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Control of La. Supreme Court Hangs in Balance

Judges Among Eight Candidates To Fill Vacancy On High Court

CANDIDATES FOR LOUISIANA SUPREME COURT are (1st row) Republican judges Toni Higginbotham, Jeff Hughes, Tim Kelley, Bill Morvant, and Duke Welch and (2rd row) Judge John Guidry (D), independent Jeffrey Sanford, and Mary Olive Pierson (D).

BATON ROUGE — An impending vacancy on the Louisiana Supreme Court caused by the resignation of Chief Justice Kitty Kimball later this year has left the philosophical direction of the court hanging in the balance and local judges and attorneys scrambling. Eight candidates are seeking the seat, including four Court of Appeal judges, two District Court judges, and two local attorneys. Meanwhile, many lawyers who often contribute to judges’ campaigns are sitting on the sidelines, afraid to contribute to any candidate, lest they offend the others. Judge John M. Guidry is considered the leading Democrat, but many attorneys believe the top Re-

Holden’s Charisma, White Support Make Him Formidable Woody Jenkins

Editor, Central City News

BATON ROUGE — Mayor-President Kip Holden had a career as a radio and television newsman before being elected as a City-Parish Councilman and then serving 20 years as

a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. Elected as Mayor-President in 2004, Holden has now served eight years and is proud of his support, along with that of the Metro Council, of the Green Light program of road and street improvements.

A seasoned politician with a long history of beating the odds and plowing new ground, Holden is Baton Rouge’s first black mayor. His greatest political strength is probably his personal charm and likability. This personal magnetism led to overwhelming support

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from blacks and an approval rating of more than 60 percent from whites. East Baton Rouge Parish is a closely-divided political battleground where 54 percent of the voters are white. White voters are a key to Holden’s campaign to be

Sen. David Vitter Named Man of the Year Republicans Cite Senator’s Service To State’s People

BATON ROUGE — Baton Rouge area Republicans packed the City Club for the 1st Annual Ronald Reagan Awards Luncheon last Friday and honored U. S. Sen. David Vitter as Man of the Year. Vitter was recognized for his support of free enterprise, limited government, lower taxes, traditional values, and a strong defense. Speakers included State Rep. Valarie Hodges, Gene Mills of Family Forum, Milton Graugnard of Cajun Construction, and Mayor ProTem Mike Walker. Vitter said he was humbled to receive the honor.

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Coroner to Address Record Murder Rate At New Chamber At 12 Noon Tuesday

State Rep. Valarie Hodges was among those honoring Sen. David Vitter Friday.

BATON ROUGE — East Baton Rouge Parish coroner Dr. Beau Clark will discuss the parish’s murder rate at the new Chamber of Commerce of East Baton Rouge meeting at 12 noon Tuesday at Café Américain. As coroner, Dr. Clark examines each murder victim. Dr. Beau Clark

2 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012



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2012: A Year of Decision

LOUISIANA FAMILY FORUM — Gene Mills, president of Louisiana Family Forum, paid tribute to U. S. Sen. David Vitter last Friday during the Ronald Reagan Man of the Year Awards at the City Club. Mills is hosting the Annual Family Forum Dinner tonight at the Healing Place. Doors open at 6 and dinner at 7 p.m. For information, call 344-8533.

Collapse of Obama’s Mideast Policy Leaves Administration Looking Dangerously Inept Singing Kumbaya With Terrorists Is No Substitute for Military Strength Woody Jenkins

Editor, Capital City News

BATON ROUGE — The Arab Spring has turned into the Arab Winter. With it, the utter naivete and ineptitude of the Obama Administration’s policy in the Mideast have become clear for all to see. In his Cairo speech, President Obama reached out to the Muslim world in the obvious belief that 1,000 years of history was all a big mistake,

a misunderstanding that could be solved by holding hands and singing kumbaya together. Thus began the descent that led to Obama’s complicity in the overthrow of dictatorial regimes which had at least kept the forces of terror at bay. It was also the beginning of the Obama administration’s gradual abandonment of our friends in Israel. Today an American ambassador has been murdered, U. S. embassies are under seige, and American interests in the Mideast remain under constant threat. Terrorism and terrorists are on the rise — dramatically — in the Mideast, and there is no one to stop them except Israel. The United States and President Obama look foolish, inept, weak, and powerless to control our destiny. Do you remember that not long ago, President Obama and his State

Department stopped referring to terrorists as “terrorists”? That’s behind his wanting to try the terrorists at Guantanomo under criminal law, instead of military law. Notice that even with the murder of the American ambassador to Libya, Obama wanted to Woody Jenkins send in the FBI to “investigate” and bring the wrongdoers to “justice”! Much to the President’s surprise, it wasn’t “safe” for the FBI to go to Libya to investigate. Obama thinks this is a criminal problem and wants to read everybody their Miranda rights. What a piece of work we have in the White House! When American embassies are attacked and American diplomats are

killed, it’s a job for the Marines — not the investigators. When America kicks butt and takes names, we get positive results — and victory! When we grovel, we get what we deserve — a bloody nose or much worse. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups are behind the coordinated attacks on American embassies across the Muslim world, and it will continue and get worst unless we get new leadership. Meanwhile, the threat of Iran’s building nuclear weapons grows more severe with each passing day. The clock is ticking, and the annilation of the State of Israel and perhaps the United States becomes more and more likely. Rome is burning, and Nero is fiddling away. Nov. 6 is almost here. I just pray that the American people stand up, and that it won’t be too late.

ery month. At some point soon, the number of people getting a check from the government will outnumber the working people, and at that point there is no hope for America.” Gov. Mitt Romney, whom I strongly support, got himself in trouble this week by saying something very similar — that 47 percent of American households don’t pay income taxes, and thus they won’t be voting for him. For most conservatives, this statement is a “truism,” and they want Gov. Romney to “stick to his guns” and not back off.

But there are many problems with Gov. Romney’s statement. First of all, it is premised on the idea that people who pay income taxes are conservative and those who don’t are liberal and will vote Democratic. This is a concept, which might be called “economic determinism” — namely that your political behavior is determined by your income level, whether you pay income taxes, and whether you get a check from the government. A lot of “economic conservatives” think this way, and they see the world as driven primarily by issues involving money. But that viewpoint is manifestly flawed. It ignores the fact that human beings are very complicated and make their political decisions for a variety of reasons. For example, many voters are primarily “social conservatives,” who make their voting decisions in large part based on issues such as abortion and traditional marriage. For these voters, income levels and income taxes have less to do with how they vote. In fact, lower middle income voters tend to be the strongest pro-life supporters, and they very often vote Republican even if they pay no income taxes. Second, among the 47 percent who “pay no income taxes” are the retired people on Social Security who paid taxes all their lives. They tend to be very conservative and often Republican. Do they suddenly change their voting patterns simply because

they’ve retired? Of course not. Ironically, nationwide, the poorer counties in America are generally the most reliably Republican. The Wall Street Journal reports that the so-called Tractor Counties (rural, agricultural) in America (median income $33,000) and the Evangelical Counties (socially conservative) nationwide (median income $31,000) have given Republican candidates a 22-point margin since 2000. Another point: When conservatives say half the households in America receive a check from the government and the future is hopeless, we should ask ourselves another question: How many of those households also have someone in that household working and paying taxes? How many of those households include a business owner? Just because grandma, who lives at home, is on Social Security or the family includes a special needs child who receives government assistance doesn’t mean that family is voting Democratic. Republicans, especially economic conservatives, should open their eyes and realize many millions of Americans will vote with us, even if they’re not making enough money to pay income taxes and even if someone in their household gets a government check. Fortunately, politics is a lot more complicated than that, and we can win many of these voters to our side, if we don’t write them off.

Gov. Romney, The 47%, and Economic Determinism Social Conservatives Don’t Base Their Vote On Checks in the Mail Woody Jenkins

Editor, Capital City News

BATON ROUGE — Over the past couple of years, probably the most common refrain among my fellow conservatives has been this: “Nearly half the people in America get a check from the government ev-

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS September 20, 2012 3

Resignation of Chief Justice Triggers All-Out Battle

Livingston Likes Hughes, NBR Favors Welch, LABI Backs Morvant, Dems Rally to Guidry Continued from Page 1

Photo by Woody Jenkins

publican vote-getter in the Nov. 6 primary will be the eventual winner in the Dec. 8 runoff. Republican leaders are equally concerned that the large number of Republican candidates could so split the Republican vote in the primary that two Democrats — Guidry and Baton Rouge attorney Mary Olive Pierson — could slip into the runoff together. In a race where each candidate wants any edge he can get, the endorsement of the Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish has loomed large, and that endorsement went to Court of Appeal Judge Toni Higginbotham and District Judge Tim Kelley on Wednesday (see story on Page 6). The eight candidates for the Louisiana Supreme Court are: The Republicans • Court of Appeal Judge Toni Higginbotham. Conservative Republican. Long-time Republican activist with seven years practicing law, 14 years as Juvenile Court judge, and two years as judge of the Court of Appeal. Endorsed by Republican Party. Resides in South Baton Rouge. • Court of Appeal Judge Jeff Hughes. Conservative Republican with 12 years as practicing attorney, 14 years as District Judge, and eight years on the Court of Appeal. Resides in Livingston Parish. • District Judge Tim Kelley. Conservative Republican with 21 years practicing law and eight years as District Judge. Endorsed by Republican Party. Resides in South Baton Rouge. • District Judge Bill Morvant. Conservative Republican with 11 years as a practicing attorney and 15 years as District Judge. Endorsed by Louisiana Association of Business and Industry. Resides in South Baton Rouge. • Court of Appeal Judge Duke Welch. Conservative Republican who served in the U.S. Air Force. He served on the Baker City Council, practiced law for 15 years, served as District Judge for nine years, and has served for eight years on the Court of Appeal. Resides in Zachary area. The Democrats • Court of Appeal Judge John Michael Guidry. Moderate Democrat. He served in Louisiana House of Representatives and Louisiana Senate, practiced law for 10 years, and has served for 15 years on Court

JUDGE DUKE WELCH addressed the East Baton Rouge Republican Parish Executive Committee last Thursday at Metro Council.

of Appeal. He resides in Baton Rouge. • Mary Olive Pierson. Democrat. She has practiced law for 42 years representing a wide variety of clients but is well known for high profile cases including multi-million dollar civil cases and white collar criminal cases. Served on the CityParish Council. Resides in South Baton Rouge. The Independent • Jeffry Sanford. Independent. He has practiced law for 21 years and has a wide-ranging practice that includes multi-million civil cases, international law, professional sports, and many others. Why the Election Matters. The Louisiana Supreme Court is a largely collegial group which often agrees, but there are some deep philosophical issues which split the court down the middle. Speaking generally, the court has three conservative justices, three liberal justices, and one who can tilt either way, depending on the issue. The election of a Republican to this seat would move the court in a more conservative direction because Chief Justice Kimball is considered more liberal. Because the philosophical direction of the court is at stake, the election has attracted a large number of candidates and a great deal of interest from the legal community, especially trial lawyers, and the business community. How the Race Is Shaping Up. Here are some of the observations

being made by political strategists who have analyzed this race: • The primary election is Nov. 6, and the runoff is Dec. 8. It is extremely unlikely that the election will be resolved without a runoff. • All of the six judges seeking the post are considered capable and well qualified. • Court of Appeal Judge John Michael Guidry is viewed as the candidate most likely to run first in the primary. Although black and a Democrat, he is considered moder-

Since 1975

ate to somewhat conservative. He enjoyed the support of LABI when he ran for the Court of Appeal and was opposed by former Sen. Cleo Fields. • Democrat attorney Mary Olive Pierson has an outside chance of making the runoff, if she has a strong media campaign and if the Republican field splits evenly. However, few observers expect that to happen. • District Judge Bill Morvant secured the coveted LABI endorseSee EIGHT on Page 13

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4 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20 2012

Republican Party of EBR, 7047 Jefferson Hwy., Suite B

Republicans Open Parish Headquarters,

Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker, event chairman Elizabeth Dent, Livingston Republican chairman Bob Morgan, and Republican Party vice chairman Connie Bernard

Council candidate John Delgado, Judge Bill Morvant, Councilman RJ “Smokie” Bourgeois, Diane Staser, Judy Marroy, Judge Jeff Hughes, Elizabeth Dent, and Matt

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JUDGE DUKE WELCH (left) spoke at the opening of Republican headquarters, while District Judge Trudy White (center) and City Judge Suzan Ponder (right) spoke at the Ronald Reagan Newsmaker Luncheon on Sept. 11. Judge White is running for the Court of Appeal, and Judge Ponder is running for reelection. For more on their races, read the Oct. 4 edition of the Capital City News.

BATON ROUGE — The Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish opened its Parish Headquarters last week at 7047 Jefferson Highway, Suite B. More than 100 people attended. The headquarters will be used as an office, call center, meeting place, and pickup point for yard signs and literature. Republican Party secretary Ryan Cross said the GOP hopes to open the office from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Monday through Saturday during the campaign. He said volunteers should email the party at and provide their contact information and times they are available to work. Volunteers will help party-endorsed candidates and call from the headquarters to undecided voters in swing states. He said, “Keep up with local GOP activities by ‘liking’ Capital Republican on Facebook.”

CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012 5

Open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. as Volunteers Come Available

Begin Campaign for Romney, GOP Slate

Olympian Billy Hardin and Grand Opening hosts Elizabeth Dent, Carol Thomas, and Memrie McDonald

City Constable candidate Alester Jones, City Judge candidate Cliff Ivey, Judge Mike McDonald, Jr. Shelton, and Charlie Davis and family

Metro Councilman RJ “Smokie” Bourgeois

Republican Party Headquaarters 7047 Jefferson Hwy., Suite B

Monthly Luncheon 11:30 a.m. 2nd Tuesday Cafe Americain Contact:

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Election Day is November 6 3

6 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012

Republican Party of EBR Makes Endorsements

GOP Endorses Tim Kelley and Toni Higginbotham For Supreme Court, Mike McDonald for Appeals

Court of Appeal Judge Toni Higginbotham and her mother. Judge Higginbotham and Judge Tim Kelley were endorsed for the Supreme Court Wednesday by the GOP.

Hoping to Put GOP Candidate in Runoff, Republicans Try to Narrow Large Field

BATON ROUGE — The Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish Wednesday night announced its endorsement of two of the eight candidates seeking a vacant seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court. Receiving the Supreme Court endorsement were Court of Appeal Judge Toni Higginbotham and District Court Judge Tim Kelley.

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District Judge Tim Kelley with wife Angele Davis and their son. Angele served as Commissioner of Administration under Gov. Bobby Jindal.

The party also endorsed Court of Appeal Judge Mike McDonald for reelection. Parish Republican Party chairman Woody Jenkins said making the endorsement for Supreme Court was extremely difficult. “We have five excellent Republican candidates running for the Supreme Court, and any of them would be a credit to the court. However, at this point, we have to try to select the strongest candidate who can get into the Dec. 8 runoff and then win in that runoff. We met with each of the candidates at length, studied their biographies Ryan Cross and legal writings, and subjected them to pretty intense questioning. In the end, we felt that Judge Higginbotham and Judge Kelley were the best choices to carry the Republican banner. They are both solid conJerry Arbour servatives who could take the Supreme Court in a new, more conservative direction, and they are both potential winners in the runoff against the Democrat. We urge all Republican voters to consider our recommendations.”

Jenkins said McDonald is also a proven conservative with a solid record and deserves to be reelected. Party secretary Ryan Cross announced the results at GOP headquarters at 7047 Jefferson Hwy. GOP executive committee Jerry Arbour announced that, as expected, the local Republican Party committee has unanimously endorsed the Romney-Ryan ticket and Congressman Bill Cassidy. Ryan said volunteers who want to help elect GOP candidates should send their contact information to

Court of Appeal Judge Mike McDonald

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12801 Centerra Court Central, Louisiana 70714


MEMBERS of Court of Appeal Judge Mike McDonald’s family gathered at GOP headquarters Wednesday for the hoped-for news that he would be endorsed for reelection.

CAPITAL CITY NEWS September 20, 2012 7

The Hard Hat

Capital Area Trade & Industry Guide • Sept. 20, 2012 • 225-261-5055 •

Hard Hat Businesses Helping Drive Rebound in Capital Area Economy

Brennen Easley and Andi Kirkpatrick THE HARD HAT GUIDE To update information, email

Air Conditioning & Heating Aabco Heating & Air Conditioning 15123 Hooper, 261-2160 Air Control Heating & Air LLC 14065 Denham Rd, 261-9744 Alan Watts Service Inc 7360 Tom Dr, 928-2087 Alpha Air Greenwell Springs, 261-5843 Big H Temperature Control Service Inc 2850 Needham Dr, 928-3644 Bordelon’s Heating & Air 9570 Dyer Rd, 241-7332 Boudreaux Heating & Air Inc 261-3900 Cain’s Heating & Air Conditioning 16421 Alford, 261-7575 Cavalier AC & Heating Service 5983 Landmor Dr, 262-5584 Central Heating & Air 8565 N Rome Dr, 262-1186 Central City A/C & Electric 13623 Hooper Rd Ste H, 261-6912 Confederate Heating & Air 12025 Sullivan Rd, 261-5000 Industrial Cooling Tower Service 15868 Hooper Rd, 261-3180 Kaiser Heating & Air Inc 7638 Frontier Ave, 261-8474 Lasseign’s Heating & A/C 261-4893

Magee Inc 15021 Crystal, 261-8020 Martin L Johnson Service Co, Inc 355-5149 Martin Mechanical Air Conditioning Contractors, Inc. 930-7676 Mathes Mechanical Heating & Air 16701 Pernicia, 262-4090 Mike Robinson Enterprises 261-4800 Moak’s Heating & Air Conditioning 11116 Sullivan, 261-0145 Paternostro’s Air Conditioning 10349 Mammoth Dr, 261-1000 Ram Heating & Air Conditioning 10145 Mammoth Av, 923-2677 Summit Heating & Air Inc. 22822 Greenwell Springs, 262-4505 Tempco Air & Heat 10945 Glenn Watts, 261-5054

Appliances Stanton’s Appliances 2450 N. Sherwood Forest, 275-6220

Appliance Repair Mark’s Appliance Repair 261-2270

Building Supplies Acoustical Specialties & Supply 12434 South Choctaw 272-9545 Cajun Cypress & Hardwoods 14251 Brown Rd, 261-4166

Contemporary Cabinets 12228 Hooper Rd, 262-1184 Cornerstone Commercial Flooring 10125 Mammoth Ave, 270-0749 Pat’s Home Center 13533 Hooper Rd, 262-8685

See LOCALLY on Page 8

Complete Glass Service Emergency Service Commercial & Residential • Store Fronts • Etched Glass • Table Tops • Door Repairs • Auto Glass

• Double Paned Glass • Plexiglass • Mirrors • Shower Doors • Tinting

Asphalt Louisiana Asphalt Producers 14200 Sparkle, 456-5065

ALARM CENTER Security Systems

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Regular Service 225-261-8800 Emergency Service 225-268-8800 Fax • 225-261-7881 Bruce & Linda Medine, Owners


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Owner Brian Watson with wife Adaina

8931 Greenwell Springs Road

8 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012

Locally-Owned Hard Hat Firms

Jim and Gail Lloyd (left) owners of Cornerstone Commerical Flooring Continued from Page 7 Construction & Magnolia Construction Co LLC

Shutter Shop The 7248 Sullivan Rd, 261-7111 Cabinets & Millwork

All Star Cabinets & Millworks 15406 Frenchtown Rd, 261-6296 B&B Cabinets 15053 Greenwell Springs, 261-8950 Cajun Cypress & Hardwoods 14251 Brown Rd, 261-4166 Carl’s Cabinets LLC 14327 Devall Rd, 261-6050 Central Flooring & Cabinets 8849 Sullivan, 590-5225 Contemporary Cabinets 12228 Hooper Rd, 262-1184 Daigle Cabinets 18082 Planchet Rd, 261-5344 Gary’s Woodworks 262-6035 Precision Cabinets Summers Rd, 261-4193 Quality Design Inc. 638-9091 or 324-7830 Ron’s Custom Cabinets 23838 Greenwell Springs, 261-0116 Signature Custom Cabinets 4123 Evan Brooks, 275-5345 Teed & Son Cabinets 15058 Frenchtown Rd, 261-8258

Construction Services

Acadiana Constructors Magnolia Bridge Rd, 261-9365 Action Construction of La. LLC 16801 Teneiya Ave., 772-2494 B & B Manufacturing Co Inc 15053 Greenwell Springs, 261-8950 Big Jim Construction 262-7949 BLD Builders Inc 6858 Micah’s Way, 261-5222 Carl’s Cabinets LLC 14327 Devall Road, 261-6050 Central Metal & Aluminum 261-6105 Central Roofing & Painting 12226 Partridgewood, 278-5619 Charles Viola Construction LLC General Contractor 21424 Greenwell Springs, 261-6649 Gafford Builders 13310 Wood Creek, 261-6185 DeFreitas Joey Construction 278-7746 Firmin Construction 9811 Mammoth Ave, 928-8433 J Watts Builders 27053 Greenwell Springs, 261-4174 Jenkins Gene Restoration 6611 Donnybrook Ave, 261-6765

Wan naT rad e?

343-3844 Gourrier Construction Co 18176 Greenwell Springs, 261-1681 Grady Crawford Construction Co 12290 Greenwell Springs, 275-7334 Hartley Construction 13394 Devall Rd, 262-6488 Landmark Enterprises 261-6600 Pierre Home Builders & Properties 21890 Chaney Rd., 279-7578 Professional Builders & Home Improvements LLC 262-2327 Rabalais Homes LLC 931-0478 Starkey Builders LLC 9656 Joor Rd, 262-2278 Ted Hebert LLC 14430 Brown, 261-1015 WCK Foundation Repair 262-1588

2654 Mission Dr, 355-7787 Mid-South Church Construction 17123 Hooper Rd, 261-5622 Montgomery Builders 9437-C Sullivan Rd, 262-2532 Nunnally Pollard Development LLC 460 Florida Blvd Ste 16, 757-1970 Plant Machine Works Inc. 4633 Blount Rd, 775-7163 Quality Design Inc 683-9091 or 324-7830 R Crenshaw Construction Inc 261-2437or 324-3866 RCS Construction & Remodeling 15111 Hubbs Rd, 772-3835 SouthEast Construction 223-2953 Spicer Construction Inc. 7550 N Eisworth Ave, 647-3636 In The Village at Magnolia Square Trade Construction 17043 Joor Rd, 654-7741

Contractors BLD Builders 6858 Micah’s Way, 261-5222 Central Erectors Inc 261-5991 Fetzer Properties

Dirt Work Adam’s Dirt Work 937-4682 Central Lawn & Tractor 573-5187 General Sand & Gravel Co Inc 19280 Greenwell Springs, 261-3953 Red Line Services, LLC 324-1530

Drywall Amedee-Rivet Drywall 13829 Red River Ave, 262-0211

Electric Contractors A & B Electrical Contractors Inc 14919 Hooper Rd, 261-9087 Armco Electric Inc 14635 Summers Rd, 262-1116 Central Electric Co LLC 10015 Sullivan Rd, 261-0370 City Electric 261-8228 D & L Electric 9109 GS-Port Hudson Rd, 658-0212 Home Care 261-9335 L & T Contractors 262-8169 Linx Electric 13016 Joor Rd, 261-4583 Metro Electric 261-5535 P&M Electric

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS September 20, 2012 8

Offer Quality, Service, Reliability

Brian Poché, Linda Medine, Bruce Medine, Walter Wolf, and Kevn Corkern of Integrity Glass 14623 Greenwell Springs, 261-2477 Parish Electric Inc 7314 Conestoga Dr, 261-7852 Rebel Electric 12025 Sullivan, 261-6400 Triple T Electric Inc 27963 Greenwell Springs, 261-6129 Ty Electric 13974 Tech Dr., 261-4591 Equipment Rental & Sales

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Roofing Alvin Ballard Roofing 921-8102 Blanco’s Roofing & Sheet Metal, LLC 13653 Devall Rd., 262-1980 Central Roofing 262-0164 or 964-0394 Professional Builders & Home Improvements LLC 262-2327 Sun Rise Roofing 11353 Greenwell Springs, 272-2181

Safety Equipment PriceCo Supply LLC 15151 Greenwell Springs, 262-6245 RV Cams 8889 Sullivan Rd Ste C 261-7815,

Sand & Gravel Buddy’s Trucking 335-3138 Cowan J K Sr Contractor 20654 Greenwell Springs, 261-4222 Dennis Stewart Equipment Rental 6810 Joor Rd, 928-7263 Double S Trucking 15895 Frenchtown Rd, 937-0053 General Sand & Gravel Co Inc 19280 Greenwell Springs, 261-3953 Jeff Martin Trucking

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10 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Hard Hats: Locally-Owned Businesses Continued from Page 9

General Sand & Gravel Co Inc 19280 Greenwell Springs, 261-3953 Jeff Martin Trucking 13599 Blackwater Rd, 921-1010 Mark Watson Trucking 17728 Heartland, 262-0961 McBride Trucking Co 261-1323

13599 Blackwater Rd, 921-1010 McBride Trucking 261-1323

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Schools — Business & Technical Delta College of Arts & Technology 7380 Exchange Pl, 928-7770 Louisiana Technical College 3250 N Acadian E, 359-9201

Buddy’s Trucking 16919 Pernecia GS, 335-3138 Jeff Martin Trucking 13599 Blackwater Rd, 921-1010 McBride Trucking Co 12021 Sullivan Rd, 261-1323

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Utilities DEMCO 16262 Wax Rd, 261-1177 Central District, 261-1596 Credit Dept, 261-1177 After Hours Outages/ Emergency Service, 261-1160 Headquarters, 261-1221 Entergy Customer Service, 800-368-3749 Electric Outages, 800-968-8243 Call Before You Dig, 800-272-3020 Gas District #1 10633 Zachary-Deerford Rd 654-4020 Emergencies, 654-5202 Parish Water Co 8755 Goodwood Blvd, 952-7688 After Hours, 926-3055

AAA Septic Tank Service 12275 Core Ln, 261-2135 Central Sewer Service 261-5970 High Ten Services 15123 Hooper Rd, 261-2160 Sunshine Plumbling & Backflow 262-2322 Ted Hebert LLC 14430 Brown Rd, 262-7594

Steel Erectors Central Erectors


Swimming Pools Central Pools Inc. 12522 Greenwell Springs, 272-1800 Wholesale Pools 17037 Magnolia Bridge, 261-2001 Wholesale Pools & Supplies 13581 Hooper Rd., 261-9665



I D Welding 18750 Greenwell Springs, 261-7555

GM Cable Contractors Inc 9232 Joor Rd, 261-9800 Grady Crawford Construction Co. 12290 Greenwell Springs, 275-7334 Myco-Com Inc. 9232 Joor Rd., 261-2666

Welding Equipment Repair Torch Repair 261-7715 To update information, email

Topsoil Central Lawn & Tractor LLC 15550 Joor Rd, 573-5187 Double S Trucking 15895 Frenchtown Rd, 937-0053

TREEMEN SERVICES — Owner Todd Netherland (top photos) takes down a tree and Donny Penny cutting fallen branches.

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012 11

Catholic vs. Denham Springs at Olympia Stadium

Photos by Woody Jenkins

2012 Catholic High Homecoming

CATHOLIC HOMECOMING QUEEN Emily Tassin and her parents, Janet and Mark. Homecoming court (1st row, left to right) Emily Tassin, Mary Grace Pollet, Mary Lattaye, Morgan Prejean, Ashley Adams, and Bailey Walker and (2nd row) Matthew Hannaman, Joseph Angelloz, Aaron Belanger, Bobby Miketinas, Ryan Abshire, and Jacob Oubre.

Mary Grace and Dr. Stephen Pollet, Mary and Mark Lattaye, Morgan and Mark Prejean, Ashley and Corlos Adams, and Bailey and Robert Walker

CATHOLIC CHEER SQUAD — (1st row) Josh Shepherd, (2nd row, left to right) Claire Bradley, Emily Sperier, Callie Zumo, Claire Keaton, Mckenzie Schexnayder, and Lindsey Mouton, and (3rd row) Ali Simon, Susannah Jacques, Brook Morris, Emily Donner, Erica Fruge, and Cassie Sampson. Catholic High Bear, Brooke Morris and Cassie Sampson

Catholic High student body cheering on their Bears against Denham Springs Yellow Jackets. At right, Drum Major Bryson LeJeune

12 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eagles Defeat Redemptorist 69-0, Settle Old Scores

Parkview Sails to No. 1 in State

PARKVIEW EAGLES Tom Wing (7), Seth Shah (16), Jonathan Waguespack (53), unidentified, Denton Kirby (10), Alex O’Neal (17), and Brennan Bozeman (13).

COACH KENNY GUILLOT, Andrew Rish (80), Ridge Womack (48), Conner Hodgeson (20), and Sam O’Brien (2). At right, Rebecca Ellsey

PARKVIEW SILVER STEPPERS — (1st row, left to right) Makayla McManus, Londyn Hill, Kaitlynn Spikes, and Kaitlyn Anton, (2nd row) Meagan Desemar and Allison George, (3rd row) Corrie Ann Mayet, Jessica Perkins, Kayla Johnson, Caroline Comardelle, Emily Southland, and Kelsy Howard, and (4th row) Victoria Rawlins, Mary Ruth Corwin, Kirby Moore, Rebecca Ellzey, Juliana Arrington, and Aubrey Weldon. PARKVIEW CHEERLEADERS — (1st row, left to right) Payton Pickett, Oliva Graham, Payton West, Bictoria Norman, Lacey Little, Ashton Lane, and Tara Brian and (2nd row) Madison Manske, Jillian Long, Sarah Kate Reynolds, Emily Hightower, Sarah Pierson, Anna Gaffney, Cameron Small, Brooke Mounce, Destiny Cook, Kacie Philippe, Kami Menard, Mackenzie Harrison, and Victoria Gulino.

Parkview Eagles host East St. John Friday, Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. • Photos by Woody Jenkins, Capital City News

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CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012 13

Photos by Woody Jenkins

Woodlawn High School Panther Stars

Jonathan Barnes scored FG Friday.

Woodlawn High School Panther Cheerleaders for 2012-2013

Emmanuel Stewart scored two TDs.

What’s Happending in and Around Capital City

BATON ROUGE — Events coming up in and around Central: Thursday, September 20 Louisiana Family Forum Annual Dinner Healing Place Church. Doors open at 6 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m. For information, call 344-8533. Friday, September 21 Ignite • 7 p.m. An Ignite Youth Rally will be held at Life Church Central, 10523 Lovett Rd. Live music from the Ignite Band and guest speaker will be Tommy DarDar from Bayouland Church in Houma. For information or to see the Ignite video, go to or call 261-5309. Monday, September 24 Brigitte Gabriel • 7 p.m. Brigitte Gabriel, leading global Islamic terrorism expert, will be a guest speaker at Christian Life Fellowship, 2037 Quail Drive. Ms. Gabriel will speak on the rise of Islamic radicalism in your community and in our nation. Join Rep. Valarie Hodges at this mustattend event! For information, email or call 791-2199. Tuesday, September 25 EBRP Mayoral Forum • 6 p.m. The Jones Creek Area Business Association and District 9 Councilman Joel Boé are hosting a Mayoral Forum

Fundraiser Collection For Lawson Hebert Friday, Sept. 21 during Central vs Catholic All proceeds go to help Kyle and Mindy Hebert with medical expenses.

at the Jones Creek Library, 6222 Jones Creek. All four candidates for MayorPresident of East Baton Rouge Parish have been invited to participate. The moderator will have the candidates give opening remarks, ask candidates questions that have been submitted in writing by members of the audience, and then ask candidates to provide closing remarks. The primary election is Tuesday, Nov. 6 and the runoff is Dec. 8. Thursday, September 27 Meet the New Doctors • 2 to 3 p.m. Join the staff and physicians of Lane Regional Medical Center for an oldfashioned Meet n’ Greet in the Lane Cafeteria to welcome our newest doctors. Thursday, September 27 Pachyderms of GBR • 6:30 p.m. Public Service Commissioner, Eric Skrmetta, will be the featured speaker at the Pachyderms of Greater Baton

Rouge meeting at the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant, 3084 College Dr. Cost for the buffet is $13. For reservations, call 644-5728 or email info@ Saturday, September 29 City of Central Bed Race • 9 a.m. The Central Bed Race, sponsored by the Rotary, will be held at the former Starkey Academy on Joor Road. The race start is 10 a.m. For information, contact Kim McDonald at 261-5111 or Jennifer Hinton at 925-8900, ext. 722. October 8 through 31 Blackwater Pumpkin Patch Blackwater United Methodist Church, 10000 Blackwater Rd., is once again hosting its incredible Pumpkin Patch with literally thousands of pumpkins for sale! All sales profits go to benefit missions supported by the church. Featured will be games, hay

rides, car show, crafts fair, space walk, and many other activities. No admission! The Pumpkin Patch Car Show is set Saturday, Oct. 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The Pumpkin Patch Craft Show is on Saturday, Oct. 27 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For information, call 261-4646 or visit Saturday, October 27 Istrouma Class of ’77 7 to 11 p.m. The Istrouma High Class of ’77 proudly presents Rock-n-Reunion, a gathering for all 70’s grads at Reflections, 9230 Cortana Place. Tickets are $50 in advance or $75 after Sept. 15. Ticket includes unlimited buffet, beer, wine, and frozen drinks. Cash bar and security will be provided. Music provided by Riptide. Contact Debbie Armoney at or 261-6790.

Continued from Page 3

• Court of Appeal Judge Jeff Hughes is the only candidate from Livingston Parish, which has a large percentage of the white voters in the district. If he can hold those voters together, he has a reasonable chance at the runoff. • Court of Appeal Judge Duke Welch is the only candidate from the north part of the parish, which provides him with an important geographic base. Although a conservative, he is a recent Republican. Some trial lawyers may gravitate to Welch as the most acceptable Republican. • The largest percentage of Republican voters are found in South Baton Rouge, but three candidates are expected to split these votes — Higginbotham, Kelley, and Morvant.

• Two women in the race — Higginbotham and Pierson — may benefit from their gender. • Supreme Court candidates are forbidden from soliciting funds for their campaigns. Each candidate has to have a separate committee to raise and spend funds. This makes fundraising more difficult. • No polls have been taken and publicly released on the race. So everything one hears about who’s ahead is basically speculation. For updates on the Louisiana Supreme Court and other races on the Nov. 6 ballot, “Like” Central City News on Facebook and read the Election Guide in the Oct. 18 edition of the Capital City News.

Eight Candidates Seeking Supreme Court ment and is expected to be well funded, which could provide him with a strong media presence in the final weeks of the campaign. • Court of Appeal Judge Toni Higginbotham received a lot of media exposure in her election campaign for the Court of Appeal two years ago, and this name recognition is still relatively fresh. • District Judge Tim Kelley has name recognition from the same race for the Court of Appeal two years ago. Both he and Higginbotham have been endorsed by the Republican Party, and this is expected to provide them with a political advantage with Republican voters and an organizational edge.

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14 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bears Upset Denham Springs 42-13

Catholic at Central Friday at 7 p.m.

Catholic High’s Cameron Tom. Khalil Thomas (center) on his way to Bears’ first touchdown. At right, Arthur Price, Khalil Thomas, Brandon Coniglio, and Ken Ward.

Catholic High coach Neil Weiner prays with the Bears. At right, Denham Springs cheerleaders Jeanné Hollier, Hannah Rovira, Jensen Ortego, and Taylor Gremillion.

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Catholic-Central Game Could Bring Record Crowd to Central Woody Jenkins

Editor, Central City News

CENTRAL — After Catholic High’s pounding of highly-regarded Denham Springs 42-13 last Friday night, there is much talk of a resurgent Catholic, supposedly much improved over last year’s team that went 3-7, but Central coach Sid Edwards is having none of that talk. “It is a complete misconception. Catholic had a fine team last year that ran into some bad luck. They’re the same team this year, just one year older, bigger, and stronger. They are one of the finest teams we will ever face,” he said. The long-standing rivalry between Catholic and Central really was a one-sided mismatch for most of the past 60 years. Until four years ago, the record between the two teams was 41-1-1. Catholic had won 41 games, Central had won one, and there was a tie. Then four years ago, with Coach Sid at the helm, the dynamics changed completely. Under Coach Sid and former coach Doug Dotson, Central won the last four games from Catholic and four straight District 4-5A championships. To say that Catholic is looking for revenge is putting it mildly. Catholic High is bigger and stronger than Central man for man, and their speed is about equal. The Wildcats (3-0), ranked No. 13 in the state, will only be able to beat Catholic (2-0), ranked No. 12, if they dig deep and find something

inside. Catholic High fans will do their part to help the Bears. They travel with 2,000 to 3,000 fans and quickly sold out the 750 tickets they were allotted this week. If Central fans don’t show up at Wildcat Stadium early, the Bears will take over the Central side of the field. In last Friday’s 57-34 victory over Woodlawn, Central showed many bright spots. Lamonte Janeau rushed for 168 yards and scored four touchdowns. Gary Triplett started the night strong with six carries for 82 yards before suffering a sprained ankle early in the 2nd quarter. He could be out for the Catholic game. Justin Vessell had a dazzling 60 yard run. Quarterback Brett Courville was steady as usual. Tony Ragusa and Thomas Eddlemon were also bright spots. At this Friday’s game, Central and Catholic fans will be asked to contribute to help Kyle Hebert, former quarterback on Coach Sid’s state championship team at Redemptorist. Kyle, a Baton Rouge fireman, has a baby named Lawson who is suffering from a highly fatal disease that is destroying the family financially. There will be no parking at the church across from the stadium. Our rankings for District 4-5A after three games: 1. Central, 2-3 Denham and Zachary, 4. Scotlandville, 5. Live Oak, 6. Walker. Game of the Week: Without a doubt Catholic at Central. Better arrive early. Not kidding.

CAPITAL CITY NEWS September 20, 2012 15

Central Wildcats Beat Woodlawn 57-34

Central Wildcats Lamonte Janeau and Gary Triplett. Janeau scored four touchdowns, while Triplett suffered a badly sprained ankle. At right, Tony Ragusa and Brett Courville.

Dr. David Rabalais, Erik Strahan, and Jake Myer. In center, Thomas Eddlemon and Jeremy Anderson. At right, Justin Vessell, Tyler Abadie, and Devon Gales.

Capital Health & Fitness Guide Thursday, Oct. 4, 2012 Hospitals • Medical Clinics Health Care • Home Health Pharmacies • Physicians • Dentists Optometrists • Physical Therapy Fitness Centers • Retirement Centers

Full Color Full Page $1,000 1/2 Page 575 1/4 Page (if purchased separately) 400 1/4 Page (with purchase of Quarter Package) 287 1/8 Page 212

Deadline: 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 1, 2012 Call Shara at 225.933.2368, Jolice at 225.405.8894 or Candi at 225.261.5055 Column Width: 1 column = 2.3875”; 2 columns = 4.9”; 3 columns = 7.5”; 4 columns = 10” Size of Ads: Full page = 4 columns x 15.5”; 1/2 page = 4 columns x 7.6” or 3 columns x 9.75”; 1/4 page = 2 columns x 7.75”, 3 columns x 5.133” or 4 columns x 3.75”; 1/8 page = 2 columns x 3.75”

Community Press, LLC

Capital City News • Central City News 910 N. Foster Dr. • Baton Rouge, LA 70806 • 225-261-5055

16 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drive, Confidence Made Holden a Success Mayor-President Could Overcome Unpopular Taxes, Council Conflicts Continued from Page 1

elected to a third term. His support from whites dropped from 60 to 29 percent in the most recent Southern Media Poll by Baton Rouge pollster Bernie Pinsonat. Assuming Holden holds 96 percent of the black vote in the Nov. 6 primary election, he should breeze to another four-year term. But the danger for the Mayor-President is further erosion of support from white voters. If Holden slips below 25 percent among white voters, Republican candidate and Mayor Pro-Tem Mike Walker could have a chance of winning, Pinsonat told the Baton Rouge Press Club recently. Pinsonat said crime is the No. 1 issue troubling voters in East Baton Rouge Parish with 75 percent of local residents saying crime and drugs are a serious problem. Nearly 50 percent of East Baton Rouge voters fear for their own safety, Pinsonat said. As the parish sets an all-time record for murders, the crime issue could be weighing heavily on vot-

have no relationship with the mayor or haven’t had a significant conversation with him in months. Five current or newly-elected Metro Council members have endorsed Mike Walker, including Councilman Ulysses Addison, a black Democrat. But the crime problem appears to be what is eating at Holden’s popularity the most, among both black and white voters, Pinsonat said. J. R. Ball of the Business Report said the key to Holden’s reelection or defeat is South Baton Rouge white voters. He said that in order to lose, Holden must be forced into a Dec. 8 runoff and then “voters in south Baton Rouge must turn out in significant numbers and push the ‘x’ button for the current mayor pro tem.” In that scenario, the Nov. 6 vote totals of independent candidates Gordon Mese and Steve Myers Clerk of Court Doug Welborn and could be all-important. Mayor-President Kip Holden Although Holden’s popularity among black voters is not what it ers’ minds Nov. 6, he said. Traffic is also an important issue, once was, the fact that President with 68 percent of voters saying it Obama is on the ballot Nov. 6 is a problem. The Green Light Pro- should result in a large black turngram is Holden’s hallmark achieve- out, greatly favoring Holden. ment when it comes to traffic im- But if Mese and Myers can draw a few white voters away from Holdprovements. Two serious problems for the en, that could force a runoff between mayor are his repeated support of Holden and Walker on Dec. 8. Acnew taxes for downtown develop- cording to Pinsonat’s most recent ment, which voters smacked down, poll, Mese and Myers are together and his inability to work with mem- drawing about 7 percent of the vote. bers of the Metro Council. Some If Walker makes it to a Dec. 8 members of the Council say they runoff where Obama is not on the

ballot, it will be a “whole new ball game,” one local pundit said. Despite the uncertainty of his political future and the strains on his popularity after eight years as Mayor-President, Holden seems to have loss little of her personal magnetism. Holden remains an effective goodwill ambassador for the parish and often speaks to convention groups coming to Baton Rouge. His self-deprecating humor invariably draws a favorable response. He is known to joke about his balding head and pull some conventioneer out of the audience to compare heads, bringing laughter to all. “We love your mayor!” one visitor said recently. At qualifying at the Clerk of Court’s office in August, the “old Kip” showed up, laughing and joking with Republican Clerk of Court Doug Welborn. In the gubernatorial election of 2011, Gov. Bobby Jindal won by a landslide statewide against token opposition. But he carried East Baton Rouge Parish with only 50.9 percent. That total suggests that the parish is tough but not impossible for Republicans to carry and that anything could happen in the Mayor-President’s race Nov. 6. Holden is married and has five children. He earned a B.A. from LSU, and an M.A. and J.D. from Southern. He holds many honors for his service to the community.

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