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Central Graduates 262 4,000 Pack Bethany for Graduation Ceremony

Class Entered High School at Beginning of School System

What Would Happen If You Really Gave Your Best?

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s not often that a Central High School student has the last word on the principal. But valedictorian Tyler Wales did Monday night, and his dad, Central High principal Bob Wales, was loving every bit of it.

2011 Valedictorian, Central High School

Thank you all for being here. For those of you who don’t already know, Mr. Wales — or Baldy — is my father, so I could start weeping at any moment! Architect Harold Taylor once said that “The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become.” The best... What is our best? I ask you, what is your best? Is it 100 percent? 90 percent? 110 percent? 2 percent? I admit, sometimes my best was just enough to get by. We’ve all done it. We’re satisfied with giving our best, even if we could

Photo by Woody Jenkins

Tyler Wales

CENTRAL — Nearly 4,000 people packed Bethany World Prayer Center Monday night for Central High School graduation ceremonies. A total of 262 seniors received diplomas. Valedictorian Tyler Wales and salutatorian Jonathan Hooper addressed the assembly, as did Supt. Mike Faulk. To see a Giant Photo Album of the event, go to Related articles on Pages 1-4, 20 Join Central City News on

Get Latest News Updates Jacob Lesage of Central High

WE DID IT — Amy Coward, Kay Rawls, and Caleb Leger celebrate at Central graduation.

Beyond the Numbers: Seniors of 2011 Value Faith and Family

Central High Class of 2011 by the Numbers $4 Million in Scholarships

Top 20

High School in LA

358 Hours of College Credit


Nat’l Merit Scholar

Mayor Names IBTS City Services Contractor See A RARE on Page 2

Low Bidder IBTS Evaluated as Best By Advisory Body Woody Jenkins

Editor, Central City News

Photo by Woody Jenkins

CENTRAL — The Institute for Building Technology & Safety (IBTS) has won the City of Central’s City Services contract, the Mayor’s Committee on City Services decided at a meeting last Tuesday night. Mayor Mac Watts confirmed their decision and presented it to the Central City Council last Thursday. Now IBTS and the City of Central are working on details of the contract and the transition, which is supposed to occur July 1. CH2MHILL, the $6 billion international corporation based in ENJOYING Festival of Two Rivers at St. Alphonsus were Dianne, Anne, and Keith Talbot.

Denver, Colorado, which has provided City Services since 2008, was expected to receive the contract. Central is the only city in Louisiana that has completely privatized all city services. The committee adopted a system for rating the four bidders in eight different categories — Type of Organization, Years of David Ratcliff will be E x p e r i e n c e , program manager for I n f o r m a t i o n IBTS in Central Technology, Emergency Response, Price, Relevant Experience, Staff, and Transition. IBTS, a non-profit organization founded by the National Governors Association, had the highest point totals among the four bidders See CITY on Page 15

2 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Rare Joy: Son Is Valedictorian

(Left to right) Jim Lloyd, David Prescott, and Central High principal Bob Wales

Photos by Woody Jenkins

Continued from Page 1 have given more. We can’t let that be the standard. “Good enough” isn’t good enough. Sure, we can celebrate progress during times such as these, but our work here isn’t done. We can never be satisfied with our best. We must continually define our best, and be better. Colossians 3:23-24 states that “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” God calls us to do our best, and He has given us the means to do so. Wilt Chamberlain scored 78 points against the Lakers in 1961 to set the single game NBA scoring record. He wasn’t content. Three months later, he scored 100 points — the century mark. Had he been satisfied with 78, his record would have been taken down by Kobe Bryant in 2006. Wilt Chamberlain’s record still stands and will likely never be broken. It has been said that the Class of 2011 is the best to ever go through Central High School. I agree. We have done great things and have set a great example to the underclassmen. In our class, we have star scholars, athletes, and artists. We have battled the forces of nature and society to be where we are today. People said we just couldn’t do it. They said Central wasn’t meant to win, wasn’t meant to succeed. Well, we sure showed them! In academics, we shot to the top of the state with our test scores. Our Quiz Bowl and Mu Alpha Theta teams defied all odds while our DECA and Beta clubs performed well, and our Robotics team continues to improve. Through the College Board Advanced Placement program, we have earned 104 hours of college credit and counting. A few of my classmates earned additional college credit hours during LSU’s Spring Invitational Program. For their efforts, Central High School was awarded the Spring Invitational Golden Achievement Award. In athletics, our football team showed the rest of the state what Central is all about. They said we weren’t supposed to win district; but hey, stub-

PRINCIPAL BOB WALES was all-smiles Monday night and took some good-natured ribbing from his son, Tyler Wales, the Valedictorian of the 262-member senior class.

born us, we did! Our track team is developing into one of the most dominant in the state, and our band and spirit groups continue to garner superior ratings. Along our high school journey, we had outstanding teachers, coaches, and mentors, and I thank them all. I share the opinion of Docus Rocus and many others here today: Education is the best profession in the world. Without teachers, how would any other profession come about? I thank the administration for leading Central High School to where it is today; the school board and superintendent for giving us the resources

we needed to succeed; Mr. Brown, Ms. Nicki, and the janitorial staff for keeping our school in top shape; the lunch ladies for keeping us alive and nourished; and the entire Central community for supporting our education. I give many thanks to the parents, family, and friends that have served as role models and supported us. I have admired the characteristics of all of the people that have led me through high school — the communicativeness of Mr. Corley, the care of Ms. deLeon, the character of Coach Simoneaux, the craftiness of Mr. Jones, the wisdom of Rev. Coach Pastor Mister Steve Johnson, the discipline of

Doc Johnson, the intelligence of Ms. Younger, the passion of Mr. Anderson, the knowledge of Mr. Mitchell, the leadership of my dad, and many others. Most of all, I thank Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior for giving us this community, this state, this country, this education, and His unconditional love and forgiveness that we do not deserve. To those still in school, cherish and make the most of every moment. Please. You don’t know what I’d give to listen to another of Mr. Mitchell’s lectures, eat another school lunch, or swim one more time for Coach Anderson. I pray that you continue to better this amazing school and community. To the Class of 2011, we had a great run, but the race is not over. It’s time to pick up the pace. Finally, I would like to leave you with this quote by Mother Teresa: People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you succeed, you will win some false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway. If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight. Build anyway. If you find serenity and happiness, others may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough for some people. Give the world your best anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway. Let’s promise to represent our community, family, and God as we embark on our next journey. Let’s get out there, do our best, and then some. Let’s do work! Thank you. Editor’s Note: Research has disclosed that “Docus Rocus” is a nickname for legendary Central High teacher Doc Johnson.

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Central SchoolsтАЩ 1st Four Years CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 3




Central Community School System

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яАа яБГяБЙяБФяБЩяАаяБПяБЖяАаяБГяБЕяБОяБФяБТяББяБМяАаяВЦяАаяБФяБияБеяАаяБжяБпяБ╡яБ▓яАаяБ░яБ╡яБвяБмяБйяБгяАа яБ│яБгяБияБпяБпяБмяБ│яАаяБйяБояАаяБ┤яБияБеяАаяБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАаяБГяБпяБняБняБ╡яБояБйяБ┤яБ╣яАа 6FKRRO 6\VWHP RI├АFLDOO\ RSHQHG яБ┤яБияБеяБйяБ▓яАа яБдяБпяБпяБ▓яБ│яАа яБНяБпяБояБдяБбяБ╣яАа яБняБпяБ▓яБояБйяБояБзяАмяАа яБбяБояБдяАа яБ┤яБияБпяБ╡яБ│яБбяБояБдяБ│яАа яБпяБжяАа яБ╣яБпяБ╡яБояБзяБ│яБ┤яБеяБ▓яБ│яАа яБ░яБпяБ╡яБ▓яБеяБдяАа яБйяБояБ┤яБпяАа яБгяБмяБбяБ│яБ│яБ▓яБпяБпяБняБ│яАа яВЧяАа яБняБбяБ▓яБляБйяБояБзяАа яБ┤яБияБеяАа ├АUVW WLPH LQ  \HDUV WKDW &HQWUDO яБияБбяБ│яАаяБияБбяБдяАаяБояБеяБйяБзяБияБвяБпяБ▓яБияБпяБпяБдяАаяБ│яБгяБияБпяБпяБмяБ│яАо  ,W ZDV WKH ├АUVW WLPH LQ KLVWRU\ яБ┤яБияБбяБ┤яАа яБ┤яБияБеяАа яБ░яБеяБпяБ░яБмяБеяАа яБпяБжяАа яБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБияБбяБ╢яБеяАа яБзяБпяБ╢яБеяБ▓яБояБеяБдяАаяБ┤яБияБеяБйяБ▓яАаяБпяБ╖яБояАаяБ│яБгяБияБпяБпяБмяАаяБ│яБ╣яБ│яБ┤яБеяБняАо яАа яБЧяБйяБ┤яБияАаяБбяАаяБвяБ╡яБдяБзяБеяБ┤яАаяБпяБжяАаяАдяА▓яА▓яАаяБняБйяБмяБмяБйяБпяБояАаяБбяБояБдяАа PRUHWKDQVWXGHQWVWKH&HQяАн яБРяБияБпяБ┤яБпяАаяБвяБ╣яАаяБЧяБпяБпяБдяБ╣яАаяБКяБеяБояБляБйяБояБ│


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яБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАмяАаяБГяБпяБняБеяАаяБ┤яБпяАаяБВяБ╡яБжяБжяБбяБмяБпяАаяБЖяБеяБ│яБ┤яАаяББяБ╡яБзяАояАаяА▓яА│яАняА▓яА╡яАб яАа яБГяБЙяБФяБЩяАа яБПяБЖяАа яБГяБЕяБОяБФяБТяББяБМяАа яВЦяАа яБВяБбяБляБеяБ▓яАа яБНяБбяБ╣яБпяБ▓яАа яБИяБбяБ▓яБпяБмяБдяАаяБТяБйяБдяБеяБбяБ╡яАаяБияБбяБ│яАаяБйяБ│яБ│яБ╡яБеяБдяАаяБбяАаяБ│яБ░яБеяБгяБйяБбяБмяАа яБйяБояБ╢яБйяБ┤яБбяБ┤яБйяБпяБояАаяБ┤яБпяАаяБ┤яБияБеяАаяБ░яБеяБпяБ░яБмяБеяАаяБпяБжяАаяБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБ┤яБпяАаяБбяБ┤яБ┤яБеяБояБдяАаяБ┤яБияБеяАаяБбяБояБояБ╡яБбяБмяАаяБЗяБ▓яБеяБбяБ┤яАаяББяБняБеяБ▓яБйяАн яБгяБбяБояАа яБИяБпяБняБеяБ┤яБпяБ╖яБояАа яБВяБбяБляБеяБ▓яАа яБВяБ╡яБжяБжяБбяБмяБпяАа )HVWLYDO QH[W 7KXUVGD\ $XJ  WKURXJK6DWXUGD\$XJDW&LW\ яБИяБбяБмяБмяАаяБРяБбяБ▓яБляАаяБпяБояАаяБЗяБ▓яБпяБпяБняАаяБТяБпяБбяБдяАо яАа яВУяБЧяБеяВТяБ▓яБеяАа яБияБбяБ╢яБйяБояБзяАа яБ┤яБияБ▓яБеяБеяАа яБдяБбяБ╣яБ│яАа яБпяБжяАа

яБжяБбяБняБйяБмяБ╣яАа яБжяБ╡яБояАмяАа яБбяБояБдяАа яБ╖яБеяАа яБ╖яБбяБояБ┤яАа яБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБ╖яБйяБ┤яБияАаяБ╡яБ│яАмяВФяАаяБНяБбяБ╣яБпяБ▓яАаяБТяБйяБдяБеяБбяБ╡яАаяБ│яБбяБйяБдяАояАаяАа яАа яБФяБияБеяАа яБжяБеяБ│яБ┤яБйяБ╢яБбяБмяАа яБвяБеяБзяБйяБояБ│яАа яБФяБияБ╡яБ▓яБ│яБдяБбяБ╣яАа IURP  WR  SP DQG FRQWLQXHV )ULGD\IURPWRSPDQGDOOGD\ яБпяБояАа яБУяБбяБ┤яБ╡яБ▓яБдяБбяБ╣яАояАа яАа яББяБгяБ┤яБйяБ╢яБйяБ┤яБйяБеяБ│яАа яБйяБояБгяБмяБ╡яБдяБеяАа яБ┤яБияБеяАаяБгяБбяБ▓яБояБйяБ╢яБбяБмяАмяАаяБзяБбяБняБеяБ│яАмяАаяБжяБпяБпяБдяАмяАаяБвяБпяБ╕яБйяБояБзяАмяАа яБняБ╡яБ│яБйяБгяАмяАаяБбяБ▓яБ┤яБ│яАмяАаяБгяБ▓яБбяБжяБ┤яБ│яАмяАаяБбяБояБдяАаяБ┤яБияБеяАаяБбяБояБояБ╡яБбяБмяАа SDUDGHDWDP6DWXUGD\



яБВяБ╣яАаяБЧяБеяБдяБояБеяБ│яБдяБбяБ╣яАмяАаяБНяБпяБ│яБ┤яАаяБЛяБйяБояБляБ│яАаяБИяБбяБдяАаяБВяБеяБеяБояАаяБЙяБ▓яБпяБояБеяБдяАаяБПяБ╡яБ┤яАаяБпяБжяАаяБУяБгяБияБпяБпяБмяАаяБВяБпяБбяБ▓яБдяВТяБ│яАаяБВяБ╡яБ│яБйяБояБзяАаяБРяБмяБбяБо яАа яБЧяБпяБпяБдяБ╣яАаяБКяБеяБояБляБйяБояБ│ яАа


It is an honor and a privilege to join you this evening and share in your celebration. Many parents, friends, and relatives have come together for this long awaited moment тАФ your graduation from Central High School. Before I offer my remarks to the seniors and our guests this evening I would Rachel Walden like to introduce to you the members of the Central Community School Board. After I have completed my introduction, I would like to ask for a show of appreciation for the leadership they provide for our school system. District 1 тАФ Mr. Jim Lloyd; District 2 тАФ Ms. Roxanne Atkinson; District 3 тАФ Dr. David Walker; District 4 тАФ Mr. Willard Easley, Vice President; District 5 тАФ Dr. James Gardner, President; District 6 тАФ Ms. Ruby Foil, and District 7 тАФ Ms. Sharon Browning. Now, take a moment with me and look back... On the front page of a local newspaper was the picture of a glorious sunrise. The caption in that picture was тАЬOh Glorious Day!тАЭ Psalm 118:24 was quoted. That verse of scripture reads: тАЬThis is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.тАЭ That day was Aug. 13, 2007, the day when the Central Community

CLASS OF 2011 is first to go all four years under the Central Community School System. Rachel Walden was the first student to arrive at Central High on the first day of class тАФ Aug. 13, 2007. Supt. Mike Faulk and then-principal Ronnie Devall were there to greet her. Supt. Faulk recalled the event at Monday nightтАЩs graduation.

яБФяБияБйяБ│яАаяБйяБ│яАаяБ┤яБияБеяАаяБдяБбяБ╣яАаяБ┤яБияБеяАаяБМяБпяБ▓яБдяАаяБияБбяБ│яАаяБняБбяБдяБеяА╗ яБ╖яБеяАаяБ╖яБйяБмяБмяАаяБ▓яБеяБкяБпяБйяБгяБеяАаяБбяБояБдяАаяБвяБеяАаяБзяБмяБбяБдяАаяБйяБояАаяБйяБ┤яАо яАа яАа яБРяБ│яБбяБмяБняБ│яАаяА▒яА▒яА╕яА║яА▓яА┤


Supt. Mike Faulk





Photo by Woody Jenkins

EditorтАЩs Note: During Monday nightтАЩs Central High School graduation, Central schools Supt. Mike Faulk reviewed the parallel between the Central school system and the Class of 2011. Both the school system and the Class of 2011 began in August 2007.

яАа яБГяБЙяБФяБЩяАаяБПяБЖяАаяБГяБЕяБОяБФяБТяББяБМяАаяВЦяАаяБФяБияБеяАаяБпяБояБмяБ╣яАаяБ│яБеяБ▓яБйяАн яБпяБ╡яБ│яАа яБ░яБ▓яБпяБвяБмяБеяБняАа яБжяБбяБгяБйяБояБзяАа яБ┤яБияБеяАа яБояБеяБ╖яАа яБГяБеяБояАн яБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБГяБпяБняБняБ╡яБояБйяБ┤яБ╣яАа яБУяБгяБияБпяБпяБмяАа яБУяБ╣яБ│яБ┤яБеяБняАа GXULQJ LWV ├АUVW GD\V RI RSHUDWLRQ яБ╖яБбяБ│яАа яБ┤яБ▓яБбяБояБ│яБ░яБпяБ▓яБ┤яБбяБ┤яБйяБпяБояАояАа яАа яБЧяБияБйяБмяБеяАа яБ┤яБияБеяБ▓яБеяАа яБ╖яБеяБ▓яБеяАа яБжяБеяБ╖яАа яБ┤яБ▓яБбяБояБ│яБ░яБпяБ▓яБ┤яБбяБ┤яБйяБпяБояАа яБ░яБ▓яБпяБвяБмяБеяБняБ│яАа яБбяБ┤яАа яБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБИяБйяБзяБияАа яБУяБгяБияБпяБпяБмяАмяАа яБ┤яБияБеяАа яБпяБ┤яБияБеяБ▓яАа яБ┤яБияБ▓яБеяБеяАа яБ│яБгяБияБпяБпяБмяБ│яАа яВЧяАа яБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБНяБйяБдяБдяБмяБеяАмяАа яБФяБбяБояБзяБмяБеяБ╖яБпяБпяБдяАмяАаяБбяБояБдяАаяБВяБеяБмяБмяБйяБояБзяБ▓яБбяБ┤яБияАаяБИяБйяБмяБмяБ│яАа яВЧяАа яБбяБмяБмяАа яБеяБ╕яБ░яБеяБ▓яБйяБеяБояБгяБеяБдяАа яБмяБбяБ┤яБеяАа яБвяБ╡яБ│яБеяБ│яАа яБбяБояБдяАа яБняБйяБ│яБ│яБеяБдяАаяБ░яБйяБгяБляБ╡яБ░яБ│яАояАаяАа яАа яБИяБпяБ╖яБеяБ╢яБеяБ▓яАмяАа яБвяБ╣яАа яБЧяБеяБдяБояБеяБ│яБдяБбяБ╣яАмяАа яБ┤яБияБеяАа яБ░яБ▓яБпяБвяБмяБеяБняБ│яАа яБбяБ┤яАа яБГяБеяБояБ┤яБ▓яБбяБмяАа яБНяБйяБдяБдяБмяБеяАа яБбяБояБдяАа яБУяБеяБеяАаяБФяБТяББяБОяБУяБРяБПяБТяБФяББяБФяБЙяБПяБОяАаяБпяБояАаяБРяБбяБзяБеяАаяА╣

School System officially began its first school year and the operation of our schools under our leadership and not someone elseтАЩs. On the first day around 6 a.m., our first student arrived on the campus of Central High School тАФ even before the principal, Mr. Ronnie Devall, showed up for work. That student was 15-year-old Rachael Walden. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight Rachael is a part of the graduating Class of 2011! Rachael would you please stand! Now graduating along with Rachael are all of the other incoming Central High freshmen of the 2007-2008 school year. I would like to ask all of the students who are in our graduating class tonight

and who were freshmen at Central High School during the 2007-2008 school year to please stand. This will be the first graduating class of the Central Community School System, which contains students who have attended Central High School every year we have been our own school system. We have accomplished much during these four years. The accomplishments have been

a result of the outstanding young people we have in our school system, the highly-qualified and dedicated staff we have working in our school system and the tremendous support we receive from every part of our community. The accomplishments of the senior Class of 2011 are many from athletics to academics. Tonight, I want to briefly outSee COMMUNITY on Page 6

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4 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scenes from Central High Graduation

Principal Bob Wales and Loren Gullett

Antonio Townsend and Baylie Trahan

Austin Reed and Douglas Reed


W h ol ar es eh al ou e se

Matthew Thibodeaux

ts e n k ly m ip e e Sh g W w n Ne rivi Ar

Honor grads Cody Rogers, Tyler Wales, Jonathan Hooper, Josh Walker, and Jared Dobbs

Taylor Padgett and Mandi Parent

Sarah Ellis and Adrienne Crumholt

Jim Lloyd, Jim Gardner, Josh Walker, David Walker, and Willard Easley

Trenton Kitchens

Ginger Douglas

Salutatorian Jonathan Hooper

Principal Bob Wales and Trevor Sansone

Kyndal Harrell and Jennifer Gosnay

Meghan Saia and Jenna Pourciau

Grant Clinkingbeard

June 3-5 July 8-10 Aug 5-7 Sept 9-11

Kevin Vo

Central High School Graduation Ceremony 13539 Hooper Road • Central, LA 70818 • 225.262.4031

Bethany World Prayer Center Photos by Woody Jenkins For more photos, go to

CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 5

CENTRAL CITY NEWS and The Leader • Vol. 14, No. 10

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Email stories and photos to Published 2nd and 4th Thursdays, January through July Weekly from 2nd Thursday of August through 4th Thursday of December. The Leader was founded April 30, 1998, and the Central City News was founded April 21, 2005. They merged May 4, 2006. The Central City News also publishes the Central Community Directory & Yellow Pages and numerous special editions throughout the year.

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Mayor Thanks CH2MHILL, Congratulates IBTS Mayor Mac Watts

Mayor, City of Central

Thank You I want to take this time to offer my sincerest “Thank You” to CH2MHILL. When our city was starting up, we advertised for a company to provide Central City Services, and CH2MHill was the only company to submit a proposal. CH2MHILL carried us through several declared disasters and the day-to-day maintenance of our city. To the employees of our City Services Department, I can never show the appreciation I feel for all the assistance you have shown me and my staff in getting this city up and running. To each of you, most of whom are Central residents, I wish you the best of luck and God

speed on your next venture. Welcome As Mayor of the City of Central, I extend a warm welcome to our new City Services company: The Institute for Building Technology and Safety I look forward to working with you in the coming Mac Watts years to make the City of Central all she is meant to be. Congratulations To all our graduating seniors in Central, I say congratulations and job well done! I wish you the best in the next chapter of your life and

sincerely hope that you will remain a citizen of Central and bless us with your future acquired skills and hopefully one day your family. You truly are Central Proud, Central Strong! Kids Time with the Mayor Last Saturday, we held our 2nd Annual “Kids Time with the Mayor” at Village at Magnolia Square. The time you allowed me to share with your children was truly a blessing. We want to thank the following contributors who made this day possible. • Village at Magnolia Square • Winn Dixie • Oak Point Grocery • Coca Cola • Kleinpeter Dairy • Kenny and Susan Acosta • GM Cable

• Bill McLin • Georgia Pacific • EBR Sheriff’s Dept. • EBR Clerk of Court • Central Fire Dept. • Pretty In Paint • Les Jummels De Central Memorial Day Service This Thursday, May 26, 2011, we will be holding our Memorial Day Service at 9 a.m. at Grace United Pentecostal Church, located directly across from the Central High football field on Hooper Road. I extend an invitation to each of you to come join us in honoring those who gave their all in order that we might enjoy the freedom to live in this wonderful community and country. Remember, we are Central Proud, Central Strong! God Bless Central!

dition, IBTS pledged that it could handle the transition effectively. Central is in a unique position, being the only city in Louisiana which has completely privatized all city services. Privatization can be a very good thing. Just visit Disneyworld to see a fully privaWoody Jenkins tized community. But, on the other hand, very few people live in Disneyworld. Disneyworld is a wonderful place to visit, but the Disney Corporation doesn’t have to answer to residents who have their own ideas about running things. We believe one of the essential

ingredients for making privatization work is total transparency. The taxpayers should know how their tax dollars are spent. Louisiana’s Constitution, as well as our Public Records Law and Open Meetings Law demand the same level of openness and transparency in a privatized city as in a city run in a more traditional manner. IBTS has promised to be completely transparent, and as a nonprofit organization, it will have to be. After July 1, we hope and have every reason to believe that we will be able to report to you fully

on how Central’s tax dollars are spent and how decisions are made. There have been many hallmarks in Central’s recent history: Incorporation of the City of Central, creation of the new school system, the first elections, voter approval of the new school complex, and the decision to privatize city services. We believe the decision to choose a new city contractor is of that order of magnitude. For Central, it offers a new day and provides the promise of a better and more harmonious future for this community.

Decision on City Services Could Begin a New Day Woody Jenkins

Editor, Central City News

The decision by Central Mayor Mac Watts to select IBTS as the new city contractor provides hope for a new day in Central. IBTS was the low bidder to administer Central’s master privatization contract. It also received the highest scores from the Mayor’s Committee on City Services. We commend the committee and the mayor on their decision. Now the contract between IBTS and the City of Central is being negotiated. We trust that the transition from CH2MHILL to IBTS will go smoothly between now and July 1, when IBTS is scheduled to begin providing City Services. Both the City and CH2MHILL agreed in their original contract to handle a transition smoothly. In ad-

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6 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

Community Pulls Together for Schools Continued from Page 3

Photo by Woody Jenkins

line some of the academic achievements of our students at Central High School: • 79 college hours earned through Advanced Placement classes. The results are still coming in, and we expect the number to continue to increase. I would ask at this time students who earned college hours through Advance Placement classes to please stand. • 279 college hours earned through dual enrollment classes at Central High School, Baton Rouge Community College, or Capital Area Technical Colleges. I would ask that these students please stand. Additionally, college credits can be earned by taking spring tests on college campuses. Central High School was recognized by LSU as one of the top 20 high schools in the state for having students that earned the most credit in their Spring Invitational advancedstanding exams. I would ask these students to please stand. • 151 students received Industry Based Certifications in welding, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel applications, and the Customer Service and Retail Professionals areas. I would ask these students to please stand. All of this has been accomplished with little or no cost to the parents. Additionally, we have a number of young men in the graduating class who have attained Eagle Scout status. Would you please stand? Seniors, as you move forward with many accomplishments under your belt, remember the hard work you put in over the last four years to achieve these milestones in your life. The Central Community School System and the graduating Class of 2011 have come a long way in four years. The next journey that you

CENTRAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD members at Central High graduation ceremonies Monday night were (left to right) Dr. David Walker, Ruby Foil, Roxanne Atkinson, Sharon Browning, Dr. Jim Gardner, Will Easley, and Jim Lloyd.

and the school system will embark on will require just as much hard work ­— if not more ­— if you and we are to continue to be successful. As a school system, we still have to work at building educational programs and developing a culture of excellence in all areas with high expectations of students, staff members, and program achievements. We believe that you can and will be successful in the next phases of your life, and we believe that our school system will be successful in addressing the next level of its development. Seniors, we wish you success in the future and may God bless you and your families this special evening!

THREE MEMBERS of the original Central Community School Board were (left to right) Morris Anderson, Marty Guilbeau, and Russell Starns.

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Health & Fitness GUIDE

Ochsner: Prepare for Summer Storms CENTRAL — Even as the Mississippi River continues to recede from recent floods, the June 1 beginning of hurricane season is quickly approaching. The time to prepare for potential summer storms is now. Ochsner offers the following storm preparation tips: Establish a medical information kit Ochsner reminds you to make sure that medical preparedness is part of your plan. The most important step to maintaining your health during a disaster is to monitor your symptoms and prepare in advance with a complete medical information list. A medical information list is invaluable in the event of a disaster as it provides physicians with critical information needed regarding your illness, including medications and allergies. Information that needs to be included: • Copies of health insurance cards and the hospitals that you can access • Information about your medical providers; physicians’ names and phone numbers • List your allergies and sensitivities, and any communication or cognitive difficulties you may have • Medication necessities: • Names of all medications, including over-the-counter: list dosages and times, the condition for which you take a medication, and the name of the doctor who pre-

COMING SOON – Work has begun on the new Ochsner Health Center-Central, located on Sullivan Road near the existing facility. This new location will provide room to grow for additional services and specialties. Ochsner will help lead health care in Central.

scribed it and their phone number. • At least a seven-day supply of essential medications. Work with your doctor(s) to get extra supplies of medications and extra copies of prescriptions. • Ask about the shelf life of your medications and the temperatures at which they should be stored. This helps ensure that a medicine’s effectiveness does not diminish • NOTE: If you take medications (such as methadone, chemotherapy,

or radiation therapy) administered to you by a clinic or hospital, ask your provider how you should prepare for a disruption caused by a disaster. Ochsner Services Whether during a disaster or a routine check-up, Ochsner has a range of services available for you and your family. Ochsner Health Center-Central, located in the medical complex at 11424 Sullivan Road, is growing to meet your

needs. Longtime Central resident Keith Holmes, MD, currently provides adult primary care services for everything from the flu and diabetes to preventive medicine and screenings. Dr. Holmes is joined by neurologist Kenneth Gaddis, MD, and cardiologist Salvador Velazquez, MD. The health center is open from 8 a.m. to noon Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays and closed on Wednesdays. See OCHSNER’S on Page 9

Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic

Why choose Central STAT Care? • Short wait times • Fast treatment • Less expensive than an ER • Personalized service • Call ahead seating • Good working relationship • with many specialist in the area • Dr. Bryan Barrett and Dr. Michael Romaguera

Healthcare When You Want Where You Want

11055 Shoe Creek Dr. Central, Louisiana 70818

Between Sullivan and Joor roads at the corner of Hooper Road and Shoe Creek Dr.


Visit us online at

8 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photo by Jolice Provost

Photo by Woody Jenkins

Guide to Health & Fitness in Central

CENTRAL STAT CARE – Dr. Michael Romaguera and Dr. Bryan Barrett OFFICE OF DRS. SHERMAN AND BALHOFF, ORTHODONTISTS – Staff members (left to right) Blair have opened a new urgent care clinic, open from 9 to 9 seven days a week. Smith, Lauren Bezet, Kacy McAdams, Dr. Steve Sherman, Ashley Mannino, Sarah Riley, and Cathy Guidry.

Health & Fitness Guide

To update information, notify centralcitynews@


Ashley Johnson Licensed Acupuncturist Lane Regional Medical Ctr. Bon Point Acupuncture and Herbs 4710 McHugh Rd., Zachary 658-6624

After Hour Clinics

Central STAT Care New Business! 11055 Shoe Creek Dr.   Central 261-4493

Lake After Hours New Location! 8751 Sullivan Rd.   Central 262-8377

Underwood, Don Dr. Underwood, Brent Dr.   11851 Coursey Blvd. 293-1700

Acadian Ambulance Service 1-500-259-1111 East Baton Rouge EMS 911

Bossier, Gerard J. Dr.   14127 Greenwell Springs Rd.   Central 261-0043 Browning, Scott R., DDS   9053 Sullivan Rd.   Central 261-9000 Central Dental Care Hebert, James H. DDS Henderson, Jacob F. DDS   11424 Sullivan Rd.   Central 261-6645 Central Oaks Dental Care Prudhome, David K. DDS 16606 Greenwell Springs Rd.



Central Chiropractic Clinic   Butler, Damon Dr.   8755 Sullivan Rd., Ste. A   Central 706-0454 Roth, Dr. Rich   32350 Hwy. 16, Bldg. C Denham Springs 664-1456


  Central 262-4150 Raborn, Timothy R. DDS   10954 Joor Rd. 261-3360 Smith, John McHugh Dr.   15110 Wax Rd.   Central 261-1580 Vaughn, Walter J. DDS   13323 Hooper Rd.   Central 261-8050 Weilbacher, Stephen J. DDS   2321 Drusilla Lane   Baton Rouge 928-3384

Fitness Centers/Yoga Aerobics by Roxanne   Central 261-5539 Anytime Fitness   11231 Lovett Rd.   Central 456-5156

Central Physical Therapy Is Proud To Introduce Its Newest Staff Member

Richard O’Quinn, PT Richard has served the Baton Rouge area for 20 years. He has extensive experience in all areas of Physical Therapy, particularly in the practice of vestibular/dizziness and balance disorders. We are honored to have Richard join our staff and help us continue to practice with excellence and expertise. Richard will be assisting us as we extend our hours on weekdays from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to Noon.

Helen M. Balzli, PT Tom Coplin, PT

OrthodontistS 14465 Wax Road • Baton Rouge, LA 70818

Erik Strahan, DPT Richard O’Quinn, PT

Central Physical Therapy 13111 Hooper Road City of Central, Louisiana 70818

(225) 261-7094 Fax: (225) 261-7095

Call to make an appointment

The office of

Stephen L. Sherman, D.D.S., M.S.

David A. Balhoff, D.D.S.

Please call our office for a complimentary exam


CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 9

Photos by Woody Jenkins

— Something for Everyone

SPECTRUM FITNESS – Spectrum Fitness is helping to change the lives of many Central residents. Shown (left to right) are Danielle Mayeaux, Bubba Fussell, and Curtis Yaun. Spectrum is located at 11424 Sullivan Road, as well as in Zachary and Denham Springs.

Central Karate 8879 Sullivan Rd. Central 261-6326 Curves of Central 13579 Hooper Rd. Central 262-8040 Delta Barbell 12533 Sullivan Rd. Central 268-7688 Langston’s Taekwondo 13421 Hooper Rd. Central 261-5825 Massage and Yoga, LLC Gill, Heidi LMT 261-1956 Perfect Balance Gymnastics 14645 Greenwell Springs Rd. Central 262-4966

Snap Fitness 14395 Greenwell Springs Rd. Central 261-5008 Snap Fitness of Central 18513 Magnolia Bridge Dr. Central 261-6119 Spectrum Fitness Clubs 11424 Sullivan Rd. Central 261-8405 1326 Church St. Zachary 654-3800 145 Aspen Square Denham Springs 70726 667-6789 X-Treme All-Stars 14645 Greenwell Springs Rd. Central 262-4966

Ochsner’s: 850 Physicians Now Work in 90 Specialties Continued from Page 7

Work has begun on the new Ochsner Health Center—Central. Later this year, Ochsner will call this new facility, on Sullivan Road near the existing site, home in Central. The expanded facility will provide room to grow with space for additional specialists and services. Ochsner Medical Center – Baton Rouge, located just ten miles from Ochsner Health Center—Central, is a full service hospital providing a range of comprehensive care including: Cardiology services featuring a cardiac catheterization lab and heart surgery; emergency care; inpatient care, including an ICU; laboratory services; labor and delivery and NICU; radiology services; surgical services including robotic surgery and minimally invasive surgery

Ochsner Electronic Medical Record Regardless of which location you choose, you no longer need to bring your medical records with you. Ochsner’s electronic medical records system keeps all Ochsner locations connected and up to date with your health information. This technology proved invaluable during Hurricanes Katrina and Gustav. Ochsner physicians were able to access evacuated patients’ records from other locations so that patients did not see an interruption in care. Ochsner Health System Ochsner Baton Rouge is a part of southeast Louisiana’s largest non-profit, academic, multi-specialty, healthcare delivery system — Ochsner Health System. Ochsner Health System is over 850 physicians strong with experts in more than 90 specialties. All of this means patients have access to a network of physicians and medical providers to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Ochsner honors most major insurance providers including Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Louisiana, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare. So whether we’re weathering another summer storm together or you need the immediate expertise of a physician, Ochsner Baton Rouge has the experience you can depend on with access to a network of physicians and the extensive resources of a full-service healthcare system. To learn more about Ochsner, log on to or call us at 261-9790.

Yoglates II 3753 Perkins Rd., Ste. A   Baton Rouge 381-0699

Health Food

Central Smoothie King Nutritional Lifestyle Centers   14455 Wax Rd., Ste. AA   Central 262-4422   Owner: Patty Tate   Manager: Don Tate Paradise Smoothie   18564 Magnolia Bridge Rd. See GUIDE on Page 10

Dr. Romaguera Returns to Central With Urgent Care Off Hooper Road CENTRAL — Dr. Michael Romaguera has resumed his practice of medicine in Central. He and fellow physician Dr. Bryan Barrett have opened Central STAT Care, an urgent care clinic located at 11055 Shoe Creek Dr., just off Hooper Road. “Stat” means fast. Dr. Barrett said, “Central STAT Care brings a new approach to urgent care medicine in the City of Central. We are local doctors who live and have families in the area. We staff local emergency departments and seek to provide the City of Central with an alternative for health care needs that arise outside of typical doctor office hours or if you are unable to see your primary doctor.” Both Dr. Romaguera and Dr. Barrett received post-graduate medical training through LSU. Dr Romaguera specialized in family medicine and Dr. Barrett specialized in emergency medicine. For more information, visit their website at or call 261-4493.

Now Seeing Patients In Central Call for your appointment


10 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Guide to Health Care Professionals, Fa

Continued from Page 9

  Central 261-8881

Hearing/Hearing Aids ACL Hearing & Balance   11424 Sullivan Rd.   Bldg. A, Ste. B-2   Central 927-7011

Home Health Care Agencies

Chase Health Care, Inc.   Administrator: Jennifer Starns   4910 Monticello Blvd., Ste. B   Baton Rouge 274-1444 Global Health Mgt. Systems   6659 Sullivan Rd. 261-0160 Health Care Options, Inc.   Administrator: Maxie McCrary   6639 Sullivan Rd. 771-1881

A Beautiful Smile is a True Work of Art Brock is in the Gifted and Talented Arts Program at Central High and is interested in Graphic Design

Salutatorian Jonathan Hooper addressing Central High School graduation ceremonie

Hospice of Baton Rouge   Administrator: Kathryn Grigsby   9063 Siegen Lane, Ste. A   Baton Rouge 751-8668 Lane Home Health, An Affiliate of Lane Regional Medical Center   Administrator: Judy Carter   6300 Main St. 658-4150


Baton Rouge General Medical Center   3600 Florida Blvd.   8585 Picardy Ave.   Baton Rouge 765-6565 Earl K. Long Medical Center   5825 Airline Hwy.   Baton Rouge 358-1000 Lane Regional Medical Center   6300 Main St.   Zachary 70791   658-4000 Ochsner Medical Center   17000 Medical Center Dr.   Baton Rouge 70816   752-2470 Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center   5000 Hennessy Blvd.   Baton Rouge 70808

261-8405 1326 Church St. (Zachary) 654-3800

Morrison Hills Retirement Community   Central 261-2525 Oakwood Village Assisted Living & Alzheimer’s Community   4400 McHugh Rd.   Zachary 658-8888 Senior Residences of Central   11837 Hooper Rd.   Central 261-3070 Williamsburg Senior Living Community   5445 Government St.   Baton Rouge 929-8917 Zachary Manor   6161 Main St.   Zachary 654-6893

Photo by Woody Jenkins

• Group Fitness Classes • Nursery • Personal Training • Smoothie Bar • Supplements • Tanning

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities


NEW to Spectrum Fitness in Central and Zachary!

All About U Massage, LLC Sanders, Stephanie LMT Central 448-2783 Massage and Yoga, LLC   Gill, Heidi LMT   Central 261-1956

Eyemax Family Optical   11424 Sullivan Rd.   Central 262-8141 Rogers Regional Eye Center Rogers, Kevin A. OD Williamson, Baron J. MD   18522 Magnolia Bridge Rd. Suite 101, Central 261-6282

7069 Perkins Road 769-8000 4355 Perkins Road (Southdowns) 923-3490 3103 Monterrey Blvd. 926-7222 145 Aspen Square (Denham Springs) 667-6789 11424 Sullivan Road (Central) 261-8405 1326 Church St. (Zachary) 654-3800 11424 Sullivan Road (Central) 400 LA-1 South (Brusly) 749-1000

Massage Therapist


NOW with 7 locations to serve you!

Group Power® is your hour of power! This 60 minute barbell program strengthens all your major muscles in an inspiring, motivating group environment with fantastic music and awesome instructors. With simple, athletic movements such as squats, lunges, presses and curls, Group Power is for all ages and fitness levels. Discover results, discover Group Power!

  765-6565 Woman’s Hospital   9050 Airline Hwy.   Baton Rouge 927-1300

Baton Rouge: (225) 751.8512 Central: (225) 261.7021 Zachary (225) 654.8208 GP Port Hudson: (225) 654-1664 Port Barre: (337) 585.3780 Opelouses: (337) 948.4212

CURVES in the Central Shopping Center, Hooper at Sullivan, offers cardio and strength training, weight management, and a supportive environment to keep you on track. Shown are Jeanne Root, Paulette Spedale, Colleen McGehee, and Bonnie Fuller.

CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 11

acilities, and Fitness in City of Central

es • Class of 2011 • Bethany World Prayer in Baker, Louisiana • Monday, May 23, 2011

Harbour Orthodontics Dr. John Harbour Greenwell Springs Rd. at Sullivan Central 923-2060 Sherman, Stephen L. DDS, MS Balhoff, David A. DDS 14465 Wax Rd. Central 769-1276


Central Drug Store   13565 Hooper Rd. 261-6200 Walgreen’s   6515 Sullivan Rd.   Central 261-5497 CVS   14455 Greenwell Springs Rd.   Central 261-6541

Physical Therapy

Central Physical Therapy   13111 Hooper Rd.   Baton Rouge 261-7094 Health Quest Physical Therapy   12180 Greenwell Springs Rd.    Baton Rouge 275-9293   30500 La. Hwy. 16    Watson 791-7770 Moreau Physical Therapy   17301 Jefferson Hwy.    Baton Rouge 751-8512   11424 Sullivan Rd.    Central 261-7021   2335 Church St.    Zachary 654-8208

Thompson, Charles MD   6110 Main St., Ste. B   Zachary 654-1559 Hathorn, Bryan. MD Louisiana Cardiology Associates   11424 Sullivan Rd., Bldg. A   Central 767-3900

Helm, Boyd MD   5231 Brittany Dr.   Baton Rouge 769-0933 Ochsner Health System   11424 Sullivan Rd. Bldg. A, Suite B-1   Central 261-9760

See GUIDE on Page 12

Physicians and Surgeons

Cardiovascular/Cardiology Baton Rouge Cardiology Center Moosa, Yunus A. MD   11055 Shoecreek Dr. Baton Rouge General   Central 658-2680 Medical Center   3600 Florida Blvd., Picardy Ave   Baton Rouge 387-7000 Cefalu, Joseph M. MD Interventional cardiologist HealthSouth 18901 Greenwell Springs Rd. Rehabilitation Hospital   Central 769-0933   8595 United Plaza Blvd.   Baton Rouge 927-0567 Cardiovascular Institute of the South Lane Rehabilitation Center   4601 McHugh Rd.   Zachary 658-6800 Ochsner Medical Center of Baton Rouge   17000 Medical Center Dr.   Baton Rouge 752-2470 Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Dr. Elbourne and Dr. Best are now seeing   5000 Hennessy Blvd. new patients in Obstetrics and Gynecology   Baton Rouge 765-6565 in their Central location. Two convenient locations in Zachary and Central.

Physical Rehabilitation Centers

Dr. Keith Elbourne

Dr. Raborn Building Professional Offices

CENTRAL — Local dentist Dr. Tim Raborn is building two professional offices at the corner of Hooper and Joor roads. Each office will be a little less than 1,000 square feet. He expects them to be ready for occupancy by mid-September. The offices will provide a setting appropriate for an attorney, CPA, physician, investment firm, or other professional practice, he said. The site is centrally located within the City of Central and provides quick access to Baton Rouge or to I-110 or the airport. For information, call Dr. Raborn at 261-3360.

Dr. Joshua Best

Most major insurance carriers accepted. Please call for an appointment.


12 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guide to Health & Fitness in Central Continued from Page 11

Vascular Lab   Emory, Chris   18901 Greenwell Springs Rd.   819-8299 Dermatology Louisiana Dermatology   Johnson, Franklin MD   18901 Greenwell Springs Rd.   927-5663

Family Practice North Point Family Health   Dean, Herschel B. MD   Dean, Kyle MD   Reily, Tracey PA-C   Jackson, Allison PA-C   Browning, Rhonda MSN,   APRN, FNP   18901 Greenwell Springs Rd.   924-9985

Gastroenterology Ochsner Health System   11424 Sullivan Rd. Bldg. A, Suite B-1   Central 261-9760 Internal Medicine Dial, Dan MD   10880 Joor Rd.   Central 262-7710

Could This Breakthrough Be Your Solution to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? If You’re Over 35 And Suffer With Arm Numbness, Hand Pain, or Wrist Pain — You Must Know About This New Therapy Do You Have Any of These Symptoms? • Pins and needles feeling in the hands • Pain in the wrists • Numbness or pain in the arms • Difficulty grabbing objects • Elbow pain If you suffer from any of the above, you may have a painful progressive condition called carpal tunnel Don’t let carpal tunnel pain hold you back from syndrome. life’s greatest moments. Discover the natural Carpal tunnel pain is a miserable – even crippling – way to be pain free. condition. Whether it causes sleepless nights, pain at work, or pain? For 10 days only, I’m running a very special offer keeps you from enjoying golf – living with carpal tunnel where you can find out if you are a candidate for cold is difficult. laser therapy. What does this offer include? Everything I normally One female patient said it like this… do in my “Carpal Tunnel New Patient Evaluation”. Just “I dread going to bed, I dread sweeping, doing dish- call before June 6, 2011 and here’s what you’ll get… es…any kind of household chores I dread – because of • An in-depth consultation about your problem where the pain.” I will listen…really listen…to the details of your case. Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but phys- • A complete neuromuscular examination. ically feeling held back from life because your wrists and • A full set of specialized x-rays to determine if a hands hurt – and the pain just won’t go away! pinched nerve in the neck is contributing to your pain. • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray find My name is Dr. Rich Roth, D.C., owner of Beaver ings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain Creek Health & Rehab. I’ve seen hundreds of carpal free. tunnel sufferers leave my office pain free in the past 20 • You’ll see everything first hand and find out if this years. Many patients tell me they wished they’d found amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has me sooner. Suffering for years was agonizing for them. been for so many other patients. I want to let you know there is real hope… Until June 6, 2011, you can get everything I’ve listFinally, You Have An Proven Option ed here for only $49. The normal price for this type of Other Than Drugs And Surgery evaluation including x-rays is $150, so you’re saving a New research in a treatment called low level laser considerable amount by taking me up on this offer. therapy, or cold laser, is having a profound affect on pa- Remember what it was like before you had carpal tuntients suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome. Unlike the nel problems? When you were pain free and could enjoy cutting type of laser seen in movies and used in medical everything life had to offer? It could be that way again. procedures, the cold laser penetrates the surface of the Don’t neglect your problem any longer – don’t wait until skin with no heating effect or damage. it’s too late. Cold laser therapy has been tested for 40 years, had Here’s what to do now over 2,000 papers published on it and been shown to aid Due to the expected demand for this treatment, I sugin damaged tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, gest calling my office at once. The phone number is 225relieve pain, and boost the immune system. This means 664-1456. that there is a good chance cold laser therapy could be Call today and we can get started with your consultayour knee pain solution, allowing you to live a more ac- tion, exam, and x-rays as soon as there’s an opening in tive lifestyle the schedule. Our office is called Beaver Creek Health & Ever since the FDA cleared cold lasers for human Rehab and you can find us behind Capital One Bank in use, athletes having been using them to decrease heal- Watson at the corner of Arnold Rd & Hwy 16. Tell the ing time. Professional athletes like Lance Armstrong and receptionist you’d like to come in for the Carpal Tunnel team members of the New England Patriots rely upon the Evaluation before June 6th. therapy to treat their sports-related injuries. Sincerely, One Study Showed It Reversed Carpal Tunnel Dr. Rich Roth, D.C. Syndrome in 77% of Cases 32350 LA Hwy. 16, Bldg. C In 1997, a study looked at cold lasers and their effect P.S. Now you might be wondering… on carpal tunnel syndrome. This study found cold lasers “Is this safe? Are there any side effects or dangers reversed 77% of cases. The researchers concluded “This to this?” unique and novel approach is cost-effective and has a role The FDA cleared the first cold laser for carpal tunnel in future management of CTS [carpal tunnel syndrome].” treatment in 2002. This was after their study found 76% (Muscle Nerve. 1997; 20:1029-1031) improvement in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Another study looked at the effects of laser on patients Their only warning – don’t shine it in your eyes. with arthritis and carpal tunnel pain. They suggested Of course at our office, the laser is never anywhere “LLLT [cold laser] may be used as a good alternative near your eyes and we’ll give you a comfortable pair of treatment method in CTS patients.” (Muscle Nerve. 2004 goggles for safety. Aug;30(2):182-7) Don’t wait and let your wrist and hands get worse, How To Stop Carpal Tunnel Pain disabling you for life. Take me up on my offer and call Could cold laser be your solution to carpal tunnel today 225-664-1456 or toll free 866-870-8484. Advertisement

Internal Medicine & Pediatric Group   Dr. Stephen W. Speeg Dr. Kent M. Rhodes Dr. T’Lane M. Folse Dr. Bradford J. Smith Dr. Brad C. Giarrusso 11424 Sullivan Rd.   Bldg A., Ste. C   Central 261-3472 Ochsner Health Center   Dr. Keith Holmes Dr. Sal Velazquaz Dr. Kenneth Gaddis   11424 Sullivan, Bldg. A, Ste. B-1   Central 261-9760 Neurology Ochsner Health System 11424 Sullivan Rd. Bldg. A, Suite B-1 261-9760 Obstetrics and Gynecology Bayou Regional Women’s Clinic Keith Elbourne, MD Joshua Best, MD Central 658-1303 Ophthalmology Eyemax Family Optical   11424 Sullivan Rd. 262-8141 Orthopedic Baton Rouge Orthopedic   Rabalais, Robert D. MD   Whatley, Adam MD   18901 Greenwell Springs Rd.   Central 658-1808 Pediatrics Internal Medicine & Pediatric Group   11424 Sullivan Rd.   Bldg A., Ste. C 261-3472 Podiatrists Le, Qui Dr. D.P.M. Footcare Surgery Center   11424 Sullivan Rd. Bldg. B   Central 757-8808 Radiology/Imaging Central Imaging Center   11424 Sullivan Rd. 261-7401

Pregnancy Counseling

Catholic Community Services   1900 S. Acadian   Baton Rouge 336-8708

To update information, notify

Proud to be Central Residents

THE TROPHY HOUSE Celebrating 50 Years

Trophies • Plaques • Corporate Awards Metal, Plastic and Laser Engraving Crystal, Glass and Acrylic Etching Custom Lapel Pins and Medals Advertising Promotions

We look forward to serving you! 8235 Florida Blvd.


CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 13

Can You Spot the Serious Knee Problem on This X-Ray? Do you see it? It’s called Degenerative Arthritis, a painful condition that can cause severe disabling knee pain. And now you can knock out this painful problem — with a new non-surgical treatment breakthrough. If you or loved one suffers from knee pain, you must read these facts at once...

DENHAM SPRINGS — Living with knee pain can be a crippling experience. Let’s face it, your knees aren’t as young as they used to be, and playing with the kids or grandkids isn’t any easier either. Maybe your knee pain keeps you from walking short distances or playing golf like you used to. Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically feeling held back from life because your knee hurts, and the pain just won’t go away! After starting treatment of knee pain with a breakthrough technology, we’ve seen hundreds of people with knee problems leave the office pain free. Do You Have Any of the Following Conditions? • Arthritis • Knee pain • Cartilage damage • Bone-on-bone • Tendonitis • Bursitis • Tendonitis • Crunching or popping sounds If you’re suffering from these conditions, a new breakthrough in medical technology may completely eliminate your pain and help restore normal function to your knees. Finally, You Have An Option Other Than Drugs or Surgery New research in a treatment called low level laser therapy, or cold laser, is having a profound effect on patients suffering with knee pain. Unlike the cutting type of laser seen in movies and used in medical procedures, the cold laser penetrates the surface of the skin with no heating effect or damage.

Cold laser therapy has been tested for 40 years, had over 2,000 papers published on it, and been shown to aid in damaged tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and boost the immune system. This means that there is a good chance cold laser therapy could be your knee pain solution, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle. Professional athletes like Lance Armstrong and team members of the New England Patriots rely upon cold laser therapy to treat their sports-related injuries. These guys use the cold laser for one reason only ... It Promotes Rapid Healing of the Injured Tissue. Before the FDA would clear the cold laser for human use, they wanted to see proof that it worked. This led to two landmark studies. The first study showed that patients who had cold laser therapy had 53 percent better improvement than those who had a placebo. The second study showed patients who used the laser therapy had less pain and more range of motion days after treatment. If the cold laser can help these patients, it can help you too. Here’s What Some of Our Recent Patients Had to Say “My knee was hurting so much I had to take pain medication three to four times a week. After treatment I could walk, go up and down stairs and stretch out my legs while lying down without pain. I haven’t taken anything for pain since being treated. Thanks to Dr. Roth and his staff!” – Rose R. “Wow! Snow in Watson. I pulled on my boots and parka anticipating the crunch of powder. The only crunch was the wrench and twist of my right knee

Laser Vision Correction

Eye Diseases & Infections

Diabetic Eye Exams

Cataracts & Glaucoma

Eye Injuries

Children’s Eye Exams

as I bounced down five steps. My knee swelled to the size of a dinner plate with the calf and foot to match. Dr. Roth suggested laser therapy for my knee. The results were astonishing! Within a short time, the pain, weakness and swelling were gone and I was able to resume my normal household chores and daily routine. Thanks Doc!” – Lynn N. Could This Non-Invasive, Natural Treatment Be the Answer to Your Knee Pain? For 10 days only, I’m running a very special offer where you can find out if you are a candidate for cold laser therapy. What does this offer include? Everything I normally do in my “Knee Pain Evaluation.” Just call before June 6, 2011, and here’s what you’ll get... • An in-depth consultation about your problem where I will listen...really the details of your case. • A complete neuromuscular examination. • A full set of specialized x-rays to determine if arthritis is contributing to your pain. • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free. • You’ll see everything first hand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution, like it has been for so many other patients. Until June 6, 2011, you can get everything I’ve listed here for only $49. The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $150. So you’re saving a considerable amount by taking me up on this offer. Remember what it was like before you had knee problems? When you were

pain free and could enjoy everything life had to offer? It could be that way again. Don’t neglect your problem any longer — don’t wait until it’s too late. Here’s what to do now Due to the expected demand for this special offer, I urge you to call our office at once. The number is 225-664-1456 or toll free 866-870-8484. Call today and we can get started with your consultation, exam, and x-rays as soon as there’s an opening in the schedule. Our office is called Beaver Creek Health & Rehab and is located behind the Capital One Bank in Watson. Tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Knee Evaluation before June 6, 2011. Sincerely, Dr. Rich Roth, D.C. 32350 LA Hwy 16, Bldg. C Denham Springs, LA P.S. Now you might be wondering... “Is this safe? Are there any side effects or dangers to this?” The FDA cleared the first cold laser in 2002. This was after their study found 76 percent improvement in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome. Their only warning — don’t shine it in your eyes. Of course, at our office, the laser is never anywhere near your eyes, and we’ll give you a comfortable pair of goggles for safety. Don’t wait and let your knee problems get worse, disabling you for life. Take me up on my offer and call today 225664-1456 or toll free 866-870-8484.

18522 Magnolia Bridge Road • Suite 101 Central, LA 70739

Contact Lenses & Sunglasses

Kevin A. Rogers, O.D.

Baron J. Williamson, M.D.

14 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 7 + insurance plans accepted at Ochsner Baton Rouge.

It’s true. Ochsner Baton Rouge accepts all major insurance plans at our health centers, full-service hospital and 24-hour emergency room, where our team of over 300 skilled physicians and specialists deliver the quality, comprehensive care you and your family need. Our hospital and ER, conveniently located at I-12 and O’Neal Lane, offer a full range of medical care, including a renovated Family Birthing Center. In addition, Ochsner’s six health centers offer same-day/next-day appointments for essential services such as primary care, women’s services and pediatrics.

Visit for locations, to find a doctor and to see a complete list of accepted insurance plans.

Accepting all major insurance plans including:

©2011 Ochsner Health System ( is a non-profit, academic, multi-specialty, healthcare delivery system dedicated to patient care, research and education.

O-BR-141_Insurance_Ad_CentralCity_5_25.indd 1

5/25/11 2:15 PM

CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 15

Type Organization Years Experience Information Technology Emergency Response Price Relevant Experience Staff Transition



$10 for first 20 words, 50 cents a word after that. Minimum charge $10. Call 261-5055. Must be paid in advance. No credit cards accepted. Mail or deliver check to Central City News, 13567 Hooper, Central 70818. #1 DUB’S TREE CARE AND REMOVAL — Free estimate/low cost. 40 years’ experience. C 225-454-4982 or H 225-261-0342. 05/26/11 CLASSIFIED ADS — Call 261-5055 or email to EXPERIENCE CAREGIVER seeking full time position caring for your love ones in their home. Excellent references. Contact Judy 225721-2231. 05/26/11 FOR SALE — Office building, nine years old, 2,500 sq.ft., two offices, reception, conference room, meeting room, work room, file room, and kitchen. Call Herman, 225-335-3100. Owner/Agent. Magnolia Realty 225-261-0069. 05/26/11

KEY IBTS LEADERS — Greg Blount of IBTS, Jerome Lohmann of PEC, and David Ratcliff of IBTS after winning bid.

of the committee rated each bidder in each category. The committee then eliminated the highest and the lowest ratings and averaged the remaining seven. The committee members worked through each category and rated each company in that category. HOME FOR SALE IN CENTRAL — Four bedroom/2.5 bath, 11711 N. Milstead Place. Call 225-938-5670 or 06/23/11 HOUSE FOR SALE — Three bedroom/two bath, 1,165 sq.ft. living area, built in 2007, Indian Mound Subdivision. Like new, open floor plan, huge backyard, metal shed, low utility costs. $145,000. Contact Scott at 225-9782018. 05/26/11 LOVE MUSIC? — I teach guitar and beginner voice here in Central. Kenny Acosta, 40+ years’ experience, a voting member of the Recording Academy. 225-261-0572. 05/26/11 MOVE IN SPECIAL — 2 and 3 bedroom mobile homes for rent. Nice, quiet parks, on-site managers and maintenance. No security deposit with approved application. $550 to $850 per month. No pets. 225-436-9349 or 225-3941701. 05/26/11

$10 for 20 words Phone 261-5055

Come Catch A Ride To

Jerusalem Marketplace The adventure begins soon... so strap on your sandals and let’s go! Where: First Baptist Church of Central 9676 Sullivan Road Dates: Monday, June 13 through Friday, June 17 Time: 6:30 to 9 p.m. Ages: 3 years through 5th grade To register your child or any questions, call 261-3722 Family Night is Thursday, June 16 at 7 p.m.


Mayor’s Committee on City Services • May 2011


Rating of Bidders

Photo by Woody Jenkins

for the contract. IBTS also had the lowest bid. IBTS bid $16.2 million for the five-year contract, Severn Trent bid $17.4 million, CSRS bid $18.0 million, and CH2MHILL bid $18.9 million. In the committee ratings, 225 was the highest possible score. IBTS had 210.72 points; CH2MHILL, 194.86 points; Severn Trent, 187.00 points, and CSRS, 182.28 points. Mayor Mac Watts had said in advance that he would follow the recommendations of the committee, which he appointed. The committee members were Wayne Leader, chairman, Ti Barnes, Rodney Bonvillain, Pete Firmin, Louis DeJohn, Fred Raiford, Ralph Washington, Gil Matherne, and R. J. Saucier. According to the committee’s rating system, IBTS had the highest scores for IT (information technology), Emergency Response, Price, and Transition. CH2MHILL ranked the highest for Years of Experience, Relevant Experience, and Staff. Severn Trent, which ranked 3rd overall, scored the best on Type Organization and was tied with CH2MHILL for Years of Experience. All four companies have over 30 years’ experience. The maximum which could be achieved for each of the eight categories was as follows: Type Organization 10 Years Experience 10 Information Technology 35 Emergency Response 25 Price 50 Relevant Experience 35 Staff 35 Transition 25 Total 225 The committee adopted a procedure under which the nine members

8.00 9.34 30.00 20.00 33.00 28.14 30.71 23.00

8.28 10.00 30.00 23.14 34.29 32.00 34.29 22.86


Continued from Page 1

8.00 9.71 35.00 25.00 50.00 28.29 30.86 23.86

Severn Trent

City, IBTS Working on July 1 Transition 9.00 10.00 29.43 19.00 39.57 31.70 28.29 20.00

182.28 194.87 210.72 187.00 Then they went to the next category and rated the companies in that category. At last Tuesday night’s meeting, the committee met in Executive Session over the objections of Councilman Tony LoBue and several other residents. The Executive Session was called to discuss three categories of evaluation — Relevant Experience, Staffing, and Transition. Speaking in favor of the Executive Session were Russell Starns, Dave Freneaux, and Kandi Jones. Speaking against barring the public were Dr. Kim Fralick, Mike Mannino, Mike LeClerq, and Woody Jenkins. Jenkins said that, under state law La. R.S. 42:17(A) (1), the committee could meet in Executive Session only to discuss the2 col. qualifications and character of x 8”

individuals and not other matters. The vote was 8 to 1 in favor of the Executive Session, with only Councilman Ralph Washington voting no. CH2MHILL’s contract with the City of Central ends June 30, 2011. The City Council adopted a resolution approving that contract at its meeting March 2, 2008, and adopted a resolution for the funding of the contract. However, the new City Council, which took office last July, voted to give notice to CH2MHILL that it would not renew the company’s contract. Last Thursday, the City Council received the recommendation of the committee and the Mayor for a new City Services contractor. If IBTS does successfully complete its contract negotiations with the City of Central and signs a contract with the City, it has designated David Ratcliff as the Program Director in Central. He would be running City Services in Central on a day-to-day basis. Other key people in IBTS’ plan are Larry Walters, Public Works Director; Dean Born, Permits and Inspection Manager; Kenneth Eglinsdoerter, Planning & Zoning Administrator; Daniel Leone, P.E., Engineering and Stormwater Services Manager, and Helen Lemoine, assistant city clerk. IBTS has assembled a team which includes three other firms: Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC), GCR & Associates, and Verma Systems. Contract negotiations between the City and IBTS are reportedly moving forward. r

It’s time fo

nd a—


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11am - 9pm Sun-Th; 11am - 10pm Fri-Sat

Time for Summer Camps and VBS

16 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

CENTRAL — Events coming up in and around Central: Friday, May 27 Spaghetti Dinner 5 to 6:30 p.m. A spaghetti dinner will be held at Central Academy & Child Care to benefit one of the teachers who had to have emergency surgery. Saturday, May 28 Library Book Sale 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The East Baton Rouge Parish Library will hold a Library Book Sale at Recycled Reads, 13505 Hooper. Saturday, May 28 Central Area Horse Show • 10 a.m. The Central Area Horse Show, sponsored by the Deep South Stock Horse Show Association, will be held at the Shady Park Arena on Greenwell Springs Road. Judged and timed events in four age groups. Beginners welcome. For info, Saturday, June 4 St. Alphonsus Uniform Sale 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. St. Alphonsus School, 14040 Greenwell Springs Road, will hold its uniform sale in the St. Francis room. Uniform drop offs will be 5 to 7 p.m., Thursday, June 2 and 8 to 10 a.m., Friday, June 3. For information, email Nikki Tinsley at or Anne Gil at Monday, June 6 Strength & Conditioning Summer Camp Central Wildcat Strength and Conditioning Summer Camp will be held at Central High’s weight room and practice fields. The camp is open to all Central High School athletes. Cost is $100. Registration begins 30 minutes before each session. Weight room schedule: 7:30 to 9:30 a.m.

ST. ALPHONSUS VOLLEYBALL — The St. Alphonsus 5th grade volleyball team took 5th place in a CYO Tournament hosted by St. George, competing against 16 teams. Shown are (1st row, left to right) Rachel Raggio, Adeline Holyfield, Lily Corba, Claire McNelly, Denae Cowart, and Hannah Moran and (2nd row) Danielle McNamara, Sarah Sommerville, Madison Carmena, Sydney Stiles, Hannah Mileteloo, and Meghan Gavin.

— varsity football (10th-12th); 10 to 11:30 a.m. — all male freshmen athletes; 12 noon to 1:30 p.m. — Jr. Wildcats (10 year olds-8th grade), and 2 to 3:30 p.m. — All female athletes (9th-12th). Make checks payable to Central Weight Lifting Camp. June 6 through 9 Youth Basketball Camp Central High School Youth Basketball Camp for ages 7 to 14 will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and an Elite Basketball Camp for ages 12 to 14 from 1:30 to 4 p.m. For infor-

CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL’S TOP READERS — Senior Grant Clinkingbeard (left) won $50 for the Accelerated Reader semester award for the most points and sophomore Sydnie Landry (right) won the Best Reader of Central High School award and $200 in gift cards for her Kindle. She had the highest yearly score in the Accelerated Reader program.

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mation or to register, call coach Ron Lewis at 262-2780, 1 to 5 p.m. June 6 through 10 Vacation Bible School 9 a.m. to 12 noon First Baptist Church of Zachary, 4200 Main St., invites all children to Vacation Bible School — Big Apple Adventure: Where Faith and Life Connect. Sign up now! For information, call 654-2755. Wednesday, June 8 Harvey Rabbit and Friends 2:30 p.m. Join Harvey Rabbit, Cecil the Orangutan, Miss Laura, and Mr. Tim as they bring fun and mayhem to the Central Branch Library with live-action puppetry, music, and more! For children ages 2 to 11. For information, call 262-2640. Thursday, June 9 Safe Sitter Babysitter Training 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Lane Regional Medical Center will hold a Safe Sitter® babysitter training class. The program is offered to girls and boys ages 11 to 13. Participants learn the fundamentals of quality child care, how to handle crises, how to nurture and guide a young child, and how to keep children safe and sound while their parents are away. Class size is limited and registration is required. Cost is $20. For information or to pre-register, call 654-5263. Saturday, June 11 St. Jude Bike-a-ton 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon The 28th Annual St. Jude Bike-

a-thon will be held at Bellingrath Elementary School. Rain or shine! Prizes will be awarded. For details, call Chuck at 261-0555 or 603-6100 or Dr. Tony LoBue at 261-6000. Saturday, June 11 Karney Jambalaya Benefit 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. A jambalaya benefit for the Charles “Charlie” Karney family will be held at Oak Point Fresh Market. For information, call Leigh Karney at 2615758. June 11 and 25 Central Area Horse Show • 4 p.m. The Central Area Horse Show, sponsored by the Deep South Stock Horse Show Association, will be held at the Shady Park Arena on Greenwell Springs Road. Judged and timed events in four age groups. Beginners welcome. For info, June 12 through 15 Vacation Bible School 5:30 to 8:10 p.m. Don’t miss the boat this year! The ship sails with the High Seas at Zachary United Methodist Church, 4205 Church St. in Zachary. Dinner will be served each night at 5:30 p.m. Ages of shipmates are 4 years to 5th grade. Register in advance at www. June 13 through 17 Vacation Bible School 12 noon to 2 p.m. Blackwater United Methodist Church, 10000 Blackwater Road, invites all children to Vacation Bible School — PandaMania: Where God is Wild About You! PandaMania is for kids kindergarten through 5th grade. The cost is $18 per child or $40 per family. For information, call 261-4646.

AMY GALIANO, a senior at Central Private School, was honored by WAFB as Best of the Class 2011 Saturday, May 7 at Lod Cook Alumni Center at LSU. WAFB will air a 30-minute program, featuring highlights from the taping, on Thursday, June 2.

CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 17

Cafe Roux to Close, Reopen as DeAngelo’s CENTRAL — Cafe Roux owner Rick Bennett announced Tuesday that he will close Cafe Roux at 9952 Sullivan Road this Friday, May 27. The restaurant has been purchased by DeAngelo’s. Bennett said his restaurant has had record business since December and that he felt it was a good time to sell after 13 years. “We were offered the price we wanted, but we have two big regrets — our kids and our customers, who won’t get to continue this experience.” Many people have told him they are very upset about the decision, SENIORS HONORED — Blackwater Methodist Church recognized graduating seniors he said. Bennett issued the follow-

ing statement: “We are sad to announce that our last day to be open will be Friday, May 27. It has been a great 13 years serving the people of Central. We have made great friends through the years and hate to say goodbye. We would like to thank everyone for your patronage and support over the years. We will miss the fun, but will treasure the memories. Come see us this week to enjoy the last few days and make more memories!” DeAngelo’s is an Italian restaurant. A survey of Central City News readers showed their No. 1 choice for a new restaurant in Central was Italian.

CENTRAL — Mike Breaux, Charlie Kinsley, John O. Hearin, and Louis DeAngelo have partnered up to open a Louis DeAngelo’s Casual Italian Restaurant in Central on 9952 Sullivan Road. The partnership formed in early 2011 after another restaurant expansion project that DeAngelo’s was working on was delayed, and long-time Central resident Mike Breaux brought up the idea for the partnership. The restaurant will feature many of DeAngelo’s core menu items such as specialty pizzas, calzones, salads, and fresh pastas, with the addition of some new ones which KENTUCKY DERBY GALS — These Central ladies enjoyed an afternoon watching the Kentucky Derby. Shown are (1st row, left to right) Lauren Cothern, Kayla Berthelot, are constantly being developed by and Brittany George, and (2nd row) Jennifer Browning, Sarah Seals, Emily Laurent, Ash- Executive Chef Michael Dardene. Construction is set to begin in ley Hunt, Samantha Kirkwood, Stefanie Kirkwood, Sarah Hunt, and Cassie Berthelot.

mid-June with a possible opening from the middle to the end of July, just a few months before the 20th anniversary of DeAngelo’s starting the restaurant company in a 965-square-foot space in the Hammond Aire Plaza. He was 19 years old at the time.

Sunday, May 8. Seniors honored were (left to right) Rebecca Conrad of Central High School, Ty DeLee of Live Oak High School, Elizabeth DeLee of St. Joseph’s Academy, Brandon Turner of Central High School, and Erin Landry of Zachary High School.

DeAngelo’s Plans for Central

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18 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milestones Births • Engagements • Weddings • Deaths Anniversaries • Reunions

Ballard Jackson and Joshua Mann will exchange vows June 18 at Centreville Baptist Church in Centreville, Miss.

Ballard Jackson, Joshua Mann Will Exchange Vows June 18

Ballard Jackson and Joshua Mann

CENTREVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. Colville Cameron Jackson, III of Gloster, Miss. announce the engagement of their daughter, Ballard Taylor, to Joshua Kyle Mann, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kyle Mann of Central. The bride-elect is the grand-


daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Aden Ballard of Leland, Miss. and the late Dora Harris Jackson and Colville Cameron Jackson, Jr. of Gloster, Miss. She is a 2004 graduate of Centreville Academy and earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from Louisiana State University in 2008. In May, she received her master’s degree in physician associate studies from Our Lady of the Lake College. Her fiancé is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Wayne Chapman, Sr. of Baton Rouge, Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Milton of Matthews, N.C., and Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Ray Mann of Baton Rouge. He is a 2004 graduate of Central High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in occupational safety, health, and environment from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2008. He is employed by ExxonMobil of Baton Rouge. The couple will exchange vows Saturday, June 18, 2011, at Centreville Baptist Church. Reception to follow at the Georgia Belle in Centreville, Miss.

Christopher Jared Kuhlmeyer

Chris and Shelley (Dykes) Kuhlmeyer of Nashville, Tenn. are proud to announce the birth of their son, Christopher Jared. He was welcomed home by his big sister, Addison. Jared was born Feb. 7, 2011, at 7:31 a.m. at Baptist Hospital in Nashville. He weighed seven pounds, 10.6 ounces and was 19.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Mike and Sherri Dykes of Central, Tommy Chance and LaJuan Chance of Anacoco, and Dick and Liz Kuhlmeyer of Plant City, Fla.

 agoon L


Memorial Day Weekend Visit for information on swim lessons, pavilion rentals, birthday parties, and JOBS! 111 Lobdell Ave., Baton Rouge, LA • 225-923-3202


Melissa Pourciau and Brandon Durr will exchange wedding vows June 18 in a private ceremony.

both of Central, will marry on Saturday, June 18, 2011. The bride-elect is the daughter of Jeffre and Kathy Pourciau of Central. She is the granddaughter of Dr. Richard and Patricia Pourciau of Baton Rouge and the late Edward and Bonnie Mahl of Bedrico. Melissa is a homeschool graduate and plans to attend Southeastern Louisiana University to become a registered nurse and work in a pediatric oncology unit. Her fiancé is the son of Leslie Hamilton Durr and Joey Durr, both of Central. He is the grandson of Melissa Pourciau and Brandon Durr Bobby and Glenda Durr of Central and William “Bill” and Betty Hamilton of Baker. Brandon is a 2008 graduate of Bethany Christian School and is going to school to become a Christian counselor and youth pastor. He is employed with Oak Point Fresh CENTRAL — Melissa René Market as a butcher. The couple Pourciau and Brandon Joe Durr, will reside in Central.

Melissa Pourciau, Brandon Durr to Marry on June 18

Amy Phillips, Michael Gallant Wed on the Beach in Pensacola PENSACOLA BEACH — Amy Elizabeth Phillips of Central and Michael Brandon Gallant of Denham Springs were married in a sunset ceremony April 2, 2011, in Pensacola Beach, Fla. The bride is the daughter of Glenda and Mike Phillips of Central and Julie and Wade Templet of Gonzales. Amy is the granddaughter of Gloria and Pat Phillips of Baton Rouge, Alice Bennett of Denham Springs and the late Joel Bennett, and Marilyn and A.C. Adams of Baton Rouge. Her greatgrandmother is Jessie Dreher of Baton Rouge. Amy graduated from Redemptorist High School in Baton Rouge and attended Southeastern Louisiana University. She is an underwriting assistant with a locally-

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gallant and family

owned workers comp company. The bridegroom is the son of Pam and Donovan Grettner of Denham Springs and Mark Gallant of Baton Rouge. Michael graduated from Northdale High School in Baton Rouge and is a fleet manager for a local trucking company. The bride was given in marriage by her father, Mike Phillips. She was attended by her matron of honor, Kimberly A. Jurey. The groom was attended by his best man, Rusty Chenevert. The couple’s children, Mecaliah, Bailey, and Jordyn Gallant and Madyson Phillips were members of the wedding party. A reception followed the ceremony at a beach house overlooking the Gulf. Following their wedding trip to Tennessee, the couple are residing in Central.

MILESTONE PAGE Births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, reunions, and deaths Email:centralcitynews Mail: Box 1, Central, LA 70739, Delivery: 13567 Hooper Road

Cynthia D’Antoni, Kevin Batts Wed At Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Batts

BATON ROUGE — Cynthia Ann D’Antoni of Baton Rouge and Kevin Matthew Batts of New Orleans were married in a 5 p.m. ceremony March 20, 2011, at Louisi-

ana’s Old State Capitol by the Rev. Malcolm Lachney. The bride is the daughter of George and Verlane D’Antoni of Greenwell Springs. The bridegroom is the son of John Batts and the late Rose Batts of Lexington, Ky. The bride was attended by her matron of honor, Glenda Hague. Bridesmaids were Lisa Moody Ristau, Dana Guidry, Cheryl Mason, and Jaime Guidry. Flowergirl was Mercedes Nelson. The bridegroom was attended by his best man, Brian Batts. Groomsmen were Mark Batts, Jack Batts, and Barry Zulauf. Ring bearer was Mateo Hague. Ushers were Tim Morris, Tim Boggs, and Bryan D’Antoni. A reception followed at LSU’s Faculty Club and a honeymoon at Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The couple resides in New Orleans.

Cole Thomas Keller

Casey and Lacey (Shaffett) Keller of Central are proud to announce the birth of their son, Cole Thomas. Cole was born Jan. 17, 2011, at Woman’s Hospital. He weighed seven pounds, 3.7 ounces, and was 20.75 inches long. Proud grandparents are Philip and Lynette Shaffett and Ory and Chris Keller.

High School Class Reunions

CENTRAL — Local high school reunions coming up include: Saturday, May 28 Central High Class of 1966 6 p.m. The Central High School Class of 1966 will hold their class reunion at Sammy’s Grill, 14800 Wax Road. Friday, June 10 Central High Class of 1965 11 a.m. The Central High School Class of 1965 will meet for lunch at Sammy’s in Central. Lunch will be Dutch treat. There will be a lot of good conversation and laughter. Plan to attend, bring your spouse or a guest. If you are planning to attend or need information, call or email Norman Schlatre at 261-7558, or Wanda at 261-3570. Saturday, July 9 Istrouma High Class of 1961 6:45 p.m.

The Istrouma High School Class of 1961 will hold their 50th reunion at Forrest Grove Plantation, 8743 Stephenson Dr. south of I-12 off Pete’s Highway in Denham Springs. For information, call Marilyn at 7517222 or Saturday, Sept. 9 Pride High Class Reunion 7 to 10:30 p.m. The Pride High School Reunion Committee is looking for school faculty, graduates, and attendees for this year’s reunion. The reunion will be at Forest Grove Reception Center, 8743 Stephenson Dr. in Denham Springs. Cost is $50 for singles and $90 for couples. Payment is due June 1. After June 1, $100 for couples. Absolutely no reservations accepted after July 1. Make payment to Veronica Gregory and memo/note PHS Reunion and send to P.O. Box 25, Pride, LA 70770.

CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011 19

Beau David Dutsch

Derrick and Misty (Jamison) Dutsch announce the birth of their son, Beau David. He is welcomed home by big sisters, Rusteé Lynn, Amber, and Zoeé Ann. Beau was born March 9, 2011, at Woman’s Hospital. He weighed seven pounds, 7.5 ounces, and was 21.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Bo and Vicki Jamison, Sr. of Central, Marita Street, and the late David Dutsch. Proud Godparents are Bo Jamison, Jr. and Nicole Jamison Keller, both of Central.

Brea Browning Casey Lopez Married March 12 at Wildflower Inn in Clinton CLINTON — Brea Lee Browning and Casey Richard Lopez of Baton Rouge, were married in a 12 noon ceremony on Saturday, March 12, 2011, at the Wildflower Inn in Clinton. Justice of the Peace Brooke Peay, officiated. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Ray Browning and Ms. Denise Reynolds Browning of Linden, Mich. She is the granddaughter of Donna Browning and the late Gordon Browning of Linden, Mich. and Darrell and Donnalee Reynolds of Fife Lake, Mich. The bridegroom is the son of Mary Richard Lopez and the late Pete Joseph Lopez, Jr. of Central. He is the grandson of Howard and Irene Broussard Richard of Loreauville and Mrs. Rosa Bayard Lopez and the late Pete J. Lopez, Sr. of New Iberia. Brea was escorted by her brother, Eli Browning of Linden, Mich. She was attended by her maid of honor, Kristina Rahn, also of Michigan. Casey was attended by his best

Mr. and Mrs. Casey Lopez

man and brother, Craig Lopez of Baton Rouge. Ushers were Andrew and Gus Abad of Central and Nicholas Pommier of New Iberia. The reception took place at Josephine’s Restaurant in Clinton following the ceremony. The couple resides in Baton Rouge and are planning a honeymoon trip to Key West, Fla. later this year.

Daniel Holloway

Amanda Meyer and Daniel Holloway

Steven Daniel Whiddon “Always A Rebel” Memorial Scholarship 2011 Recipient Central Private School

Congratulations from the Whiddon Family

20 CENTRAL CITY NEWS Thursday, May 26, 2011

We’ll Always Treasure Our Days at Central High

PATIENTLY WAITING — Brandon Lesage, Jacob Lesage, and Leland Limbers

Alex Burns and Garrett Miles

THEY SAY WE’VE GRADUATED — John Fridge leads a celebration!

Brandon Lesage, Taylor Prudhome, and Brandon Kent

Mitch Rhodes

Central High School Graduation Photos by Woody Jenkins •

Aaron Smith and Megan Smith




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