon with a stop on a motu (islet in the lagoon), where you’ll learn how to open a fresh coconut and scrape the pulp to get milk.

DAY 2: MOOREA Your time in Moorea is for relaxation, but a visit to this enchanting island is not complete without taking a short excursion to the Moana Lagoon. Set off on the lagoon and head for the famous Cook’s and Opunohu Bays for an incredible view of the mountains. During the cruise, your guide will attract sharks near the reef for fantastic photos. Then admire the blacktip sharks and caress the stingrays. Tahiti is a destination filled with unique flora and fauna that you must experience.

DAY 8: BORA BORA Depart Bora Bora feeling completely relaxed. Maruru! (Thank you!)

Bora Bora

DAY 3: MOOREA Relax! It’s what Moorea is all about. Day 4: MOOREA/BORA BORA Say goodbye to Moorea as you transfer by short flight to Bora Bora. Surrounded by a lagoon and barrier reef, this island is one of the natural world’s unique creations, dominated by the remnants of an extinct volcano rising to two peaks, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. DAY 5: BORA BORA Tuck a tiare (fragrant white flower) behind your ear — right side if you are single, left if you are taken — pack your pareu (sarong) and swimsuit, and head off to find your own idyllic piece of Polynesian paradise. Bora Bora is the ultimate tropical escape that you will definitely want to make the most of! DAY 6: BORA BORA Wade in the lagoon with the clearest turquoise water you will ever see, marveling at the stingrays and colorful fish, or relax in your over-water bungalow and see the unique marine life through the glass-bottom coffee table. Open the sliding glass tabletop and feed the fish! For this evening, your Travel Butler made reservations at the world-famous Bloody Mary’s. A transfer from your hotel into town will bring you to the restaurant, where you’ll select your meal from a display of the day’s fresh catch.


• Papeete TAHITI

AUSTRALIA Dive into a world of adrenaline-infused adventure, urban sophistication, and unparalleled scenery in the Land Down Under. Explore the incomparable world of Australia and bump into thousands of miles of beaches, subtropical rainforests, sprawling deserts, and modern metropolises bustling with people and a nightlife all its own. Hit the icons in Sydney after learning the ins and outs of this urban paradise from your City Insider; stand awestruck at Ayers Rock and see it transform at dusk, reddened and mythical in the falling light. Also called Uluru, this majestic rock is the second largest monolith in the world and a long-admired and visited site, sacred to several Aboriginal tribes.

Sydney Opera House

You also don’t want to miss the Great Barrier Reef, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, or the Blue Mountains, steeped in Aboriginal cultures with magnificent falls and fantastic hiking opportunities. Step up to the Barron Falls, surrounded by wondrous fauna. Observe the unique wildlife of Australia — kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, and thousands of bird species. In Australia, there’s lots of life. What great barrier is stopping you? You haven’t lived until you’ve lived Australia. Contact a Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Australia Journey now.

Daintree Rainforerst

Twelve Apostles

Ayers Rock, Northern Territory

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 10 days/9 nights DAY 1: SYDNEY Arrive in Sydney and relax, or stroll along Darling Harbour. Meet with your City Insider for a local’s view of this amazing city. Savor dinner as your personal Travel Butler made a reservation for you at a great restaurant! DAY 2: SYDNEY In the morning, board the hop-on/hop-off bus tour of Sydney, a fantastic opportunity to visit some of the city’s most spectacular sights. Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens and Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, where you’ll find one of the best views of Sydney. This evening, head to Woolloomooloo and try one of the amazing restaurants overlooking the harbor. DAY 3: SYDNEY In the morning, head to Sydney Opera House for an exclusive look behind-the-scenes. In the afternoon, climb the world-renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge and view the city from this breathtaking vantage point. In the evening visit Darling Harbor and Kings Wharf, and explore the numerous shops, restaurants, and bars. DAY 4: SYDNEY See Sydney by sea aboard the Harbor Hop-On/Hop-Off boat tour, checking out the coastline and sights while taking in the breathtaking views across the harbor. One of the stops is the world-famous Taronga Zoo. DAY 5: AYERS ROCK In the morning, transfer to the airport for your flight to Ayers Rock. After settling in, you’ll be picked up and taken into the Outback to enjoy the Sounds of Silence dinner under the stars.

DAY 9: PORT DOUGLAS Embark on a tour of the breathtaking Daintree Rainforest, and visit Mossman Gorge. Explore a beautiful freshwater swimming hole (bring your bathing suit and go for a quick dip). Return to Port Douglas for a leisurely evening. DAY 10: PORT DOUGLAS Enjoy breakfast at one of the trendy restaurants in the Wharf and Grant Street dining areas, and then transfer to the airport for your connecting flight home. Have more time? Add on three days in Melbourne.

DAY 1: MELBOURNE After arriving at the airport, you’ll be transferred to your hotel. If time permits, make a beeline for the Queen Victoria Markets just north of the city. Afterwards, head to Southbank for a selection of Melbourne’s best restaurants and bars. DAY 2: MELBOURNE Enjoy the Melbourne tour arranged by your travel consultant. Then visit Phillip Island, about two hours south, where you will witness the famous Penguin Parade. DAY 3: MELBOURNE In the morning, join a tour of the Great Ocean Road, a natural wonder on Victoria’s south coast. Watch the scenery change from the urban sights of Melbourne to rural Victoria on one of the most breathtaking coastal drives in the world.

DAY 6: AYERS ROCK Immerse yourself even deeper into the Outback on a day trip that takes you to not only Ayers Rock but also the Olgas, a series of fascinating natural rock formations. DAY 7: AYERS ROCK / CAIRNS / PORT DOUGLAS Transfer to the airport for your flight to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland, home to the Great Barrier Reef. Transfer to the resort town of Port Douglas, nestled between the rainforest, palm trees, and the golden sands of the Pacific Ocean. DAY 8: PORT DOUGLAS Transfer to the marina for your trip to the Outer Barrier Reef, which you can explore by submarine, glass-bottom boat, snorkeling, and the underwater viewing platform. In the evening, explore Port Douglas and sample local beer and fresh seafood.

• Cairns/Port Douglas

• Ayers Rock

• Sydney • Melbourne

For a fairy tale journey, step into fantastic New Zealand. Nestled in Waitemata Harbour, Auckland is perfectly perched, offering a city experience with gorgeous sights and views. With amazing beaches, sailing, cuisine, a calm pace, and weather good enough for year-round golf, Auckland is the first dreamlike stop in a totally surreal country. Here the art scene is always bustling, and Auckland even boasts amazing galleries, like the Auckland Art Gallery, with great theaters and music dotting the streets. At Rotorua, dip into the Maori culture and hot springs galore. This geothermal bed is home to geysers, lakes, mud pools, breathtaking views, and is another check off this fantastic itinerary. At the capital of Wellington, fill up on the

country’s history at the many museums and memorials, while stopping off at the local opera house and blueberry farm. Then cross over to the South Island for total adventure. In Queenstown, go bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, jetskiing, or paragliding, all while taking in unrivaled views of mountain ranges, lakes, waterfalls, and fiords. With volcanoes, forests, glaciers, beaches, National Parks, unparalleled birdwatching opportunities, and world-class vineyards, New Zealand is the majestic land far, far away made for the adventurer and luxury-seeker both. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your New Zealand Journey!


Lake Tekapo

Champagne Pool, Rotorua

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 11 days/10 nights DAY 1: AUCKLAND You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day is at your leisure, but make sure to stop by the iconic Sky Tower. On a clear day, you can see sights more than 200 miles away. DAY 2: AUCKLAND In the morning, join the Auckland Highlights Tour your travel consultant booked and get a closer look at this amazing city. Plus take a harbor cruise to see the city from a completely different perspective. DAY 3: AUCKLAND / ROTORUA In the morning, pick up a rental car and drive south to the adventure playground of Roturua. Home to an array of geothermal wonders, strong Maori culture, and adventure-based activities, there’s always plenty to do. Join an afternoon City and Lakes Tour. DAY 4: ROTORUA / NAPIER Continue your drive south to Napier, the home of New Zealand wine, where you’ll find the country’s oldest wineries. Explore a city filled with Art Deco style, and don’t miss the Marine Parade, a tree-lined oceanside boulevard.

DAY 9: FRANZ JOSEF GLACIER / QUEENSTOWN In the morning, head south on the winding roads to the action-packed city of Queenstown, launching pad for some of the most adrenaline-filled sports known to man as well as some of the best skiing in the Southern Hemisphere. The afternoon is at your leisure. DAY 10: QUEENSTOWN You will be picked up and taken to a cruise on Milford Sound. One of the most accessible fjords, Milford Sound remains quiet and still, bounded by steep cliffs and dense rainforest. After arriving back to Queenstown, the remainder of the day is at your leisure. DAY 11: QUEENSTOWN Take this morning to visit one of the city’s unique craft markets, shopping for any last-minute gifts, before transfering to the airport for your flight home.

• Auckland

DAY 5: NAPIER / WELLINGTON Continue your drive south to Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city. Your Travel Butler fully prepared you with a complete personalized list of must see and do’s throughout your trip, so spend the day visiting historic museums, memorials, and other amazing sights. DAY 6: WELLINGTON / CHRISTCHURCH In the morning, take the Interislander ferry across the Cook Strait to the South Island, then board the Coastal Pacific train that runs along the seaside to Christchurch. After arriving in Christchurch, the afternoon is at your leisure to explore the city. DAY 7: CHRISTCHURCH / FRANZ JOSEF GLACIER Get on board for one of the most amazing train journeys in the world, the TranzAlpine train that crosses the country through the rugged countryside and mountain ranges. Upon arrival at Greymouth, pick up your rental car and drive south to the village of Franz Josef, gateway to the Franz Josef Glacier. DAY 8: FRANZ JOSEF GLACIER Join the Glacier Valley Walk to see Franz Josef Glacier at its most dynamic. The remainder of the day is at your leisure.

• Rotorua • Napier


• Wellington

Franz Josef Glacier •

Queenstown •

• Christchurch

From diving along sunken shipwrecks, rafting down winding jungle rivers, visiting friendly native villages, and savoring amazing cuisine, Fiji is any paradise you want it to be. With over 300 picturesque islands and islets, colorful reefs, and turquoise waters, Fiji is the adventure seeker’s paradise, boasting ideal conditions for kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, water-skiing, and parasailing. Sail around Fiji’s outer Yasawa Islands, and surf some of the world’s most famous waves.

gentle-giant manta rays and cruise to the limestone caves of Sawa-i-lau for kayaking among breathtaking formations.

While a stay in an overwater bungalow should definitely be on your wish list, consider spending a few nights aboard a small cruise ship and see more of Fiji’s beauty. Trusted vessels sail between the volcanic Yasawa Islands, boasting a new adventure every day. Stop in Drawaqa to search for

Fulfill your wishes by contacting your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your very own Fiji Journey!

Be sure to spend a day with true Fijians in local fishing towns and communities such as Matacawalevu Village, where you can shop in the local market for unique handmade souvenirs. Spend an evening sharing food and stories. Your amazing trip already has you feeling fortunate, so there’s no better time to try your luck at hermit crab racing, a humorous pastime popular among locals and visitors alike.

Viti Levu Island

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 8 days/7 nights DAY 1: DENARAU Arrive in Fiji and transfer to Denarau, an island lined with luxury resorts, and your home for four days. DAY 2: DENARAU Take some time today to explore. A visit to paradise wouldn’t be complete without a quick 30-minute trip to a South Sea Island, booked by your travel consultant. Spend two hours at the island and be back in time for lunch (or maybe a nap). See the stunning underwater world of the Marine Sanctuary that surrounds the islands with its colorful coral and magnificent varieties of fish — and you don’t even have to get wet as you’ll be viewing all of this in the semi-submersible vessel, Coral Explorer, where you sit beneath the surface taking in the sights through large panoramic windows. After this fascinating trip, you can spend some time ashore relaxing. Take a swim or go snorkeling, and enjoy the complimentary drinks on the island. You might even see Nemo! DAY 3: DENARAU Relax! You are in paradise! Get ready for ultimate pampering during your spa day that your Travel Butler arranged at one of Fiji’s world-renowned spas. DAY 4: YASAWA ISLANDS CRUISE Embark today on your four-night Captain Cook cruise aboard the beautiful Reef Endeavour, booked by your travel consultant. Cruise the spectacular Yasawa Islands of Fiji, and explore a new island and coral reef every morning and afternoon. The Yasawa Island cruises have a greater emphasis on water activities, and also showcase the spectacular volcanic islands and dramatic scenery of the northwest coast of the main island. Ni Sa Bula is the magical call of welcome as you board Reef Endeavour for your island adventure. Cruise to Tivua Island over a light lunch and safety briefing, then explore the coral gardens and clam farms. Take a medicine walk through the island before enjoying a South Pacific sunset on your first day at sea. Tonight join the captain and his crew for the Gala Captain’s Dinner. DAY 5: YASAWA ISLANDS CRUISE Start the day naturally with a morning swim & snorkel in an idyllic bay at Drawaqa. You may even see a manta ray. Savor the bounty of a gourmet buffet lunch as you journey to spectacular Naviti Island. Here you’ll see beauty in its original state. Bask in aquamarine waters along white sandy beaches, then play

volleyball, snorkel, swim, or explore the island. This evening, join the festivities and entertainment of a Fijian village at Gunu for a traditional Fijian feast, Lovo, and a cultural performance, Meke. DAY 6: YASAWA ISLANDS CRUISE Discover the legendary grandeur of Sawa-i-lau and the famous limestone caves at your own pace. Swimming in the cave lagoon is a wondrous experience, or you could explore it on an escorted kayak tour. Join a guided walk to the island village with a memorable visit to a local school. Snorkel over spectacular coral gardens, swim in fabled lagoons, or test your fitness with a climb to the peak behind the school on Yasawa Island. Try your luck at crab racing tonight. DAY 7: YASAWA ISLANDS CRUISE Cruise the soaring volcanic peaks of the Yasawas, and visit Matacawalevu village for handicrafts and shell markets. Discover a myriad of fish in the coral reef and laze in the warm sands of Yaqeta. Cruise the spectacular channels to your overnight anchorage at Tivua Island for a tropical buffet dinner followed by yaqona (kava) and talanoa (Fijian story telling). DAY 8: YASAWA ISLANDS CRUISE This morning explore Tivua Island — Captain Cook’s exclusive island. Enjoy a refreshing swim, snorkel, volleyball, or kayak. Return aboard to say farewell to the wistful song of “Isa Lei.”


• Naviti

• Denarau


Thailand is Southeast Asia’s most visited destination, revealing well-kept secrets, lush landscapes, and authentic Thai smiles that will forever be remembered. The country’s natural abundance is a panorama waiting to be explored. Hop on a wooden boat and journey through statuesque limestone cliffs, stunning crystalline waters, and vast rice fields. Take in the striking vistas of rivers meandering around lush jungles and majestic mountains. The Thai culture boasts ancient wonders, scrumptious culinary delights, and fascinating shopping experiences. There are sacred structures dating back centuries, including Bangkok’s Wat Traimit and its five-ton Golden Buddha. Be sure to visit Wat Pho and its famed golden

Reclining Buddha. Savor the best of Thailand’s balance of spicy, sweet, and sour flavors from curry and coconut-milk based dishes in riverside and teak house eateries. Beware, the quiet sands of Nai Harn Beach will make you lose track of time! On the island of Koh Samui, catch your favorite surfing waves at Kata Beach. Thailand’s bustling markets and floating marketplace are where you’ll find the best bargains on traditional handcrafts, jewelry, silk, bronze, clothing, and antiques! Seek relaxation, excitement, and wonder in this captivating country. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Thailand Journey now!

Reclining Buddha

Longtail Boat, Krabi

Wat Non Kum Temple

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 10 days/9 nights DAY 1: BANGKOK Welcome to Bangkok, where you’ll be met at the airport and escorted to your private vehicle transfer. After checking in at your hotel, meet your City Insider in the lobby or at a local café. They will give you the ins and outs of the city, and recommend the perfect restaurant for dinner. DAY 2: BANGKOK Join a private morning tour of Bangkok, including some of the magnificent temples surrounding the city. In the afternoon, visit the Grand Palace and delve deep into Thai history. DAY 3: BANGKOK You’ll be taken to the famous floating markets for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After returning to Bangkok, the afternoon and evening are at your leisure. Take this perfect opportunity to experience one of the city’s rooftop bars or take a ride in a tuk-tuk. DAY 4: BANGKOK / CHIANG MAI Transfer to the airport for your flight to Chiang Mai, the “Rose of the North.” In the afternoon, explore a city where both historical and modern Thai culture coexist side-by-side. DAY 5: CHIANG MAI Experience Thailand’s cultural heartland with a city tour. You’ll be visiting a lot of temples today, so take your Travel Butler’s advice to wear slacks and a shirt with sleeves in respect for the sacred areas. Visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep temple, which overlooks the city from its forested mountain backdrop — an iconic landmark well worth the 290 steps to reach its peak (or you can ascend by railcar). The temple’s pagoda contains many relics and attracts Buddhist pilgrims from across the globe. In the evening, explore the bustling night markets or enjoy the Khantoke dinner show, featuring customary northern-style cuisine combined with cultural folk performances. DAY 6: CHIANG MAI Today, experience another side of northern Thai culture in the hills beyond Chiang Mai. Set off in the morning to a rural village, Ban Mae Klang Luang, just outside of the city. Roll up your sleeves for a handson lesson in the village’s specialty: coffee making! Afterwards, head off on a gentle, two-hour trek along nature trails flanked by stretches of emerald paddy fields and verdant rice terraces. Marvel at Pha Dok Seaw Waterfall and Mae Ya Waterfall before heading back to Chiang Mai for a relaxing afternoon. DAY 7: CHIANG MAI / KOH SAMUI Transfer to the airport for your flight to idyllic Koh Samui, a stunning island oasis.

DAY 8: KOH SAMUI Visit cultural sites and coconut plantations of Koh Samui during the day, and in the evening, sample a variety of snacks at the night market. Learn the art of seasoning noodle dishes with sugar and chili, and then taste some traditional Thai desserts. After dinner, end your culinary adventure with a beer at one of Samui’s beach bars. DAY 9: KOH SAMUI Visit Angthong Marine Park, which consists of 40 spectacular islands rising from the blue seas. There will be time for snorkeling, swimming, and kayaking. Lunch and soft drinks are included. DAY 10: KOH SAMUI Pamper yourself at one of the island’s many day spas. In the evening, dine at one of the hundreds of restaurants and food stands along Koh Samui’s beaches — a perfect way to enjoy the sunset. Transfer to the airport for your departing evening flight.



Bangkok •

• Koh Samui



VIETNAM Motorbikes zip along beside modern luxury vehicles, and natural wonders mingle with modern cityscapes — Vietnam is a country of contrasts, a destination filled with unique cities and a character all its own.

In Hanoi, step into a city with a big history, teeming with beautiful lakes, amazing colonial-style architecture, and bustling markets dotted with street vendors offering up delectable cuisine unique to the region. In Danang, experience the remnants of American and French cultures, both intermingling with the culturally strong Vietnamese personality, and suntan by one of Vietnam’s most stunning beaches. Experience Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest metropolis, filled with pagodas, parks, coffee shops, a

stunning opera house, and historically relevant icons, like the Hotel Continental and the Reunification Palace. Arboretums, markets, museums, parks, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, hot springs, temples — Vietnam holds a history unmatched and boasts a country with a people looking straight ahead into a bright future. This is a destination truly offering an eclectic array of things to do and see, and it will all have the glow of history mixed with the shine of modern times. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Vietnam Journey now!

Dragon Bridge, Da Nang

Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels

Dai Nam Temple

Halong Bay

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 8 days/7 nights DAY 1: HANOI Arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, and a private transfer will take you to your hotel. Dive into the sights and smells of the city on your private afternoon tour, booked by your travel consultant. Famous for its lakes and parks, tree-lined boulevards, and Belle Époque villas, the city will fascinate you with its colonial delights. Your Travel Butler prepared you with great restaurant recommendations based on your itinerary, so feast on a range of traditional Vietnamese dishes tonight! DAY 2: HANOI Head to the coastal port of Halong by private transfer. Upon arrival, board your boat and set off on your cruise. The archipelago of Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site comprising almost 2,000 islands and jungle-clad limestone pillars. Set sail and cruise to Dao Tung Lam Bay, where you’ll enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the world’s most iconic landscapes. Take time to marvel at the huge limestone karsts rising from the calm waters before arriving at Paradise Cave, a huge grotto of stalactites and stalagmites. There’s plenty of time to relax on the junk’s sundeck and sip a cocktail or two before you return to Tuan Chua Marina and catch your transfer back to Hanoi, arriving in the early evening. See the beauty of Ha Long Bay from above by upgrading to a seaplane transfer.

DAY 6: DA NANG / HO CHI MINH CITY Transfer to the airport for your flight to Ho Chi Minh City. Formerly the French Imperial city of Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City has transformed into a vibrant metropolis. After checking in at your hotel, a private guide will take you to experience the fascinating diversity this city has to offer. Visit the former presidential palace, the history museum, the Neo-Romanesque Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Post Office, designed by Gustave Eiffel. Finish your tour with a stop at Dong Khoi Street, an unforgettable boutique shopper’s paradise. DAY 7: HO CHI MINH CITY Your private guide today will help you explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, a 75-mile-long labyrinth where the Viet Cong hid and based military actions during the Vietnam War. Your afternoon and evening are at leisure. DAY 8: HO CHI MINH CITY Finish your Journey with a bite of pho, a Vietnamese staple. Then, depart Ho Chi Minh by private transfer for the airport. CHINA • Hanoi LAOS

DAY 3: HANOI / DA NANG Transfer to the airport for your flight to Da Nang, where your private transfer will take you to your beachside resort. Spend the afternoon at leisure, enjoying Vietnam’s most beautiful beach. DAY 4: DA NANG Take a day at leisure to explore famous China Beach, ideal for sunning, swimming, and surfing. DAY 5: DA NANG Take a Private Hoi An Cooking Class, which was arranged by your travel consultant. Visit Hoi An’s colorful market and learn about traditional Vietnamese ingredients. Then watch as a chef demonstrates the dish first before you prepare the meal yourself! In the afternoon, relax on the beach back in Da Nang.


• Da Nang



Rising out of the mists of Southeast Asia, the once hidden gems of Cambodia and Laos have been revealed as unique and awe-inspiring destinations for travel enthusiasts. Ancient temples dot endless emerald landscapes, creating the feeling of being pulled into the pages of an adventure novel. Channel your inner explorer and step back in time to the Angkorian period through the remains of grand Khmer temples and cities. Watching the sun rise over Cambodia’s Angkor Wat is well worth the early morning start. Experience the warmth of Cambodian hospitality through flavorful cuisine and bustling markets in its capital, Phnom Penh, and discover the country’s true treasure, its welcoming people.

Continue to laid-back Laos and get off the grid in Indochina’s least Westernized region. Not only will you appreciate its authenticity, but you’ll marvel at untouched forests and massive limestone formations. Enjoy the social scene of Luang Prabang before heading to the countryside to explore the historic Vieng Xai Caves, diverse wildlife, and ethnic villages. Cambodia and Laos is a never-ending treat to the senses, and be sure to take a breather and have an ice-cold Beerlao by the Mekong River.

Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Cambodia and Laos Journey!

Reclining Buddha, Laos

Angkor Thom, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Pak Ou Buddha Caves, Laos

Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 12 days/11 nights DAY 1: SIEM REAP Check-in to your hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia, a popular tourism destination due to its proximity to the Angkor temples. DAY 2: SIEM REAP Visit Wat Athvea, a pagoda on the site of an ancient temple. Afterwards, stop by the active Wat and receive a personal monk blessing before continuing on to a local market and a development project that teaches stone carving, wood carving, and lacquer application. DAY 3: SIEM REAP Your Travel Butler insisted that there’s nothing more breathtaking than watching the sun rise over Cambodia’s temples. Get up early to experience dawn at Angkor Wat. Afterwards, visit the monumental Angkor Thom, the last capital of the great Khmer Empire. DAYS 4: MEKONG RIVER CRUISE Depart Siem Reap on a cruise booked by your travel consultant. Sail on a boutique ship via the Mekong River. DAYS 5: MEKONG RIVER CRUISE Start your day with an invigorating Tai Chi lesson on the sundeck. Disembark for a short bus trip to see Khmer-style pottery, the wetlands, floating houses, and fish farms in the region before reaching Kampong Cham. Take part in an ox cart rally before learning about the Heritage Line pro bono literacy project. DAYS 6: MEKONG RIVER CRUISE Embark on a land journey to the pre-Angkorian temple of Wat Hanchey. Take a taxi or climb 303 steps to the top for breathtaking views before returning to the ship for a blessing ceremony performed by orange-clad monks. Finish the evening sailing towards Kampong Cham and Wat Nokor.

DAY 10: LUANG PRABANG Visit Wat Xieng Thong, Wat Visoun, and Wat Aham. Continue to the National Museum and Wat Mai. Head out to Had Hien, a blacksmith village that produces knives used by local farmers and villagers. Continue to Ban Xiang Khong, known for traditional Sa paper-making and weaving. Then stroll through the H’mong Market for handicrafts, and climb to the top of Phou Sii Hill for impressive views. DAY 11: LUANG PRABANG At dawn, hundreds of saffron-robed monks take to the streets to collect alms (offerings of food). Learn the background behind this ritual from your guide and have a chance to make “merit” (and thereby achieve spiritual redemption). Then begin a relaxing cruise on the Mekong to visit the sacred Pak Ou Buddha Caves. En-route, stop at Ban Xanghai village to taste Lao rice wine. After exploring the caves, journey back to Luang Prabang. Transfer to a private vehicle and drive to Ban Phanom, a weaving village populated by Lu. DAY 12: LUANG PRABANG Depart for the airport, or consider continuing along the Mekong River into Thailand. Either way, you’ll remember this sparkling cultural gem for a long time to come. CHINA • Luang Prabang LAOS

DAYS 7: MEKONG RIVER CRUISE Disembark after breakfast and head into Phnom Penh. DAY 8: PHNOM PENH Visit The Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda on a tour booked by your travel consultant. Continue to the National Museum, the world’s largest collection of Khmer art sculptures, ceramics, and bronzes. Enjoy a shopping experience at Toul Tom Pong Market. Then visit the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and Cheung Ek, the best-known of the Khmer Rouge’s notorious “Killing Fields,” and now a memorial site. DAY 9: PHNOM PENH / LUANG PRABANG Transfer to Luang Prabang, Laos.


Siem Reap •


Phnom Penh •


Earthy and exotic, the great “world city” of Hong Kong is an island of legend, myth, mystery — and shopping! Once you’ve seen the awesome sights — the iconic towering skyline by day and night, the giant Tian Tan Buddha, the view from atop Victoria Peak, the neon whirlwind of Mongkok — then it’s time to seek out fashions, electronics, wristwatches, jewelry, all without sales tax. A former British colony, Hong Kong retains a lasting British influence, including place names, institutions, physical environment, and, not least, the language.

entertainment, island seclusion, and modern discoveries. And those are just a few of the reasons why nature-lovers, party-goers, foodies, and history buffs flock to a place that truly offers it all! Expect to fall in love with Tokyo as you’re strolling through the Ginza, a Times Square lookalike. Explore street stalls and flashing billboards, and delve into the spiritual past in a 7th-century temple. Learn the art of flower arranging and the artistic culture of tea ceremonies. Browse through high-end malls, then retreat to quiet meditation in a majestic Zen garden.

In Japan, discover a poetic neon-lit nation of contrasts and extremes while traversing villages, islands, and cities. Japan graces its visitors with natural beauty, world-class

Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Hong Kong-Tokyo Journey now!

Imperial Palace, Tokyo

Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

View of Mount Fuji, Japan

Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 8 days/7 nights DAY 1: HONG KONG Arrive into the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong. DAY 2: HONG KONG Visit Victoria Peak for mesmerizing views over skyscrapers, bays and islands. Then head over to the bustling Stanley Market before discovering Aberdeen Fishing Village, home to rows of old-fashioned junks and houseboats. DAY 3: HONG KONG Take a ferry across to Kowloon. Your consultant has booked you on a great food tour! Eat your way through Kowloon the way the locals do, sampling the neighborhood’s most beloved dishes. Sit side-by-side with locals at family-run diners, street food stalls, and food centers, and learn how to order your dishes in Cantonese. DAY 4: HONG KONG Ride the Ngong Ping 360 cable car to Lantua Island to see the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. DAY 5: HONG KONG / TOKYO Depart Hong Kong International Airport. Arrive in Tokyo and meet your City Insider at your hotel or at a local café. Stop by some of the sights they recommended and eat at one of the restaurants for dinner. DAY 6: TOKYO Your day begins with a trip to the observation deck of Tokyo Tower, where you can see the landscape of this enormous city, across Tokyo Bay and as far as Mount Fuji. The next stop is the peaceful Meiji Shrine, where you’ll learn about Shintoism, the ancient religion of Japan, and enjoy respite under a blanket of evergreen trees that spans 175 acres. Continue to the Imperial Palace East Garden through Akasaka Guest House, a magnificent palace built in the Baroque style, and to the National Diet Building (national legislature). Stroll around the Imperial Palace Plaza, where you can savor the splendid view of the moats and walls around the seat of Japan’s imperial household. After enjoying Japanese-style lunch, visit Hama-Rikyu Gardens, a typical daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) garden of the Edo period. Next, take a cruise on the Sumida River from the Port of Tokyo to Asakusa in Old Tokyo. Stroll the Nakamise shopping street to the Senso-ji, one of the finest Buddhist temples in Japan. Afterwards, you’re free to return to Nakamise for market shopping and to spend the evening at leisure.

DAY 7: TOKYO Today begins early with a visit to Tsukiji, the world’s largest fish market. Then, you have free time for lunch, where you may wish to experience sushi at its freshest or venture into nearby Ginza for retail therapy at Tokyo’s most famous department stores. You’ll shop like a pro thanks to your Travel Butler, who informed you that in Japan, you need to place your payment on a counter tray, as handing money directly is considered bad manners. In the afternoon, you’ll take in three of Tokyo’s centers of youth fashion and pop culture, beginning with Shibuya, followed by Harajuku (goth, punk, and other fashions) with its pedestrian-only Takeshita Dori (Cat Street), and Akihabara, originally famous for its many electronics shops and now center of anime and manga culture. Finally, enjoy some coffee or tea in one of Tokyo’s famous “maid cafés,” where the waitresses dress up and act like maids. DAY 8: TOKYO After enjoying one last sushi meal, depart Tokyo.


• Hong Kong

• Tokyo

Dive headfirst into a full-throttle Dubai experience. With desert adventures, intense water sports opportunities, safari tours, and a distinctive and bustling nightlife, Dubai is certainly fast-paced. There’s also world-class golf, beaches (with almost perpetual sunshine), high-end dining, amazing shopping — like at the famed Mall of the Emirates — and unrivaled sights and landmarks. The unique Burj Al Arab stands sail-shaped in the sky, and the Burj Al Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world, is perhaps the very first space-scraper. Its futuristic design is a true symbol of this sun-splashed city, a metropolis with deep roots and traditions with a hopeful eye towards its bright future.

this paradise made up of over 1,000 coral islands is one prolonged retreat into total relaxation. Take a therapeutic plunge into complete spa seclusion. No matter how far inland you may go in the Maldives, you are always close by a pristine beach looking out onto the immaculate waters of the Indian Ocean. With fast-paced excursions and relaxing retreats, this Journey is monumental and awe-inspiring. Contact a Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Dubai & Maldives Journey now.

After a fun-filled city experience, the mythical Maldives is nearby. Unparalleled beaches, coral reefs, blue lagoons —

Maldives Resort

Snorkeling in Maldives

Camel Riding in Dubai


SUGGESTED ITINERARY 9 days/8 nights DAY 1: DUBAI Arrive in Dubai feeling great — your Travel Butler provided key tips in overcoming jet lag! In the evening, head to the Mall of Emirates to indulge in some world-class shopping and even indoor skiing. Make sure to check out the penguin encounter. DAY 2: DUBAI In the morning, embark on a Traditional Dubai City Tour, booked by your travel consultant. On this excursion, you’ll hear a fascinating history of Dubai. Visit Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s landmark hotel, and then venture past modern palaces to end up in the gold and spice souks of Dubai. Make sure you barter! DAY 3: DUBAI Spend the day at your leisure. Head back to the Mall of Emirates to explore the upscale boutiques but make sure to visit the observation deck at Burj Al Khalifa, the tallest structure in the world. In the afternoon, leave the city for the desert on a Sundowner Dune Safari Tour that your travel consultant booked. Ride in a 4x4 vehicle though the desert, watch the sunset, ride a camel, and enjoy dinner in Bedouin tents while watching belly dancers. DAY 4: DUBAI / MALDIVES Leave Dubai and fly to Maldives.

DAY 8: MALDIVES You’re on vacation. Unwind in complete serenity and soak up the sun’s warm rays. DAY 9: MALDIVES Indulge with breakfast in your private over-water bungalow and soak up some final moments of R&R before you depart for home.



Dubai •





DAY 5: Relax and rejuvenate in an unparalleled powdery paradise where you’ll find soft sands, crystal-clear waters, and impeccable service. DAY 6: MALDIVES Harmonize your mind, body, and spirit by plunging into a sensory journey in an overwater spa palapa with therapeutic rituals. The setting could not be more relaxing with the hypnotic Maldivian waters as your backdrop. DAY 7: MALDIVES Snorkel right off your private terrace and dip into the Tiffany-blue waters amid tropical marine life and some of the planet’s most mesmerizing coral reefs.

• Maldives

Step into a Peruvian dream. A country brimming in myth and history, Peru also showcases mouthwatering gastronomy and a luxury all its own. Get a sense of Peru’s amazing and mythical past by dipping into its ancient Inca culture — from Cuzco City, the historical capital of the Inca Empire, to the world-famous and stillmysterious geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines. No trip to Peru is complete without seeing Machu Picchu, the sprawling ancient citadel offering spectacular panoramic views of the lush green landscape and mountaintops piercing soft, white clouds in the sky. Visit iridescent islands like those around Lake Titicaca, another sacred area for the Inca civilization, filled with ancient ruins while also boasting some of the bluest skies and stillest blue waters in the world.

At Ballestas Islands, brush up with sea lions, pelicans, penguins, and other marine life. Walk the cobblestone roads to extraordinary monasteries, museums, and unrivaled hiking, surfing, and birdwatching opportunities. Relax after journey-filled days with a Peruvian classic pisco sour and some ceviche — all flavors spritzed with a citrusy tang that will be as sweet and enchanting as your voyage through the captivating terrain of Peru. Contact your Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your Peru Journey!

Basilica Cathedral, Lima

Ballestas Islands

Lake Titicaca

Machu Picchu

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 11 days/10 nights DAY 1: LIMA Your journey begins as you board your overnight flight to Lima, Peru. Before you leave, make sure you pack those comfortable hiking shoes your Travel Butler suggested you bring in order to conquer Peru’s ever changing and fascinating terrains.

Domingo Monastery, the nearby Inca baths of Tambomachay, and the semi-circular Kenko Amphitheater. See the ancient site of Puca Pucara before reaching the Temple of Sacsayhuaman, or “House of the Sun,” perched on a hillside overlooking Cuzco.

DAY 2: LIMA After a leisurely morning, embark on a city tour of Lima, booked by your travel consultant. Start at the Plaza de Armas and visit the Cathedral, where the skeleton of Francisco Pizarro is sealed in a wooden coffin. Stroll to the venerable San Francisco Monastery, with its splendid 17th-century cloister murals. Finish this full-day tour at Lima’s famous Herrera Museum.

DAY 9: CUZCO / PUNO Travel to Puno and relax with an afternoon at leisure.

DAY 3: LIMA / PISCO – NAZCA LINES This day, discover the countryside with a scenic drive south along the Pan American Highway to the town of Pisco. Here, board an aircraft for a bird’s-eye view of the Nazca Lines, a series of animals and geometric figures etched into the parched soil. DAY 4: BALLESTAS ISLAND CRUISE / LIMA Take a cruise out to the Ballestas Islands in order to see the wide variety of sea mammals and exotic birds native to Peru. DAY 5: LIMA / CUZCO – PISAC Depart for a flight to Cuzco in the morning. Upon arrival, proceed to the fortress village of Pisac, an old mountain village. Make sure to stroll through the city center to browse the many colorful stalls. DAY 6: SACRED VALLEY / MACHU PICCHU Board a train this morning for a short journey into the lush Urubamba Valley, or Sacred Valley, before starting your ascent to legendary Machu Picchu. Explore this ancient city with a local guide. DAY 7: MACHU PICCHU / CUZCO Today, stroll through the charming village of Aguas Calientes, or wander Machu Picchu, this time at your own pace. Return to Cuzco aboard the “Inca Train” while you sip a cup of tea and enjoy panoramic views of the Urubamba Valley. DAY 8: CUZCO Learn more about the Incas and their struggle with the invading Spaniards by visiting the imposing Cathedral, the Santo

DAY 10: PUNO / LAKE TITICACA / PUNO Enjoy an excursion by boat to Uros and Taquile Islands on Lake Titicaca. This full-day excursion, booked by your travel consultant, will take you to the highest navigable lake in the world to the floating islands of the Uros Indians, which were created by tying totora reeds. Continue to Taquile, where a native community of about 400 families still lives traditionally as the Incas lived centuries ago. Taquile is a very important site on Lake Titicaca for its archeological remains, the sacred and ceremonial sites, the festive activities, and their rituals. DAY 11: PUNO / LIMA Today, drive to Juliaca Airport to board your flight to Lima. Later in the day, transfer to the airport for your flight home. NOTE: Maximum elevation on tour: 13,000 ft. Talk to your travel consultant about expanding your Journey with a Galapagos Islands Cruise.



• Lima

• Cuzco • Puno


SOUTH AFRICA Globetrotters are eagerly trekking to South Africa in search of the “Big Five”— and we’re not only referring to the elusive safari favorites. While big game spotting is definitely the main appeal, tenacious eco-adventures, sophisticated cities, affordable luxury, and a friendly diverse culture adds to the allure. South Africa’s enthralling metropolises continue to grow their thriving culinary, entertainment, and tourism scenes. Johannesburg is ideal for night owls in search of vibrant night life, and the city’s innovative fashion industry has created a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The sublime combination of natural wonder and urban adventure awaits in Cape Town. From the endless views at the top of Table Mountain to staring contests with great

white sharks to rolling vistas of surrounding wineries, it’s clear to see why the Mother City is the apple of South Africa’s eye.

With over 800 reserves including 19 National Parks, South Africa is a global leader in responsible tourism and offers some of the best wildlife watching experiences in the world. A safari through Kruger National Park is a must-do. The region’s largest national park is home to the aforementioned and renowned “Big Five,” lions, buffalo, leopards, rhino, and elephants. See them all on your next Journey. Get going on your next big adventure and contact a Liberty Travel consultant at 1.888.300.7310, or visit one of our stores or to start planning your South Africa Journey.


Cape Town

Cape Penninsula

SUGGESTED ITINERARY 9 days/8 nights DAY 1: JOHANNESBURG Welcome to Johannesburg! You’ll be greeted at the airport and transferred to your hotel. The rest of the day is yours to unwind. Head to Mandela Square per your Travel Butler’s suggestion, for some of the best shopping in South Africa. Pick up some beautifully crafted souvenirs and fashionable South African couture, before indulging in authentic cuisine at a restaurant your Travel Butler reserved for you. DAY 2: SOWETO / KRUGER NATIONAL PARK Enjoy an insightful morning tour of Soweto! Soweto is a vibrant city that’s considered to be the New South Africa but still openly bears the scars of the apartheid era. Afterwards, you’ll be transferred to the airport for your departing flight to Kruger National Park and then taken to your hotel. DAYS 3 – 5: KRUGER NATIONAL PARK Using your hotel as a base, find out how many of the “Big Five” (lions, elephants, buffalo, leopards, and rhinos) you can see in the world-renowned Kruger National Park, a wildlife experience like no other! Kruger National Park houses a fascinating number of species of trees, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Take a drive your travel consultant booked for you, and in between the game drives, savor local cuisine paired with unique South African wines, or simply relax by the pool. DAY 6: KRUGER NATIONAL PARK / CAPE TOWN This morning you will be picked up and transferred to the airport for your flight to Cape Town. After arriving, you’ll be greeted and transferred to your hotel. The remainder of the day will be at your leisure. Later in the evening, you can head down to the famous V&A Waterfront to mix with the locals and sample the incredibly fresh seafood brought in on the boats every day. DAY 7: CAPE TOWN Enjoy an extraordinary in-depth city tour of South Africa, booked by your travel consultant. The tour begins with a trip up to Table Mountain, the jewel of Cape Town, include the Malay Quarter, City Centre, Company Gardens, and Castle of Good Hope, as well as other spectacular highlights of Cape Town. The evening is yours at leisure. You can venture into the city to pamper your taste buds with flavorful dishes from Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia.

DAY 8: CAPE TOWN Start the morning with a visit to Robben Island, which once served as a place of banishment, isolation, and imprisonment between the 17th and 20th centuries, and also where Nelson Mandela spent many years as a political prisoner. You’ll tour this museum, now a World Heritage Site, for a poignant reminder of the price paid for freedom. The afternoon is yours to explore your last day in Cape Town. Be sure to sample traditional biltong, a cured meat snack that’s very popular amongst the locals! DAY 9: CAPE TOWN This morning you bid South Africa farewell as you transfer to the airport for your departure.



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